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    April Foolishness II :: A Painter's 1st of April
    Magnifying Glass :: In A World Just Like Our Own
    The End of the World :: The End of the World... as we know it
    Coffee III :: Not Crying over Spilt Coffee
    Mondegreens :: "The Ants are my Friends... They're Blowin' in the Wind"  (Bob Dylan - 1962)
    Extended Free Study 2020-04 :: "Take me out to the Ballgame...<br> Pretty please?"
    Holiday Decorations III :: Treedrop
    Nursery Rhyme Character(s) :: Little Miss Muffet
    Political Slogans :: A Chicken In Every Pot   - Herbert Hoover  1928
    Minimalism VII :: garlic
    Human Hands :: Zebra at Lunchtime
    Holiday Decorations :: The  Lights of...  Stardom
    Self Portrait in Minimal :: Me
    Political Campaign Posters :: Uncle Sam wants YOU!
    A Single Tree IV :: Plant a Tree
    Add Yourself to a Movie (ARCHIVAL) :: Off to...
    Feast II :: Thankfully Feasting
    Pareidolia :: &quot;Wuv You... &quot;
    Procrastination II :: The Push Mower and The Lawn
    Board Games :: Small Folk
    Norman Rockwell :: &quot;Artist Facing Blank Canvas&quot; : A Tribute to Norman Rockwell
    Lovers' Portrait :: Hearts in Love
    Portrait with Closed Eyes :: 11:24 pm
    Flowers (with a twist) :: Nymphaeaceae
    I Quit :: One Too Many Low Scores
    Habits II ARCHIVAL) :: Eating Healthy Foods
    Natural Numbers II :: nine
    007 <|> In Memoriam ::    007
    Extended Free Study 2018-10 :: Ostriches on the Serengeti
    Defining Moment :: determined
    Sleeping Pets :: Dreaming in my Favorite Chair
    Potholes, Detours, Obstructions :: Four-Way Stop
    Human Faces from/in the Non-Human :: Groucho
    Dutch Angle II :: happy birthday
    Still LIfe with Shovel, Natural Light :: Barn Life
    Avant-Garde :: Avant-Garde Spring
    Window View IV :: Table With a View
    On the Road III :: On the road again...
    Social Distance :: Home Life
    Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes :: E.T.
    This Sporting Life :: "I'm safe, Coach!"
    Cliche with an edge or twist. :: Portrait of a Young Lady
    Christmas Song Titles :: &quot;Dashing Through the Snow&quot;
    Upside Down IV :: The Young Mister Escher and Companions
    Halloween III :: When the Spell backfires...
    Transportation IV :: Always Home
    The Cowboy :: At Day's End
    Break, Breaking, Broken :: Obliteration
    Surrealism III :: Birthday Girl
    Leaves :: The Lady Modestly Unfurls her Fans
    Far Side: Gary Larson Tribute II :: Mary
    Simile :: Working Like A Dog
    Phined the Phone :: Veggies and Such
    Weekend II :: "Dog Sitting"
    When DPC Breaks :: The World Tilts Off Of Its Axis
    Manners :: Good Boy
    Hello, I must be going! A Marx Brothers Challenge :: &#9835; "Lydia, oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia <br>Lydia, the Tattooed Lady"&#9834;  - Marx 1939
    Extended Free Study 2016-04 :: Rebel with a Cause
    Curiosity :: Sidewalk Encounter
    Games II :: Cowboy Games
    Animal/People Interaction :: &quot;Hammin' it Up&quot; Together
    People Sitting :: American Gothic 2020
    Mannerism :: Portrait of a Young Lady
    Framed! :: Now you see me.
    Old Ways II :: Tuesday is always Ironing Day
    Norman Rockwell III :: The Homecoming
    Extended Free Study 2017-08 :: Time is Ticking
    Fly On The Wall :: Finally...   you're mine,  Fly!
    Summertime Meals III :: Enjoying the Preparation
    Faceless IV  :: <BR>
    Extended Free Study 2017-07 :: Trust and Love
    Science V :: Under the Microscope
    Lens Effect II :: Up
    Feast VI :: Waiting for One More
    Wear and Tear II  :: dead roses and rust
    Light on Light :: Pale on  Light
    Food In Black and White :: Bon Appetite
    Flowers VI (ARCHIVAL) :: Magnolia
    Water Spots :: Dried, Colored Water,  Spots,  On Paper.
    Best of 2019 (Extended) :: Life of Pond
    Toothpick(s) :: Girl with a Toothpick Earring
    Comic Book Page :: Comic
    Holiday Cards IV :: from... Us!
    Painting With Light VI :: The Attacker And The Attacked.
    Extended Free Study 2017-09 :: Scattered Showers
    Miniature III :: Guitar
    Filmic II (Archival) :: Sarah Blackwell
    One Photo :: the Probe's only image
    Outside Looking in III :: Outside looking In --  Inside Looking Out
    Holiday Cheer II :: Cheers to 2020!
    Male Portrait III :: Still Grieving
    Flowers IV :: calla
    Shez Tribute :: For my sweet friend...
    Holes II :: Holes on White
    Make a NOISY Picture. :: I like it LOUD!
    In The Style Of: sherpet :: Tribute to Shez
    Late :: Arg!!  I overslept!
    Camouflage III :: Utilities
    Love III :: &quot;Oh, thanks! ...  I LOVE cheese...&quot;
    Fake News :: Headliners
    Stock Photos: Fitness :: Skin Sculpture
    Foreground Bokeh II :: Reflecting
    Impressionism III :: One Fine Day
    The Hidden Meaning of Shoes :: Dominatrix
    Chimera :: Female HummingChicken taking a LizardFish back to her offspring
    Toy Photography :: "My balloon, Daddy!"
    Shallow DOF V :: Crunchy... Yet Satisfying...
    Science III :: &quot;Remove the WHAT?!&quot;
    Bubbles III :: Professional Catcher
    Shallow DOF VIII :: Hi!
    Valentine's Photo II ::  L&#9829;Ve
    Extended Free Study 2018-03 :: Photo Shoot
    Time Travel (Method) :: Portal
    Biology :: exoskeleton [&#716;eks&#601;&#712;skel&#601;tn]
    Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa? :: Paint With Coffee
    Decisions III :: Outside?  Or Not?
    Halloween VII (ARCHIVAL) :: full moon
    Complementary Colors VII  :: Complementary Apples
    Conundrum :: .me not her.
    Dairy III :: Tea with Milk
    Corners II :: "Stop at every corner, Son."
    Green III :: "When You Wish Upon a Star... "
    Distracting Elements II :: Second Tuesday Every Month
    Body Language :: Compartments
    Monty Python :: Monty Python:  Lingerie Robbery   (2006)
    Random Acts of Kindness :: Random Act Of Kindness
    Goofy Faces III :: Steve
    Fat Pillow Thin Pillow :: Some like 'em BIG.  Some like 'em LITTLE
    Relaxation :: a good book, and a glass of wine...
    !deppilF :: Thinking Inside the Box
    Forensic Files :: Self-Defense or Not?  You decide.
    Personification IV :: Oh!  Hello, little Heater!
    Homophonic Pairs :: two too many
    Shoes Required :: Tuesday
    Happiness :: 1...2...3... Jump!
    Memory :: Love  Letters
    Extended Free Study 2017-10 :: Life
    DIY Google Street View :: 1024 South Street.  Memphis
    Bones :: creation
    Color Portrait IV :: Elizabeth
    WALL ::  Blues
    Windows (the glass kind) III :: Windows:  Oddly Placed
    DPC Username Mix 'n Match :: MuckPond + EstimatedEyes =  Pond Eyes
    Upside Down VI :: Hangin' In There
    Holidays :: February 14th Silhouettes
    Pet Panoramas :: My Pet Centipede Dog.
    A Single Sheet of Paper :: Whoa!
    Flour Power II :: Flour Floor Footprints
    Bread II :: Bread Day
    Subject in Another Room II :: Dog Lady
    Over- :: Over Estimated My Appetite
    Personified Smiles and Frowns :: Spinach in his Teeth
    Lens Effects :: "Because, I'm Happy ... "
    Still Lifes : a Mentor Challenge with Grahamgator :: A Tribute to Mary Ann
    Toy Story III :: "Under the bed, Woody!"
    Self Portrait In A Crowd :: Crowded
    Magazine Cover IV :: pure Guitarist   <br>March 2020
    Promote Your Zoo :: Turtle Exhibit Billboard
    Old Movie Stills ::   "The Cowboys"   starring John Wayne
    Side by Side  :: James and The Giant Peach
    Subliminal :: Subliminal Brain Washing
    Strange or Imaginary Edibles :: Doggy Treat
    Silhouettes IX :: A Tribute
    And The Winner Is... :: Top of the Class!   <br>Valedictorian.
    Motion Blur V :: Escaping The Blur
    Paper II :: 1,000 Paper Cranes for Mary Anne
    Alter Ego Diptych :: Here's to my Bad Side...
    From Above VII (ARCHIVAL) :: Shadows Voyeur
    A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetles IV :: Happy Little Bug
    The Egg II :: Daisies
    Extended Free Study 2021-06 :: Half Dozen
    Fan :: Just Chillin'
    Dirds :: Modern Family
    Out of Balance II :: It's all about Balance.
    Orderly :: Symmetry
    Through the Eyes of a Child :: Cotton Candy Clouds and My Birthday
    Shadows X :: Six Eyes
    Dolls & Puppets :: Life is good.
    Bad Hair Day II :: Ever notice that pets and their people start to look alike?
    Still Life with Pure Sadness :: Ultimate Sadness
    Car/Automobile III (ARCHIVAL) :: Havana's Finest
    Reasons Why I Shouldn't Drink :: I get TOADily DRUNK
    Skyscape III :: Cloud Animals
    Trinkets ::  - Yvonne's Trinkets -
    Military :: Morning Patrol
    Impossible :: Dog Walker:  Call 867-5309
    Honorable Mentions
    Tackiness Knows No Season :: Man Child
    Family VI :: Family
    Duct Tape :: Portrait of a Man
    Light Bulb :: &quot;Frog has a Better Idea&quot;
    Round III :: Circles
    Nightmares III :: My Nightmare
    Pinhole Image :: girl
    Death II :: Open Casket
    Goofy Face II :: Goofy Face
    Abstract Expressionism :: Abstract Expressionism
    Light on White V :: Virgin White
    Bags :: Uncertain Talent
    Grown-Up Toys :: Porsches are a Girl's Best Friend
    Fictional Characters (Archival) :: Stuart Little
    Tilt Shift III :: Tiny City on a River
    Secret Self Portrait :: MeeeOW!
    Extreme Weather (archival) :: Forecast:  High Winds and Rain
    On Two Wheels: The Terror or the Joy ::   _o<br> \ <,<br> (  )  / (  )<br><br>bicycle
    Asymmetry III :: It's ok to be different.
    Similar but Not the Same :: Guitars
    Pi III :: 3.14 apples  =    Apple Pi
    Sign of the Times :: I met a man.
    Pet Peeves :: Every.  Single. Toy.   I.  Buy.
    Abstract Landscape II :: almost
    Canada Day :: Waving the Flag,  "O Canada! Our Home and Native Land!"
    A Photographic Tribute to Bob Dylan :: "I got a head full of ideas That are drivin' me insane"
    Extended Free Study 2019-05 :: "But, I'm pretty SURE that I bought a seat..."
    Deck Of Cards :: I... Fold.
    Deface a street sign ::   <br> Private Bar Ahead<br> <br>
    Extended Free Study 2020-10 :: Helluva Hangover
    Deja Vu V :: Eye Magazine Revisited   (Image ID= 65834)
    Post-Apocalyptic :: The New World begins.   Again.
    Preparation :: Chefs
    Independence II :: Grumpy, But Independent
    Hole in the Wall :: Edward  R. Mouse, Esquire steps out for a walk about
    That 70s Photo ::  Love  &#9829;  & Peace   &#9774;
    Remembering :: Mary Anne.  <br> Gone... Way too Young
    Alphabetical Order :: Pink - White - Yellow
    Emotions :: Just Plain Happy
    Things In A Row :: Attitudes
    Rope II :: Gathering Roots
    Obscure :: Fern
    Self Portrait Without Faces :: Plugged
    Black and White Still Life IV :: "Then Joel Adams did look at him..."
    Vintage & Veteran Vehicles II (ARCHIVAL) :: Vintage Everything - almost
    Apple III :: Apple Generations.  He Left His Mark..
    Good Vibes for Jan (Cutout) :: Dwell in Possibility - Emily Dickinson
    Hanging On By A Thread :: Hangin' on...
    Still Life VI :: Tulips at Rest
    Colorful :: Cray - on   <br><i> noun  <br> 1. a pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax, used for drawing
    In the Style of Vincent Van Gogh :: Four Sunflowers In a Vase
    Ice III :: Ice And Liquid Ice
    Mother II :: Norman Rockwell's Mom
    Book Cover III (ARCHIVAL) :: <br>   Girl With A Pearl Earring <br>   <br>.
    A Vegetable Bestiary (DPL4 Final Challenge) :: Manatee
    Books :: Yes, I'm reading.  You wanted something...?
    The End II :: The End is Near
    Self Portrait IX :: Self Portrait
    As Seen at the Museum :: "Woman Showing Traditional Salute"  --  Edroyce Rukodzi,   Zimbabwe
    Candid Portraits :: Alone
    Secondary Colors II :: I am.
    Abandoned V :: Tomorrow.
    Stairs II :: just after
    Wallflower :: On The Edge of The Party
    Sci-Fi Celebration II :: Eve
    Battle of the Sexes II :: The Battle
    Feast III :: A Family
    Dwellings :: Southern Belle
    Good Grooming :: Soapy Summer Chores
    A Night On The Town II :: Tiki Bar
    Soft Focus V :: Off-Duty
    Hot III :: Blue Heat
    Friendship :: Besties
    Light Bulbs :: "What happened to them, Mommy?"
    Communication II :: Listening to the Past whilst Ignoring the Present
    Blue VIII :: Three
    Feast V :: Feasting Friends with Fun and... Thankfulness.
    Books II :: i &#9829; books
    The Yolk's on You! :: "Scrambled Eggs" Ha!  You guys "Crack me Up" *rolleyes*
    High Key IV :: Garlic
    Anatopism :: Everybody's "Fitting In", except... the Tall Guy
    Colorful II :: Take Note
    Hand Made :: Works of Skilled Hands
    New Year's Resolution VIII :: I want a body like...   Steel.
    Head Shot  :: Taylor
    Woodburytype :: Still Life Wtih Apples
    Vintage & Veteran Vehicles (RIP Robin) :: Robin's Regret
    Cool Colors III :: "Goin' Green"
    Portrait of a Single Human ::  Worlds
    Make a Flower ::  roses
    Natural Light Indoor Portrait II :: Emily
    Toy Story :: Nursery Rhymes
    Growth :: "Do I have a growth up there or something?"
    A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetle :: Pond Grass Visitor
    Natural Light Indoor Portrait ::  The Man of... My Dreams
    Famous Paintings (ARCHIVAL) :: Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh
    Steampunk ::  The Secret of Capt. Artemis's Metropolis Cartographer
    Balloon II :: End of a Wonderful Day
    Expanse (ARCHIVAL) :: Unbelievable Space
    Flowers V :: Water Lily :  Nymphaeaceae
    Extended Free Study 2020-05 :: Booked
    Fairy Tales III :: The Princess, charmed.
    Got Milk Portrait :: Got Milk?
    Youth Culture :: Cultured
    Green V :: Bullfrog
    Before :: Just Before
    Automotive Detail III :: Sex and Cars
    Painterly Photo :: Sunflower StillLife
    Outdoor Portrait :: I bought her coffee
    Panoramas Up Close :: Melody of Craftsmanship
    Yellow VI :: Smell the Yellow
    Yes or No? :: Yes or No?
    Clean (and/or) Dirty :: "What container of sauce in the pantry??"
    HodgePodge :: Admiring Myself
    Kitchen Art II :: Yellow Beets
    Fruits & Vegetables IV (ARCHIVAL) :: "Grouchy" Fruits and Veggies
    Daguerreotype :: John Moffat's Defiant Wife
    The Eleventh Commandment :: 11.   Thou Shalt Not Attempt to Best Gyaban in an Expert Editing Challenge
    Best of 2020 Extended :: The Babysitter
    Crayons & Colored Pencils II :: Meltdown of Color
    Pet Rock :: I Love Lamp
    Dead End III (ARCHIVAL) :: Don't Do It.
    Human Portrait (Minimal) :: Portrait in Black and White
    Centered and Ugly :: Bug Ugly
    Extended Free Study 2017-01 :: World
    Extended Free Study 2018-01 :: Masks
    In The Style Of: Art Roflmao :: Squirrel With Nut
    In The Spirit Of: docpjv :: Peter's Heart
    DNMC :: Reflections Not in Wine - Challenge
    User Profile
    Name: Lydia Age: 95
    LydiaToo (Jul. 23rd, 2014)
    Gender: F
    Type: Member Location: right here... duh!
    Cameras: Canon EOS-6D
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro
    Lenses: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
    Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM II
    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L IS
    Canon EF 28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM
    Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 I
    Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
    Sigma 50-500mm f/4.0-6.3 EX DG HSM for Canon EOS
    Registered: Nov. 9th 2007
    Contact: Private Message
    Biography: What?! I have all 7s on my Profile. HOW did it come to this?! Last time I remember, I was looking at the Big Guns with all 6s... and wishing... dreaming...

    Thanks, folks! I am so honored!
    UPDATE: Oh ... WOW!! An EIGHT!!!!

    A BROWN! Just for ME! and... another one!
    And... another one. How lovely. :)
    And one more! Yay!

    Unofficial Points Race: Unofficial Point and Ribbon Race

    2008 - 22nd place
    2009 - 5th place
    2010 - 10th
    2011 - 14th
    2012 - 10th
    2013 - 28th (I took 5.5 months off this year)
    2014 - 21st
    2015 - 4th place
    2016 - 7th place
    2017 - 6th place
    2018 - 6th place
    2019 - 7th place
    2020 - 3rd place! My first real RIBBON! Yay!
    2021 - 4th place
    2022 - 11th place

    Thanks BUNCHES for doing all of your record-keeping, [url=https://www.dpchallenge.com/profile.php?USER_ID=81530]jeger
    and hajeka! And Tate for the ribbons!

    Want your own Commenter "bling"?? CLICK HERE for BLING!

    A ribbon... just for me from Langdon! I'm thrilled! I was third closest at guessing scores of entries in the Guess Your Score challenge (Feb 2015). " Lydia ranked 3 out of 34 guessing 22.6183 points off"

    Oh my WORD!! Thanks, Ken! :)

    Thanks for the banners, Judi. Thanks, vawendy!

    for in the WaterDrops Side Challenge (Thanks vawendy, IreneM, and Yanko!)

    Thanks, Dr.Confuser for your recognition of # of challenges entered!

    Me in my outfits: <---- Christmas hat . . . <---- Party hat

    GO Team ViewFinders! DPL 2010 Division B Champions!

    Yeeeha! Go, Drive-By Shooters!

    DPL IV
    Go Team Flashers! DPL4 THIRD PLACE!

    Our Perspective DPL V !! So fun!

    Yay! This was so fun!

    and... The People's Choice Award! (3rd place)

    DPCers whom I have met (please PM me if I missed you.) dtallakson, tanguera, ja9, SavvyManak, LevT, bspurgeon, pops, thefly, tvsometime, ambaker, slbaker, melethia, pennystreet, ericwoo, dirt_diver, BrianTammy, hihosilver, Art Roflmao

    I wish I'd started recording my average at the beginning of each year, so I could see my progress/decline. Nevertheless, there's no time like the present. Ha! So, here we go:

    01-06-2012 - Entries: 487 - Average: 5.9502
    01-01-2013 - Entries: 632 - Average: 5.9610 - Ave Vote cast: 5.8057 - Comments Made: 13,853
    01-01-2014 - Entries: 697 - Average: 5.9584
    01-01-2015 - Entries: 773 - Average: 5.9591 - Votes Cast: 55,822 - Comments Made: 17,477
    01-01-2016 - Entries: 873 - Average: 5.9694 - Votes Cast: 60,910 - Comments Made: 19,642
    01-01-2017 - Entries: 1007 -Average: 5.9614 - Votes Cast: 63,901 - Comments Made: 21,129
    01-01-2018 - Entries: 1150 -Average: 5.9541 - Votes Cast: 66,122 - Comments Made: 22,155
    01-01-2019 - Entries: 1281 -Average: 5.9037 - Votes Cast: 68,556 - Comments Made: 22,949
    01-01-2020 - Entries: 1446 -Average: 5.9428 - Votes Cast: 69,226 - Comments Made: 24,206
    01-01-2021 - Entries: 1611 -Average: 5.9489 - Votes Cast: 70,006 - Comments Made: 25,513
    01-01-2022 - Entries: 1771 -Average: 5.9501 - Votes Cast: 71,122 - Comments Made: 26,241
    01-01-2023 - Entries: 1885 -Average: 5.9499 - Votes Cast: 73,255 - Comments Made: 26,675

    Signature: Life is good, even when it's not. ~Lydia

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    Highest Rated Photographs
    "Artist Facing Blank Canvas" : A Tribute to Norman Rockwell
    1st Place"Artist Facing Blank Canvas" : A Tribute to Norman Rockwell
    Norman Rockwell
    Average: 8.1308
    At Day's End
    1st PlaceAt Day's End
    The Cowboy
    Average: 7.9892
    Sidewalk Encounter
    1st PlaceSidewalk Encounter
    Average: 7.7179
    The Homecoming
    2nd PlaceThe Homecoming
    Norman Rockwell III
    Average: 7.7179
    "Dashing Through the Snow"
    1st Place"Dashing Through the Snow"
    Christmas Song Titles
    Average: 7.6927
    The Kiss
    The Kiss
    good friends
    good friends
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