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    You Name It III :: You Name It!
    Free Study 2020-10 :: The Nectar Collectors
    Black & White IX :: a meeting at the birdbath
    Cooking Tool(s) :: Submerged
    Burst of Color VI :: Dressed to Kill
    Grey :: Dawn
    Puzzle Macro VIII :: flight
    Bokeh V :: summer rain
    Nightmares II :: caught by the boogeyman !
    Free Study 2022-10 :: Green
    Geometry in Nature :: Bilateral Symmetry
    Extended Free Study 2023-01 :: Caught
    Show Us Your Morning II :: 7.57 a.m.
    Shallow DoF IX :: Silver Orb Weaving Spider (Leucauge granulata) with raindrops
    Pink II :: Boronia Ledifolia & Bee Fly
    Personification IV :: sunk
    Bokeh XI :: Silent Symphony with Spider
    Hair III :: Twins in the Wind
    Beverages II :: Steve with his favourite brew
    In the Garden II :: stalker
    Green Portrait :: Portrait of a Grasshopper
    Hot III :: Burning Off
    Free Study 2020-05 :: Portrait of a Fruit Fly - 3mm long (1/8th inch) including the wings
    The Beginning :: the beginning of new life
    Dichotomy II :: Living & Dying
    Yellow IV :: dragonfly
    Something Different for the New Year :: Birds with Attitude
    The Smile III :: fun in the car
    Word for Word :: Happy Feet
    Extended Free Study 2023-05 :: Every day you should have at least one exquisite moment
    Extended Free Study 2018-12 :: my girl
    Wet and/or Dry :: Mosquito treading delicately on dewdrops
    The Sunny Spot :: Radiance
    Profile/Side View II (DPL5-2) :: We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are.
    Life III :: bearded warrior
    Underrated/Overrated :: Flies - Much Maligned. They pollinate, clean up waste, have medical uses & can be quite beautiful.
    Free Study 2012-01 :: Robberfly with dewdrops
    Emotions :: cherished
    Rural :: Follow the Leader
    Extended Free Study 2022-08 :: Blown
    Delicate III :: Artistry in Nature
    Water Drop II (ARCHIVAL) :: Balancing Act
    Free Study 2023-01 :: Robber Fly in the grass
    Extended Free Study 2021-03 :: Ethereal
    A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetle :: breakfast on the fly
    Free Study 2023-02 :: The Assassin & The Crane Fly
    Shallow DOF X :: Snack Time
    Tunnels and Caves :: Speleothems - Jenolan Caves, Australia
    Rainbow II :: iridescence
    Industrial II :: Port Botany Expansion Project - Sydney
    No-Sky Landscape III :: first light on a foggy morning
    Pet Portrait VI :: my best mate
    Extended Free Study 2021-02 :: Symbiosis
    Transparency V :: Do penguins wear spectacles?!
    Crayons & Colored Pencils :: ... and i can talk too !!
    Good News/Bad News II :: I was offered the yummiest leftovers. Then i was told to leave it.
    Centered Composition IV :: facets
    Macro or Close-up :: Rainy day with Grasshopper
    White :: Black & White
    The Beginning of the End :: fast track to oblivion
    Windows (the glass kind) IV :: girl on a train
    Extended Free Study 2021-11 :: Georgia
    No-Sky Landscape IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Foggy morning with flowers
    Extended Free Study 2019-05 :: a mischief of magpies
    Legs II :: Legs, Smiles & Guinea Pigs!
    Triangle IV :: sittin' pretty
    Photographing Photographers II :: three sisters
    Backlighting VI :: White Clover with photobomber
    Extended Free Study 2020-11 :: Birdbath Shenanigans!
    Extended Free Study 2021-01 :: basking in the morning light
    Free Study 2019-11 :: watch out little fly .. you're on someone's radar!!
    On the Road II :: a walk in the fog on a road with the dog
    DPC 20th Anniversary  :: Happy
    Man's Best Friend II :: being beautiful
    Signature Style II :: Dolichopodidae - Long Legged Fly
    Action Shot IV :: Dive
    Drive-By Shooting :: ANZAC Bridge - Sydney
    Dwellings II :: Welcome to my home said the Leaf-Curling Spider
    Unusual Point of View II :: I'm definitely not a bulky item!
    Macro XI :: the robberfly - a fascinating and wonderful creature
    Black and White Portrait VI (DPL5-6) :: the little footballer
    Extended Free Study 2020-12 :: hidden world
    Memory II :: A little something for him to remember her by
    Extended Free Study 2022-10 :: a miniature world
    Extended Free Study 2022-04 :: Iridescence
    Composition in Red & Green :: King Parrot in the Jacaranda Tree
    The Eyes Have It III :: Facets - "Insects are the most successful, widespread and prolific members of the animal kingdom."
    Rock Song Titles :: The Fly by U2
    48 Steps :: what a wonderful world
    Free Study 2022-04 :: Bull Ant Ablutions
    Off-Centered Subject V :: don't get out the fly spray .. i promise i'll keep my distance!!
    Free Study 2021-10 :: Snail Parasitic Blowfly
    Epic Fail :: I'll just eat that dead insect, thought the fly. Bad move. He's now on the spider's menu!!
    Black & White X :: Pure Joy
    Wall II :: Beautiful Dreamer
    Free Study 2008-11 :: a dangerous world
    Centered and Ugly :: ugly to some
    Natural Light Portrait III :: my boy
    Free Study 2022-01 :: Rainy day with Honeyeater
    Extended Free Study 2022-06 :: Portrait of a Fly in black & white
    Fences IV :: a fence in the fog with trees and a dog
    Free Study 2021-12 :: Pretty Fly!
    Rule of Thirds IX :: A tiny spider's creation
    Bad Hair Day (DPL4 WK3) :: i just looked in the mirror !!
    Jeopardy! :: What insect symbolizes spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and joy?
    Abstract Motion Blur :: imprisoned
    Wings II :: sunshine after the rain
    High Contrast X :: Eyes speak louder than words.
    Spot Light :: Orange Caterpillar Wasp
    Low Contrast IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Ali's cat
    Extended Free Study 2019-11 :: fly little brother,  the bushfire is coming!!
    What Makes Me Happy II :: photographing these little guys makes me happy!!
    Preparation :: at her violin rehearsal
    Hobby (other than photography) :: my hobby is the study of insects in their natural environment
    Self Portrait XI :: Part of Me
    Nightmares III :: If we were very small
    Pets & Their People IV :: Teresa & Peter
    Free Study 2008-03 :: anatomy of a robberfly
    Free Study 2021-09 :: When the world is surprisingly beautiful
    Beloved, At Least By Me :: i love my little photobomber
    Free Study 2021-03 :: an 'umbrella' made of grass
    Creative Color Shift :: In an alternate reality where the grass is red and this fly has green eyes!!
    Textures & Materials II (ARCHIVAL) :: a combination of sharp & soft .. thankyou little thistle
    Complementary Colors VII  :: the world is a big place to a little ladybug
    Extended Free Study 2023-02 :: Life & Death on the electric fence
    Imaginary Magazine Cover :: WOOF
    Starburst B&W :: greeting the dawn
    Extended Free Study 2019-09 :: my passion
    Transparency VI :: girl in a car
    Song Titles II :: I Love My Dog
    Home Sweet Home IV :: My land. My dog. Home is where the heart is.
    C is for _______ :: Close-Up of a Robberfly
    Lens Effect II :: delicate
    Calendar IV :: September
    Season's Greetings / Happy New Year (ARCHIVAL) :: from my family to yours
    Honorable Mentions
    Spring III (ARCHIVAL) :: tiny photobomber welcomes the morning
    Inside :: the passenger
    Oops! IV :: Busted!
    High Contrast VIII (ARCHIVAL) :: A working dog called Beau
    101 Meters :: i'm not just a pretty face !!
    Positive Space :: Home
    Clouds Only III :: turbulence
    The Nature of Time :: being human
    Window View IV :: Mesmerized at the Train Museum
    Zen Photography V :: Every Flower is a Soul Blossoming in Nature
    Car/Automobile IV :: ready to rock n' roll
    Books III :: Lie Down. Head Down. Look Up. Good Boy!! .. Now for something a little more challenging!!
    Orange VI :: Orange Caterpillar Parasitoid Wasp (Netelia producta)
    Image Grain IX :: Smiles are Contagious
    Extended Free Study 2020-05 :: green-eyed fly with hairy legs & bokeh
    Free Study 2021-01 :: Orange Caterpillar Parasite Wasp with Dewdrops.
    Free Study 2011-02 :: Caught
    Free Study 2020-12 :: the visitor
    Spiders :: Almost invisible to the naked eye
    Book Cover IV (ARCHIVAL) :: STAY
    Free Study 2021-11 :: lift-off in less than a second
    Extended Free Study 2021-08 :: Singing in the rain
    Art of 2021 :: Heatwave with grasshopper
    Foliage VI (ARCHIVAL) :: Fallen
    Extended Free Study 2020-07 :: The world changes when it snows
    Free Study 2021-08 :: This is Love
    Low Contrast III ::  the cat's whiskers
    Extended Free Study 2022-03 :: Enchanted
    Glimpse II :: the puddle
    Free Study 2022-11 :: Long Legged Fly with raindrops
    Artful Overlays :: The Robberfly - waiting in ambush
    Art of 2022: A Retrospective (EXTENDED Editing) :: Perched
    Extended Free Study 2020-06 :: Everyone thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong.
    Totally PINK! :: An invitation to the dark side
    Strength II :: The Goalie
    Out of Balance II :: the photo bomber - a repeat offender
    Free Study 2022-05 :: Being Stealthy
    Free Study 2008-12 :: Eye to Eye
    Shiny :: paper daisy closing up for the night
    Banana III :: I would much prefer meat!
    Best of 2022 :: Ephemeral
    Black II :: Scary Monster
    Free Study 2009-10 :: Long Legged Fly
    Free Study 2019-03 :: survival
    Goofy Face II :: Not just a pretty face!!
    Out of Place II :: Honey, I Shrunk the Dog!
    Decisions III :: LEAVE IT!!
    Extended Free Study 2021-06 :: meeting sheep for the very first time
    Subject Out of Frame II :: cute little feet
    Extended Free Study 2022-07 :: The Beautiful Miss M
    Action IV :: Lift-Off
    Face :: a beautiful soul
    Free Study 2021-05 :: on the prowl
    Extended Free Study 2023-07 :: Cute little kitty-cat
    Extended Free Study 2023-03 :: Instrumental
    Stripes II :: feeling patriotic
    Before And After: An Editing Challenge :: sunny days with fish & chips
    Three Techniques II :: Blur - Bokeh - Shallow DOF
    New Year's Resolution XIV :: Create a Calendar for 2023
    Extended Free Study 2020-03 :: robberfly with bokeh
    Free Study 2022-12 :: Greeting the Dawn
    Landscape / Cityscape / Waterscape :: stepping lightly
    Darkness IV :: It's a dark day indeed when you're being eaten
    The Springing of the Year (Archival) :: the undeniable exuberance of spring
    Pollution :: IT NEVER SLEEPS
    User Profile
    Name: Roz Batten
    xxrozxx (Apr. 9th, 2007)
    Gender: F
    Type: Member Location: NSW Australia
    Cameras: Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III
    Canon EOS-5D Mark IV
    Olympus OM-D E-M1
    Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra
    Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+
    Lenses: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro
    Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro
    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0L IS
    Lensbaby Composer Pro II
    Lensbaby Sweet 35 Optic
    Olympus 12-100mm f/4.0 M.Zuiko ED IS PRO
    Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro
    Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO M.Zuiko
    Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 M.Zuiko Digital ED PRO
    Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm f/3.5 Macro IS PRO
    Panasonic Panasonic Lumix G 8mm f3.5 Fisheye Lens
    Registered: Oct. 16th 2006
    Private Message
    URL: https://www.instagram.com/rozbatten/

    honoured to come 7th in 2020 & 5th in 2021 in the Unofficial Ribbon Races ..

    ......... GO TEAM ..!!!..

    for thankyou posthumous


    Interviewed by Jonathan Eger in PhotoWeeklyOnline

    I'M PUBLISHED .. !!!
    THREAD ON DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE - it's not available online

    all the insects in my portfolio were alive (unless they were being eaten) & have been photogaphed in their natural surroundings ..
    any moisture you see would be either from the dew or rain ..

    i shoot with Canon - for all macro photos i use the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro.. it's helpful to have your own light source .. i use a Canon Speedlight 600EX-RT external flash with a Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce plastic diffuser ..
    Kenko do a set of three extension tubes which i use in different combinations .. the Canon100mm macro lens without the tubes is great too depending on the size of the insect ..

    UPDATE - April 2019 - since writing the above i am now using Olympus mirrorless almost exclusively for insect macros and everything else .. :) ..
    camera - Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II or III ..
    Lens - Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro Lens
    Flash - Olympus FL900-R ..

    NEW UPDATE - 2020 - now i shoot with whatever takes my fancy at the time ... Canon or Olympus or Samsung galaxy ..

    thankyou DPC for the wonderful ppl i've met .. the fantastic education .. and a keen interest transformed into my most satisfying creative outlet ..xx..

    I LOVE DPC .. !!! ..

    Signature: There are only two ways to live your life.
    One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle.
    - Albert Einstein

    Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all - Aristotle

    we don't see things as they are, we see things are we are - Anaïs Nin

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    Silent Symphony with Spider
    1st PlaceSilent Symphony with Spider
    Bokeh XI
    Average: 8.1333
    my best mate
    1st Placemy best mate
    Pet Portrait VI
    Average: 8.0833
    breakfast on the fly
    1st Placebreakfast on the fly
    A Bug's Life: Insects, Bugs, Beetle
    Average: 8.0240
    Print Available!
    Balancing Act
    1st PlaceBalancing Act
    Water Drop II (ARCHIVAL)
    Average: 7.6667
    Robber Fly in the grass
    1st PlaceRobber Fly in the grass
    Free Study 2023-01
    Average: 7.6250
    my girl
    my girl
    shadow run
    shadow run
    almost human
    almost human
    the flood reEdit
    the flood reEdit
    the passenger
    the passenger
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