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02/28/2008 07:15:26 PM · #1
I went Samy's today to check out the 40D. It looks pretty nice! I currently have a 20D and I love it, but maybe it's time to move up. I can't really afford the 5D, but used ones are coming down in price.

I like the idea of full frame (5D), but the new chip would probably be a better buy (40D).
What would you all suggest? I'm planning to purchase in April or May.

I mostly shoot events (weddings, parties), nature (scenery, zoos, pets, wild animals), headshots, and macros. I am fascinated by HDR and want to get into that too, but I mostly need this camera for the events I get paid to shoot. The 20D has worked fine, as I have great lenses, but I think it's time for an upgrade. What do you think?

~ Arie
02/28/2008 07:21:15 PM · #2
I think an important consideration must be whether you're prepared to lose some zoom at the long end with the upgrade to a full-frame dSLR. If I had an unlimited budget I'd get a 40D over a 5D as the 24-105mm lens would suit me perfectly on a 1.6x but not as much on a full-frame (and there's no real equivalent). On the other hand, of course, you'd get more at the wide end which could be more useful for you at parties.

Of course the 5D demands really good glass but I see you have some nice stuff already!
02/28/2008 07:41:30 PM · #3
I just got to play with both at best buy... the 5D with the 24-105 and the 40D with some consumer glass. I noticed the 40D seems sturdier than the 20D for sure. The 5D was amazing to look through the view finder, and it made the 40D seems a lot less desireable. Plus, that L lens focused super fast... Anyways... I don't think i'm helping :-X
02/28/2008 07:43:35 PM · #4
I have a couple of 5D's and I also have access to the 1DS Mark II. I cannot speak more highly of the 5D over other cameras. Don't get me wrong...every camera has its good points...but they also have their bad points. I use my 5D's for everything....action, weddings, portraits, studio, outdoors, landscape, macro, animals, etc....and it always performs. Go with what you feel comfortable with. Yes, the crop factor is a necessary consideration...but always look at what you are doing in photography now...and add at least 10% for growth..in your areas of photography, equipment and future works etc. Yes it is more prices in both body and lenses...but it all depends on what YOU want...nobody else can answer that.

02/28/2008 07:48:09 PM · #5
I have both and prefer the 40D (14-bit RAW, faster shutter, longer zoom, some weather sealing, etc.). The 5D is certainly a great camera, but it's getting old and I'd rather throw the extra cash at a great lens. Plus, it's nice to have a pop up flash for fill light sometimes.

Yes, the 580ex will work on both.

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02/28/2008 07:48:28 PM · #6
The 5D would help with my wide angles, but I LOVE the idea of an upgraded chip! I'm a techy by nature, and the more bang for the buck is also part of my motto.

Hmmm, don't know. Anybody else have comparison ideas and reasons why one would be a better choice than the other?

Also, would my 580ex Flash work with both? I assume so, but not 100% on that.

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02/28/2008 07:50:19 PM · #7
I was thinking of maybe getting the 10mm f/22 lens eventually, Scalvert. Hmmm, maybe that's my best option. A faster shutter would be great at weddings - the walking down the aisle bit! ;)
02/28/2008 07:53:08 PM · #8
The 40d, by all accounts is a great camera. It has several features that the 5D lacks, being a 2.5 year old model, most notably 14-bit RAW and Live View. More frames per second is also nice, but not a necessity for the work you do.
On the other hand, the 24-70/2.8, 70-200/2.8 and 5D are simply a match made in heaven. There's a good reason why 5Ds are still selling... they do an outstanding job, and there is simply no competition at the price point. If you can put your hands on a 5D body, take your 70-200 and a CF card and shoot a few frames of candid portraiture... even if it is of the camera sales guy! Then go check out the files on your computer.
Honestly, though, either camera will do an outstanding job for you, and either is a big step forward from the 20D.
02/28/2008 08:37:40 PM · #9
Thanks so much for that update! I like the Live View option, but what strikes me most is the new chip... the color/tone ranges of a higher quality chip.

I also like the idea of spending some money on a lens and some on a body, as opposed to EVERYTHING on a body and no new lens for a few years. Still, the 5D looks phenomenal. Hmmm.
04/27/2008 03:53:13 AM · #10
I see mirdonamy, you finally went for a 40D, I'm just going though the same dilemma myself.
what do people think on the same question, now some of the expected specs for the 5D mk II have been released
04/27/2008 06:47:12 AM · #11
Originally posted by bob_bobski:

I see mirdonamy, you finally went for a 40D, I'm just going though the same dilemma myself.
what do people think on the same question, now some of the expected specs for the 5D mk II have been released

Reasonably the 5DII will comfortably surpass the 40D in terms of image quality, but will probably also be 3 times the selling price, and still (obviously) not have the crop factor, so your 300mm will be 300mm and not it's current (effective) 420mm.

Look on the bright side - after the 5DII is released, and while you are waiting for it's initial price drop, the 50D will be released to further confuse the situation :- )
04/27/2008 10:04:37 AM · #12
Originally posted by bob_bobski:

I see mirdonamy, you finally went for a 40D, I'm just going though the same dilemma myself.
what do people think on the same question, now some of the expected specs for the 5D mk II have been released

Show me where those specs have been released! The rumour mill has Canon releasing a new 5D about every other month for over a year now and nothing from Canon - there are never leaks from Canon.

The 40D rocks - I love mine. It's so far above and beyond the 20/30D that words cannot describe it. Same for the 5D - it's old tech now and I don't see much advantage of it over the 40D - FF, sure, but 12mp vs 10 isn't a lot - unless you have a very specific need for the 12mp FF it's not going to give you any advantage in 99% of prints. And it will be slower in every other way, lacks features you will use, and FF is harder on lenses - you need good glass as you're not using just the sweet center spot anymore.

The 5D2 will be a camera to buy - IF it ever gets released!
04/27/2008 08:51:43 PM · #13
I just made that exact decision myself. I've been waiting years for a full frame Canon. The 5D was exciting when it came out, but it's still outside the range I feel comfortable spending on a camera - and now, with an older chip, and at 3 years old, it's starting to look a little dated. We're probably another 2-4 years away from a full-frame $1000-1500 offering from Canon, so I decided to give up on the full-frame dream until then and bought a 40D. I've only had it for a week, but so far I'm impressed.
04/27/2008 09:00:55 PM · #14
I'm just waiting for the 5DmkII to come out and knock £1-200 off the price of a 5DmkI so i can bag a bargain ;)
04/27/2008 11:05:59 PM · #15
I love the 40D. It's incredible! I highly recommend it! I will still be buying the newer 5D when it comes out because I do want a full frame and a 2nd camera... as I sold my 20D. :)
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