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    Architecture X (ARCHIVAL) :: Guggenheim - Bilbao
    Aftermath III :: AfterMath
    Body Parts III :: Hands and a head
    Wear and Tear II  :: Three hundred years
    Off-Centered Subject II :: Power of Dreams
    Rule of Thirds VIII :: Rule of all kinds of fractions
    Plants: No Trees or Flowers :: Remembering Sherpet
    Blue Filter (ARCHIVAL) :: Blues
    Landscape / Cityscape / Waterscape II :: Road into the Sea
    Outdoor Portrait :: Twins fan
    Friendship :: Teamwork
    Symmetry VII :: Salk/Kahn
    Abstract in Color III (ARCHIVAL) :: metallica
    Life on the Edge :: 811
    Wide Angle IV :: Duel
    Furniture III (ARCHIVAL) :: Dining sets
    Groups of Things :: Dry fruit
    Subtlety :: "...the quiet sense of something lost"
    Winged Things III :: Liftoff
    Clouds Only II (ARCHIVAL) :: Up there with the clouds
    Extended Free Study 2023-02 :: Mirage
    Accidental Letters IV (ARCHIVAL) :: X-en-Provence
    All Alone II :: one on one
    Doors, Gates, Knobs, Locks & Handles :: The Vault
    New Year's Resolution XIII :: Always bring a camera along on beach walks [this was taken with a phone]
    Despair II (ARCHIVAL) :: Anguish
    Decay  :: Circle of Life
    Transportation III :: When there is no land to land on
    In the Style of Margaret Bourke-White :: Human lift
    Low Contrast IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Bewitched Forest
    Fun Inside the Museum (ARCHIVAL) :: Playdate
    Amusement Park (ARCHIVAL) :: ߤI
    Candid Camera :: Amusement park
     B Is For _______  :: Baboons!
    Low Key VII :: Difficult conversation
    Wheels II :: At the helm
    Random Acts of Kindness :: just a bit of popcorn
    Family VI :: Full hands
    Memory II :: Impersistence of Memory
    Street Photography In Black and White II :: Real de Catorce (2015)
    The Grateful Dead :: Walking the dog ...Just a-walking the dog
    Motion Panning V :: Luge
    Absurdity II :: Waiting for Godot
    What's in Your Garage? :: COVID CHAOS
    Long Shadows :: Waiting for sunset
    Vintage & Veteran Vehicles II (ARCHIVAL) :: Repent!
    Candid XI (ARCHIVAL) :: Bliss
    Coffee Shop II :: Before audition
    Candid V :: Godfather, retired
    People in the Street :: Five smiles
    Potholes, Detours, Obstructions II :: Lane closed
    Grunge III (ARCHIVAL) :: Trotsky's last bathroom
    Expanse (ARCHIVAL) :: Dante's View
    30 Seconds or More V :: Wintry Pacific
    Film Noir IV :: Night guest
    With the Philosophy of Ubique :: you first
    Numbers IV (ARCHIVAL) :: 9255
    Old :: Medieval grandeur
    Black and White Portrait IV :: Boss
    Extended Free Study 2021-10 :: Trapped in the past
    Darkness IV :: Call of the Void
    Legs (ARCHIVAL) :: Six legs
    Holes :: Watering hole
    Books III :: Under the candlelight
    That 70s Photo :: Suburbia
    Sand :: sand and sandstone
    Self Portrait XI :: Broken
    Color-Full (ARCHIVAL) :: Holi
    Mother II :: My mother
    Famous Paintings (ARCHIVAL) :: Rembrandt van Rijn. "Portrait of an old woman reading" (1650)
    Scene It! II :: Shawshank redemption: Hope can set you free
    Rocks, Stones, Pebbles IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Arrival
    Film Noir :: Murder on Montrose Way
    Self Portrait X :: My shadow self
    A Tribute to Stephen Hawking :: Free at last
    Garry Winogrand :: bubbles
    Leading Lines X (ARCHIVAL) :: 50th floor, from the 88th
    Art of 2021 :: Ready
    Skyscape III :: Brewing storm
    Old Movie Stills :: Old flame
    No-Sky Landscape IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Romeo and Juliet
    A Country Not My Own (Archival) .. :: Namibian madonna
    Brenizer Method :: Swan
    All Four Elements :: Prometheus
    Leading Lines V :: Salk I Kahn
    Contre-Jour VI (ARCHIVAL) :: Deadvlei
    Panorama II :: Labyrinth
    Action IV :: Swirl!
    Extended Free Study 2023-07 :: The Sleep of Reason
    Season's Greetings / Happy New Year (ARCHIVAL) :: Time to Zoom Out
    Decisions II :: The biggest decision
    Word for Word :: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
    Underrated/Overrated :: Humans are overrated
    Sun In Frame III (ARCHIVAL) :: Last glimpse
    Smoke V (ARCHIVAL) :: Holy smoke!
    Rubber Ducky II :: Duckuilibristics
    When the moon is in the day sky :: Martian moon
    Implied Lines III :: Into the dusk
    News Article (ARCHIVAL) :: Shanghai Braces for Record-Breaking Smog in the Days Ahead
    Free Study 2018-10 :: Rainy night in New Orleans
    Nude VII (Archival)  :: Chemistry
    Personification :: Forbidden vegetable
    Car/Automobile IV :: Cruisin'
    Personification IV :: Scream
    Lines IV :: Desert curves
    Blue VIII :: Skyward
    Stationary :: No wind
    Object Isolation by Contrast II :: Bodhi
    Fast Food III :: Flavor of New York
    Free Study 2021-03 :: Icarus
    Black & White X :: Ray of Light
    Abstract Nature III :: Salty labyrinth
    Crowdscape (ARCHIVAL) :: Two in a Crowd
    Bear Music (ARCHIVAL) :: Beard Music
    Extended Free Study 2022-11 :: End of a perfect day
    Crummy Weather II :: Bad day to fly
    Strength II :: Power of concentration
    Free Study 2014-11 :: Cassandra
    Free Study 2018-02 :: Premonition
    Old and New :: Louvre
    Black II :: Chat Noir
    Free Study 2019-05 :: Solo on a clarinet
    Negative Space IX :: Carpe Diem!
    Looking Down from Up or Up from Down (ARCHIVAL) :: Seal storm shelter
    Starburst B&W :: Lone palm
    From Above III :: Shadow play
    Highways & Byways (ARCHIVAL) :: Road less traveled
    Flowers VII :: Bouquet
    Candid IX :: Oblivious
    Transportation V :: American staple
    Geometry in Nature :: Fractal Romanesco
    For Sale II :: Beach shopping
    Funny. Absurd. Silly. Entertaining. (Archival) :: Pis Magnifique
    Childhood Without Children III :: Nighttime reading
    Rocks, Stones, Pebbles III (Archival) :: Rock Elf
    Centered Composition VI (Archival) :: Deadvlei
    Parallel Lines II :: IIII/\IIII
    Edges III :: Selfie on the cliff
    City/Town/Village/Hamlet/scape II :: Hudson Yards
    Subject Out of Frame II :: Lazy afternoon
    Single Light Source Portrait (DPL4 WK6) :: Noir
    Chiaroscuro (ARCHIVAL) :: Elegance
    Still Life VIII (DPL5-7) :: Still life with old lantern
    Refraction of Light III (ARCHIVAL) :: Transience of Memory
    Free Study 2013-08 :: her daily bread
    Hole in the Wall :: Escape
    Glimpse II :: Mists of New York
    Balance III :: Carve!
    Leading Lines XI :: To the light
    In The Style Of: bspurgeon :: Mobilis in mobili
    Window Shopping III :: Silence is Golden
    Extended Free Study 2018-11 :: New York, New York!
    Robert Frank: A Homage :: Table 13
    Out of Balance :: afternoon bliss
    Fine Arts: Exhibit III :: white wall
    Bits & Pieces III :: This and that
    Mucking About With Boats IV :: Doldrums
    Long Exposure V :: The Girl and the Sea
    Trees VIII  :: Giants
    Metal IV :: Cannonballs
    Extended Free Study 2019-02 :: The Great Flood
    Free Study 2021-05 :: Surf'n'Turf
     Juxtaposed III :: Crush
    Grunge IV :: Winter Pacific
    One or Two-Wheelers (ARCHIVAL) :: Family transport
    New Year's Resolution IX :: quit smoking!
    Clothing :: Namibian princess
    Visual Puns :: Thai food
    Free Study 2021-01 :: Eve of a storm
    Stripes III :: Sunny morning
    Free Study 2009-09 :: Storm over Florence
    Together, But Not the Same :: London & pigeons
    Face :: Cellist
    Fantasy World :: Solaris
    Coin Slot :: Pay for your sins
    Extended Free Study 2021-08 :: Gestalt
    Backlighting VI :: Maestro
    Free Study 2022-10 :: Underwater surfing
    Free Study 2019-02 :: Karl?
    Free Study 2018-06 :: like mommy
    Extended Free Study 2021-05 :: Pierception
    Beyond the Border :: Too fast
    The Username Challenge IV :: nightpixels
    Power III :: Times a million
    Landscape in Portrait Orientation II :: Lost city of the Incas
    Extended Free Study 2022-12 :: Low Tide
    Portrait II :: Old warrior
    A Day Late and a Dollar Short :: Too late
    Transportation VI :: Lisbon staple
    Through the Looking Glass :: Tribute to Erwitt
    Pet Portrait VI :: Behind bars
    In The Style Of: Melethia :: beach afternoon
    Holiday Lights :: Cheer on a Pier
    Diptych - From Oz to Kansas (ARCHIVAL) :: Mad King of Hearts
    Free Study 2021-04 :: Anselland
    Bags :: Long haul
    Profile/Side View II (DPL5-2) :: Double Bass
    Extended Free Study 2017-04 :: Joy of Holi
    Ansel Adams V (ARCHIVAL) :: Ansel's backyard
    Honorable Mentions
    Best of 2011 :: Sorceress
    Brand Names :: Globalization
    Candid X :: While mami is working
    Minimalism VII :: Three men in a sea
    Show us What You Love (or Hate) :: Long and winding roads...
    Shoreline with Structure :: Afternoon on a mountain lake
    Dwellings II :: Humble aerie
    Outside At Night :: Italian dream
    Dead End III (ARCHIVAL) :: This is the end
    Circle VI :: Circle of Confusion
    Fruits & Vegetables IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Granny Squash
    The Smile IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Life is Good
    Technology IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Salton Sea Geothermal Plant
    Freedom III :: off the leash, at last
    Off with their Head III :: kindred spirits
    Luminance/Luminous II (ARCHIVAL) :: Fields of light
    Textures and Materials III (ARCHIVAL) :: Moonscape
    Extended Free Study 2023-03 :: Making Jazz
    Extended Free Study 2023-04 :: Colors of Morocco
    Hot III :: Mermaids
    Extended Free Study 2022-10 :: Prayer
    Extended Free Study 2021-07 :: Bixby Bridge
    Personification III :: It's not  Christmas without mommy
    Baby Animals VI (ARCHIVAL) :: Cubs
    HDR IX (ARCHIVAL) :: Blue city
    Color on Color :: Green, Eyed Monster
    Wide Angle V :: Summer twilight
    Abstract II :: Magic garden
    Dark Comedy (ARCHIVAL) :: Not a healthy choice
    Weekend II :: what happened in Vegas...
    Free Study 2010-05 :: Surfing in the night
    Extended Free Study 2018-05 :: Deadvlei
    Scene It! :: Charlie Chaplin "The Golden Rush"
    Weather V (Archival) :: Deluge
    Stranger In A Strange Land II :: ice men
    Duotones III :: Tango in Black and White
    Outside Looking in III :: Dust to dust
    Abandoned Buildings VI :: Eyes
    Extended Free Study 2019-01 :: Ray
    Abstract III (ARCHIVAL) :: Lust
    Art of 2014 :: Pilgrim
    Extreme Sports (ARCHIVAL) :: Sharp Left
    Hope III :: Our hope
    Silhouettes II :: Farewell
    Point of View Diptych :: lunchtime
    After Man :: iFuture
    Late Night Boredom :: Jetlagged in Africa
    Balancing Flash Outdoors :: Perfect balance
    Adrift :: Unmoored
    Still Lifes : a Mentor Challenge with Grahamgator :: Romantic evening
    Spot Light :: Focal point
    Monuments & Memorials :: National Veterans Memorial
    Stacks :: Precarious
    Holes II :: Home delivery
    Where's Bernie? (ARCHIVAL) :: Bern to Kill
    Abstract: Black and White VI (ARCHIVAL) :: Primeval forest
    Image Grain IX :: Big Oil
    Ghost Town :: Remembrance
    New Year's Resolution VIII 7658211 :: ignore weather and spend more time on the beach
    Make Me Smile :: Caution: HOT!
    Nostalgia II (ARCHIVAL) :: Old school
    Sunrise or Sunset IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Ciao
    The Oscars :: Midnight in Paris
    Street Photography III :: Tao
    240 Pixels  :: City on the bay
    HDR in B/W :: Enchanted forest
    Symmetry VIII (ARCHIVAL) :: Look up!
    People at Their Jobs III (DPL5-12) :: Bartender
    Free Study 2016-08 :: cutouts
    Bridges VII (ARCHIVAL) :: One of 391
    Deja Vu II :: For in much wisdom is much grief
    Free Study 2022-06 :: Nocturne
    Extended Free Study 2022-08 :: O'Hare
    Reflections Without Mirrors II :: Arches
    Black and White Portrait III :: gentleman inside
    Art of 2013 :: Human scale
    Male Portrait IV :: My neighbor Hani
    Hobby (other than photography) :: I juggle
    Window Shopping II :: out of reach
    Commitment :: Family bond
    Letters A-Z :: look, it's a T!
    Pavements & Roadways :: Roadways, roadmaze...
    Free Study 2023-08 :: Lake Moraine
    A Hug And A Kiss :: Firenze
    Free Study 2018-12 :: Zabriskie Point
    Holy Places IV (ARCHIVAL) :: The Holy Sepulchre
    S-Curve II :: op art
    Black and White Portrait V :: Mostly black
    Portrait of the Elderly II :: TomCat Courtney, 90, a blues legend
    User Profile
    Name: Lev Tsimring
    Username: LevT
    Gender: M
    Type: Member Location: San Diego, CA
    Cameras: Olympus OM-1
    DJI Mavic Air 2
    DJI Mavic Mini
    Nikon D200
    Nikon D700
    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
    Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e
    Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra
    Lenses: Olympus 12-100mm f/4.0 M.Zuiko ED IS PRO
    Lensbaby Composer
    Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D
    Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8
    Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR DG IF-ED
    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28-300mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR
    Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 M.Zuiko Digital ED PRO
    Olympus 75mm f1.8 for m43
    Rokinon 7.5mm f/3.5 Ultra Wide-Angle Fisheye Lens for Micro 4/3
    Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX Diagonal Fisheye for Nikon
    Registered: Dec. 3rd 2004
    Contact: Private Message
    URL: http://www.levtsimring.com
    Biography: Physicist, born and raised in USSR Russia, moved to USA in 1992 on the invitation from University of California, San Diego, and have been living in San Diego ever since. Check my photography website for more information and prints.

    "Parallels" (2015) - my street photography book. Each page spread features two "parallel" photographs that tell similar stories in different parts of the world.

    DTLA/37 (2017) - a book about Downtown Los Angeles for which I was one of two photographers

    Some of my personal favorites (not updated for a loooong time)

    Thanks for the thumbs (up)!

    _ _
    _ _


    my DPL team. WE ARE THE ( DPL 2010 Division B) CHAMPIONS!

    Signature: //www.levtsimring.com | My DPC prints | 1x.com portfolio | Facebook page | Terra Populi project

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    Waiting for sunset
    1st PlaceWaiting for sunset
    Long Shadows
    Average: 7.9032
    Murder on Montrose Way
    1st PlaceMurder on Montrose Way
    Film Noir
    Average: 7.8557
    My shadow self
    1st PlaceMy shadow self
    Self Portrait X
    Average: 7.8500
    1st PlaceArrival
    Rocks, Stones, Pebbles IV (ARCHIVAL)
    Average: 7.8485
    Shawshank redemption: Hope can set you free
    1st PlaceShawshank redemption: Hope can set you free
    Scene It! II
    Average: 7.7149
    Hodad's Burgers
    Hodad's Burgers
    Street dancer
    Street dancer
    Old flame (color version)
    Old flame (color version)
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