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02/22/2008 07:14:35 AM · #1
From our fearless leader, 21.gif posthumous:

"This thread belongs to Team Suck, a ragtag group of militia... um... photographers who compatriate more than compete, more interested in winging than winning, in love than lustre.

We don't let a low score get in the way of a dream!

As our seditious philosophy gained ground, our ranks grew, until we became more than just a team. We became a league of teams in wholesome if not entirely serious competition with each other. And that's the way we all became Team Suck.

This thread is for suckers to commiserate and compete. It can also be used for anyone with questions or comments about the Suck lifestyle. If you do wish to join us, we ask that you participate at DPC for a while to see if sucking really is your style, and we ask that you fulfill whatever half-brained initiation we come up with at that moment."

Rule of Thirds applies to *composition*, not subject.

Join us at our new website dedicated to the suck way of life. Visitors are always welcome; stop by for a cuppa coffee, spot of tea, keg of beer, or photoshop confusion.

Nominate OOBIE or YAPPIE!
Challenge Results

Below is the current membership of League of Suck:


410198.jpg -- 31_F.gif liltritter 31_F.gif motherlee 21_N.gif raish 21_F.gif noraneko 21_F.gif JuliBoc 21.gif bmartuch 21.gif jaysonmc 21_F.gif SaraR 21.gif Bear_Music

409756.gif -- 21.gif posthumous 21.gif meyers 21.gif levyj413 21_F.gif snaffles 31_F.gif maxaz1 21_F.gif purpleflutterby13 21_F.gif BAMartin 21.gif bdenny
409369.jpg -- 21_F.gif chaimelle 21_F.gif xianart 31.gif rheverly 21.gif griz210 21_F.gif Melethia 21.gif SteveJ 21.gif Greetmir 21_F.gif colorcarnival

509716.gif -- 21_F.gif hipychik 21_F.gif kelli 21_F.gif quiet_observation 21_F.gif bryantbus 21.gif michael_p 31_F.gif Kivet 21.gif Brookied 21_F.gif patio127 21_N.gif k4ffy

409996.jpg -- 21_N.gif skewsme 31.gif mist 31.gif sickdog 21_F.gif JerseyGenie 21.gif NikonJeb 21_F.gif cosprenks 31_F.gif Emerkaza 21_F.gif sherpet

441144.png -- 21_F.gif silverfoxx 21_F.gif wildcard 21_F.gif kashi 21.gif AperturePriority 31_N.gif Redneck 21_F.gif Blue Moon 21_F.gif krnodil 21_F.gif ephln 21.gif basssman7 21_F.gif CWelch

489595.jpg -- 21_F.gif klstover 31.gif muppet 21_F.gif Writeheart 21.gif jackal9 31.gif Gnarf21.gif LaMas21.gif hywind

462014.jpg -- 21.gif kronus 31.gif mngolfer 21.gif theSaj 31_F.gif ragamuffingirl 31.gif lonewolf
21.gif bcoble 21.gif Truegsht 31_F.gif cuspie 31_F.gif melismatica 21_N.gif k4ffy 21_F.gif cfarrell

For historical suckage, check these venerable threads:

Team Suck Policy Statement

21.gif posthumous quote:

"I don't make these very often. In fact, I might never make these, but this is a pretty fundamental policy that I'm talking about, and it's a necessary one for our survival in DPC. It has to do with voting practices. Obviously, we are not responsible for the voting practices of our members, but to go further I'd like to suggest some guidelines for how Team Suckers vote:

- We do not share photos with each other and then vote on them.
- We do not vote higher on images just because we think they were made by a member of Team Suck.
- We do not encourage each other to vote higher for certain types or styles of images. We pride ourselves on our variety of tastes and styles.
- We do not encourage any particular voting method, though we might frown at people with 3.67 voting averages and make grumbling noises.
- The only way we might influence voting is indirectly, by enriching everyone's tastes and opening their minds to what can be beautiful, and this sort of discussion is never about an identifiable picture in a current challenge."
02/22/2008 07:22:45 AM · #2
500388.jpg It's a pity I have to be at work today - we have are having one of those rare events in Philadelphia called snow.
02/22/2008 07:29:35 AM · #3
The barn, the barn, yay :D

Here's a kitty for the barn cat collection.

02/22/2008 07:40:27 AM · #4
the same snow is keeping me at home today.

but I have this lovely barn to give me shelter from the storm.

But it's not heated, so we have to snuggle! (keep your hands to yourself, Jeb)
02/22/2008 07:48:47 AM · #5
Cambridge doesn't do snow. It's more like permanent autumn right now. I'm sitting in a library, with a riverside view, and watching people fishing as I put off report writing... There's some willows and a bridge too :)

I'll pop into the barn occasionally to get away. And we can huddle and watch the snow outside too :)
Any chance of getting a fire going somewhere? Or is a barn quite a flammable structure?
(never mind, I can fire-spin outside in the snow anyway, I love doing that :) )

02/22/2008 07:50:50 AM · #6
Originally posted by purpleflutterby13:

Any chance of getting a fire going somewhere?

OK, who let the pyro into the barn??? I've got one word for you: hay.
02/22/2008 08:00:30 AM · #7
lol alright, alright, no fire indoors. Could geet a big bonfire going outside once the snow goes away?
02/22/2008 08:11:19 AM · #8
Here's the outdoor firepit. 378872.jpg
02/22/2008 08:50:19 AM · #9
what does our barn look like, anyway? is it spooky, like this 535989.jpg or is it a bright cheerful red one, with a big white silo?

I'd contribute a cat, but all I have are spoiled house cats...no tough barn denizens.

I claim the loft! 513409.jpg
02/22/2008 08:54:41 AM · #10
I had images of rather old and dark and spooky, but warm and interesting once you enter. With hay and cats :)

Guitars and whisky, anyone?
02/22/2008 09:00:09 AM · #11
And a moon for all. 446016.jpg
02/22/2008 09:07:57 AM · #12
I had low hopes for my Brown but alas, it's fallen upwards to just bad, but not bad enough. I really did find it fun to shoot for (and yes, I intentionally did things to shoot it the way I did - more later) and really rather like it! I'm still hoping it will go down. And for those keeping scores at the forefront, my last three challenges will average under 5, thank you very much!
02/22/2008 09:12:45 AM · #13
Why are you wishing away my snow? I must have been a good girl while on vacation in Florida because I've been rewarded with a beautiful white blanket the day after I returned. YEAH!!!!
Grab camera, go outside, and PLAY.
Sorry, I know ... stop throwing snowballs at me. But ya know ... I love the stuff. My last day of vacation back home and I get the best gift.

Message edited by author 2008-02-22 09:13:21.
02/22/2008 09:25:33 AM · #14
You can have my snow. The kids are off today and already fighting. It's only 9:25 AM. We already have two kids over. The others are coming later. I wish I was working today lol.
02/22/2008 09:28:01 AM · #15
we like barns...

365666.jpg big red barn

441815.jpg old, falling down barn

443668.jpg a different big red barn

490849.jpg leaving the barn

443670.jpg ex barn

497320.jpg faded red barn

412184.jpg bits of barn

514733.jpg locked barn

586436.jpg storage barn

386473.jpg barn steps
02/22/2008 09:29:51 AM · #16
514266.jpg o, and the big red barn again

Peter, that was a superb poem - I wish i was teaching still so i could put it up on the staffroom wall.
02/22/2008 09:48:48 AM · #17


a couple more for the barn collection

Message edited by author 2008-02-22 09:50:28.
02/22/2008 10:11:03 AM · #18
Peter 21_N.gif Raish, I echo Christian's sentiment that your poem was fantastic. Both you and Don are true wordsmiths.

Thanks to 21_F.gif JuliBoc for a really nice comment on my Brown entry!
02/22/2008 10:21:50 AM · #19
Originally posted by Melethia:

I had low hopes for my Brown but alas, it's fallen upwards to just bad, but not bad enough. I really did find it fun to shoot for (and yes, I intentionally did things to shoot it the way I did - more later) and really rather like it! I'm still hoping it will go down. And for those keeping scores at the forefront, my last three challenges will average under 5, thank you very much!

I'm in the low 4's, but I figure competition will be stiff.
02/22/2008 10:27:28 AM · #20
So this is where everyone snuck off to..
02/22/2008 10:38:02 AM · #21
so we get to live in a barn for now. Just remember to shut the door. I still remember from being a child my mom saying to me shut the door were you born in a barn.
02/22/2008 10:43:52 AM · #22
Here are some friends inside the barn...

558657.jpg 570288.jpg
02/22/2008 11:04:56 AM · #23

02/22/2008 11:06:43 AM · #24
Ok, this just has to be in here:
02/22/2008 11:10:27 AM · #25
Beautiful barns, folks! And Christian, when I find the link again, there's a place you can have calendars made. You need to have those barns made up into a calendar!

I'm right there with ya, Don. Apparently you and I interpreted the challenge a bit differently than the rest. Oh well!

Peter, repost your poem in the barn if you would. :-)
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