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Two Tone Tonic
2nd PlaceTwo Tone Tonic

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Challenge: Blue (Classic Editing)
Camera: Sony DSC-F707
Location: My Home
Date: Dec 1, 2002
Galleries: Abstract, Still Life
Date Uploaded: Dec 1, 2002

Yes... the lemon is dark. Yes... there are reflections on the glass. No... The glass isn't dirty... Yes... you should try this sometime :) It ain't easy...

Place: 2 out of 243
Avg (all users): 7.5000
Avg (commenters): 8.5410
Avg (participants): 7.4875
Avg (non-participants): 7.5185
Views since voting: 12187
Votes: 268
Comments: 88
Favorites: 68 (view)

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10/21/2006 10:52:56 AM
Very effective and well done, I love the symmetry. :)
01/28/2005 03:47:11 PM
This dpc icon has a staying power that is remarkable. My first impression of it during the vote (I gave it a 5) was that it was set up using a format from a Popular Photography magazine "how to" project circa 1965. I still have that impression of it when I look at it and (to it's credit) the many spin-offs it has fostered on this site. What I like in this image aside from the quality of technique is the 60's pop-op genre it seems to fit into. The colour of it - I always thought was over done, looked at in b&w or sepia, the soul of this composition shines.
01/28/2005 02:51:24 PM
nice one.. nice idea... congrats..
09/21/2004 03:26:11 AM
I saw it about 1 year ago on a different site. It's stunning. I'm happy I can see more of your work here.
08/16/2004 02:54:59 PM
Striking. I have to set aside the "How did he..." in my mind and just enjoy it. Quite visually pleasing.
07/27/2004 03:15:32 AM
i loved it and its gone to my desktop already !
07/25/2004 12:47:52 AM
Excellent concept and a an outstanding execution. We compose by following creative impulses and the end result contains natural symbolism. Often times the artist does not pre-think these forms. They just happen out of the mix.
Here we have a study in opposites with a cross, the circle divided in 9, the number of change. And of course the clear divisional balance between light and dark.
These innert qualities lie hidden and instead what we see are the brilliant and well balanced colors. It certainly shines and breaks right to the top on the floor vote. This image is razor sharp and one meering the challenge without the saturation of the color blue. Fantastic and a very cool visual with a silhoette cutting on the left of the image.
12/09/2002 11:59:56 PM
Great shot Jim. Congratulations!! Cub
12/09/2002 08:38:43 PM
Congrats!!!!!! to you on a good shot!!!!
Lots of work I'm sure.
12/09/2002 02:22:47 PM
Well done, i would never of thought of something like this.
12/09/2002 01:53:54 PM
Excellent! Congrats.
12/09/2002 01:29:33 PM
Very nice Jim!
12/09/2002 12:40:15 PM
A good attempt and certainly a worthwhile composition and strong graphic image. Certainly worth trying again to fix the technical issues.

You might want to underexpose it slightly more to increase the colour saturation, then try 'bringing' it back up in software - should get you crisper colours, perhaps.

You really need to find a way to illuminate the front of the lemon, either by a much brighter rear light or some very directed spot lighting, perhaps a torch carefully played on it might help. Not sure that the stem is properly lined up with the background, should be possible to get a really clean 'split' right down the stem.

The reflections on the glass could do with some more careful control too - it is best to do these in a completely dark room, with any obvious light coloured or reflecting surfaces removed or covered up - you want everything behind the camera to be dark or nonreflective if you can, or mask off the 'stage' with black foam core. This has a lot of potential still to be realised.
12/09/2002 08:10:56 AM
Thanks for all the comments... I have prepared a 'how'd they do that' and given it to the admins... It should be posted next time they update that portion of the site :)
12/09/2002 01:32:08 AM
Fantastic! My favorite by far this week. I hope for a "how to" as well. I would love to see your setup. I'm sure this will win at some of the other sites for you too. WTG, great shot.
12/09/2002 12:41:37 AM
I assume from the "Yes... you should try this sometime :) It ain't easy..." that we can expect a 'How'd they do that?' for this one? I sure hope so! Congrats!!!

By the way, I like mushrooms and peppers on my pizza :)
12/09/2002 12:37:55 AM
i was wondering whether that was yours ... great idea, well deserved 2nd place. another one on my list of 'i've got to try this one day ...' ideas :)
12/09/2002 12:26:29 AM
Congratulations John on an awsom picture!! It must have taken you a while to set it up. Worth the effort.

Excellent shot!!! - Rfarias.
12/09/2002 12:25:39 AM
Very well done. Congrats!
Amazing that three people could vote this a 1.
Go figure...
12/09/2002 12:06:06 AM
I knew this shot was yours John. I said in my comment during the challenge I'd seen it done before. You use other people's ideas as well as anyone I know. Congrats on yet another ribbon. Even more, congrats on a terrific shot. - Bob
12/09/2002 12:03:38 AM
Congrats Setz ... Ya' did good !!!
12/09/2002 12:02:32 AM
Congrats Setz!!! Excellent work!
 Comments Made During the Challenge
12/08/2002 11:24:39 PM
This is excellent. One of my tens for the week. The composition and the constrasting, complimentary colors make this very striking. Very well done.
12/08/2002 09:08:53 PM
Setzler :)
12/08/2002 01:42:59 PM
This is too good, Without the Lime or Lemon(?) , this would have been boring. Like a Garth Brooks shirt. But You nailed it.
12/01/2002 06:34:22 PM
Well done. This is a winner for all lovers of abstract.
12/08/2002 02:12:55 AM
Good picture
12/08/2002 12:26:49 AM
Very nice. Gotta tell us how you did this. Not 'nuff blue.
12/01/2002 06:34:22 PM
Looks like a photo you'd see hanging on the wall of a trendy wine bar in the late 80's, I keep expecting Grace Jones to slide into shot.
Now that I'm done insulting it...
What can I say. I wish I took photos like this.
12/07/2002 02:29:14 PM
Great shot here. I wish the lemon could have been a little brighter though and it almost seems as if I can see the reflection of something in the top right part of the glass. I really like the symmetry of this and the colors are outstanding. Great job on this one John. 10.
12/07/2002 12:16:16 PM
In the upper black portion on the right side of the glass, the glass appears dirty with smudges. Also, the focus at the top where the black meets the white seems a bit off as well. Otherwise a nice shot. Not one we haven't seen before, but still a very nice shot. Definately blue. Good luck in the challenge.
12/07/2002 09:52:37 AM
cool studio like set up. like it very much
12/07/2002 09:14:57 AM
I've seen this shot done many different times. This is as good as any I've seen. Exceptional job. - Inspzil
12/06/2002 09:49:35 PM
Nice colours. I like the crispness of this shot. Good job. Jacko. 8

P.S. Great shot John? (saw a similar pic on digitalphotocontest.com). Gongrats.
12/06/2002 05:43:40 PM
I honestly love this picture, it is my background...10
12/06/2002 04:44:39 PM
Great image, I like this a lot!
12/06/2002 12:43:49 PM
Good design--good clarity--good exposure --striking picture
12/01/2002 06:34:22 PM
Excellent work. Good layout and good use of the lemon. I expect this to be your next winner :-) 10
12/06/2002 06:40:53 AM
Technically very good, visually pleasing, The lemon is a good touch!
12/05/2002 10:10:10 PM
Very well done. Excellent lighting and composition. Technically well done also. 9
Jim msp
12/05/2002 09:18:23 PM
Very nicely done. The lemon adds a great "twist" to the checkerboard technique. Would love to have a little "how to" on how you pulled this off after the challenge. muckpond
12/05/2002 08:59:21 PM
Nice shot! That is pretty cool. Took me a while to figure it out, then memories of my old physics highschool course kicked in. A very strong 9
12/05/2002 08:43:42 PM
a great abstract...well composed and good use of colors=very dramatic photo.
12/05/2002 05:45:10 PM
Great Job. Really sharp and to the point. Please tell us how you did it. Lnede
12/05/2002 05:11:12 PM
Beautiful contrasts. The ONLY comment I can make is that it appears that the top of the glass on the black side looks to be a little smudged. But then, I wouldn't be able to see that if the picture wasn't so perfectly clear. Ok a 10!
12/05/2002 05:11:01 PM
I love the contrast this type of shot has. I would love to learn how to do this. = 10 Shiiizzzam
12/05/2002 02:22:09 PM
A very strong image, well done.
12/05/2002 09:47:11 AM
Great shot. You do good work. I know how hard you must ahve worked for this one.
12/05/2002 04:58:07 AM
Aah, I've seen your other works on PhotoSIG. And they are exceptionally good as this one. It's very hard to find a comment and/or critique for you, and I'm sure you want one. Your concept is well executed, and your idea in this shot is fresh and bold which are essential to hold the viewer's attention. (No doubt, the tutorial on 2 Tone Tonic will appear soon.) What I would like to see more, is maybe some addition of waterdrops running down on the side of the glass and have a few sparkle of bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass (it is a tonic, right?). This shot is a straight still life study. IMO, to enable to viewer to absorb completely into your shot, elements like I mentioned above, would create a deeper impact. Overall 9. (Might come back for that 10.)
12/05/2002 12:05:27 AM
Very nice image and cool illusion. I wish the lemon were with a little bit more light.
12/04/2002 10:35:14 PM
I have seen a similar image, minus the lemon slice, before - perhaps at photosig, don't remember. Thumbs down on originality. Journey
12/04/2002 10:21:21 PM
Not bad. :) 8 paganini
12/04/2002 07:27:41 PM
12/04/2002 06:32:22 PM
this is too cool! Only wish the lemon were more yellow.
12/01/2002 06:34:22 PM
I think the lemon could be brighter, but I'm sure this was a pain to light ;)
Excellent work anyway. 10
12/03/2002 11:24:00 PM
How on earth did you get this effect?? Very Nice!!!
12/03/2002 07:51:00 PM
A lovely composition. I would like a little more color in the lemon rind otherwise a nicely lit shot. I like your negative space work....6 bullwinkle
12/03/2002 06:36:00 PM
very nicely done. I like it a lot
12/03/2002 04:47:00 PM
Cool setup here. Nice color, a great classic optical illusion. 10
12/03/2002 01:34:00 PM
One of my top picks for the week! I love the composition here. The only minor nitpick is that the glass looks like it's a teeny bit smudged at the top right. Still a 10, though! - alansfreed
12/03/2002 11:34:00 AM
Don't know how you achieved this, but thought it very clever. Another 10 from me. Good luck.
12/03/2002 01:42:00 AM
hey cool foto, great colors .... you got a 10...
12/02/2002 11:33:00 PM
very nice compositon and technique. sharp shot.
12/02/2002 08:58:00 PM
This is just too cool. Clean and technically great as usual. You ARE going to tell us exactly how to do this, right? The lemon slice is a great addition. I'm not sure about the glare on the glass - it makes it look 3D, but the whole geometric/2D effect is kind of cool on its own. Anyway, 10! ~indi
12/02/2002 08:22:00 PM
Great execution of an original and artistic idea! Probably would have liked a little more lighting on the piece of lemon, or the overall image brighter, but just a personal preference. I have only started to sharpen pictures, so I don't really know much about it, I'm just wondering if this photo needs some, because overall it seems a little soft.
12/02/2002 07:30:00 PM
O'.....you clever photographer. Neat shot, fun shot, good shot. Only wish the lemon wedge was more of a true yellow. Of course I admire your work here and think it's very good. Justine
12/02/2002 07:23:00 PM
interesting and creative...
12/02/2002 05:21:00 PM
12/02/2002 04:54:00 PM
Wow, that's pretty cool. Please let us know how you did it!! Should have aimed a bright light onto the lemon to brighten it up. Very cool picture.
12/02/2002 03:56:00 PM
Nice shot, Mr. Setzler. You've got the eye for what wins here. Very simple and striking. This will win this week. I like the translucency of the lemon slice in relation to the glass.

A few things I might have tried to eliminate include the blurr at the top of the black/white horizon, the blue cast on the meniscus at the left side and the lemon's colour refraction in the stem. These are very hard/impossible to do without the use of spot editing, however. Still, in a photo of contrasts I feel such things detract from the image. Otherwise, very nice. Good work. 9.
12/02/2002 01:29:00 PM
Congrats to this shot, it's simply great and highly impressive! I'm waiting for your 'How to' tutorial, because I have no idea, how this effect was achieved! - nds
12/02/2002 12:20:00 PM
i think it's on the very best this week. i just hope you don't get bash because of the glass not being clean.
12/02/2002 11:05:00 AM
Gorgeous color contrast. This is a really outstanding photo!
12/02/2002 10:33:00 AM
Great peace of studio photography! thumb up! From me a 9
12/02/2002 09:44:00 AM
Very Creative! What more can be said? Print worthy. Excellent.
12/02/2002 09:23:00 AM
*wonders how this is done*
12/02/2002 09:17:00 AM
My 10 of the week! And the infamous question.... How'd you do that!? Th lemon really does it breaking the symetry of the centered glass , not to mention that the "not to yellowish" tint draws attention back to the blue in the glass. PLllllllllllllllleaze let me know how you did this shot!! Kosmikkreeper
12/02/2002 09:13:00 AM
Nicely done, John. 8 Jak
12/02/2002 09:09:00 AM
12/02/2002 08:08:00 AM
possible winner... actually I better not say that because every time I do its seems to jinx the photo... so I'll give you a 1 and say "Awful photo"..... (10, great job!!)
12/02/2002 04:28:00 AM
Nice picture but doesn't really have blue as the main theme.
12/02/2002 03:33:00 AM
i wondered if somebody offers me this kind of beverages
12/02/2002 01:26:00 AM
VERY NICE! Beautiful lighting, and great blue! Love the yellow lemon to add another aspect to the picture. This should do well! Very professional looking! One thing I might suggest next time is to really pay attention when you are cleaning the glass...There are a lot of obvious smudges above the cool blue. Nice job though, best of luck!
12/02/2002 01:14:00 AM
very cool composition... and a neat trick... I am however, left wondering if swapping the black and blue would be better for the theme or just overkill... either way it's a good one!
12/02/2002 01:12:00 AM
This I like. Really neat concept. The only thing I could suggest to fix it would be the color in the blue section being smoother, and maybe a little darker. I Absolutely love the lemon though, which draws my attention. Unfortunately the lemon isn't blue, and doesn't really make me feel blue. Overall nice picture, though not the best for this challenge.
12/02/2002 01:05:00 AM
This is a very interesting shot. However, I think the lemon is distracting to the blue theme. Perhaps a blueberry on the rim of the glass would keep thoughts on "blue".
12/02/2002 12:51:00 AM
12/02/2002 12:18:00 AM
I don't know how you did this, but it is wonderful!

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