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Avant-Garde Spring


Tell me about yourself

Photographer Interrupts Massage

And yet... I really kinda like it!

No Regrets. We'd Do it Again.

Spring Waterlily


When a Dr Seuss book comes alive... for...
yet another new Reader

Portrait of a Man

Local Bar


You Name It!



I have an "iffy" feeling about today.
And I'm... really getting worried about tomorrow.

The Market

Yesterday's Child

At Sunset

Portrait of a Toad

It's the Climb

fish /fiSH/
verb: catch or try to catch fish,
typically by using a net or hook and line

Kitchen Shelf

Uta Barth

Ear Hygiene Day - March

Dog Walker: Call 867-5309


John Moffat's Defiant Wife


Going In Like a Lion



a good book, and a glass of wine...

Nature Lovers

I learned to: Shuck Oysters
gross! but true.

i quilt

Feel it

Edward Gorey's envelope

Boxy Prima Donna


Game On.

Tending Bar

101 meters from the ship's cabin door


I Believe... There are... Angels Among Us...

Coca - Cola ®

gender face



Flowers for Mary Anne

Light and Shapes

Bullfrog. In Black.
And White.

Cheers to a Lucky Seven!

Cloudy Seas

\ <,
( ) / ( )


When you Know Someone's Got your Back

simple. life. chardonnay.

"Simple. Short. Sweet."


Sarah Blackwell

.me not her.

It's all about Balance.

More Fruits and Veggies...

Just ask already!
(I'll say "yes")

All that glitters...

in my house.


This Little Piggy went...


MCO - Orlando Airport




Oceanview in Black and White

Random Act Of Kindness

Men's Best Friends

George, the "Misfit"


the unbearable lightness of... Being

Ostriches on the Serengeti

Her Unexpected End

Left Right


Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Uncle Sam wants YOU!


"Hmmm ... What to wear? ... What to wear?"

Don't Stumble Over Things In Your Past

On the East side of Fairyville

Some like 'em BIG. Some like 'em LITTLE

Sex and Cars

partially [t]here


"And... That's a Wrap!"

NoOne NoWhere

One Quarter Dollar


Baby Girls

Water Lily

Point of View

"On the Front Burner"

The Symbiotic. Tethered.

Nature's Ratio


In The Moment

Bread Day

Time Passes

Today, Tomorrow, and Wednesday

Light Streaks


Red, White, and Blue Emily

The Good Life



The Neighbors have a New Cat


Two Heads are Better than One

Bullfrog Dreams

Light Rain

People and their Stories



Nespresso - The best part about Mornings

Go With The Flow


"Next time, I’ll get a real bull."

New Perm Today.
I Hate It.


UNCORKED in Tiny Town

Please, Wait to be Seated.

Unicorn Drinking Tea

Milagro's Glass Agave

Finally... you're mine, Fly!

Blue Moon

Uncertain Talent

Even HE's gotten to sleep...


asylum Records

Going Home From Holiday

Shoe Shine

Subliminal Brain Washing

Kinda Flies in Curves

1 - 3 - 4 - 5

Drugs, Poison, and Libation

two too many

Cruise Ship Neighbors

Norman's Passion




Conserve Mower Gasoline

I See Dead People


Why... hello, new Little One!

Naked and Beautiful



Photo Shoot

Abstract Nature

Land and Sea as Far as You can See


"Women. They are a Complete Mystery." - Stephen Hawking


"Hidden Baggage"


Your drink, Sir...

China Girl

Registered: April 21, 2010

He and She, He and She

The Copper Lady Weathers it All with Grace

- 0 0 -

Everybody Loves an Etch-A-Sketch


Self-Defense or Not? You decide.

Sinks and Mirrors

I like it LOUD!


Daddy's Precious Boy


"Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness." - The Merry Wives of Windsor: Act 1

Spiral Staircase

Truth of Life

Photo Shoot



Regret Nohing

2018 -- Dance Like No One's Watching

Wooden Bowl and Metal Screw

Snow Day

Plastic Straws

Make Feasting Happen


Dog Lady



I Love “CruiseShip Life”


I Just Gotta Be Me

A PECK of Possibilities


Not Crying over Spilt Coffee


♫ "Lydia, oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia
Lydia, the Tattooed Lady"♪ - Marx 1939

Segregation Swimming


At Rest

Cacti at Sunset

It's Casual

The Tide is Immoderate

Miss Liberty of New York City


Three on a Third





I’ll have what they’re having.

Years Gone By


Scattered Showers

"Yeah I'll be King when Dogs get Wings."

- It's Good To Be King - Tom Petty 1994


Thinking Inside the Box

Stop and Smell

i ♥ books

Fruit Harvest

Dada 2017


The Great Escape


My Place

WELCOME Harvey and Irma.

Power Source

Slow Death of Architecture

Napus Interruptus

Time is Ticking

Start a Forest


That Burger Joint down the Street

Porsches are a Girl's Best Friend



A Summer's Day

Cat in the Hat

"Because, I'm Happy ... "

Morning Has Broken
Blackbird has Spoken
- Cat Stevens


Trust and Love

Game of Chess

Midnight Flight of the Cicada

"It's Five O'Clock Somewhere..."

"boat trails above the reef" honoring Harry Gruyaert

Miami Vice

Just Before

Psychedelic Sunflowers

Kite Day

Surrounded by People, and yet...






"Move OVER, you Road Hog!"


I see you, Pepper.

Art Aficionado



Boy Wants Hug

A Night with Old Friends

Here's to my Bad Side...

Mary Anne.
Gone... Way too Young

Covfefe Dresser

yesterday afternoon

Seven's a Crowd

Four Sunflowers In a Vase


Well, this explains a bunch.

Spring Dance


Window View III

"The cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, Tears, or the Sea." - Isak Dinesen

sous-chef de cuisine added salt instead of sugar

"... Teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea..." - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Oscar Gets Groceries

Light Play


Soapy Summer Chores

♪ ♫ "How much is that Doggie" ... down below? ♫

Tulips at Rest

Cray - on
1. a pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax, used for drawing

Nose Knows

Whiter Teeth and Healthier Gums in just Three Weeks!


“We become aware of the void as we fill it.” ― Antonio Porchia

Lives. in Passing

The Arts

So much fun!

Smell the Color Nine


Texter with a Necklace

“The world is quiet here.” ― Lemony Snicket

Everybody's "Fitting In", except... the Tall Guy

Maybe that's what love is, someone who guides you through new things, but still makes you feel safe.

Flyin' Solo

Female HummingChicken taking a LizardFish back to her offspring

Unchained Melody

Shadows and Light: Light and Shadows


The Battle


A Flying Pig Flyeth Forth

In the Heart of the Forest

Listening to the Past whilst Ignoring the Present


Swimming Downstream

Escher's Pop

#travel #adventure

Album Cover Shot

Life of Fruit

Clear Skies and Calm Seas

While the Buildings fight the Sea...
I am Me, so...
I am Free.

"If you were sailboat I would sail you to the shore." -Katie Melua

Foggy Day

Abstract Expressionism


Quad Dexterous : Both Worlds

Windows to...


New Year minus 28. Celebrating Early...

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


A "Ten-Cent Hamilton" in the Upper Right of an Envelope

the Probe's only image

All is Calm, All is Bright.

"Art Gallery" Floor

On The Edge of The Party

"Hi, Daddy!!"
[and... just like that, new Earbuds are "Delivered"]




"Theories pass. The frog remains." -Jean Rostand, French biologist and philosopher

30 Seconds of a Musician

Vitamin Sea

Hark, now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.


The Party Meets Partyers

A Chicken In Every Pot - Herbert Hoover 1928

Happily Ever After

One Fine Day

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

"I got a head full of ideas That are drivin' me insane"



Deadly Pun: a Comedy

Once a Boy Hero. Now, a Pigeon's Resting Place

Second Tuesday Every Month

"Scrambled Eggs" Ha! You guys "Crack me Up" *rolleyes*

Almost Closing Time

Read the Chiquita

Mum's The Word

Confident Bovine Chef

Broken and Empty

Playin' Half-Notes in a Really Big World

Top of the Class!

The. Ball.

Innocence and Light

Storytime for Aunt LaVelle back home

"Which one of you ordered... The... uhhh... uhhh... the Stonehenge?"

Tiny City on a River


Other People's Lives

Back Lawn

Helen and Athena

Liquid Dosage: One If by Land. Two If by Sea

Total Temporary Commitment

The Works

"Funny Shop"
A Poem of Great Worth

Cloudy with a Slight Breeze

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Force of Nature


Alien in the Closet

The World Tilts Off Of Its Axis

Main Course


Life In the Clouds

Feelin' Blue. Feelin' Pink. Feelin' Orange.

Every. Single. Toy. I. Buy.

Mr Nobody From Nowhere

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (Knees and Toes)

Eye of the Dog

The Attacker And The Attacked.

July 4th, 1978

The Horticulture Journal - August 2016

Chain Reaction


Eye of the Beholder

Which one was rescued?

A photograph inspired by Edouard Manet's Still Life Paintings

"Goin' Green"

Surreal and... dreamy

Ginger is "Losing Her Head"

Emotional Man

Goofy: "lacking in seriousness or maturity"

Smallville's Intersection

Podiatrist's Appointment


Comings and Goings

On The Hunt

Portrait of a Young Lady

"Bagheads" Converse

"Why do YOU get to do that inside?"

Personalities Update

The Imposter Root of all Evil
[Wendy's image #1130291]

"FOX in the COOP!! FOX in the COOP!!"

Breakfast of the Champions

Columbine and Bee

Tribute to PRINCE

"Hand" the Planet back... Healthier than you got it

"Eye of newt, and Toe of Frog..." - Macbeth - Scene One

Barn Life

"That" Shelf

Rebel with a Cause


Martha Stewart just Got Mail

Long Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I Love You

Birthday Girl

Red Nose Day
... is May 26th this year
Photograph a person or people with a red nose

Amelia and her Ukulele

A Guy from Alabama
and His Dog

Packing Up


Disregard the Image Noise of... Life.

Big Change in a Tiny Package

King of His Castle

Losing Myself

All the right Junk, in all the right Places.

3.14 apples = Apple Pi

IHOP - Breakfast line

Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup

A Life.
By Window Light.



A Severed Head Still Sees, Severed Fingers Still Feel

a Dandy Conception

Wide Open Spaces

"Yes... I'd love to dance, sir."
to Self: "Yeah... pretty sure I'll regret this tomorrow..."

Sensory Overload

IT happens

NOT The End


You're all NUTS, and one Fitting In...

Gathering Roots

Living Outside the Spotlight

Mountains and the Sea

"Time and Again I tell Myself I'll stay Clean Tonight"
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie (1980)

Melody of Craftsmanship

Pizza. Mud. And a Boy.

On the Savanna

Blue Glass

Time and ... Tide... Wait for No Man.

Home Sweet Home


My Inner Calm

I want a body like... Steel.

Letters and Packages




LIFE. An Allegory.

Now you see me.


Tuesday is always Ironing Day

Veggies and Such

Self Portrait

Tea with Milk

Sunflower StillLife

1024 South Street. Memphis

Waiting for 5:15pm

DPC Automotive


Lightly Falling

Smell the Yellow

Horton's Book Store - Oldest Book Store in Georgia


Race Car Driver

Dwell in Possibility - Emily Dickinson

Absence with Surface

Drip. Drip. Drip...

Green Eggs And Ham


A Pollinator's Endless Job Begins

Expecting again!

Flowers and Fireworks


Ragged Hunter, still Hunting. And Smiling about It.

Still Life with Pairs

Zebra at Lunchtime

Holding The End

Riding the Wave.

Brush Your Tongue Every Morning... no matter who's watching.

Sidewalk Encounter

Ocean View

♪ Fly Me To The Moon... ♫ Let Me Play Among The Stars... ♫

Home Sweet Home

The Challenge


Ancient OmniGrud© Portrait of a Male Amphiean [credit: Intergalactic Portrait Archive - year 27886]

Two Lines in the Water

Enjoying the Preparation


Passionately Crooked

Paint By Number


11:24 pm

James and The Giant Peach


Natural Light Portrait

Waving the Flag, "O Canada! Our Home and Native Land!"

The Wharf

Puzzling Macro

Lydia's Love

cloud nine

Bird's Eye View

Sara Frances Steps Out

What? WHAT's in half a mile?!


The Edge

The Lady Modestly Unfurls her Fans

Saturday Morning Lovin' with Mr and Mrs Bullfrog

Modern Biology Seventh Edition (2015)

Eye Magazine Revisited (Image ID= 65834)

An Innocent Man

An "After Office" Cowboy

11. Thou Shalt Not Attempt to Best Gyaban in an Expert Editing Challenge

The Push Mower and The Lawn

psychedelic seeds

Dreaming in my Favorite Chair

He Caught My Eye as he walked by...

Unto Every Drop of Rain, a Little Photographer Must Fall

Froggy Weather

Global Impact


High Tech

Black and White Portrait of Seth

The Baritone Section

Bunny Rabbit

Sexy and Wet

High Rollin'

The Earth, The Sea, & The Sky: My workplace

Proudly, I'm Ampersand.

The Secret of Capt. Artemis's Metropolis Cartographer

Gettin' my Groove On...

"I have never begun a novel with more misgiving." - —W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor's Edge (1944)


Hometown Safari

Stovetop Sunflower

Long Term Relationship

Filling the Negative Space. The Struggle is Real.

Eat more Vegetables and Lose Weight!

Across the Hospital Waiting Room

Unknown Male, Portrait in Oil


Addiction. The Struggle.


Feasting Friends with Fun and... Thankfulness.

Happiness is a fast Ball Chase

Former Life

Statues in Trilogy

Grazing On The Stars

A Far-Away Stranger I'd Never Met, in A Place I'd Never Been

53-Year-Old Female Human. Nekkid. (aka: Thank God for Obscuredness.)


Emilie's Storybook

Little Miss Muffet

Waiting Again

Black and White Love in a Paperback Novel

The Artichoke, The Knife, and The Water: aka Dinner Prep

Time passes and Wine ages. Drink it up.

Bon Appetite

Saying "Goodbye"

Binding the Edges

Teacher's Pet

Jewel Among the Reeds...


The Shade Tree


The Mating

Shez Waterlily

Girl with a Toothpick Earring

One Becomes Two, and... A Heart Breaks

I hate Laundry Day

Stained Glass Repetitions

This is a Mosquito Eater. This is good.

Every Meal is a Good Meal


I am.




"The Wind... in my Hair, and... a Smile... on my Face!"

Party In the U.S.A.



Empty Chambers

"The Dance"

Many Moons of Life


"Really? Are we REALLY out of treats?"

Tick. Tock.

The Voyage

The Drive


Calla, The Lady

Rear-View Mirror

Good News: Last night, I went to bed with a PRINCE!! Bad News: This morning, I woke up to this.


May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night


"Hawaii please, Daddy?"


Fire and Ice


Live TV Debate

1,000 Paper Cranes for Mary Anne


From the very first, I never felt totally comfortable around Great Aunt Mildred.

"Dog Sitting"

Peter's Heart


"What happened to them, Mommy?"

Potted Mouse

Jake Duff Band

Apothecary Bottle

The Forger

Eggshellent Beginning


Modern Family

Tradition: "Yesteryear" Every Year

Soooo... "Toad Ugly"!

Today was Crazy! I need to relax...

Luigi's Predicament



Caught. Skinny Dippin'

"But, wait... I wanted to go!"

Gulf War - Still Best Friends

Eat More Chicken


Paranoia Treatment Center

"When You Wish Upon a Star... "

The Social

Dirty Detail

Enjoy Coca-Cola While You Shop

Grumpy Cat


Aquilegia (Columbine)

"Oh! You're HOME!!"


"Got Bugs?"

Untitled Refraction

1970's Rebel

On the Curl

Pretty in Pink


Eltoad John


Illustration from Page 72 of "The Great Toad Race" (1971)



For my sweet friend...

Falling Apart

Portrait in Black and White

The Thought's Doors

"B" is for "Bunny"

"J" is for Faucet

Untitled Black and White


The Nobody of the Soaring


Alvaro's Mistress

Just Chillin'

That's Just a Buncha BULL!

"Milk mustache? Did I get it all?"

Simple Pleasures


Oh! There you are!



Chairs. And Dogs.


Creature from The Dark Lagoon... on a Leaf

Shy, Happy, Red-Haired Girl

Noelle, The Prima Ballerina

I'm Gonna Eat more Healthily and Watch the Inches Melt Away

Yeah... Supposed to be Working



King of the Sofa. *ROAR*

Still Happily Waiting... even though ... Children Grow Up.

Twenty-Four Years Deep... into The Heart of December


The Family that Irrigates together, Plays together.

♫ "I'll be Home for CHRISTMAS, if only in my dreams..." ♪ ♫

The DOG is over the TOP.

Copper [Cu], Brass [Cu, Zn], and Aluminum [Al]



Head in the Clouds

Speak No Evil

Not Just a Number


A Family

Voyages in the Shadow

Workers Injured In Iron Foundry Accident

Lucky Brand Jeans: "Lucky You"

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: The Perfect Food

Voyages in the Darkness

Still Livin' The Good Life. Inside.

Not Even a Breeze

"There's ... something... on my face... right?" *awkward silence*

Considering an Afternoon Swim


"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

I Love Lamp

Whatever "Floats Your Boat"...

The New World begins. Again.

"Money Can't Buy Me Love" -The Beatles


Miniature by Candlelight



The Great Escape

"Artist Facing Blank Canvas" : A Tribute to Norman Rockwell


Nectar of the Gods

It's all "Fun and Games" until Somebody... loses an "i".

Waiting on The Meter Reader

2.5 Seconds of Buster's Life. Doesn't seem to be an Issue. Live slowly.

And Then, There Was One

Yes or No?


Daytime Games

Choosing Fresh Produce is so "chancy" these days...

L & N

Everyone's Future


The Man of... My Dreams

Girl With A Pearl Earring


"Of COURSE I'm smiling. Are you BLIND? Take the picture!"

Working Like A Dog

Welcoming The Big New Baby

I Don't Live Near A Beach... AKA

The Pedigree of Honey Does Not Concern the Bee

A turtle makes progress when it sticks its neck out. ~Spanish Proverb

In my Grandmother's Kitchen sits a Pie Safe where she...

I am a Pet Photographer who also shoots Self Portraits

A Tribute to

Almost Sinfully Good.

Grumpy, But Independent


Small Electronics Repairman

Late Afternoon

Through the Looking Glass

"I feel GOOOD... shooby, shooby, shooby doo!"

Making "Heads or Tails" Of It

Drink in the Silent Calmness

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Rock Star

The Future Is... Now

Yet Another... "Someone's Boring Dog Photo"

Evening Swim

Thursday is Beach Day

Heavenly Sport

Eye of Newt

SuperPower #0372n.2

Yard Work (of Art)

Through The Looking Glass



Ansel's Cows

Waiting on Dinner to "Fly" By

Reaching New Heights

All gone.

Woody's into Heavy Metal

In the Garden of Good And Evil


Must. Get. Stick.

The Young Mister Escher and Companions

"If You Give A Frog A Cookie"

I... Fold.

Toilet Cleaning Day



Farther On. Up The Road.

Trying To Survive In An Angry World


Lasso Tool.

Honey for the Hive

Yesterday's Bottles

"T" Is for Turtle

Gnome Sweet Home

Reading is so much easier now for Spunky...

My Addiction: Shooting other People, Pets... and Me

Going Nowhere

Every One is Different

Portrait of a Young Man

Strolling with Flowers

Magnolia Blossom

Lid Off A Daffodil

Squirrel With Nut

Makin' Whoopie

Best Picture

Pleasant Conversation over Dessert

" Excuse me... Do you have this in a smaller size? "

Breakfast from the Heart

Against the Land Tide

... T ...

Portrait of a Young Man

Late Night Melody

Just Slip off to Sea, Lee... and Get Yourself Free.

The Girl in the Green Dress

Stone, Pebble, Rock

"Ahhem... a little PRIVACY, please?"

After The Party

Love Goes Both Ways

The Officer and The Princess

Where DPC Drops Start

"The Little [Car] Engine That Could" by Watty Piper (1930)

Awakening the Beast


Me. Embracing Fifty.

Visualize World Peas

Arrogance And Despair

"Washing Machine and Stove Parts Man" Waters the Garden

A New Life Together

Little Lady in Red

Love Is In The Air

Nursery Rhymes

Intimate Portrait

TinyTown Expands

The Lights of... Stardom

Metal Abstraction

"Oh My God" by Guns N' Roses (2009)

End of a Wonderful Day

Escaping The Blur

Cockroaches Never Leave



There's One in Every Crowd

Seed Pods

Thankfully Feasting

She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

Due Respect


Boots with the Spurs

On the Wind...


"The Cask of Amontillado" (2011 Version) by Edgar Allan Poe

Autumn's Natural Ribbon

Autumn's Quiet Song


12--15 Symmetry

World Wide Web

Changing the World

How To: Eat a Worm

Mary Kate's New Brother

Autumn's Totem Pole

Apple Generations. He Left His Mark..

Still . . . Playin' The Slots


DPC goes "Pink"

"Wuv You... "


Motivation Poster

Me. Plus One.

The End of a Good Ride...


"Hey, Dude! You up for some bugs tonight?"


1912 Lawn Maintenance


... and Dust to Dust

Whoa the Motion


Portrait of a Daddy

"Cowboy Clothes" (Canon Camera Capture)

A Cup of Coffee, a Comfy Chair, and this View. Life is good.

Tribute to Shez

Always Waiting for Me

"Time's Fun When You're Havin' Flies."

Dressed To Maim

Young Humphrey Bogart and his Leading Lady relax... off the Set

Railroad Crossing

Eyes of the Past

Sunrise in Mantisville

Gulliver's Travels

Summer Day. Dragonfly.

"Wait... you're making TURTLE soup??!"


Mid-Summer Day's Dream

Rhapsody in Blue

Using Perspective to Increase Perceived Size

Night Hunter

The Other Side

Inconsequential Autobiography

Life is good.

Big Chic - Smalltown, Ga.

"I Saw You With Her. Goodbye."

Spoon. Fork.

Endangered Terrapene

Coming to Life


Absolut ® Amphibian Day 2011

"I Fall To Pieces" (Patsy Cline)

The Turtle and The Tree

The Waterlily Collection : July

Tough Day on the Minimal Landscape

Cowboy Up

My MicroCosmos


Just Dandy (and Friend)

Cold Duck

Catnap Interruptus

Virgin White

Nodding at the Sun




Headlines: "Bank Safe Almost Stolen through Brick Wall"

Good times. Special Friends. Life.

"I'm In Love With My Car" (Queen 1975)

Light Beer

Beautiful Imperfection

Time Passes

Columbine Cheerfulness

Best Friends

Lily's First Bud


Party for One

Explosive Disarmament


Grandpa's Gift

Froggies Gone aCourtin'

Breaking Free

DPC loves Insect Macros

Make Your Own Future

Urban in Nature: Nature in Urban

The Magician: "Do you mind? We're practicing..."

Apparently, Baby Purple M&Ms® are Coming Soon.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and... Bugs


Homemaker: I Make my Hard-Working Husband Happy


My Heart is Yours

Life-Long Friends

Clone-Tool Background


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Size Doesn't Matter

Got Milk?

Sentinel: The Gargoyle

Monty Python: Lingerie Robbery (2006)

"Ok, everybody turn to your right... THAT's it... now smile. Good! Now... give me SEXY!"

Black and White

"And ... One more for dessert..."


A Bountiful Harvest -- (And that's "just ducky"!)


February 14th Silhouettes

In A World Just Like Our Own

Horse Bits and Pieces of Horse Bits

In Love

"Dashing Through the Snow"

Finding Tranquility


"Nowhere Man" (Lennon and McCartney)


Daddy's Job Comes Sweetly to an End...

Jimmy Outlet never knew folks thought he was The Man in The Moon

Afternoon Delight

"The Last Leaf" [or "Ode to O Henry"]

Beauty in Imperfection

Cold, by Window Light

Dappled Childhood. Timeless.

Morning Patrol


Night Moves

The Click of the Shutter is Music to my Ears

Sleepless in Atlanta

Enjoying the Moment

Stand. Jump.

The World really did... Go to the Dogs

"Wonder" - (aka "Lydia Lost a Bet")

We Ate the Horse You Rode In On (Vanna 2007)

Mr. Acornhead Relaxes

I will not talk in class.

Sunny Day Smile

The Cowboy

Metal Abstract

Finer than a Frog's Hair (old country saying)

The Princess, charmed.

Country Life


Aargh, matey! Whar's the X??

When Angels play Football

Anatomy of a Bullfrog

When Nature Calls ... There's Charmin.

Put me IN, Coach!

Joy Comes in the Morning


Roz, in the style of Nixter

Long,Thin Appendages

It's Not Age. It's "Character".

Beauty From Within

Driving Rain


Yup... Dinnertime... Right "On the Nose".

Over Estimated My Appetite

Running in the Rain

...click...click...click... "So, you want THREE cases of dog biscuits, TWO orders of... "

... Star ...

Eatin' some "Grub"

Crunchy... Yet Satisfying...

Tribute to: "eye of the dragon" by cjadams1 [IMAGE_ID=36435]

Flying Frogs: Fact or Fiction?

Antique Bottles and Shapes

Backward Progression of Time

Reflections of Weather and Time

Nature's Organization

Streetside. After a Good Meal.

There's One in Every Crowd

Old and Raggedy, but Very Loved

Yes, I'm reading. You wanted something...?

The Elegance of Simple Life

Air Nautique

In admiration of: Chema Madoz

The Dance

LIFE. In Black and White.

Calla Ballet

Buster and Me

SmallTown, U.S.A.

Years Later: Still Nutty in Love

Pondside Daisies

Bag Envy

Foreground Bokeh

Dragonfly on Waterlily

DPC Users on a Boat



The Agony of Defeat

What?! A Stand-In model for the Official Poster??

Fashionably Late

The Good Life...

White hat. Good guy. Mama said.

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Tea Time at LydiaToo's House


Grandpa's Tractor

Just Dandy

IronWorks is Closed

Pretty Maids all in a Row

Froggie went A-Courtin'


End Dry Skin... with the Nature Collection ® by Bath and Body Works

Goldfinch: "Houston, we have Liftoff."

Space Invaders Monument

Rubber Ducky


Laundry Day

Back to Camp

Cowboy Boots and Horseshoes

Pause of the Dragonfly

Symmetrically Asymmetric

Portrait of a Cowboy

Bathroom Sink Drain Lever observes: "The Cavity"

Just inside the back door

Spring... Fresh from the freezer

Important Mission #329: Red Ball

The Cowboy

Main Street. The Alley

Old Masters

Iris and Frog

Professional Catcher

Spinach in his Teeth

"Honey! WHAT did you feed the Baby??"

Oar and Boat, Ice and Snow

Anaxagoras' Downfall


"Oh, thanks! ... I LOVE cheese..."

Nothin' to do in this Punky Little Town

Country Puddle

A Block off Main Street

Ode to Old

Pond Grass Visitor

Farm Life


Tubby Tyme

Anyone for Polka?

Over the river and through the woods...

"Remove the WHAT?!"

Life is colorful. Enjoy.


Jack and The Stick

"Hammin' it Up" Together


When the Spell backfires...

All is Calm, All is Bright

Bokeh, Rule of Thirds, Shallow DOF

Photography: Putting the Pieces Together

The Study of The Grasshopper

Hopper's Smile

Dangerous Pond Critter



Moonlight On The Riverbank

The End of a Good Day

Dragonfly Lines

Au naturale


There's Someone For Everyone

A Cowboy's Long Day

The Dangers of an Equipment Addiction

"Do ya think he's DEAD?!"

09-09-09 Celebration

A Kindergartener's First Love

Lost and Afraid...

Hello Waldo


Peacock Wannabee

On a Wing and a Prayer

Breakfast is "for the birds"

Flower, Bug, Waterdrop... and The Blue.

In for a Landing

"The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad" by Thornton W. Burgess

Steppin' Out

Prince Charming: "I was FRAMED!"

Finding Nectar

Layers of Oil

Open Casket


Blue Eyes and Freckles

When Rock meets Water

A Spot of Color

Appropriate Footwear Required

"Wings of My Love" - Michael Jackson (1972)

Yummm . . . SPAM ® Classic


Langdon's World (creator of DPC)

It's the Real Thing. Coke.

Warm Breeze, Blue Skies, and a Smile on My Face.

Reflections of Zen

Joy. Just Joy.

Calla Lily

My Rock

Turtle Exhibit Billboard

"Tattle to Mom if you want, she'll still like me best..."

Unusual Footwear

Go ahead. Relax.

One Too Many Low Scores

Simple Glamour

One Bowl. One Spoon. One Fork.


Grandfather's Chair

Running with Mommy

Light Bright

Lilypond... ... ummm... err... Lilytable

"It's not easy bein' GREEN..."

National Leapfrog Champions

Underwater Lighting

Color-Merged Pushpin Hearts

Spending Time

" . . . so I looked down and . . . "

Skin Sculpture

Bee Content

Colored Pencil Heart

Greetings from... Insect World


"Peace Frog" - The Doors - 1970


"Somethin' Fishy Goin' On"

Sexy Kiss

Neon Yue

Hoping for Tadpoles

The End of a Good Day

One Hundred Years... to the Present

Wrinkled and Scaly

Pieces of an Apple


April from "The Insect Calendar"

Maternity Ward

Stuck on a Post-It Note

Friends on a Mission

An Apple Bouquet a day keeps the Doctor away

EEEEKK!!! A BUG!!! redo (image #4919)

Bee Tongue: The BEEginning of Honey

I love you. I do.



Geico Eyeware?

Wacky and Wild

. . . hannah . . .

It's Business

Run . . . just for the JOY of it!


Horsin' Around ... Rollin' in the Sandbox

" I play myself... and I always win! "

Grinding out . . . A Beautiful Evening

Fly Away Home

Here's to . . . Good Friends, Good Fun, and the DPC Site Council

"Tell me, Young Grasshopper..."

CSI: The Case of the Shadows

I want... Peace and Joy

"Take Me to Your Leader"

Starry-Eyed in Love

Which Came First -- The Turtle or The Egg?

Time to Head Back to the Barn

My Heart

Superfrog: Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

Hangin' on...

Autumn Bench

Art Roflmao is... "Taking A Break"

Wintery Hearts

Formal Portrait of Mr. ZacharyToad (for his Wife and Kids)

Two for Tea

"I love you."

- Helium - ( He )


Bug Off

And still . . . "We Trust"

The Driver Waits

Clarissa, Movie Star Diva

Coming Out

"Every Day in Suburbia"

"Oops. This is a bit embarassing."

The Happy Tortoise

"Who put the 'g' so FAR from the 'u'??"

"I tell you the TRUTH! Tom Thumb DID ride on my back!"

"Good Morning, New Day!"

Burst of Energy

Painting a Masterpiece

"Just say... NO!"

Deciding to Leave

"There's Safety in Numbers"

Nine? Six??

Hummingbird... In for a Landing

Waterlily Visitor

Fruit of the Month Club: Exotic Fruits... Right to Your Door!

Life is good.

"2" Drops on a Leaf

Don't Worry, Bee Happy...

"Tell the truth, Honey... Does this hat make me look fat?"

Abstract Passion


Purple Royalty

"Ok, kids... Who wants a story?"

I "Play" With Frogs

Sunset Rest

"Duuude! You fell."

" But, this IS my 'happy face'... "


My Heart

"Hey, Mister... Loan me your jacket??"

Something made Mr. Horse suspect the tractor was broken again.

Add: one egg

" The Morning after The Big Party "

Exploring the Leaf

Heartfelt Kisses

"Frog has a Better Idea"


I Remember Grandpa's Farm

"Justice, Love, Prudence, Hope" ??

A Loopy Line (and its shadow)

Canon EF Lens

-- Housefly Overdose --

"So THAT's how it's spelled..."

At Day's End

-- Trying to Mask the Sadness --

Deliberately scare her... 'Protect' her... Then, grin when she hugs you.

-- Reflection on a Boat Hull --

Majestic and Natural

Iron Man

Ultrasonic Tropical Canon


Quietly Reflected Sky...

"No, really! This morning I was a nymph... I swam in the pond... Really!"

The Sun at my Back... and the Wind in my Face

. . . Contented . . .

Pears: So Delicious and Sensuous, we can't show you a whole one.

Cowboy Games

Two for a Manicure, Please...


Moonlit Slumber

Watered Down...

"Kiss me. You know you want to."

Aging Gracefully

Reflections Not in Wine - Challenge

Cool Violas

Polka, anyone?

Curves and Bricks

Textures and Patterns

Every Day

Coca-Cola Classic

Peek-A-Boo... I SEE ... umm... .err.. me.

Nine Forks

"Upon us all a little rain must fall..."

- Spring -

"Ok... BIG smile for the camera now..."

"Oops" by Shannon http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=36236

Line of Drops


" Waiting for Mr. Right "

"Eat your heart out"

I, Horse

Needing Ann

- 9 Egg -

Duke. My Best Friend.

I love this composition...


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