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moloch,moloch is the name

honey,i`m home

jagger out of his jeans again

reqiuem for an old bycicle

there you are, me shy little bitedybite

jean-michel basquiat

My Office

something passing through

tell me

ruminated dreams

(s)tooling away in bed that shook

hey phsssss ,want any veggie,fruit?

hand stroking pussy

the arrival

crazy times

ASL for?

cutting onions

black to back


ye olde rose

just another dream

as above so below




liquid talk

"by their stripes you shall know them"

the once city

a laugh over landscape

a millie second away from obama care

just keep on rolling alomg

then & now

come sky with me forever

from times bygone

leaves of home

what manet would paint today

lets chill

jack-y- the knife

how much is that snoggely woggely doggy in the window


da vinci`s nasal itch

look what you did

alien attack in natural daylight

in the hands of morpheus

What, will these hands ne'er be clean?--No more o'



steeds in slow motion at rest

off the wall

west wind

not quite sure about that

back to black

don`t look down

one wet cloud transforms the city

play my pet play

footlose again

splitting from the poet with his umbrella

the homeless

lunch at the shelter

the what?

for now

from me to you


the street



still standing

and verily i tell you, thou shall comment,thy lazy shutters


at the feet of the olden wester (tower)



not venice

vision in slopbucket




in the matrix


pulling your socks up, not out

in the day`s of noah

a tale

last known pic of the artist

pussy having fun

then and now

gushing forth


making orange


these doggies are worth,4.4316

that`s all it is,its just a ride

not so cool


the adoration

sit & roll


secret mission

what about us

photosession in park

shelter skelter

being there

direct light



too late now

enter at your peril

wet wall dreams

a peek

a love story

coat going east

did they really fly?

look ma,no color

`accident and change`



oops i missed



letting go

insta kiss

helping hand

middle east


on his way to paint in the park

in the twylight zone

cat with tomato

chasing that wayward pixel

day after


are you kidding me?


Thou shall know them by etc

maidservant & T-hook


all together now

semiramis revenge

unidentyfied flying thing

i did see that

hug a trunk

& blues

fly peter,fly and fly

shine on you crazy one

will the one hear the other?

graffiti,is it?

gate keeper

In the big Inning

where have they gone?

pushing oneself

the prophecies

born under a fleeting star

hear oh flora,ye will rise again

table for one?sir

street of silly shadows

it sure is

tis not much,but.....

dreamtree with company


i got it,i got it

eleventh dimension

the arrival

parallel time

of (the) course

no farts on mars?

succot 2013

Red Line

in da hood

bundle of joy

stranger in a strange land

part 2

the Derriere

BVY new cropcircle style

this book is not open

looking east

burning with desire,but she loves him not

the olmecs return

for target practise?

have a nice day

burning troll

at the dentist

naaah,i did it my way

You Name It

dropped drop

mirror,mirror on the wall.who is the most beautiful pussy of them all?


to serve & protect?

goofy historical icons

brrrrrrr&pfffffff crossing the line


is this all there is?

just a dream?

buy gold,buy gold,buy gold,buy gold

the misfits, circa 2013

trying to get out then?

IN perspective.fading light

fuzzy wuzzy&alice down the rabbithole

clouds over the desert

venus flirting with the moon

bike with us to a glorious future,without misery,pain or even where death shall have no dominion:-)

where are those lines?,should be here by now

posteriors prosperity

holding the floor

moving the floor



falling a part

last known photograph of the artist

peace brother


recalcitrant into the rapture

way to go


a novel

it has arrived

oy,wrong challenge

you just opened a can of worms

come on,open up baby,before i go nuts

noodles with pixel sauce

no ise

give it to me (OMG its an open challenge ;( )


no treats for YOU

into the light

lets not talk about it

oh,what to create on this unseemly little surface


my virtual friends and me

better one eye than no ears at all

oh mona liza mona liza

there are more things in heaven and earth (roswell 1956)

martha,water is boiling (where is that girl?)

turned volume down

charly bakers red square

in the lookingglass

fifty shades of gray (google it)

buzzing down the road apiece

digital zazen

not again

his drawings

ye olde picket fence blues

sandy smoking a dollar

will be watching your vote

when a face is not a face is a face

and the beat goes on.......

dancing in the downpour

well, what do you see

boarding the 2012 bus

it aint easy

the white winged ,three legged psitorsh is caught in my cunningly laid trap

mystic maidens


Do NOT Mind Comments

dump it down the drain,he sang lustily

` they found the women of earth desirable and......`

du jour

prometheus ........after P

all dressed up


back in the barn

fallen angel

so you would...would you now?

ARTHUR i smell cigarettes ...dont be daft my DEAR...

rainy day (shrug)

they are among us

not exactly a gybanscape

oh show me the way to the next whiskybar

four sheets to the wind

the Ledge

alice sweet alice

chocolate?do i smell chocolate?.come to me, you delicious little piece of heavenly sin

a sundrenched fiesta where the beat goes on and on

lee what you doing with that key,lee dont , lee dont AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

no pictures please

NIKE &TYCHE as cheerleaders at the superbowl

just a dream

cranes? whatzthis.......what did i drink?which challenge?

enter at your own risk

that little?........NAAAH

look too

catching a fate morgana

passing through?

SHEZ"s agaves sliding through space

doing time

stripes?what stripes?grrrrrrrrrrrh

look mama,one leg


pregnant bride passes airportscanner

day into night

a touch to late

find your third

fallen angel


now dont mess up again,will be watching YOU

absolut lightning

X factor

brutal vaqueisme

to all the girls i loved to much


empty of space

how it all began ,part2

why did a ghost jaywalked across the road?

American Idol



as she was saying


presence in absence

wanted to shoot one of those aesthetically beautiful wine glasses but.............

leaving the abyss

now what

there is a red moon rising in the M.E.

AMALIA'S FIRST DATE EVER " but herbert ,your......is all undooooone "

orson welles in CITIZEN KANE .as seen by an impressionist

FELIX....yes love ...WHERE ARE WE?....in a place called free study my sweet feline thing

EXCALIBUR?thats not excalibur,thats a boxcutter

just a few more steps love

not quite abby road

cyrano de Bergerac with layered hat

stand by me

peeking at realityshow through a webcam

golden frieze with horse and puppydog


bit red in the face?(red matrix)

another universe of unknown thoughts


chaotic lovers with soccerball

psst now she thinks she an orange

journeys end

dance my branch

one mans ceiling is another mens floor

7 billion minus 1

flight from dark years

rainman lost in the renaissance

secret love

antigone and creon having a chat

looking at a parkbench

Irene"s bookRAGE

oh falls glorious leaves where art thee?

tilt within tilt

come on andy ,its your pills

MAAAAAA h he s making eyes at me

Dimensional P/escher Controversy

o joy ,with the early morninglight


love revisited

firebird rising

sleight of hand


just another statistic

in the magic garden

delfts balls with ghost bringin tea


smile in orbit

kneeling nude in progress

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah THUD

billy jean

nymphet in the lake

now micheals guitar gently weeps

bashu gone digital

fallen woman

off the wall

and so, this is how it all began

are they?

STILL reading about a LIFE?

ever changing colours

the JACKSON SHROUD (michael ? oh gosh ooooh gosh gosh)

talk about the HOTSEAT

sun sets over table & fork

craddle of love (billy idol)

just moving along

hope is for later ALWAYS later

watch it

fuzzy HOPE you can BELIEVE in?

struggling with oneself

what the?


slipsliding away

hey wait for me

despair & hope

hey dude ,we cant breathe


yes,i keep crying on

lock a shadow?

Nude No 6

just say a little prayer

NUDE is what nude is

honey,did you bring enough shoehorns with you?

come on ginger ,lets try those steps again

i saw her through the bathroom window (original sold to saatchi&saatchi


the big bloomer entry

in maths strange things do happen


first light

us? in a box?

he said it

the pict NASA didnt want to show you

our roving photographer tracks down another possible shoehorn


final cut

sniffing out the crime ,lieutenant?

beware oh lovers! the cat in the window will dance with you

to boldly go


boy comforting his grainy,oversaturated&dying bike

bankers on the run chased by bolts of lightning

oh those alien lips

wings over moonlit nude landscape

roswellian wave

patterns patterns everywhere ,well dont just stare

really , what next

raphsody in blurrrrrr

close encouters of a white on white kind

dont show that bread to banksy pleaaaase

back to the east you mother's

"print available?"

behind THUT"s eyes

hey, get lost! this is my shot!

from a distant and grainy dimension: the TROLL TRAP

poem in chrome, glass and a quill

flitter and flutter my little floral`s


final cut

all you need is(paper) love

NO hannibal NOoooooooo

she wanted to go solo

reflection on an old love letter



run baby run

any comments?

you're leaving the mad hatter's tea party already?

am i losing it?

safely home together

Looking for Dolcinea?

call for freedom

the grain in spain is in the plain

red matrix


wheel with friends in wonderland

divine transformation from socks to lovers


a white dress for a black laaaady.she the sweeeeeetest one in town....ohyeah



my darker side

no 3

no 4

no 6


look no 8


no 11


Xray of a shy girl







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