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02/25/2008 07:10:10 PM · #51
My colour on colour shot is in. Not among my best work though :-(
02/26/2008 10:28:12 PM · #52
My colour on colour entry is in too :o)

How has everyone else got on? Hopefully we have at least 4 entries in :o)
02/26/2008 10:40:45 PM · #53
I've entered B&W but don't think it will score well at all. Had a tough week with the camera.....
02/27/2008 02:52:01 AM · #54
I managed to get a Black and WHite in colour shot in, I have never taken a photo like this before. I dont know if anyone will like it, but I do :)
Good Luck everyone :D
02/27/2008 03:38:25 AM · #55
I make it we've got at least 5 in :-)

I've started on 5.1429 after 14 votes. About where I expected to be honest.
02/27/2008 08:15:52 AM · #56
So, how's everyones shots doing so far? :o)
02/27/2008 08:19:47 AM · #57
Mine's not doing that well...I didn't really have huge hopes for it because it's a studio-type setup shot (and I do badly at them) but I think I have to get better at them to be successful on here (i.e. artificial eye candy shots) so I'm going to go through the pain barrier...(or at least bounce off it a few times before I get pissed off and stop!!).
This ought to end up a 5.5-5.8 I hope. I've had other better shots recently do late 5s so I'm having a hard time finding a 6 these days :(

Votes: 32
Views: 50
Avg Vote: 5.6875
Comments: 0

02/27/2008 08:23:08 AM · #58
Not bad at all Nick!

It's way too early to know where things will end up, I'm hanging on till 100 votes but hoping I'll manage to hit my overall average or above, fingers crossed :o)
02/27/2008 12:44:32 PM · #59
Well I woke up this morning to a score of 6.22 with 15 votes and thought, ok, maybe it's not as bad as I thought.

Now it's 5.67........

Normally my scoring goes the other way, starts lower then builds. Only 40 votes so it could all change, hopefully it will follow my normal trend and creep up a little.
02/27/2008 01:24:47 PM · #60
It was at 6.12 this morning O.o
02/28/2008 03:56:45 AM · #61
I'll be propping you up this week. I'm on 4.95 :-(
02/28/2008 03:58:12 AM · #62
Votes: 98
Views: 156
Avg Vote: 6.5510
Comments: 9
Favorites: 1

I'm hoping that now it's near to the 100 votes it won't change too much!
02/28/2008 04:43:42 AM · #63
took me a while to find this thread i suppose, but better late than never eh? ;P

*ahem* hi from Stratford Upon Avon!

seems like i am doing fairly average in the black and white challenge and it is also a relief that this is the starting week as i didnt enter last week's challenges.

Current score:

Votes: 102
Views: 178
Avg Vote: 5.7745

As for helping hand with post/concepts: I suppose someone could set up a forum on one of the free sites - or we could exchange emails and use that as a forum with the whole "reply all" function.

Just a suggestion - should we all use our teamshirts as our avatars over the next few weeks? ;)
02/28/2008 04:53:48 AM · #64
oh - and i may be british but i dont drink tea, warm beer or even like cucumbers! ;)
02/28/2008 05:09:13 AM · #65
I only drink tea if someone offers and im cold, not a fan of beer unless the beer is really cold, but I do love cucumbers, never had just them in a sandwich though! :P

How about fish and chips?? I love them, but dont have them whilst at uni (Due to costs and the fact the only fish shop in this town is rubbish!)

My score has dropped now :(

02/28/2008 06:45:12 AM · #66
Fish and chips from a proper chippy is amazing for hangovers. Used to go to one in Anstruther which was apparently the best in the country (According to the awards it got) when we had a little extra cash and a willing driver to get us from St Andrews to Anstruther. Only graduated last year and am missing the life... :)
02/28/2008 06:51:50 AM · #67
Votes: 104
Views: 150
Avg Vote: 5.6346
Comments: 2

Once the score gets to 100 you're pretty much set....so Talj, you're in for a really decent score :)

I'm seriously considering only entering the Olympics challenges (and maybe the FS for the FSM) and holding off on the other challenges until my PhD thesis is complete....I'm spending too much time behind the lens and not enough time in front of the keyboard!!!


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02/28/2008 07:05:49 AM · #68
What's your thesis on Nick?

Can't you find a way to crowbar DPC into it? ;-)
02/28/2008 07:06:37 AM · #69
Originally posted by talj:

Avg Vote: 6.5510

Nice one talj! :-) Is that in colour on colour?

Message edited by author 2008-02-28 07:07:03.
02/28/2008 07:08:20 AM · #70
Originally posted by SoulMan1978:

Originally posted by talj:

Avg Vote: 6.5510

Nice one talj! :-) Is that in colour on colour?

Yup :o) My 3rd shot with the new camera so I'm pretty pleased! :o)
02/28/2008 07:19:08 AM · #71
Originally posted by SoulMan1978:

What's your thesis on Nick?

Can't you find a way to crowbar DPC into it? ;-)

Working title is "Personalisation of the User Interface using Profiled User Interface Skins" - in a nutshell the effect of aesthetic design factors (colour, shape, meaning) on interactive behaviours so that more personally relevant user interface skins can be designed....because the current "one size fits all" user interface does not consider individual differences like Personality. Typically user interfaces are designed for the average user - yet individually no-one is average, yet we're forced to use an interface/interaction designed for the everyman. We have the ability to change the user interface (skins, themes) but no understanding as to how this can be best achieved. This is where I step in :)

Can it be tied to DPC? Yes, but not in my thesis :( One of the main aspects of my research is the subject affect and interpretation of Art (extracting meaning) and I had to conduct a number of jury studies to create a set of skins to use in the experiment (e.g. one representing an extrovert personality...the Similarity Attraction Theory suggests that people like people with the same personality as themselves....so I applied this to embedded personality in a picture...but getting consensual agreement on meaning is hard...hence the jury to validate).

If I had known about DPC a few years ago I'd have written to Langdon to ask if one of my components could be worked into DPC (I may yet still for a journal or two!!). If I could get DPC users to complete a Personality inventory (to describe their Personality profile) then I could run analyses using DPC data (far more and better than mine!). For example, my research suggests that there is also another phenomenon at work....Dissimilarity Attraction (or aspirational), in that people with a low score on some dimensions actually prefer images in the opposite direction...e.g. highly neurotic individuals prefer low neurotic images (calming) and introvert individuals prefer extrovert images....

Anyhow...that should give you the gist of what I'm doing.. I've got a research website (out of date) at www.proskin.org


Message edited by author 2008-02-28 07:20:19.
02/28/2008 09:30:50 AM · #72
Originally posted by talj:

Originally posted by SoulMan1978:

Originally posted by talj:

Avg Vote: 6.5510

Nice one talj! :-) Is that in colour on colour?

Yup :o) My 3rd shot with the new camera so I'm pretty pleased! :o)

And a fav too. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing which is yours.
03/02/2008 01:00:56 PM · #73
Not a very chatty lot are we? :o(

How is everyone doing now? Scores and otherwise ;o)

Votes: 203
Views: 294
Avg Vote: 6.4138
Comments: 19
Favorites: 2

So I'm pretty happy :o)
03/02/2008 02:50:41 PM · #74
Hiya talj.

I'm not pretty happy. My Led Zeppelin shot is in. I had such high hopes - the pic in my head would get 7, the picture I eventually shot I can confidently predict won't :-(

I've got a tilted shot done as well. Will edit that later.

Glad to see your shot is still storming :-)
03/02/2008 03:18:33 PM · #75
Ive not been too near the computer for a while!!!!
My pics not doing as well as it starterd off :(
5.3 now, still a pb xD
Not sure if i am going to enter this weeks one as I cant use one hand at the moment, so photography is rather challenging!!! We will see how it goes :)

How is everyone else getting on?
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