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05/23/2009 01:51:24 PM · #1
i got this email today, what should i do?

Dear Ms Ohlson, I am writing to ask your permission to use one of your photos - "Just a Pawn" from the challenge called de-motivational posters. I am in the Royal Navy and I would like to use the photo for presentations. The use would be strictly not for profit and credit will be made to yourself. With your kind permission, I would be grateful if you would allow me to use photo for similar purposes in the future. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you, ____ / ___| __ ___ __ | | _ / _` \ \ / / | |_| | (_| |\ V / \____|\__,_| \_/ Gavin Edwards (phone number and email listed)
05/23/2009 01:56:40 PM · #2
I'd say to verify he is who he says, and let him use it. These sort of posters are great material for presentations. Lightens the mood and maintains the audiences attention.

The fact is, he could just snatch the 720 pixel pic and use it anyway, but he is doing the right thing and asking permission.
05/23/2009 02:11:56 PM · #3
thats true. ill send him and email and get some more info
05/23/2009 02:17:39 PM · #4
I received this PM as well. Let me know what you come up with.
05/23/2009 02:20:43 PM · #5
Originally posted by timfythetoo:

I received this PM as well. Let me know what you come up with.

hmmm, thats suspicious. yes, i just sent the email, ill let you know when i get a response. what photo was yours for?
05/23/2009 02:26:05 PM · #6
I would not consider asking permission to be suspicious, even with several requests. Clearly he saw several that he felt would work in his presentation, and wants to use them to break up the monotony of a long talk. Excellent idea.
05/23/2009 02:49:40 PM · #7
oop, missed this thread and started my own, I'd be happy to help out however my shot is a copy of a poster from despair.com so don'think it would be right.
05/23/2009 03:23:29 PM · #8
somone n team suck thought it was a scam. why would someone scam you out of a photo?
05/23/2009 04:00:18 PM · #9
My thoughts exactly. As Spiffy says, he could just use it anyway and nobody would be the wiser, so there's nothing to gain by asking.
05/23/2009 04:23:22 PM · #10
I got the same email from the same guy. He was asking to use my de-motivational poster for presentations too.
05/23/2009 04:26:43 PM · #11
Ok I got a PM from this guy too. I looked up his profile on DPC and the only thing that seems weird to me is that this guy is listed as a member since 2005, but he has never participated in a challenge, never commented on any photos, never posted in the forums and has only viewed 59 images. Why be a legit member on DPC and never do anything? The problem I have is that maybe this guy is asking for permission, but not for the reason he says. Not to sound really paranoid but my concern is that he could be planning on trying to sell them and wants to be able to say we gave him permission. He makes it sound like the presentations have something to do with his job in the royal navy, why would you use de-motivational posters in a navy presentation?

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05/23/2009 04:26:52 PM · #12
I got one too. Maybe since he is using the PM system he might like to come here and introduce himself? :)
05/23/2009 04:32:21 PM · #13
Me too. I have already given my permission and got an immediate email of thanks from him. He won't be able to sell such a small file, he has been kind enough to ask, so I hope it helps motivate the troops.
05/23/2009 04:36:54 PM · #14
i got a reply

Ms Ohlson,

I am an Air Engineering Officer of a squadron, each quarter we have a meeting called shareholders for all the 60 or so engineers and maintainers. I host the meeting and run a key note brief covering various current topics - one of which is a talk on an individuals' responsibility for keeping our aircraft airworthy. The poster you made would fit nicely with a paradoxical theme on the subject!

I hope that clears it up somewhat!



so im sending mine off. it seems fine to me
05/23/2009 04:45:55 PM · #15
Hello all,

I'm Gavin - I have sent you the PMs/emails this evening. Thank you Michelle for the link to this thread. My apologies for the multiple requests.

As paperpages says, I have been on DPC for a long time and, also correctly indicated, I haven't ever posted a single image. I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer, but I wouldn't be able to hold a candle to the work of those who regularly compete here. Despite this lack of confidence in my abilities, I receive email updates from DPC with all the challenge top 3s which I look to as inspiration in my shots.

If you do want to see what I have taken, I have a picasaweb page at //picasaweb.google.com/edwards.gavin/.

I respect your work and would not consider using it without the owners' permission, so those who have granted me permission thus far may I say, once again, thank you.

At the place I work, we have termly and daily meetings. For the daily meetings I made a couple of slides which are used as the backdrop for my engineering brief - the photos are here: //picasaweb.google.com/edwards.gavin/ASACSlides?authkey=Gv1sRgCKOpjK6JusKhHA&feat=directlink - the inspiration was taken from an entry I saw on DPC a few years back.

I'm happy to try and explain myself further if required...



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05/23/2009 04:59:39 PM · #16
LOL now I feel like a jerk.
Thanks for clearing things up! You'll have to forgive me for being a little suspicious, there's a lot of scams that float around.
I checked out some of the photos in your picasa album. You've got some really great shots! Maybe you should consider entering a challenge sometime. I'm an amateur too and I've learned a lot from comments people have made on my challenge photos. It's a great way to learn and get feedback.
You're welcome to use my poster. I hope it's liked. :)

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05/23/2009 05:05:42 PM · #17
Ms Martin,

I understand your reasons! I would have done the same thing - If I'm honest, I sent a few requests with the mindset that most would get rejected. But thank you too for your permission.

I shall give myself a goal of competing in at least one competition this Summer, although I wouldn't know where to start!
05/23/2009 06:11:31 PM · #18
Well Good luck Gavin with your first challenge, just jump in with both feet is probably the easiest way :)

I must commend for asking for permission before using these photo's it's so refreshing, especially when so many images from this site are reported as stolen on an almost weekly basis, Kudos!
05/23/2009 07:22:35 PM · #19
Originally posted by edwards:

I shall give myself a goal of competing in at least one competition this Summer, although I wouldn't know where to start!

Pick a date now when you know you'll have some "free" time, and then deal with whatever topic(s) happen to come up -- that's part of what makes it a "challenge."

Or, do like I did, and try to enter every challenge, and don't worry about the score(s) you get here -- take photos YOU find interesting.
05/23/2009 07:51:13 PM · #20
Gavin, I got your PM and yes, you may also use my demotivational poster for your presentation as well. And thank you for asking.
You really should join in here as more than a "lurker", LOL. I'm about as amature as you can get with my little point-n-shoot. Be warned though, entering challenges can be addicting!
Janie Keeling

(I like your name, by the way. I have a son named Gavin).
06/05/2009 06:04:13 PM · #21
Well, I did it. I took two photos, one for the friends competition and one for the unusual object competition! Sadly, it was only after I finished the work that I realized because I wasn't a member I couldn't enter the latter!

The one that I could enter is called ***** in the friends competition, it is getting a bit of a slating at the moment, but it's all reasonable comment.

**Removed until completion of voting - sorry.**

My preferred image, typically, is the one I couldn't enter! Ah well, better luck next time I suppose.

' . substr('//img151.imageshack.us/img151/6870/crabtrapinmullionsmall.jpg', strrpos('//img151.imageshack.us/img151/6870/crabtrapinmullionsmall.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

Thank you to those who encouraged me to take this step.


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06/05/2009 06:11:37 PM · #22
You'll want to remove this currently entered image from this thread poste haste, or you could be dq'd for identifying the entry as yours during voting--a lousy outcome to your first challenge entry, sir :-)

And good on you for entering--hope to see more :-)

06/06/2009 03:05:10 AM · #23
Thank you for the warning - getting disqualified for doing something quite so stupid would be rather upsetting. I have removed the photo until after completion of the vote.


06/06/2009 08:37:00 AM · #24
Gavin, Congratulations on your first entry, I do hope you continue to enter, I've looked at your link posted for photos and your doing just fine. Have a good look at the photos on the

site that interest you and don't be afraid to send a PM to the photographers asking for details and advice on how to do certain types of edits. You will find all kinds of help in the

tutorials and a GREAT source is Photoshop Mama on U-Tube. Just about everyone you will encounter on this site will be more then helpful and you will get lots of support from everyone visa-

vee comments on the photos you enter. I really felt like I would be totally lost and all my photos would get crushed in voting and in the beginning I was and they did but I learned not to

take all the comments seriously and to talk to the people who left constructive comments and pick their brains. I'm now able to feel confident about my photography and I'm doing new and

interesting things with my images. I still have a long way to go but I continue to converse with people on this site and I've even had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful and

interesting DPCers.

This is a fantastic and supportive community to belong to, sure we have some pains in the arse (I'm sure I'm one of them) but that's true with every community based site. The good far out weigh the bad.

I'm really glad Chromey caught your little phopaw, I'm looking forward to seeing your first entry :)

OH and good on you for asking for permission with the image, as others have already said that's pretty rare now a days and your integrity goes a long way.


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