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07/13/2009 08:33:13 PM · #1
I have been working on a new promotional video for the studio for the last 2 days. I keep going back and forth between "push the brand, showcase the logo" and "showcase the images, nothing else". My criteria includes keeping it within 1 minute for versitility; and making it "feel" exciting. The images used were chosen because they (I hope) emphasise the creative reputation I want the studio to push. I could sure use some feedback.. please. What's your first impression of this version? :)


Version 2, seniors only. Added after 24 hours of critique and editing: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5agPwZXTBg

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07/13/2009 08:47:13 PM · #2
it is really too fast to see the pictures at all, 2 a second seem too fast.

Got All That seems to roll off the tongue better
07/13/2009 08:48:38 PM · #3
My impression is I can't get a good handle on what you do because it goes by so fast. But I admit I'm old-school... Also, for what it's worth, the P on Penrod Studios needs to be kerned WAY to the right, it's like totally orphaned over there.

07/13/2009 08:54:53 PM · #4
Way too fast, nearly makes me feel ill like I'm getting seasick, and oddly enough I don't get sick that way very easily.

Slow it way down and let your work stand on its own.

07/13/2009 09:01:33 PM · #5
3 "too fast" in a row. Okay, lemme explain why I decided to speed it up and maybe it will make sense. I want to draw people to my website (where they can look at images at their leisure), I want to create excitement about the brand and I want the video to give an overall feeling, rather than just show a few pices of work. Also, When I ran the video more slowly, it just became a dull slideshow (imo) and didn't create any sense of excitement. And lastly, because the teens that helped me critique during the creation of this project seemed to hate the slower version and much preferred the faster one.

So.... slow it down so people can see the pretty pictures?

Julie, I agree about "Got", instead of "Get". I've made that change on my working version.

Robert... omg I never noticed that, now I have to rework ALL of my logo'd items since that will bother me forever now. :p

07/13/2009 09:30:01 PM · #6
Okay, I took a break from the computer, went and mopped the floors.

Honestly the only picture I can remember out of the whole lot was the baby picture at the end. Can not even remember you studio name.

Sounds bad, but I hope it helps

edited too add, doesn't matter how hip you want to be, if no one can remember anything, what is the point.

Did you do two shots per second? If you did, do one shot per second etc etc. It doesnt have to be slow, just a little bit slower

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07/13/2009 09:44:30 PM · #7
I agree that it comes at a bit too fast of a pace. The small logo sliding across the screen now and then does not seem necessary either and pulls me away from appreciating the quality of the photography. The big one seems just fine at the amount it appears. Enough to remind someone who did these.

Added: After reading the other comments, how about leaving it fast like this, but making the images less busy, by eliminating the frequent duplicates that are on screen at once. That way the viewer is quickly drawn into the single image that is on screen at any one time. It might be running at the same speed, but will not be as visually hard to follow.

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07/13/2009 09:45:01 PM · #8
As with everyone else, I thought it was too fast. I just saw the video and don't remember your studio's name. All I know is that its initials are "PS". As well as that, I don't remember any of the pictures. Personally, I get excited about a good shot, that's when I go to the photographer's website. I think if you gave people time to appreciate your work then they might get the bug and want to see more, IMHO. Hope it helps!
07/13/2009 09:51:01 PM · #9
I wouldn't say "see" the pretty pictures, more like "feel" the pictures. Something to draw me into the video, to the website so I can see more.

Originally posted by idnic:

So.... slow it down so people can see the pretty pictures?

07/13/2009 09:52:13 PM · #10
Also, at the end, there is one color shot of a baby that switches to B&W. Seems more like an error than a photographic option because it goes by so quickly.

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07/13/2009 10:00:59 PM · #11
At first viewing, I thought it was too fast also, but I did not have my speakers on.... may not make a difference to some, but with the drum cadence going, it does make more sense. I might suggest adding a delay to every 5th or 6th image or so. Make these photos your most memorable shots, so you keep the fast pace yet allow the viewer to absorb key images.
07/13/2009 10:05:01 PM · #12
Valid points by all.... this is why I needed more eyes on this project than just my own. I am working on a new version. Will be a bit before I have it uploaded, but I will continue to watch this thread and integrate changes that will improve the final presentation. :)
07/13/2009 10:18:46 PM · #13
I hate to pick at your logo stuff... but I'm not a fan of all the background movement, colors, and cluster, when your logo and studio name are showing, I would even consider taking off the whole phrase "get all that?" and just have the studio name come up with a less distracting background. But heck.. I'm no designer.. so don't listen to me.
07/13/2009 10:29:50 PM · #14
Hi Cindi,

Really great video! I watched it 4 times, and I liked the speed more and more every time. fldave is right - the audio really sells it. I also think slowing down with a "star" picture every 5/6 shots would be good breather.

I like the logo in the corner, but I might nix the full-screen logos interspersed with the photos - it has a bit of an invasive subliminal message feel to it. Maybe put the full "Penrod Studios" text logo in the corner, as I find my eye wandering there as a static reference during some of the quick sequences anyway.

I dislike the logo moving around sequence between 0:50 and 0:54. I'd fade the "get all that?" to your number, web address, leave it there for 5 seconds, then cut it. I think going back to fast-paced photos may serve to erase memory.

Just my thoughts. Them and 25 cents won't even buy you a phone call these days. Oh, and for market research purposes, I'm a 27 year old father of two who is computer/photo savvy. =)

07/13/2009 10:43:38 PM · #15
I'll be a dissenter. I looked at it through my "Mama eyes" not through my photographer's eyes. As a photog, yea, too fast. As a potential customer, suwheet. It shows the fantastic range of pictures that you are able to do, and I come away feeling like "she will take pictures of my kids in a lot of different ways, and she will be quick and efficient doing it." fldave makes a good point. if you could have them going fast, then have regular pauses that are a bit shorter, that might be effective.

I'm not a web designer, so YMMV.

(The bw to color baby bothered me the first time (without sound), but it kinda fits the rim shot that happens almost simultaneously at that point.)
07/13/2009 11:01:02 PM · #16
I gotta say that the first 8 seconds of "Who are you?" is very similar to what we were going to do for our Senior Marketing campaign. We tried to license the music for that, but couldn't get them to take us seriously. (The Who - Who Are You?).

my impressions are you are going for edgy, chic, rangey (if that's a word) and diverse.

Have you given thought to breaking out different campaigns for your different market efforts? Weddings, seniors, children, and family portraiture. That's kind of what I saw in this 60 sec. spot.
07/13/2009 11:44:12 PM · #17
Karma - thanks so much! I find that mothers are 99.985% of my buying clientelle. Even for weddings the mother of the bride tends to make more decisions than anyone else; but especially for the tots and seniors. Your reaction is (hopefully) more along my target market's.

I just told my daughter (studio assistant) yesterday, that I think I need sperate videos for wedding; senior; and family. I feel like those are very distinct portions of my business, eventhough they are all me. So, yeah, I think I should have them all seperated. Once I find a style that will work for "everyone", one that is generic; then I'll use that style to focus with several matching videos.

I'm working on a new cadance - with pauses at the key shots - jeez, this stuff takes soooooo much time. I wish I had a staff!! lol

07/14/2009 02:20:47 AM · #18
My 2 cents:
1. Slower on screen movement with the images. They're tough to follow since they're kind a rapid fire to begin with.
2. Cut the graphics splash screen at the end in half.
3. Use #2 to dedicate more time to the pictures themselves.

I hope this helps.
07/14/2009 10:37:27 AM · #19
Cindi, I also think it's way too fast and I think you have too many pictures in there too. With that said I also think maybe you should bring it down to about 30 instead just because keeping the attention of people for 60 seconds is very hard with ads especially commercials and such. I like your idea but it's too much for me to take in.
07/14/2009 10:44:16 AM · #20
Whoa... I feel dizzy :S
07/14/2009 01:03:57 PM · #21
I read all the comments first, then watched the video. My take...

The music and the speed are fine from a consumer point of view. You're trying to get a lot of information out there quickly. It works for me.

However, I don't care for your logo tossed in every so often. It is distracting.

I didn't care for the "Get all that" part either.

The BW baby does look like a mistake to me.

The font used for your phone number is hard to read in the time allowed. It almost looks like you interspersed cApiTal leTteRs in randomly. *shrug*

Overall...I liked it.
07/14/2009 10:31:04 PM · #22

Okay. I spent most of my free-time today re-working this show. Now with a new layout, focused subject-matter, a pause every few slides, re-kerned the logo (lol), and made a million other small changes.... I am happier with the result. BUT...I wonder how photographers will feel. I did show a client the previous version today at its previous pace and she immediately said "make it slower". So not sure keeping the pace through most of it will fly..... thoughts?

Edit to mention: its still in the works... I have a list of things to add, change but would love to incorporate constructive critisism at the same time.

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07/14/2009 10:56:46 PM · #23
What? You have free time?

First and second impressions:
A couple\few of the pictures go away quicker than my brain could register them.

Now, I don't know whether that speaks more to the pace of the video or the pace of my brain.

Overall the pace is better. It's just a couple of them that flew right past my eyes.
07/14/2009 11:23:17 PM · #24
Originally posted by shanksware:

What? You have free time?

First and second impressions:
A couple\few of the pictures go away quicker than my brain could register them.

Now, I don't know whether that speaks more to the pace of the video or the pace of my brain.

Overall the pace is better. It's just a couple of them that flew right past my eyes.

First reaction is to ask "which ones did you not see?" hehehee. I'm guessing it was ones with fast pace AND movement. will check those out. I do think they are still fast.. but I hope the effect, with the soundtrack work on the subliminal now. :)
07/14/2009 11:31:12 PM · #25
i watched both versions. still WAY too fast. that was my non-photographer wife's first impression as well (after less than 15 seconds into it).

personally, the intro doesn't grab me. what's the point of the three floating boxes and the flickering, moving logo, and moving bands? it's all redundant and distracting. who is supposed to answer, 'who are you?' is the viewer supposed to be finding themselves in your photos or in your style of photography? if your images are supposed to answer the question, are you able to articulate what each image says in response to that question? it's not enough to simply stream a collection of the best of your portfolio; the images need to have a purpose.

what's the purpose of the 'oh yeah?' in the middle? who's asking the question? is it a question, or should it be an exclamation?

and when you ask, 'got all that?' at the end, what answer are you looking for? are you trying to drive people to your site by leaving them feeling that the only way they can get any answers is by visiting your website? like hit them in the face with a blast of something, then tell them to visit the site while their trying to figure out what just hit them?

and what are they going to find when they get to your site? do you have a landing that will show how you will help them answer 'who are you?'

bottom line, imho, you've got a nice start, but if you don't architect your message beyond just being a stream of images, most people aren't going to be able to figure out what you're point is. it's not enough to simply have a 'cool' vid; it needs to be part of an overall planned effort.

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