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09/24/2003 05:59:16 PM · #26
strickly speaking, i definatly went through more cat and dog pictures than i ever have, there were some good ones though but jeez..
09/24/2003 07:58:27 PM · #27
It's part of the deal, but I still get annoyed when shots are marked down because someone is tired of the subject. If the picture meets the topic and has no blatant technical flaws then I very rarely could justify ranking it below a 5. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps such an open mind when going through the entries.
09/24/2003 08:04:50 PM · #28
Originally posted by pylorns:

strickly speaking, i definatly went through more cat and dog pictures than i ever have, there were some good ones though but jeez..

Maybe we need "0" in voting for cats and "11" for real art photos! LOL
09/24/2003 08:06:49 PM · #29
Originally posted by OneSweetSin:

Awww but you are wrong there, you can still capture the action without the actual sport being played. A photo of a parent giving a young player a pep talk during a practice is still capturing the action as is a photo of a coach talking to a player.

Awwww, but you assume I'm talking about your shot! :) I liked yours well enough, and I agree, as much as some people don't get it, thinking, learning and coaching are very much an aspect of many sports. I also think yours suffered as much, if not more, from the image quality (which also had a bit of charm for me) than from challenge interpretation - you only had two comments on meeting the challenge, but lots on the fuzziness. (You even posted yourself that it was a mistake that lead to the image quality.)
09/24/2003 08:10:00 PM · #30
...So, if everyone's so sick of kids and pets (which I'm not, that wasn't the point of my original comment), then why isn't my non-kid, non-pet shot doing better??? :) OK, maybe it sucks! (I don't think so, but I figure I might as well make the statement before someone else does...)
09/25/2003 01:26:00 AM · #31
lots of pets, yes... my photo has already been commented on a bunch of times about it 'not meeting the challenge', but i think the point of the challenge was to display a scene with a calm mood, or a still setting. quiet, reserved, maybe a little reflective. but... instead i went through the 300 photos and a good deal were snapshots of pets.

*sigh* maybe next time.
09/25/2003 03:52:13 AM · #32
lol..isn't the point of learning to go up in ratings...i am sinking faster than ..than..my last entry

cheers to all 3-ish bunch!
09/25/2003 04:21:10 AM · #33
I think the point of learning is to take better photographs and to focus on what you like, not necessarily other people. If you want to win challenges you may either have to sacrifice your own preferences or work out how to tap in to the voters on this site.

Some do both very well. It seems I don't ;)
09/25/2003 10:21:02 AM · #34
I completely agree with EddyG

<<Since just about anything can be "At Rest", I think the most important part of the challenge brief is "with a feeling of calm to the shot."... >>
We don't have to stick to words, only to the main goal ...

"with a feeling of calm to the shot." it's a quite more open mind than "Lying, staying stable, .. or wathever"

In this case the feeling of calm for me was the main goal, lying or not.

Anyway I always vote in 2 phases, begining by voting the pictures I like the much, after in the first rated, I choose the ones closer to my taste and to the challenge theme, and give them more points than the others.
I will never (of course) give high points to an Out of challenge picture or snapshot, or to a photography I don't understand (in this case I would leave a message to try to understand the goal of the photographer, because I am not god, and maybe there is a hidden goal or meaning I don't understand). For me the main goal of DP Challenge is not to win, it's only to learn, discover (other ideas and other's ideas) and share (technics and point of view). It's why the PICTURE and the message IS ALWAYS more important (in certain limits) than the challenge itself. Anayway it's true the main goal of the challenge is to challenge, so the picture have to be in the acceptable challenge limits, everybody is not Ansel Adams or Cartier Bresson, ... but I think everybody wants to share and participate ... with cats, dogs, snapshots or not ... at least to improve their skills and their vision of the photography (and certainly not only your vision).

Share and discover ... like a child!
09/25/2003 10:27:39 AM · #35
Originally posted by JenHall:

lol..isn't the point of learning to go up in ratings...i am sinking faster than ..than..my last entry

Just one of the pitfalls of democracy Jen. You know that the results would be different if professional photographers were the only judges, but that has its' downside too. Don't be discouraged! Develop your own style and keep improving. Where you are in likfe is not nearly so important as which way you're heading! Smaltzy but true.
09/25/2003 03:44:22 PM · #36
Can we go to just having topics without descriptions? At Rest, sitting or lying still, and a calm shot... they just aren't all the same thing. People decide which part is important to *them* and base their voting on it. I think that At Rest implies that it could be in motion, whether on its own or with help, and isn't. However, I'm not marking down shots where action isn't possible if they were just trying to convey a calm feeling.
My rest shot is a full 1.5 points lower than my macro shot, and it's a better picture. The subject is seated or lying and is capable of motion but was shot at 1/5 second without blur (definitely not active).
OK. I'm done ranting. :)
09/25/2003 09:09:53 PM · #37
I seem to be muddling the voting on this site and I am so sorry if my comments are mean sounding. I joined the site to stretch myself and learn. So, if I look at an image and it doesn't show anything that hasn't been done by a dozen other people in the same challenge, I will give it a score below 5, it doesn't matter if it's technically flawless or not or whether it is on subject.
Anyway. That's my take on voting. I'm new, so don't take it personally.
Boy, that sounds snotty to me. What I was meaning to say is, the more orginal a picture is, the more points I will give it!

Message edited by author 2003-09-25 21:28:48.
09/25/2003 09:16:28 PM · #38
I have demured from several challenges since joining the site several weeks ago based on what the rules said or implied for the criteria.
What I am seeing is lots of people using creative license to post just about anything that comes in front of the camera in hopes of gaining some recognition.
Seems more like spamming the challenges in loose fashion in hopes of hitting a mark is more the order of the day than thoughtfully composing a photo wether amateur or pro to met the criteria.
Being a slow dialup user it seems my bandwidth will keep me from voting on this one or better yet waiting till the challenge is specific enough in scope or difficult enough to cull the shotgun blast of creative license being argued here.
Good luck to the winner and hopefully it will be a photo I can learn from and be inspired by.
09/25/2003 09:52:05 PM · #39
Originally posted by OneSweetSin:

Originally posted by Jon Lucas:

I had no cats to hand - no dogs - no kids (that ever rest) - no sleeping strangers - no lounging frogs - no typically resting animate objects whatsover. So the voters now have something they must think about.

And they're refusing to! ;D

It's the whole thought process that so many are unable to comprehend...just like the sports challenge if they didn't see the sport in action they just didn't take the time to figure out how it related to sports.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste but so many waste it cause they don't take the time to THINK.

Oh, I see. Anyone that did the pic with a cat, dog, baby, or person is basically a moron because they cant THINK.

Thanks for your thoughts. I will think twice about ever doing another entry here.
09/25/2003 09:57:46 PM · #40
calm ( P ) Pronunciation Key (käm)
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09/26/2003 03:18:46 AM · #41
Originally posted by Riggs:

Oh, I see. Anyone that did the pic with a cat, dog, baby, or person is basically a moron because they cant THINK.

Thanks for your thoughts. I will think twice about ever doing another entry here.

She's talking about the voters, not the photographers. (They're getting blasted in other threads.) She's complaining about the voter that would not take the time to consider whether a picture that's not a sleeping cat/dog/kid/person might still show something "at rest" with a "calm feeling".
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