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DSC01943 Road Works on our Street, Yet Again !!!

Fast Cat Exit............

A Burst of Yellow

The Blue Bottle. Orange background

Red Velvet Cake..To Bake you need flour !!

The Eyes Have it !!!!!!

Study in Green..

D.I.Y. Cold Juice or Something Stronger...choose !!!!!!!

As Dead as a Dodo


A case of Cataract

Two's Company ,,3`s a crowd..

A small part of a bigger picture !!!!!

candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,so it is said....

everything in place & a place for anything they say .

Warmth glorious warmth Warming frozen Toes..

My Nana on her wedding day 1909

Fruit. Fresh and Juicy

rush,rush,slow down, Enjoy the Day

INDEED !!...,


Coffee& Biscuits,Great for a snack.

DSC01576 copy

corrigated Iron, one of its many versatile uses.....

Monopoly,Pink Ribbon Edition,Raising Funds to fight Breast Cancer............

Autumn leaves / Eva Cassidy, sings.

PENCILS .in High key............

SPRING HAS Not Sprung but we have hopes !!!!!

Our.Old Beater Still makes Yummy Cakes...

Outside on the go !!!!!

Last years trim Overtaken...and no Apricots for the effort Grrrr...

sometimes I sit and think,sometimes I Just Sit...

The sadness of death,but the heart can heal,

DSC01629 POP the Question..with a RED Rose

into the mist, A man of mystery walks

small town , small crowd

GARDENING Nothing like the taste of fresh vegies

The Hangover continues, pass the paracetamol!!!!!!

I Don't Like the Vet, so I Bit her hand,and now I'm doing time.

Pretty in Pink...

abstract light and shadow

Camilla says" the big money is in the Trades" Plumbing perhaps.Archie..


I've been framed

A Great Gardener a great show

The Quiet Life is the best for a busy Dog.....

I got the Ball so lets go

SAKE. Japans National Tipple

coffee while you work..

a nice bunch of Blooms

I've Got the Lock Down, going no place Covid Blues......

A Nice Cup Of Liptons Puts the world to rights ...

Soap and HOT Water

DSC00136 Around we go


Play with Bonnie, the Blur is intentional as she is forever on the go!!!!!!!

ABBA ring ring ...so sing,sing.....

Monty's Surprise", an apple that has properties that fight cancer!!!..

RIP..Grace Millain:.we will remember YOU....

Horse Power? theres not even a mangey old Pony around here....

leverage=example of physics

there is no method but to be very intelligent .( Like me!!)

portrait in red..

watering the Garden ( Back lit natural light)

More than Books, the modern library

From Japan !!

Blue BOW 212

DUMPED,Abandoned: and then he shot through with another Sheila.

My Old Ball. still in working order !!!!!!!

Driftwood sculpture

St. Joseph's Catholic Church......

A Basket of Roses, for your lover, from your heart.....

The Great Outdoors, made for a dog like me !!!!

why would I sleep in a drafty, cold ,outside Kennel when I have this???..

DSC00313.. "E. Nuff" Said " Reassembly is when I get left over parts.funny that !!!!..........

enjoy yourself..,, have this Beer on me .and win a ribbon or two

When the Bottles fall over,and pink elephants arrive, Call Dr Kildare .....

Our Fur Babies, are Family

Smile.. Yellow, a happy colour...

Fast on his Feet, A tribute to the late Peter Snell

KISS !! In a manner of speaking....

under the tree with a good read and a large G&T!!!!

" Smoko.!!.". Time For Tea & Biscuits ......

"The Boss",With the Melodic Mieow,can Sing like Bruce


A Balance of shapes is easy on the eye.....

To Give Calenders to three Random members of DPC each year....

A Clutch of Cackle Berries .


DAMN DOG !!! She struck Again !!!!!

Still life with what I had to hand and the wine got drank soon after..

COLD,Long and Juicy.......

A Skid Lid could save your life,ride Safe.....

Rainy Days and Sundays......

BOUQUET for Bride ......

Parents farewelling only son, another road accident statistic .

The Female of the Species is The " Deadliest" ......


DO as You're Told !!!!!

Double Vision

154-001 Chasing Rabbits..

A grey day at the supermarket car park

ready to Race

Behind any Sucessful man is,.!!!

Bentons Motel.& Restaraunt Best in town

Everybody shares the same cloudy day !

72-001 Me and my Ball..

DSC00483 All wound up

Vintage Vase

DSC00444-001 Donate a little for a poor brown dog with Family !!

DSC00363 Separated From my Feet!!!!!!!

Red Rocks, Just Rocks !!

From Fruit to Bottle..All round, and TASTY....


Good Old Aunt Agatha, Back on the Gin.again

FIVE OLD FRUITS, as they are..

...Needs a little TLC With some DIY.......


Nightmare creatures,doing battle ....

reflections of another Style

I've been Washed,Dried and FLASHED..What more could a girl Want??


HEY there it's a PARTY at OUR HOUSE....C'mone over

A Rotted, wooden Plank......

The last supper...

Sometimes it has to be an Aussie Brew ' oh well never mind ....

, Aggression...

Grandma's Rocker, Built by a craftmans Hands, Circa early 1900s....

Puddles, reflecting the scenery .....

The Tree...A Meeting place ....

964 The guardian ....

Out and About..the Boys

Shutter Shudder/ 1Part each orange & manderin Juice, ice cubes and a very large measure of Gin.....

Snake in the grass !!!!


the dog whisperer

Woman with pet dog..

A Little Light Reading

going strong since 1908 ( The ballbearing rat catcher is younger )

Another blow to my Financial security......

BOOM !!!!!!!

DSC00324 LIGHT as a Feather..

Autumn ( Fall) Leaves ....

DSC00192 ready for winter

The Rose.

Time for a chat ,


Breaking News..Trumps Teddy Snatched, Harry and Meagan Prime suspects ...

Billingham./ the Best of British crime fiction.


D024 Cooking Lesson with a Five Star Chef!!!!

Green as Grass ...But my Bike comes out well

DSC00078 throwing a spanner in the works

DSC00238 Requiem for Eve

216 Travel in style

DSC00007 Rural Beauty??

Sit!. Now there's a good boy!!



Controlled chaos

Fish and Chips, traditional takeaway food

DSC00067 Coming and Going....

Ewer a nice jug Full of joy

005 Vantage Point

Ewer My Sunshine!! love me or not as the game goes .

Drown the Fire with a cold Beer..

Learning to ride again! at 76yo

Boxie with a fallen Hero....

my Merino Woolie wrap is wonderfully warm....

DSC00314 Relax all the work is done

242 CAT in a Carton

398.. Teenagers , Learning to Fly......


can we grow hydrangas. Yes we Can!!

DS05 A Wall of Tulips

DSC00022 Apples.

DSC00002 the Sun, Light, and life..

DSC00113-001 Fresh From the Garden

A man, his Dog, and another day in paradise

68/ PURE BLONDE- after the Gardening is done, Relax with one or three.....

50- True Love or A Broken Heart ?

No 25. Just resting, Between Brunch and Teatime !!

DSC00024 A New Trick for the new Year

DSC25 Don the Helmet and you're away laughing.... as they say.

Leaving for the Big Smoke

WE ate the Goose for Xmas Dinner !! scrambled eggs anyone!!!

Make yourself at Home

Go on Take a bite, no one will ever know ....

It's the Wife's, "Clean up the shed and Garden ' Resolution" But Muggins does the work


Is It Being A little presumtous to ask nicely for a rosette,?..

Life is ALL about " MEEEEEEE."..

My Best Side!!!

Coffee Cup Tower

Tempus fugit.......

Sold, With Vacant possesion....

Mikey, give us a bell,Now the cistine chapel is done we have a little job 4 u.

Book Page Edges .....

DPCers,What a great supportive Group you are .Thanks.


Tea and a nap, thats it for me

DSC00001 copy


The unbearable lightness 0f being, a Marriage proposal

Dead Bedford,a great truck back inthe day

A Touch of Gray

Back to Basics

11.11.11. Armistice Day when the guns were silenced

Spot of Red

Cat, Come out with Your paws up...

Pink with pride or Green with envy



- - - ... - - - !!! Get It ?

The Big Dry.......

Santa's little Helper!!?

Last of the Summer Wine,

Drive on Jeeves, if you will.

Should have gone to Specsavers ?

Not my problem,? litter bugs are everywhere!!!

Don't Tell Fluffy I've Had the Snip. I'm in for a hot date .

Toast and Tea

Kowhai tree flowers

Lunchtime Laguor I'm Cool and cuddly

Someones Lover,Someones Friend...

Caught in the Shadows


failed the driving test, so, its shanks pony for me !!!!!

breakfast Bone

Bonnie & Clyde, together again....

winter morning clothes line Blues.....

A Couple Of Nice Ones !! Mandarins of course !!!!

Open the Door Richard, ru Old enough to remember this song .

beaten not stirred is best

. Hello Possums !!!!!!

Ready to strike !!

Play time ..

Picnic at the Park

Levin , We're going places !

10.45. The Dark Hour

DSC00042 Town And Country

Size 8 ?


DSC00023 Train Rides at the Park

Taking a nap in the late afternoon sun


BOB the Builder and his son Rob...Salt of the Earth.....

Street Art

The light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off,the power Bill is in arrearsl



grown Organically

Sun Light on the Bridge in the Bush


walking dogs , Keeps one fit

Love is: Not only for the young ..

Welcome to the Forest

DSC00027 CONTRE JOUR. ( Backlit )

Boots for small gardens !!!!

St. Mary's Church .Facing Demolition....

wirligig garden

Morning Light ..

DSC00011 Early Morning Walking the Dog


Whats Floating by.. Kindergarten poem

Waiterere Welcome..

DSC00004 copy

At the end of a day the emptiness of a quiet Beach will gather your thoughts

Red Cars go faster !!

"Madam" Kitty says its $200 For the service upstairs ..

Thrive, gives the best balance of nuitrients.....

Blooming Marvellously, In Season for us, out for you !!

Jazz Man

Canidae, the Dog Family ..

Death of a Rose

look deeply into my eyes and vote 10 , Bless you

DSC00076-001 wood pile invader

She's left the Toys for BOYS.......

Weathered Board

underfoot Art

wotisit ?

Its Summer and I'm the coolest cat around

DSC00245- A rose by any other Name

DSC00145 .. Darkness; and now the creatures of the night will awake

DSC00056 bath Time......

Hey Grandad, we Washed the dog, but the cat escaped !!

DSC00103 The "Golden wedding" Drum solo isn't helping the hang over !!!!!!!!

DSC00458 grandies !!


Crane, In Flight, with Xmas Plumage..

Accesory to The Little Black Dress ??

our sink ...... just made for two

shapes and light

Walk Dog twice Daily Every Day

Hogmanay,!!. Never again Ye Ken, Tell the Bairns QUIET !.NO more STATUS QUO..

" Dont Talk with your mouth full.." Well its a quiet Xmas for me !!!

Be a cool cat; Ban the bags

Walking in the bush.. wonderful!!

It's all about a place in the sun

Food's Up,..SO push me man !!!!!!!

Red and Green


Kimberly Gardens

Whatever it is it wasn't me !!!


DREGS ; Too Delicious. so we drank them and then did the photo

Around and About


Walking MANS best Friend...women do the work...!!!

Boy Racer

BMX Racer

caught by the seat of ones pants

Bigger and Better,than Mine and no weeds in the garden

Gone to Ruins

getting ones ducks in a row

DSC00032 A Quiet moment to reflect

Bite ! , Moi?

04 A bit of Blood and Guts, But Whodunnit ? ? ?

Springtime stroll around Betty Guys garden

myopic ?? !

It isn't Much but its mine !!!!!!!!

0031 this River Rocks !!!!!!

The Kowhai Tree Flower.

Planted 1923 Still Blooming

Time for a Dip

Toenail Trimming Time

Mandarins, Home Grown ...Fresh from the Tree...

Shape and Shadows

Big Men Big Toys

The SeeSaw


The Lake, NOT Clean Not Green., but the ducks don't care.....

Sylvester,The Ball Bearing Rodent Eliminator...

001::: Licensed to Lurk. !!

The tool of his trade......making Music

Drinks anyone ??

Dumped and Decrepit

the tide going out


The shapes of Heat

Alone Again, naturally....

green fingers.

Getting the Message

Queen of the river

l'm Dressed up and ready to go on the town!!

I'm the Top Cat in this Kitchen

Toyota Ist My Ride

textures,shapes, colour ,shadow and Light. A Microcosm of a forest...

Strange and Negligent, my style signature

Winter Walkers.....

Homage to the Seas and those that sail them

If Candy is Dandy and you say it with Flowers, you may be "lucky" Tonight...

Sounds like a load of Bull to me

unashamably Naked

Fruits of the Earth, a casserole in the making


Pat Murphy: Gardener; drinker of fine wines ; Husband,. Father, Grandpa.,And a bloody good mate

Leading into Our Forest you can hear the Birdsong from here

Shoes ( circa 1888)

seagulls in Flight...Looking for bread .

subject centred, Sun over your right shoulder and a fast shutter speed to ensure sharpness.

Autumn Leaves.

It's a WINDOW,Dogs know These things.!!!!!..........

TOE TOE Grasses Standing like sentries ...

Tie me Umbrella Down Sport, or I'll Blow away.. ...

Sophia & Bonnie, AKA whizz .Our Heinz dog

ANZAC Day 24 April.A new generation remembers.


whats left of a party

The grand old lady next door....111 years old.

Snakeoil Sally,.Space Surgeon.. .Cures for Space fever,Shingles and Dalek Dependance....

Electric supply Box :Showcases our local "Banksie"....

Just like a Rainbow. LOL!!!

Hey You,Yes YOU,! BRUSH Your HAIR, Look Smart While on DPC!!!

Water Slide Fun

A cheeky little Red

just the two of us

the local rag and a tui, 10 minutes of peace and quiet !!!!!!

Found at the park

crushed,empty ,torn and broken:: like my heart .....

cupids dart to the heart

land and sky abstract pattern

Slipper, Pumkin.Its all go, Cinderella .

Tasty Tomatoes YUMMMY!!!!

Breaker Lines ...A walk in the sea with the one you love, Delightful......

It's the DOGBOX for me. I piddled on the carpet,

Weraroa Peace Memorial.Gate.

garden fresh, and Ready to eat .

50 shades of Green.??...For the Irish who don't like Black!!!!!

Cows on the Moove!!!

Cynophobia? ive got those bloody cats on the run I tell you....canophilia they aint got

double amputee Thomas Makes Music

Playing the Blues....with Rodger Fox

who are we ?,. or who we are

Time for Tea....The cup that cheers ..

The Words are of Love.....

Summer morning scene

Ginger tom to food control. put choice porterhouse in my bowl

Tin cans and Twine....Home made phones!!!!!

Putting the "Fizz" into Fun !!!

Mc Cavity is Here !!!

What can it Be???

These shoes suit me well, when I feel like hell (Blue Shoes. coming from dark to light )

Summer fun at the adventure park

Behind the Hedges, a garden awaits

Still "The Real Thing" But the style changes !!

this weeks specials

the veterans

Dantes Inferno,

Watch this Gap!!!

Torn Blue Jeans

The last xmas ,EVER

Feel the Heat! summer,sun,sandals and Sheep. A slice of heaven

Rural Scene

Big, Beautiful And He doesn't miss a trick

G'Day mate, The Steaks on the Barbie, and the Beers cold!!

Not Quite Retired Yet

The Sunbather

Shelter Belt , SH1,Foxton

Smile, Damn You SMILE!!!

Roadside shrine

Will I Hit the Jackpot ? . Or is My Dream for Valentines Day Shattered

"Mary Pickford used to eat roses" :If they did it for Mary there's hope for ME being beautiful

Dave The Digger man

liquid gold, Honest Indian!!

Summer is Here Wow!!!

The right to a snooze in summers shade


Scary Spook,Landing in a place near you!!!!!

Down but Not Quite Out, there's Life in the Old Girl Yet!!!!

Gleaned from the Dryer all colours shapes and sizes, yours for $10.00 ono

Sun,Surf, and Swimming , It's the Dogs Life in summer!!!

I Throw, you Fetch, Got it ?!!!

Danger!! Mail Monsters On Rampage!! Dr. Who we need you!!

Native Bush Fern

The Gifts are given, The message remains

barbed wire design, art is where you find it !!

play time?

Oh Rats , Bloody Cowboy builders.!!

Possession is nine tenths of the law !!!

twists and Turns No 8 Wire as an Art form

country church, Ohau. N.Z

under the Palm tree on a Balmy Day with a blonde and a beer

Vase and Rose

whats up doc?

Garden View


Nana's in the Garden a "little worse for wear"

little miss muffett and a spider

Rainy Days and Mondays

daffodils, spring is here

going up ?... Or coming down?

Beach grain

Balloon Bonnet

Jaguar,Fastest cat on the carpet !!

Surf,Sand and Sky

Life Saver the Cape Egmont Light House now decommissioned

orange and green

Ready to pour

teatime,scones optional

Merely Memories

whirligig in the wind, stopped motion

keeping it cool

I have Total Control, VOTE 10

Thompson house Cultural centre


Kiwifruit slices , Great with a Pavlova or as they are

I've Got The Wet Day Dog Park Blues

MONARCH on flowers

Sunday at the Adventure Park

Lucky Day


Flags on parade

All Roads lead to Rome

Te Takere Te Takeretanga


the veteran

down by the river right by the bridge meet u at 12

The Best Breakfast

The Joy of Life

Past I'Ts Prime!

AWWW theres something about a wet retriever!!!

A Touch Of Red .

happiness:: You Mean,....The BLUE

Old Blue Eyes

Big,Brash and Bold

bubbling along

A Kiwi Icon:: No 8 Fencing Wire :fences and fixes !!!

Beyond the Black Stump , where The Jumbucks Graze.

..YESTERDAYS news delivered TODAY

clouds over lake Horowhenua at Dusk

Lady in Red

'THe Race for Home.

Keeping N.Z. Green. How we do it !!

Our Old Girl, Still Loved.

ready to Rock

High Key,Portrait, White on white..

walking in the rain

us two

Manawatu Standard ,Todays News Delivered Daily

triptych of green summer

Mighty Cat Moves Mountains

I Just Love MEEEE !!!!!

light Blue and Pink


Open Wide

The Winner by a Nose

Old Farm Gate still going strong


looking to the light

Dinner must be ready ::::: Surely!!!!

RUNNY HONEY:: , POOHS Favorite food

Gowned in Gold

Boys & Toys..... or Last of the Summer Wine (Google)

GONE ELECTRIC ( converted gaslamp)

A slice of Heaven.; A Beer and a bet with the bookie

bringing up the detail


The Orange Rose in a Blue Vase

Abstract,shape light and shadows at noon

dedicated to the fallen




watching out

Im Tied Up Right now.Waiting for bones & Blue Ribbons. Call me Later for a hot Date CW

entrancng entance in abstract.

OLD TIMER Spring catalogue page 64

How Bizzare ? ..A CAT astrophy ,My little home Sold ,things are going to the Dogs





A nice pair of nipples :) :) ..

beer, beer, icecold beer great on a hot day

Queen St, LEVIN.. ** The Most Boring Town in NZ.** ( lonely Planet commented TWICE)

ROSES Delicate yet easily bruised


We've Lost Mary, Bugger!! (inspired by TOYOTAS "Bugger Ad " :)

I Love Scotty and he loves me

A nice Glass of Aussie Plonk

Masterchef gourmet judge

The Message is Love

tacky tiki (made in China) . A cultural item debased by the mighty $

The Bites as good as the Bark !!!

My new Dolly. [contre joure and fill flash]

The Death of Time

Old Time Mail Boxes

A Throne For The King

A Drop of Aussie Red

floating in a sea of red

The Magic Forest


The Pied Piper

Garden Fresh , Grown to Perfection.

forest foxglove

SNAP !!!!!

The Kiwi Solution, No 8 Wire & D.I.Y.!!!!!!!

Old Tree Stump

You are in my Power :: Vote 10

freshly picked

snapdragons in the breeze

On the Last Bend

Just Reward (Better than A Blue!!!!!)

grapes,wine , drinkies!!!! Cheers!!

Textured ( Dunny) Glass Complete with window from said Dunny!!!!!


Bush Walk Surprise (Worth the Wet Feet!!)

study in Blue

Te Kowhai, The Decline of a Heritage Building.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof!! ( apologies to Tennesee Williams !!)

Bugger:::::Someones Drunk the Speights!!!!

Catholic Cathedral Palmerston North

George and Mildred, We Got Rythmn !!!!!

SuperDog Strikes Again!!!!!

Unveiling the "Market Gardener" Icon of the Horowhenua


Good Gracious its Gardening Time

ITCH !!! Whats a Super Model to DO??

The MG Old but still elegant

BUZZY BEE , Cleared for landing

The Old Yellow Tap


Natural wIne Cooler !!!!

It's all Fetch,Fetch, Fetch. Man I need a Rest !!!!!!

Colour and Shapes

lost sole

Cat In The Hat (DR Seuss)

Hello big guy hows Tricks !!!!!!!!

beautiful in Basic Black

Hugh Heifers February Centre Fold !!!!!!.


colourful colours

Junk Yard Carcase!!!

where's the Birdy? (this is MEANT to be this contrasty.as sillohette)

....."The Spirit is Willing"..............................................

The Kaka. New Zealand's native Parrot. (a real show off)

Alight with colour !!!!!

Happiness is,.....A Warm Puppy and a Licky Lab !!!!!

Time For a Tui Or Two !!!!!

Ruby in Red

small city sentinal, The Foxton Windmill


Dance, Ballerina,Dance

Old Fashioned Roses

My Wifes Roses

Train Ride Levin Adventure Playground

pretty in Pink and Blue

The great kiwi Icon

FRIENDSHIP:: Love is in the Air !!!!!


Historic building facade

Kowhai, Virginia Lake, Wanganui

Window Dressing

Goody Two Shoes

Decrepit & Languishing

Night Line. ( flash & long exposure to blur rain)

Three Glasses of colour

One Happy painter, thank you Mr Speights!!!!!! lol

Scrapyard Special: wooden Yellow window.

Now The Kids Have Gone

Net ball goal

treadmill Trickery

Old flowering cherry leaf. after the rain

stormclouds over the Tararuas




All LOCKed Up

Cinderellas' Sisters

Beauty is,: a Cavalier King Charles called Ruby

Catching the rain with high speed Flash

Who Walked Here?



Midnight Mc Feast? !!!!

Love is Blue

the Old Padlock.



Night Glow

Forgotten Dreams (built Circa 1920)

hide & seek.jpg

good news.jpg


What a "W"

The Instant of Creation.


Patient and loving and always together, Scott & Sophia

washday reach out

Soft Focus Roses

the best of British 1970 Triumph 2000

Old suspension Bridge, was once the longest in N.Z. at 477 ft between spans

HEARTACHE ( the pain inside)

Night Signs

Moving up from Push to Power.

Mutiple exposed ,vasaline filter,abstract roses

Easy Rider

A lineup of Scarecrows



WIND: the Turbines run on it, the Sheep expell it,.!!!!!!!!

open the door grandma, me and pooh are visiting you


The authority on Graffitti as an art form




The headmaster & staff welcome you to Oroua Downs School!!!!




I'm a real soft TOUCH honest. !!!!

last of the summer wine

sleeping cows.

wishful thinking













DSC00020 copy

DSC00020 copy

dpc red

challenge dpc

DSC00007 copy


DSC00007 copy

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