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Images in 'Portfolio'

[Black & White ]

Prickly Pear Cactus

Falls at Giffin Park

Red Geraniums - Filter ink outline

Darts anyone?

Paul's Family Diner Mountain Lakes, NJ

Watching TV with Lap Dogs

Land of the mermaids

Lines and circles


Field of clover



Green Thumb Journals

Checkup time



The Twisted Fern

My Favorite Fast Snack


Fruit Still Life

Grainy clouds

Doggie Steps

Low Key Tulip

Wooden layers

Good morning Mr Sparrow



Study of Plasma

The Toad and the Lily Lamp

Morning Sunlight

Abstract Glass Apple

Dream Car - Thunderbird

Twirled Succulent

Black & White Patterns

Belle & Lucky

High Key Orchids

Soft as Belle's fur coat

Now show us some leg

Colorful Water Drop

Happy Pi Day

Symmetry dog bed


Extrude Orchid

Blue & Yellow Still Life

Driving Christine

A Glass of Water

Garage door shut and guarded

Flower Power

Tiny sweater

End of Line

Sensual Pepper

Legos vs aliens

Abstract Art

Looking Up

Hawk vs Skunk


Macro of a Leaf


Snowy Morning - Foggy Morning

Sunshine and Kitchen Sink

Snow & Trees no sky

Abstract Lights

Water Drop

Instant Clounds

The Woods

The Big Rock

Extreme Wild Life Indoors

Sunrise in Boonton

How to catch a Turkey

Metal flower

Fall Foliage

Egret reflections

Alien VS Cockroaches in Black & White

Family Outings - Before the Pandemic

Standing in the Rain

Driving on the highway in winter

Puzzle Dog


Green Tomatoes

Haircut $15.00


Water Bottle with Daffodils Shadows

STOP THE CAR - Eat my dust

The Apple

Orchid Succulent

Wrestling the turkey

Do you think I can reach that rock

Just Hanging On

Green eyes

The Green Box

Orange Flower

Grainy Leave

It's snowing again


Rock Insides

Water Droplets

Bernie's New Mancave

Poor Brandy

Vintage Books


To do more exploring

Heavy Snow - Tree vs Fence

Abandon Building

Needs work

Looking in

Heart Jewelry Box

Stripes on Stripes

Glass Trinkets

Happy Holidays

Red Rose

Denim Jeans


Moe vs Rusty


Bowl of Apples from above

Morning Mist

The blondie with the wooden face


The golden hour

Dessert for the Boys


007 New Car - Blends in with background


Thru the Crystal Ball

Pumpkin Face

Fall Leaves


Soft and Fluffy

Vintage Tube

Well Dang I'm missing some teeth

Flower in Black & White

Pair of Pears

Fall Leaf

You Laugh - I Will Bite

Fall Flower thru the crystal ball

Tiger Swallowtail by Janet Graham

Plasma Ball thru a Crystal Ball


Firemen at Work

Morning Mist

Windows Flip and blended

Light & Window

Yellow Mum

Red & Green Leaf

the eye abstract

Red Rose in Black & White

The Dead Tree

Dragonfly legs

Cooking Carrots


The Time Keeper

Heavy Rains from Hurricane Isaias


Girl with pigtails running

Black & White Cat

Bug on leaf



Glass Fish

M & M's

All in a row

I am spinning - I'm so dizzy

Fruit thru glass cutting board

Waiting at the Dog Groomer

Celebrating 4 of July at Home Alone

Resting Canoe

Antique Toaster

Mass of lines

Strange Music

You got mail


Morning mist

White flower

Flower reflections

Unrest in Legotown

Greetings from Horse Country Farm

Stripe car

Rock Garden


Two red roses

Take 5 sun & flowers

Bicycle path

Moving Day

Giddyup "Collect $200 as you Yeeehaaa" - Horse - opoly

Pink flower


Spring flower

Vintage paperweight

Colored pencils

Cheese grater

Downtown Paterson

Plasma Ball - Harris Shutter Effect


Combine pictures of one flower

"Last Roll"

Splash of Red

Spring growth

Collecting Old Bottles

Off-Center Orchid

Fading Tulip

Baseball (cards) Crowds

Just me and my reflection

Clock Made in Germany

Abstract Man

I want to go out

Statue with a canoe

Kinky Vine

Alien Crossing

Study of Plants

The flow of electricity

Silhouettes agains the sky

Pink Flower

The Meeting Place

Finger prints



Macro of Foliage

Fall Flower

From tree to leaf graveyard

48 steps from my front door to bush.

Coming in for lunch


Taking the Dangerous Shortcut


Orange Coneflower

Wavy Pink Flower

Pink with a touch of yellow

Tiny red bug

My Fur Babies


High Contrast flower

Rainy Day Blues

Spring flower

"You Name It"

Blue flower


High Key Moe

Black & White Rose

Trying to pet the crocodile

"Mmm Lunch" (No dog was injured in this shot)

Little shop on Main Street

Close up of a lizard




Flower and Toad Still life


Apple in Black & White

Pink Poinsettia


Unadoptable Misfits - Too Shy - Too Old - The Fighter

"The Unbearable Lightness of the Cat"

Black & White Abstract

Ripple in Still Water (Ripple)

vote for moe

Cousin Itt & Lucky

Scion iM

Wrapping up Lunch


Flower in Black & White

Alien Bones

Black Eyed Susan

Head shot of lizard


Colorful flower

Kitchen Knife

Every Day is a Bad Hair Day for Bella

Dog Days of Summer

Speed Limit 25

Dog Days of Summer

My Town

The Holy Rock Art

Purple Iris

African Mask

Pink Flower

New breed of dogs - that fit in the palm of your hand

Purple Tulip

White Orchid

A day at the park

Jogging through the water droplets

Flower Macro

Bird Exercising - Pecking holes in trees

baby duck

Play ball

The Frog

Buds, Blue sky, & Branches

White & Pink Carnation

Pink & White Carnation

Drawn or Photoshop

Gerbera Daisy

My bowl is empty

Talking to the little people

Shiny Car

Balancing Ball

The orchid

The Babies Waiting for Daddy

It snowed last night

Lines down & branch down from snow

What is it?

old man


Red rubber ducky

Just you & me


Walking the pig



The Kitchen sink

"I smell tasty crickets"

"Flipped ?"

Da What are you Daing?

Fall seeds

Part of pencil

Square Berries

Solar Eclipse 2017 (taken through welding helmet)

Solar Eclipse 2017 from NJ

Soft Focus

Crop it Tight



"I Love my Chihuahua"


Peek a Boo

Orchid with spot filter

Red Rose


Green Hearts on a Vine

What is it?

The 29 Cent Sale - All item in photo were 29 cent with coupon


They call me the dog lady

Mechanical Clock

"To eat more fruit & vegetables"

Standing guard - Watching the neighborhood

Trees, Snow & Fog

Ghostly Wallflower

Doing the Doggie Tango

Still life in Red

White dog on blue




Purple Insect

"Honey We're Home"

Bee on tall sunflower



Macros of Insects

Head of Dog

Bleeding Heart

It's a Dog Life - Rolling in the Dandelions

Spring Flora

Dream Time


Golden Reflections

"Dear - I wanted Roses!"

Wide Open Snowy Field


Black & White Flower in HDR

Before Computers - Typewriters

My Shiba Inu on Canvas


"Thank You for Shopping Here"

"Joy of Garbage Picking - Finding an Adult Big Wheel"

"I wish I was outside"



Harvest Time

Purple plant

Me and My Dodge Ram Pickup

Today's Hands (Always on the cellphone)

Shopping Carts

Simple Butterfly

Grilling Hotdogs

Floating down the river

Rock Garden

Bee on Purple Flower

Pastel Box Turtle



Red Chrysanthemum


Green Water

Paper Right Angles

What is it?

Purple Flower

Train Tracks

Stars & Stripes

Abandoned after being flooded again.

Centered Composition - Low Key - Portrait

Paper Curls

It is so cold, the river is starting to freeze over.

My name is April, I looking for a home

"Waiting for the Bus"

Tribute to Ursula's Macros

Orange Lily

Cooper's Hawk with Road kill

Red Apple

Do more Macro Photo's

Faces in the Ivy

How do I get my lunch now?

Porch in Black & White


My Teddy Bear and Me

Blue Moon

Man in blurry wild animals land.

Nature Fractal

Clean trucks make great mirrors


As Delicate as a Rose

Every Frog has his own Pond

Beginning ~~~ End

Off to the next

Life at the Frog Pond

Cactus Flower

"The Martian"

"For Sherpet"

busy bee

Maple Leaf

Sitting on the bench


Empty Pathway

Shadow Lines

Greetings from Princess Lucky

Yellow Still life


Flower in Black & White

Closed my eyes and aimed for the honking geese

Spring flowers

Shopping for Junk I don't Need

All Alone and Caged


C is for Curious Critter

Striped Car

Pink Rose

What big eyes you have, the better to see you

Hermit Crab



No Title

Purple on Purple

Hearts & Flowers

Sea Creature

Barn & Tree


13 Strawberries


Bottled Water

Bald Eagle

Top Half of a Woodpecker

What is it?

Waiting for that Special Night

New York

Money Duck w/broccoli & tomatoes w/flashlight - overhead light - natural light

Bead & Tapestry Lamp

Leaf against the sunlight

Debris in the snow


Under the Lily Pad

Two Headed Dragon vs Woody

Dog with rectangle head

Abstract HHr

fighting chipmucks

Waiting for Winter

"Spring Flowers"

Black & White Still life


Moe (lighting - morning sun)

"Almost in bloom"

Old & Rusted

HHR Reflection

Afternoon sun

Portrait of an egg

Waiting for Spring

Harley - man made in USA


Main Street Boonton

Kiwi Stilllife

Blowing Bubbles

Chocolate Happy Face

Kodachrome 'I got a Nikon camera - I love to take a photograph'

Canadian Goose

Mallard Duck

Clown with Umbrella

I HATE snow!

What is it?


Follow the Polka Dot Road

Hermit Crab

Biogeochemistry- Study of man polluting the earth.

Autumn at Garret Mountain

Gigi on the bench

Straight Lines on Vintage Car Grill

The Vintage X Car

I'm ready for school

Where's Waldo? "Duh I ate him!"


House of Gold at the end of the rainbow

Pink as my New Home

The Devil Wears Prada

What is it?

Bee on coneflower


Flower Macro

Hey! Watch It!

Abstract HHR

Vintage Tail lights

Fishing Buddies

Monster Glo in Dark Miniature Golf

It's Spring not Fall (This tree never losed it leaves)


Wooden Texture

Meadowland Amphitheather

Illuma Storm

Hope for early Spring

Angry Biting Chihuahua ABC-LMN-XYZ

My Golden Girl



"Wise Old Dog"

"Harley Babes"

Worn & Faded Butterfly


Grilled Chicken Salad

Out of work ~ no money

I could be your Prince Charming

Checked Water

Chinese Soldier

Snow in my flower garden




Telepathy "You will hand over another peanut"

Please don't eat me I love you.

S for Sulfur

Mountain Lion

"Say Cheese"

Drop of Water

Skipper on a purple flower


The house that Moe built

Time for a Cold Beer

She has weathered many storms

Your Cheating


Where's the birds?

Crazy Bird Lady

Bird Carrying Dinner

The sun on a cloudy day.

You're in my fishing spot.

Pathway into city

light as a feather

Straight lines & curve waves


Where am I?



4 + 2= 6

Black & Gold

My New Flower

Without the pollinator there would be no plant life

polka dot eyes


Remember just be yourself


Drift Wood

Is it a Wing or a Dead Leaf

backlite stilllife

French Fries & Catsup

Time to stop and smell the flowers


Colorful still life

Can you spot the frog on the lily pads

Self Portrait

Without the ball they can't finish the game.

Jason vs Freddy

Feeding the Camels at the zoo

The Attack of the Red Planet

Tiger Lily

A Bunny

A Furry Tail

"Wise Owl"

"Oh No"

Horticulture - science of plant breeding to get the perfect flower


Sailing on the Hudson

Chipmuck's home

The photographer

Pocket Watch Gears done with Multi-image filter

Royal Flush

Low Key Flower

Nice Doggy

An Apple

Now give me a smile, "Good Dog!"

New York Skyline at Dusk

Entrance ~ Exit

Scarlet Macaw

Oh My ~ Look at That


Sweet Lady

New York Skyline Solarized

Waiting for Santa



Brass Polka Dot Girl


Morning mist

Sunlight vs Electric

Time for the morning chores

What is it?

Empty Hallway

A lone tree in Coleman's

Enjoy one's food

Tasty Pastel Flowers

Summer end

Angel Eyes


Golden Gear of a Clock

"Blackberries Dieting"

Yellow flowers

Flowers on a plate

Glass Apple

This Bird has Flown

Lock, Load & Fire


Tulip after the rain

New Maple Leaves

Antique Toaster - Salt & Pepper


Yellow Daffodil

Water Drop Art

Planetary Nebula Tribute to Kiwiness

Ecsaping Ivy

Black Velvet Shoes



Electronic Motion

Birth of the Cabbage Patch Kids

Frozen Marshlands

Abstract Tiger (done with multi-image lens not photoshop)

I'm blue missing you!

Yellow flowers inverted


One Lone Duck



Raindrops are falling

Lip Stick

Tomato anyone?

Abstract Flower done with multi image filter.

An Odd Roof

Is anyone watching?

Playing with Matches

"No Dumping"

Crystal Rose

Guard Dog

Spring Flowers

Tiger Lily Upclose

Cat's Eyes


Gas Conspiracy, one day it's $3.59, next it's $2.99

Dark & Light

Cold Milk & Cookies

Reaching Out (1/8 sec)

Wood Grain

Cold Refreshing Water

A Face only a Mother Could Love Turkey Vulture

Gigi's closeup


Fiery Sun

Fiery Sunrise

It is metal and has holes. What is it?

Without Light there is just Darkness

Shall I stay here or head into the wilderness

Garden Spider

Sun Pillar

Want to go back to my place?

Elegant Vintage Jewelry

Planetarium Show

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Primary Tack

And then the roof fell in.

" V "

Gigi & Moe



Ecsaping Vine



"I'm sooo Coool"


Pink Rose

Now where did I leave that ball?

Old Bottles VS New Bottles

Best Bee Macro

Where is Waldo?

Antique Pocket Watch

In our matching sweaters

The Spirit of Christmas

Three Little Jugs ~ Shadows 11

Yellow Petals

Losing my Marbles

Who left the marbles on the floor!

Alone in the sun

My chihuahua, he is loving & protecting

Macro Fall Leaf

December Waiting for Santa

Garbage Picker

Today Music

WOW a buck, I can eat today

Fall Leaves

Down the path

"Homework Sucks"

Blue Beetle

"Break Channel"

Clock Parts

Chocolate Filled Apple

Look but don't touch

Water Drops

It's "Smokin"

Reflected Drop

Swan Lake a great place to relax


Red-tailed hawk

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair

Cosmo in the Afternoon Sun

Grazing in the Afternoon BW

Grazing in the Afternoon

Neon rose

Flaming Leaves

OK! My Turn

Another insect photo

. . . SSSpoons . . .

Devoted Prevailing Christians

The winner is . . . . .the agony of defeat


Sidewalk Etching

Before heading to work, I need my java.

"Purple Rain"

"Super Green dragonFly "

1860's in technicolor

Daisy covered with morning dew

. . . Ladybug

AbStrAct CiVic

Waiting for the mist to raise.

Picture 853b640.jpg

3 Daisies

Bananas & Daisies

Morning sun ray's


Bad Hbit - Stalking Bees

Hover Fly

Good Dog ~ Bad Dog

Mosquito Heaven

Rusted Windmill

Abstract Art

A Tulip petals are equally proportion

Spring in the Suburbs



Please let us in, it is cold & wet out here!!!

Tricycle Wheels

Ladybuy & Daffodil


Sweet Pepper

Lines, Lines, Lines

Catching the morning rays

Clock Works

Striped Chihuahua




Winter Sunlight & Shadows

Peas & Carrots

Cancer the crab (Horseshoe Crab)

Painting by Candlelight

"2006 The Year of the Dog"

Shades & Shadows

To eat healthier foods & hopefully lose weight

Picture 43139b640.JPG

Picture 42912b640.JPG

"Electric Rose"

Frozen Berries

Transition from orange to orange juice


. _ . _ Morse Code?

It's a classic and it still runs

Tennis anyone?

Lonely Violet

. . . Imperfect Rose

"Walking on air"

"I'm thankful for my new home"

Chocolate Chip Cookies. . . . fresh out of the oven.

Waiting to cross the road


Hope you've been a GOOD girl . . . . . . . or NO presents from Santa . . .

"Good Morning Sunshine"

The Cat Who Saw Red by Lilian Jackson Braun

Sunrise at St Peter's

Elipse of Moon 11-8-2003 (2)

Still Life


. . .My Pumpkin . .


. . . A Tree Grows. . . .

. . . . . .Off the limb and all alone.....

Afternoon sunlight

Fall Colors

Macaroni & Cheese

Entomology ~ The study of insects

The inside of a Geode

Urban shopping center

Childhood dreams ~ dancing teddy bears

First sign of Autumn

Close up of a Bee

Hanging On

Railroad Bridge

"On to the next flower"

Pausing to collect some nectar


Just floating along

Life is like a river with smooth times, rough times, and never knowing what's ahead.

Oh those childhood days

American Hover Fly

Hoses, hoses, hoses

I'm ready, are you?

OOPS! Someone forgot to close the top again.

Blue Heron

Antique Router in 3D mode

Monument for the firemen, policemen and people the died on 9-11-01

"Timekeeper from the past"

My summer job ~ collecting nectar

Just hanging around

Bee on coneflower

Dracula forgot to clean up!

Look what's outside my window!

Lily in the rain

Right Angles leading into a trap

Freshly Picked

My favorite camera ~ Back & Front

Reaching for the light


Steamy Hot

I used to be white UNTIL

Speeding down the road in my pickup truck

"B" is for Banana and Blue Skies

Grazing Horses

Torch Tester

Black Cat on Black velvet

Me and Gi


Sky & Telescope ~ Eclipse of Sun

Erupting Paper Clips

Cleaning Time

It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Sparrow Nest

Black & white H2O

Definition of Matrix - Fossil of ferns

Red Maple ~ Green Maple

Where the dressing?

Berry Delicious

Boonton Falls

Glass Apple

NJ Transit

Bud ~ Yellow Tulip

NJ Sea Gull

Pink Tree

M & M Sunrise

Falling Snowflakes

These colors don't run.

Pizza Pi

Architecture Symmetry

Slicing onions, No Tears Please

"Happy Face"

Doing Time

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Follow the fence down the hill

Garden Bar

Old Bridge

"71 Pine Tree Lane"

The Sparrow

Fried Egg


"Home Sweet Home" Ok! So it needs a little work.

Tick-tock Tick-Tock

Beware of Dog

xmas card.jpg

A Wild Turkey

Baby Geese




insect - 821740


Butterfly 821742


Green Heron

Great white egert

Sandpiper playing in the mud

Great White Egert outside the window



Picture 129b.JPG



Week 4


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