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03/20/2008 07:53:05 AM · #1
Calling on all dog owners for help with this one...

I have a 16yr old Pomeranian. It's not a small one though, it's kinda big for one. Here are a couple pictures I took just last month.


Anyways, Monday he started to cry (Bark in a painful kinda way) and he wouldn't stop for any reason. He normally barks only when someone (My wife or I) leaves the apartment. This was different. It happened twice that day, and I wasn't sure what it was. My wife thought it might be mites. We gave him ear drops and brown crappy stuff oozed out and he was good again. Tuesday he was fine, I was able to chase him around the apartment and he seemed to be back to his same old self. Wednesday (Last night) he seemed overly affectionate towards me. When I say overly, I mean he crawled under my computer desk stood up and just stared at me. I had work and couldn't play. He went to the bedroom and jumped all over my wife trying to get to the corner of the bed. He NEVER sleeps in our room. He always sleeps in my mother-in-laws bed. He sleeps there EVERY night. Last night by 3am it got annoying.

Today, he was shaking a bit and he wouldn't leave my side. He didn't care about being next to my wife, and more surprising that he didn't seem to care about my mother-in-law. When I left for work, it was the same barking. He kept shaking while I was gone and he seemed too odd for comfort and my wife brought him to the vet. The vet couldn't diagnose him saying he looked and acted much younger than his age. He said that his heart and lungs are in good shape and that he's just a tad over-weight considering the size he is and being a Pomeranian. When he got home, it was the over-affectionate dog all over again. He never jumps into my lap, but he wanted to sit in my lap while I was working on the computer, something that again has NEVER happened.

I'm hoping that there is a NICE reason for this. I've heard stories of people saying there animals act this way days or weeks before dieing...he's lived a long life but regardless of that it would be sad to see him go. He is still a very energetic bouncing dog...at 16 that's pretty good IMO.
03/20/2008 08:04:49 AM · #2
you don't think maybe it's an ear infection or something - seeing as brown crappy stuff oozed out of them when you put the drops in?

myabe the vet missed it because you had partially alleviated the issue.

were the ears mentioned to the vet?
03/20/2008 08:30:22 AM · #3
I did mention it to the vet.
03/20/2008 08:41:03 AM · #4
I will tell you about my Basenji, who lived to 16; much like old people, they acquire odd behaviors as they age...I believe it is a form of senile dementia, similar to humans. My dog at times was very affectionate, at times would stare off into space, Basenji's don't bark, so I can't tell you about that part of it; but remember that he is geriatric, even if active, and may just have some failing of his mental faculties so you must be compassionate and try to just play when you can with him for his days are not long at that age...Marion
03/20/2008 08:56:20 AM · #5
I play with him every day. I've read of Poms living to 20 yrs and beyond. At 16yrs he's still active physically and once I get him going and chasing him around the house, he's like a kid again. I hope it's nothing, but unfortunately I think it is a mental issue. Damn...
03/20/2008 09:07:29 AM · #6
I have a 15 year old Australian Kelpie who is deaf, partially blind and has been diagnosed with cancerous growth on her neck. She was diagnosed a few months ago but the growth on her neck is quite obvious and getting much larger all the time. We were told that there was no chance of operating on her.

She appears to be in no pain and stays inside the house with us day and night, after spending most of her life outside. She knows her days are numbered and her nature has changed considerably and will stick by my side all the time, she is at me feet now as I type.

Dogs do have another sense our old sick girl will not go near our other two younger dogs and keeps well clear of our kids also.

I’m not trying to frighten you but please go to the Vet and get things checked out. You could also do a thorough feel around of her body for any sign of lumps or bumps but saying all that your beautiful dog looks very happy and healthy by the looks of the photos.

Here is a picture of my Rose from a few years ago, I wouldn’t like to show a more recent shot.

03/20/2008 09:11:55 AM · #7
My chocolate lab turns 13 in two weeks, and she has been on pain medication for over a year. I took her to the vets last month to readjust her medication and the vet simply said we are out of options. So, she is started to stay by herself at times, not wanting any attention and she no longer runs. I think her time is measured now in weeks.
03/20/2008 09:16:54 AM · #8
I have never met a human who gives love as unconditionally as a dog...also, how many people are ever happy just playing with a ball their entire life?
Dogs teach us about the simple joys of life...
03/20/2008 09:24:36 AM · #9
There's so many things that could be going on - crying and shaking to me suggest pain. Any changes in appetite? Weight? Poop? Thirst? Given that he has goop in his ears, he could have an infection that is causing pain. Did the vet do a swab? Is the goop external, or far down the ear canal? Did the vet rinse the ear out completely?

Did your vet do a urinalysis and full blood panel? That is one of the first things I would do if one of my dogs were "not quite right", (and routinely every 6 months for senior dogs.)

Given his age, he could be showing some signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (doggie dementia).

I'd keep a close eye on him, and if he still seems off I'd be heading to another vet for a second opinion just to be sure.

Hopefully it's nothing. Good luck.

03/20/2008 09:39:23 AM · #10
Just today his appetite has be somewhat low...unless it's jerky.

There doesn't seem to be any more pain. The goop out of the ear was something that the doctor looked at. He gave us more meds. He's actually calmed down since posting. I think it MAY have been the actual ear drops or something. He's fine right now...we'll see what he's like tomorrow morning. We go back to the vet in 5 days though.
03/20/2008 11:01:01 AM · #11
I lost my dog a few years ago to a tumor in his stomach. He was a Lhasa Apso named Mango, I grew up with him from the ages of 8 to 20. He was the greatest dog a girl could ask for! When he got sick it was reall hard b/c is he had showed NO signs of being sick until about 2 1/2 weeks before he passed. Actually, I take that back, about a year before he got sick he got a horrible case of diahrrea and kept vomiting. We wound up taking him to an emergency vet on christmas eve, this quack of a vet prescribed him with 2 different liquids we were to give him a few times a day. Later on we found out he had given us some sort of liquid licorice and Noni juice (anyone heard of it?). Needless to say this didn't help him. Finally one morning my dad said 'I'm going to take him for a walk, it'll either kill him or make him better' I don't want to get too graphic but during their mile long walk, my dog defecated about 14 times, when he got back he was back to his old self. It was really odd. A year went by and his appetite was normal, no diarhea or vomiting, no whining, he wasn't being especially clingy and he hadn't lost any weight then BAM one morning he wouldn't get out of his bed, he quit eating and drinking. When we did x-rays he had a rather large tumor in his stomach, the doctor said that it had to have been there for a while given its size. They said that basically it was too late, we could do surgury bu there was no guarentee of the amount of time it would buy him or the quality of life he would have. The vet suggestes we take him home and put him on IV fluids for a few days and see how he responded to it. It didn't help him so we made the hard decision to have him put to sleep. he was only 12

Anyway, the point of my story is that in my opinion you should definetly get a second opinion. Sometimes doctors overlook things, sometimes the animal seems to have gotten better, and sometimes you wind up at a quack's office ( I'm sure your vet isn't a quack though :) ) I truly hope everything will be ok with your dog.
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