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12/18/2009 09:32:41 AM · #1
OKay, I will start this to see if it generate any interest.

When you reply, you have to list what you want to see, what you would like, new features, old features etc

There will be NO discussion, NO arguing, just SIMPLY state what you want. It doesn't matter if someone else has said it, retype it if you think it is important.

Nothing more, nothing less:
12/18/2009 09:37:10 AM · #2


overlays on our photos


There is a few to start off with that have been talked about
12/18/2009 09:47:24 AM · #3
Happy Threads

Fun people

Fun Threads

Happy people

Happy comments

Fun comments

Beautiful and Ugly pictures and every kind in between

Sunshine on a cloudy day!

12/18/2009 09:47:26 AM · #4

Fair voting
12/18/2009 09:54:16 AM · #5
OK - I'm up for this (sounds like a good place to start gathering data). A wish list in no particular order:

1. Black background for images (don't mind about forums).
2. A 'Who's Hot' Top 10/50 statistic
3. For the lenses to be listed by focal length rather than alphabetically
4. For editing software to be added to the equipment owned on the profile page.
5. For lens, camera, aperture, shutter speed etc to be seen for all images.
6. For challenge browsing (not voting) to be enabled on mobile devices (just needs the arrows to be present)
7. For combinations of camera and lens to be searched - yielding images with that combo (I liked that idea).
8. Annual awards (I liked that idea)
9. A periodic knockout Freestyle challenge (every six months?) - vote/ cut bottom half/ vote / cut bottom half/ vote etc until we have a top ten - let's see what ends up at the top.
10. A button on the FS challenge which allows you to flag it as mainstream or unconventional; give ribbons for each strand.

Not particularly well thought through - just thrown into the ring (I really like 10 though).
12/18/2009 10:04:12 AM · #6
-Checkbox to indicate on a challenge entry if comments and critiques are welcomed. This way heavy commenters can put their commenting effort where they are wanted.

-Editing software to be added to equipment list

-Explanations of reasons when low votes are left (Pie-in-the-sky with this wish!)


12/18/2009 10:09:22 AM · #7
Originally posted by JulietNN:

OKay, I will start this to see if it generate any interest.

When you reply, you have to list what you want to see, what you would like, new features, old features etc

There will be NO discussion, NO arguing, just SIMPLY state what you want. It doesn't matter if someone else has said it, retype it if you think it is important.

Nothing more, nothing less:

in one challenge at least target score, that is announce the score first and then let the people compete for it. For example lets say 4.32 is announced score and who so ever comes close wins.


12/18/2009 11:16:22 AM · #8
Some system to prevent low, unfair votes. Say I rated a photo 1, a "comment" like "User BJokerud has rated this photo a 1". Say I had 40% low votes in one challenge, and 34% in another, it would be easy to "track" me. I know some on this site, me included, would be happy to scout for these comments and do something about it. Downsides would be a hell of alot "useless" comments; 100 comments saying: "User Blacksheep have rated this photo a 2", "User Sheepblack have rated this photo a 3", "User Moreblacksheeps have rated this photo a 1" etc.

Also, to get more comments, a similar rule to the "Have to vote on 25% of the entries" on comments. "You have to comment on at least 10/15% of the entries for the vote and comment to be registered". But I guess there's to many downsides.

12/18/2009 11:17:54 AM · #9
1 challenge a week
No DPC watermarks (use your own after the challenge)
No more crying about votes below 5
Less forums
Less offtopic crap
Less hypocrit bullshit
One set of rules
User controlled background greyscaling
No more average vote given statistics for all to see

12/18/2009 11:20:59 AM · #10
Mentoring. Specifically as done circa 2005-07.
Search the Category "Out and About" for "Mentoring" to find excellent examples.

Balanced Challenges A fairly even mix of
technique (eg: white balance, DOF) and conceptual (eg: Decay, The Color Green).

Technical Challenges A fairly even mix of
Minimal, Basic, Advanced, Expert categories.

DPL Of course.

12/18/2009 11:43:08 AM · #11

Watermarks as an option, available after the challenge is over. Make it a checkbox.

If watermarks become a post-challenge option, add the overlay to images in voting as well.

Make a poll for what shade background people want, and if a huge majority agree on one (say, 80% vote for 50% gray), choose that one. The options should be black, 50% gray, current.

A "memorial" section for users who have passed away, linking to their profiles.
12/18/2009 12:01:52 PM · #12
Juliet, thanks for starting this thread ... I love the idea! So, here's my wish list:

DPL (please bring this back)

Ignore User option



Occasional 'knockout' challenges
(fab idea Paul!)

Remove 'average vote cast' statistic (no more witch hunts based on average)

Member challenges begin on Tuesday night/Wed morning instead of Sunday night/Monday morning

Removal of the "Rant" forum

Integration of the FSM into the site
12/18/2009 12:06:45 PM · #13
Less challenges per week

2 weeks for submission, 1 for voting

automatic exif extraction (ie populate shutter, camera etc from the exif data like flikr)

12/18/2009 12:38:30 PM · #14
Offer two challenge options on Sunday for members and reduce the number to one on Tuesdays.

Sunday challenges are either advanced editing or expert editing. Tuesday challenge stays at basic editing.
12/18/2009 01:03:18 PM · #15
Less people thinking and complaining that their ideas are the best and no one is listening, oh and world peace!
12/18/2009 01:19:38 PM · #16
No more update buttons!
12/18/2009 01:31:28 PM · #17
More Cowbell.
12/18/2009 01:34:12 PM · #18
Though Seriously...

DPL - Before my time, but sounds like a blast


Less seriousness and heavy-handedness in the forums.

12/18/2009 01:38:24 PM · #19
Button to be checked when entering challenges if you want "real" comments about the photo (something other than great shot). I would be willing to give my opinions if I knew the photographer wanted them.

Keep the number of challenges, or at least have one for members and one for users. Keep the monthly free study.

A balance of technical and subject challenges. The technical could be time of day, a specific camera setting, or a certain technique, but not following the technical part of the challenge would result in DQ. I like the idea of one technical and one subject challenge a week for members. Open challenges could rotate between the two.

Extra challenges on occasion for expert and minimal editing (maybe 6 each per year?)

When adding photos to show up on my profile page and re-ordering them, have a choice that says "move to top" so that you don't have to "move up" 9 times.

12/18/2009 01:41:33 PM · #20
Mass edit features when you upload a ton of shots at once. I want to be able to "tag" a set of photos with date, place, camera, lens, and maybe a description rather than doing it one at a time. The zip feature is nice, but I'd like to see it go a step further as far as information goes.

The auto-fill based on exif is a great idea as well - fill in camera/lens/aperture/shutter speed/iso etc all from the exif.
12/18/2009 01:46:27 PM · #21
-ajax filter on challenge history
-ajax updates ... everywhere
-ban IreneM for excessive ribonnery
-bad comments
-invitation to be a magnum photographer
-save the world
12/18/2009 02:24:28 PM · #22
lose Basic Editing restrictions
provide option to hide Highest Rated Photographs (User Profile)
encourage critiques and recognize thorough and sincere comments
encourage quality over quantity in all areas and aspects
remove this line in the Voting Rules "consider the challenge topic when voting, and adjust your score accordingly" and add "consider the challenge topic when submitting an entry" or something similar to the Challenge Rules

Message edited by author 2009-12-18 15:39:21.
12/18/2009 02:48:20 PM · #23
An occassional Juried Challenge, where a few (3, 5 or 7) respected members agree to vote on all entries then discuss the top ones among themseleves before ribbons are awarded.

A Master Voters Challenge, where only voters with >10,000 votes (or pick another number) can vote.

Link unedited jpegs to all ribbon winners in a way that enables before and after viewing of edits. (Limited to ribboners since winners have to submit original files for verification anyway, so easy to implement)

Add some boxes for "Post Processing" in the Image Details entry form, maybe one for "Program" and another for "Filters"

12/18/2009 03:19:07 PM · #24
A once every two month explanation.

Every two month, a subject is talked about. Say White balance and histogram, single bulb lighting, soft box lighting, Understanding RAW, deconstructing a photograph.

Make it more a learning site

12/18/2009 04:07:54 PM · #25
Free beer.
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