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Challenge: Negative Space (Classic Editing)
Camera: Fujifilm FinePix 2600Z
Location: Uithuizen, the Netherlands
Date: Sep 12, 2002
Aperture: 6.2
ISO: 100
Shutter: 0.006 s
Galleries: Humorous, Animals
Date Uploaded: Sep 14, 2002


Place: 8 out of 218
Avg (all users): 6.8694
Avg (commenters): 8.1452
Avg (participants): 6.9262
Avg (non-participants): 6.8245
Views since voting: 40688
Votes: 337
Comments: 117
Favorites: 315 (view)

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02/07/2016 03:47:02 PM
You used space in an amazingly creative way in this photo. Despite having been for the challenge, it's also an awesome standalone photo. Great work!
11/15/2010 10:07:50 AM
When I first saw this I thought they were walking in blue. Nice!
02/28/2010 03:48:01 PM
This is just fabulous. It is a wonderful graphic full of wit and whimsey. I am new ...this is my first favorite!
12/08/2009 11:56:44 AM
according to the title of the challenge this is the best photograph
12/08/2009 11:55:40 AM
This is such a funny pic :)
03/14/2009 06:32:43 PM
This is one of the most original photos I've seen, very cool.
02/06/2009 10:51:49 AM
This made me smile
06/14/2007 06:31:04 AM
Hehe. Goes in my fav now.
05/26/2007 10:34:52 AM
Very unique moooood....
05/23/2007 04:40:38 AM
Im new. As soon as I figure out how im going to add this to my favorites. My first one!!

(And im pretty picky about my favorites!)

I just LOVE the quirkyness of it.
09/11/2006 02:45:26 PM
What a great shot this is. Very amusing.
08/22/2006 07:35:07 AM
This is a great picture. I am keeping it for my favorites.
08/22/2006 07:03:40 AM
I always click this one when I see it's thumbnail - classic :o)
08/12/2006 04:47:51 PM
Deze is leuk!!!!!
06/18/2006 03:33:47 PM
where can I buy a print?
04/30/2006 08:26:26 AM
This is probably the best photo that haas ever been submitted to this site. Just love it.
03/23/2006 05:01:35 PM
=) nice
12/06/2005 08:11:24 PM
COOOOL. So simple and so ingenious!
11/27/2005 09:23:59 AM
Beautiful photograph. Congrats.
08/04/2005 10:11:44 PM
Made me laugh. :)
08/02/2005 05:09:47 AM
Superb...(and funny)
04/29/2005 01:39:36 AM

Have you ever thought of trying to license this shot to Gateway Computers?
04/26/2005 06:57:18 PM
i love this
02/02/2005 02:20:57 PM
Originally posted by yadin klein:

reminds me of pink floyd

Yeh it should be the insert for Animals or Atom Heart Mother!
01/31/2005 10:04:27 PM
peminds me of pink floyd
01/28/2005 10:30:04 AM
You can't beat a nice massive sky! Cool Pic.
01/19/2005 05:54:43 AM
I really like simple pictures, and this is probably one of my favorites
01/14/2005 07:42:05 AM
This photo breaks all the rules.
I like it!
12/15/2004 08:02:22 PM
Reminds me of Pink Floyd :-) That alone puts it high on my list.
08/26/2004 12:31:43 PM
This is just so effective
07/19/2004 10:45:16 PM
This is simply a wonder. "Great," falls short for the light hearted humor this picture brings to mind.
07/15/2004 03:52:45 PM
Minimalistic, gorgeous, love the low midtones. excellent.
06/24/2004 08:33:48 PM
This is a classic
04/14/2004 12:55:10 AM
Great, great. Also i see the title can be read in two ways. As in area or in walking along...
04/01/2004 03:42:50 AM
02/22/2004 01:25:30 PM
This is so far one of the top ten photographs that keep going in my mind. Minimalist, Successful and impossible-easy. I saw you had a comment answering some of the questions but I actually prefer not to read it. The strongest point about this photo might seam to be the empty space, but I'd say it's the freedom of interpretation you provide your "readers" with through a simplistic view over big creatures seaming so object-like forms in the forever blue. I personally would have burnt the upper blue but I'm not serious about it. This is good enough, un-distracting enough to distract me while viewing the photo for the n-th time. It actually inspired me to listen to Philip Glass's Einstein on the beach while enjoying the wonders. I might sound too exaggerated but I do like it.
09/19/2003 08:25:49 AM
WOW Really cool Negative Space as Never Before, What next Iceberg Welding!!!!!!!!! More Please....
09/05/2003 04:30:12 PM
Fun! Now that's some negative space! I love this. Where'd you take this?
01/11/2003 07:04:56 PM
great shot.
01/07/2003 05:06:01 PM
To bad I was'nt a member when this challenge was running..........I'd give it a 10. Best photo of this challenge. Good job.
10/13/2002 04:46:00 AM
I still think this pic should of placed higher than 8th.. Any chance of getting hold of a sharper copy to use as a windows wallpaper??

09/29/2002 05:32:00 AM
Congratulation. This is still my #1 pic!! I just love it.
09/25/2002 03:30:00 PM
I personally thought this was one of the best uses of NS. I loved (still do) it. It makes me want to grab it and flip it upside down to see if the cows will land on their feet :)
09/25/2002 11:10:00 AM
Remie, this shot still cracks me up. Definitely one of the favorites around our house...we all love it!
09/24/2002 04:32:00 PM
Made in Holland :-)
09/23/2002 03:33:00 PM
just a suggestion, occasionally it helps to use the selective color and replace color filters (which are legal) in photoshop to enhance colors (blues, greens) and wash out others (magenta, yellow). doing this before despeckling can leave the rest of the photograph less fuzzy, if the noise is uniform enough. or i guess just overexpose a smidgen if the cows arent moving.

this is otherwise a great picture, and that is the reason im taking the time to stop and comment on it.
09/23/2002 11:51:00 AM
Remie, you never cease to amaze me... great shot... +fav
09/23/2002 10:59:00 AM
WONDERFUL!!! Congrats. WOW, you really did luck out on that day - Personally, I give you a lot of credit to capture something so great on the spur of the moment.
09/23/2002 09:58:00 AM
Still my favourite of the week.
09/23/2002 05:21:00 AM
This is just one of those magical moments where everything was right and you happened to have the camera in your hand. Well done - this made me laugh out loud. I love it.
09/23/2002 03:39:00 AM
To answer a couple of questions, here’s the story behind the photo:

I live in an area with polders that are surrounded by dikes to keep the water outside. When standing close enough to a dike, all objects behind it are out of sight and all you basically see is the grass on the dike and the huge amount of sky above it. The dikes are covered with grass and are used as a grazing-areas for sheep, horses and cows. The animals look very small in the wide landscape and that’s what I wanted to show in a photo. I found that the best way to show it was by using extremes: a maximum amount of sky, a minimum amount of ground and just a very small looking animal.

While driving around looking for a good shot, I noticed a couple of cows walking on top of a dike. The first cow was standing and grazing, while the other two where walking towards the first one. When I stopped my car and got outside, with the camera already switched on, the first cow stopped grazing and looked towards me and at the same time the other cows stopped walking. I made a photo of this hilarious and unique situation and right after that the cows started grazing and walking again. Besides that, it was the only day of the week with a clearly, cloudless blue sky, so I really was at the right spot at the right time :)

I had to “despeckle” the photo to get rid of some disturbing noise in the blue sky. Because I had to apply it to the whole image, it made the cows a little fuzzy too. I did sharpen the image afterwards to improve it as best as possible and it looked pretty good on my screen (resolution 1024x768). I’ve seen that it doesn’t look that good on lower screenresolutions though.

Thanks for your votes and the great comments!
 Comments Made During the Challenge
09/22/2002 08:26:00 PM
Great idea! Truly a great photo. I almost gave this a 10 but I felt that the negative space just overpowered the idea ever so slightly and left an impression I can't quite describe....but a solid 9 verging on a 10..hokie
09/22/2002 04:23:00 PM
This is hilarious, I love it. It's just a little bitmapped - Great creativity One of my top picks for the challenge - Good Luck, - Gotcha
09/22/2002 12:45:00 PM
a little more of the horizon would be good.
09/22/2002 12:10:00 PM
this puts me in a good moooooood
09/22/2002 10:04:00 AM
Now that's what I call negative space!
09/21/2002 11:32:00 PM
09/21/2002 06:10:00 PM
If the cows were sharper, this would be my favorite. 8
09/21/2002 12:56:00 PM
This rocks.
I want to say all sorts of clever things but I can't elucidate.
Perhaps I will come back and add more later.
10, Kavey
09/21/2002 10:26:00 AM
Wow ! love this. Fantastic - 10 Gordon
09/21/2002 08:16:00 AM
lots of negative space here.
09/21/2002 05:01:00 AM
This is very funny apart from being a clever shot. How did you get these cows to stand in a row like that ?
09/21/2002 02:24:00 AM
Awesome, made me laugh. yup, you're missing a cow. I like how you cropped it just at the ground level with just a little it of great. Great composition. 10
09/20/2002 03:50:00 PM
haha.. how cute! Good job
09/20/2002 03:31:00 PM
I would like to see a bit more of the grass. Just 3-4mm. I like this picture alot.
09/20/2002 12:32:00 PM
I cant believe it but I like this picture. reminds me of that joke when u hold up a blank paper and say its a picture but the cows ate the grass 7
09/20/2002 09:24:00 AM
I'm changing my vote on this one. First I gave it a 5. Seemed like waay to much space, and not my art school definition of negative space. But the image has stuck with me. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and thought "I know what it is". Where I live, there iss NEVER that much space. It all gets filled in with trees and bushes and telehone poles and such. The whole point of the picture IS the space, and the cows are the secondary part. Great picture! sorry I'm just so slow. Must be why people on the coasts are attracted to the sea, it's the only place that isn't cluttered with nature. 9
09/19/2002 06:54:00 PM
This is truely the right moment caught in time, very cool
09/19/2002 06:44:00 PM
Simpatica image, has compositiva force.
09/19/2002 04:45:00 PM
wow..cows!! 8--shutterfly
09/19/2002 01:21:00 PM
You don't own a Gateway pc do you? :) I like the idea behind this photo but I don't find it particularly effective. Granted you have a ton of "negative space" in the sky but in framing like this I feel you've greatly diminished impact of the cows, which one would assume to be the subject. I think you should have definitely used less of the sky and included a lot more of the ground because since the subjects are far away even though you would have a blue sky and green foreground that space would still be "negative" because your subject, which we would be drawn to by following the grass and sky, would still be the cows (as long as they foreground isn't cluttered).
Score: 6
09/19/2002 01:00:00 PM
I love the way thge cows are spaced, and the wonderful feeling of "forever". I hope that makes sense.... 8 BAMartin
09/19/2002 11:01:00 AM
Got Milk?...
09/19/2002 10:58:00 AM
I love this photo--I love the space above the cows which emphasises the design--andrewm
09/19/2002 09:25:00 AM
Pretty funny! Is it real? Really? Ok, I'll take your word for it and vote accordingly :)
09/19/2002 09:24:00 AM
There are many shots this week of a subject near the lower region of the image with oceans of background. To me, many of these lack a creative or interesting use of that space. In this photo, however, I see a whimsical punch line, cleverly done. The open sky is a comic yarn leading the viewer to a resolution of three cows. Mildly absurdist, it reminds me of the smartly mysterious philosophy in Douglas Adams’ “So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish,” with a smack of Gary Larson for good measure. Great shot! I’m glad you waited for the last cow to look straight at the camera. 9
09/19/2002 09:16:00 AM
Wow! Masterful framing - I think this has wit and holds great appeal! Excellent shot!
09/19/2002 04:10:00 AM
got milk?
09/19/2002 02:19:00 AM
Very funny I like it. It looks like the cow on the right is on to you! rcrawford 7
09/19/2002 01:36:00 AM
What a good composition. Perfect for the challenge. The only thing that could be improved is a bluer sky! Well done. I love this picture.
09/19/2002 01:32:00 AM
I think you might actually have a little too much space here. I think this would have been better cropped to about 3/4 or 2/3 of the current height.
09/18/2002 08:12:00 PM
I think you grasped the idea of the competition better than most
Good luck :)
09/18/2002 06:03:00 PM
I only wish this were just a little crisper. Nice shot!!
09/18/2002 04:02:00 PM
This is great! It made me laugh and I think that it would make a good poster. Colors are nice and the composition is perfect for this challenge. I do think it looks just a bit soft, though this is partly due to the 640x480 size limitation. I downloaded the image and sharpened it and think it looked better afterwards.
09/18/2002 03:33:00 PM
I love it. Great work! karmat
09/18/2002 11:17:00 AM
To much sky IMO, might work for a Gateway ad.
09/18/2002 08:39:00 AM
Very well done. Where did you find a place flat enough to take this photo? Focus and lighting are good. You did a good job using negative space. 8
09/18/2002 07:29:00 AM
A super photo. It comes across to me as "fun" with the tiny cows. Nice job.
09/18/2002 02:03:00 AM
Composition: I think this would have worked better with sharper focus and a little less sky! I like your idea though 5
Lighting: 6
Appeal: 6Total Rating 6Sulamk
09/17/2002 10:46:00 PM
Interesting, different, creative...9 -zadore
09/17/2002 09:47:00 PM
In one sense, I like this a lot... it made me chuckle a bit. My only gripe is that I don't think the sky is really adding the "wow" that the negative space challenge is seeking. Still cool, though!
09/17/2002 06:28:00 PM
Very nice shot!! what happened to the missing cow??
09/17/2002 06:19:00 PM
Ted Waite would love this. moo!
09/17/2002 05:36:00 PM
Very mooooooooooooooooooving.
09/17/2002 05:36:00 PM
Your pic is just gorgeous. I love these three cows - and the negative space as well!!!
09/17/2002 04:01:00 PM
well, looks like Frank is late again...this shot made me lol. how did you get those cows to line up with the perfect amount of spacing for another cow? that is the important space here...love it. (9) ~mcmurma
09/17/2002 02:32:00 PM
i love this. this is one of the best shots in the challenge. i think it really evokes the big wide west really well. mag99.
09/17/2002 01:51:00 PM
This is great :) The vertical orientation of the photo definitely adds a WOW factor to the image... i originally gave this a 7 on my first vote pass... the more i think about it, the higher i want to score it... = 10 - jmsetzler
09/17/2002 05:09:00 AM
Just awesome... (10)
09/17/2002 02:13:00 AM
Now this is Neg space.....
09/17/2002 01:00:00 AM
Superb picture!
09/17/2002 12:29:00 AM
Great job, flawless sky.
09/16/2002 11:43:00 PM
EXCELLENT. very cool. I wish the cows were a bit more in focus, but I understand that is difficult with such a wide angle shot. cmcvety.
09/16/2002 10:33:00 PM
Very funny! I especially enjoy the third cow looking in the direction of the camera. Focus could be better, but I like the idea of this shot.
09/16/2002 08:39:00 PM
Exaggerated negative space! I love it! Great colors, I love the one cow looking this way. How did you get them all lined up like that? I hope you'll share your secret when the voting is over.
09/16/2002 08:16:00 PM
love the cows in perspective to the sky. clever idea.
09/16/2002 06:48:00 PM
this is both wierd and cool. if the cows were sharper it would be great.
09/16/2002 05:03:00 PM
Glorious take on the challenge! 10 Jak
09/16/2002 04:17:00 PM
This is great! Maybe Gateway will want to use it for one of their adds. Truly an excellent use of negative space.
09/16/2002 04:13:00 PM
Perfect for our challenge! Well done, great eye, great caputre. WOW Good luck. Score8 Justine
09/16/2002 01:58:00 PM
HAHA. I love it. Makes them just feel small. :)
09/16/2002 11:56:00 AM
Very extreme use of the compositional technique. This shot is serene and beautiful. Nicely done.
09/16/2002 11:29:00 AM
Great work Great use of Neg Space!!! What really makes this work is the very slim line of the horizon - any more of the grass shown would just not work. The neg space really changes the atmosphere of this pic. Its drastic and seemingly over usage of neg space really puts a punch in this photo. GOT MILK (I'm sure no-one else said that...LOL) This could be an ad. Awesome 10
Ruthann Now this makes a statement - (just don't ask me wich statement)
09/16/2002 06:56:00 AM
My only ten this week.. At last someone who understands the concept in this weeks challenge. The main focal point are small enough to be incidental against the sky.. 10 out of 10.
09/16/2002 05:42:00 AM
LOVE this shot. The cows did well with the composition! Cows a little unfocused for me, but I'm not going to let that bother me a whole lot. Terrific neg spc. lhall-9
09/16/2002 01:27:00 AM
More grass, less sky? I don't know for sure, but I think it would improve this photo. I know the neg. space dilemna, I had the same problem. Overall, this is an interesting and visually appealing photo, so well-done!
09/16/2002 12:43:00 AM
not done voting yet, but the best so far - 8 - if i don't see anything else, that's getting upgraded - spidey

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