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Forum Rules

The forums are one of the most popular features of DPChallenge. In order to help keep them fun and useful, we require that all participants follow a few simple rules of conduct. These rules are designed to ensure that discussions run smoothly and all participants treat each other with courtesy and respect.

  1. Read and follow the DPChallenge Terms of Service.

  2. Please do not discuss specific challenge entries or outtakes until voting has ended. Doing so can affect voting and commenting, so please save these discussions for after the end of the voting period. Please report any posts discussing these, and do not reply to them. Outtake threads posted early will be removed.

  3. Search existing threads for a topic before starting a new one. Since threads are indexed for search every few hours, you should both search (using the search box at the bottom of the front page) AND check recent threads (by checking the front page, or better, clicking "Community" on the menu bar) before creating a new thread. In the interest of keeping the forums orderly, the Site Council will lock any duplicate threads, and include a link to the existing thread on the topic.

  4. Do not offer anything of value in exchange for manipulation of site statistics. This includes anything based on voting, comments, or favorites. This does not include exchange of comments where no other exchange of value is involved. Exceptions to this policy, such as for contests, must be approved by Site Council in advance.

  5. Please do not post large images directly to the forums. When posting images to the forums, be aware that some readers access the site via dial-up, and that in some countries, Internet access is charged per KB downloaded. With this in mind, images larger than about 30K, or more than 500 pixels in either dimension, should be posted as links or thumbnails.

  6. There is no rule 6.

  7. When posting potentially adult content, include a warning. When possible, include the warning in your subject line. If you are posting in an existing thread, consider carefully whether the content is appropriate for the thread. If it is, include a warning at the beginning of your post. Unless your warning is in the subject line, any images must be linked rather than thumbnailed or posted directly.

  8. When posting “spoilers,” include a warning. Spoilers include content that gives away endings of movies or television shows, solutions to games or puzzles, and the like. Include a link to the spoiler, rather than the actual spoiler text, if at all possible.

  9. Watch your language. While it is not our intention to censor all use of foul language, please respect your fellow participants. We can and will remove excessive, gratuitous and inappropriate use of foul language.

  10. Do not publicly accuse other participants of rules violations. If you believe a rule has been broken, report the post and do not reply.

  11. Do not attack other users. This includes "calling out" specific comments or commenters in a hostile manner. Personal attacks are never appropriate in a constructive discussion. If you disagree with another participant, address their points without attacking them personally. Be aware that others may have differing opinions of a personal attack, so use care when posting. Please note that this includes publicly "calling out" commenters (whether by name or not) in a hostile way.

  12. Do not bait or provoke other users. This does not promote civil discussion and will not be tolerated.

  13. Assume good faith. When replying to a post, your reply must assume that the original poster's message was intended to be constructive and follow the rules. It's difficult to convey facial expressions or tone of voice over the forums, so a post that appears offensive may be well intentioned. If you cannot assume the original poster acted in good faith, report the post in question, and do not reply at all.

  14. Above all, play nice. Be aware that the above rules are not all-inclusive. If you stir up trouble to prove a point, or engage in a pattern of disruptive behavior, we will address your actions, even if those actions do not violate any specific rule listed here. We will also handle any issues not specifically covered by the rules on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact the Site Council for clarification. Thank you for helping to keep the DPChallenge forums fun and constructive!

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