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07/21/2008 09:36:31 PM · #76
What an amazing, talented group.
07/22/2008 03:49:00 AM · #77
Please add your 'favorite photographer of the week' here, to share with us there amazing talent..... We would all love to see the images you love, by one of your favorite photographers.....

We are now into week four, and I personally think we have a SHOWCASE of amazing talented photographers, here in this thread, and also here at DPC.....


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07/22/2008 03:59:11 AM · #78
Originally posted by timfythetoo:

Originally posted by kolasi:

[quote=timfythetoo] A favorite of mine for any week - 21.gif nixter

Same here, if I had to pick a favorite photog on the site it would be him.

Interesting you chose him as you have very different styles

I hear ya there. Alot of my favorite photographs and photographers are of a style much different than what I shoot. I would like to be able to see and capture like 21.gif nixter and others of his vein, but i am not even remotely close to being there yet.

And on that note - I will post up another fave photog and his work.

21.gif muur88 Excellent choice.....
349036.jpg 562751.jpg 627088.jpg 664811.jpg 559813.jpg 526415.jpg
07/22/2008 06:38:34 AM · #79
Thanks Shez 21_F.gif sherpet...what a great idea this is ;)

One of my favourite photographers here has to be 21_F.gif erinM I have alot of her images in my faves! Her are just a few
701443.jpg 700556.jpg 652213.jpg 646181.jpg 645713.jpg
617679.jpg 620048.jpg

07/22/2008 11:06:25 AM · #80
Well I guess a thanks to James is in order. Not sure why he chose me to grace these pages with these much more talented folk, he must be smoking a little bit of crack, but I thank him just the same.
07/22/2008 12:25:28 PM · #81
21.gif Brad. You could lost in his portfolio for a long time and still not see everything!

103788.jpg, 695702.jpg, 461324.jpg
448148.jpg, 699015.jpg, 651346.jpg
07/22/2008 12:54:18 PM · #82
Did anyone mention Bucket yet?
07/22/2008 01:47:28 PM · #83
Originally posted by sherpet:

Week 4 - 21.gif Hotpasta - Our Enzo, is my pick for week 4, as he is a wonderful photographer, an Aussie, a friend, and a great bloke.

Here are some of my favorites from his portfolio.

446428.jpg 521998.jpg 412232.jpg 626541.jpg 683961.jpg 687500.jpg

His portfolio us so worth looking at, especially his images from Kenya, and his seascapes around Melbourne. I also love his flowers and macros.

I have to agree with this! I didnt really even realize that 21.gif Hotpasta was my favorite photographer until I took a look at my favorite photos, and most of them were his!!
07/23/2008 07:51:52 PM · #84
Some amazing photographers here, with some awesome photos..... it yur favorite DPC photographer her..... It not, why not add your 'favorite photographer of the week' here, to share with us, as we would love to add they name to this list.
07/23/2008 08:09:46 PM · #85
21_F.gif lentil

Just a few photos from her port:
653194.jpg 644573.jpg 661681.jpg 651548.jpg
07/23/2008 08:21:22 PM · #86
UPDATE of your 'Favorite Photographers of the WEEK' here

21_F.gif Aimeethetoo21.gif Alain21.gif AlexSaberi21.gif banmorn21.gif bassbone21.gif Bear_Music21.gif brad21.gif breadfan3531.gif Bruce_the_Robert21.gif bruski21_F.gif bubeltrubel21.gif bucket21_F.gif CalliopeKel21.gif Coley21_N.gif Cutter31.gif Davidus42831_N.gif Dax21.gif De Sousa21.gif DJWoodward21_F.gif Doyle21.gif DrAchoo31.gif DrJOnes21.gif dsidwell21.gif Ecce Signum21.gif elsapo21_F.gif erinM31_F.gif escapetooz21.gif eyewave21.gif FocusPoint21_F.gif FrostyPaws31.gif Gnarf21_F.gif Goodman31.gif Gordon21.gif Greetmir21_F.gif grigrigirl21.gif Gringo21.gif gsal21.gif Hotpasta21_F.gif iamwoman21_F.gif Idnic21.gif Imagineer21_F.gif IreneM21_F.gif Ivory21.gif JaimeVinas 21.gif jblaylockrayner21.gif jdannels21.gif jedusi31.gif Joey Lawrence21_F.gif jpochard 21_F.gif Judi21_F.gif Jutilda811.gif karmat21.gif kiwiness2780.gif Konador21_F.gif L121.gif Larus21_F.gif lentil21.gif LevT21_F.gif Liberty21.gif librodo21_F.gif lovethelight21_F.gif lynnesite21.gif mad_brewer21.gif MAK21_F.gif Melethia21.gif Mephisto21.gif messerschmitt21.gif mpeters21.gif muur8821.gif nixter21_F.gif njsabs232312253.gif nshapiro21.gif Pedro21.gif Philos21_F.gif photokariangel21.gif pointandshoot21.gif Qart21_F.gif ristyz21_F.gif RKT21_F.gif Roz21_F.gif SandyP 21.gif Simms 21_F.gif simplesilent21.gif sittingonthegrass21_F.gif Sherpet21.gif SJCarter21_N.gif skewsme31_F.gif sonifo21_F.gif suemack21_F.gif tcguru21_N.gif Techo21.gif timfythetoo31.gif TOY21.gif trevytrev21_N.gif undieyatch21_F.gif Ursula21_F.gif xianart21.gif yanko21.gif yospiff 31_F.gif cheegirl 31.gif transit 31_F.gif Shermy

Please note. List now updated on the front page, re Page 1, of this thread, and also towards the end of the thread regularly. I will be adding the new 'user' names, depending on the day, mostly on every second page..

Please let the person you choose know, that they are one of MANY 'favorite photographers' of the week.

Any of the above photographers, can choose to add this little symbol to there profile page, to show that they have been 'showcased', as a 'favorite photographer' of the week.

700559.jpg 700562.jpg 700560.jpg Three to choose from in three different sizes.

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07/24/2008 06:50:24 AM · #87

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07/24/2008 07:24:27 AM · #88
21.gif Qart, and not just 'cause he's an Ontario boy...

439853.jpg 427602.jpg 470651.jpg 249564.jpg

...oh, and 31.gif DrJOnes, too, but I'm not posting the thumbnails. :-P
07/24/2008 08:15:30 PM · #89
I asked sire council to add the word 'SHOWCASE' to the front of this thread, as I feel this is a 'SHOWCASE' of some amazing photographers here at DPC.

Take a 'LOOK', and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Choose your favorite 'photographer of the week', and add it here.

They do not have to be photographers, with the most ribbons, but can be anyone you like, as long as you love there photos, as that is what it is all about.

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07/24/2008 08:37:06 PM · #90
One who hasn't been Showcased yet, this really suprises me 21.gif librodo.

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07/24/2008 09:14:16 PM · #91
Originally posted by lovethelight:

Mine is 21.gif Larus

He has been a source of continued inspiration for my portraits from the day I joined DPC!

382950.jpg hidden.png 289747.jpg 485786.jpg 437005.jpg 530081.jpg

My idol... deffineatly my favorite photographers of all time....:P
07/25/2008 04:48:32 AM · #92
Originally posted by suemack:

2780.gif Konador Fascinating and fantastic watching him grow from being a kid to an adult. Thanks Ben!!!

Thanks Sue! Wow, I'd have never thought anyone would think of me in a thread with such amazing talents as this one! I haven't entered a lot lately, partly due to my Rebel being out of order, but I'll definitely get back into the groove soon! :)
07/25/2008 09:11:18 AM · #93
Thank you guys for this nice gesture of recognition. I do appreciate it very much. I am sorry I was not able to participate on DPC the past... year or two!!!! LOL! Business is doing great and unfortunately this means less time to spend engaging in DP Challenges. I think DPC has evolved into a fantastic website which offers an unparalleled platform for photographers of any caliber and skill level who wish to learn photography. I strongly believe photography is a life time learning process. And DPC is the perfect tool to stay sharp.

Best wishes to all!

Martin Perreault
aka DrJones

07/25/2008 09:13:47 AM · #94
A very cool thread. And thanks to 21.gif Hot_Pixel for acknolegding me...very unexpected indeed.
07/25/2008 09:22:28 AM · #95
Originally posted by glad2badad:

21.gif Brad. You could lost in his portfolio for a long time and still not see everything!

Amen. The volume of quality is staggering.

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07/25/2008 10:09:15 AM · #96
21.gif jdannels

432644.jpg 401687.jpg 345387.jpg 472137.jpg 322092.jpg 610325.jpg
07/25/2008 10:48:23 AM · #97
Going through my favorites in photos I found that there are some photographers I should have marked as favorites which I have now rectified:-)

This is a hard choice just featuring one now but I am going to go with one who has not been in the spotlight for a while 21.gif Philos Most might be familiar with his stunning windmill photos but there are other gems in his portfolio (one of which is missing that I KNOW I had as a favorite:-( )

109315.jpg 167143.jpg 229941.jpg 244422.jpg 315307.jpg
07/25/2008 11:10:17 AM · #98
Thanks 21_F.gif sherpet and 21.gif yospiff for noticing some of my work.

heres some of my favs from 21_F.gif sherpet

688744.jpg 665837.jpg 568388.jpg

541845.jpg 477987.jpg

Some from 21.gif yospiff, and yes it did feel like I had to strive harder with that Kodak, I think it helped, alot.

682459.jpg 638452.jpg 613178.jpg


21_F.gif sherpet, this thread is a great idea.
07/25/2008 03:09:36 PM · #99
21.gif bucket is an amazing display of pure talent, his work is so diverse and so beautiful:
I could seriously go on all day, but i'll spare you all and just rummage around his pictures for the rest of the day by myself. haha
07/25/2008 04:08:31 PM · #100
Surprise not to see him here.......31.gif Joey Lawrence471142.jpg 693659.jpg 479452.jpg 553912.jpg
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