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05/11/2008 04:23:11 PM · #201
The Others 7.5/10

Creeped me out and I don't creep out so easily. Must've been the late night hour we watched it at, 1:30AM. Also, I actually watched a movie with Nicole Kidman and didn't fall asleep.

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05/11/2008 04:26:47 PM · #202
Lucky Number Slevin. 8.5/10
05/11/2008 04:40:21 PM · #203
Iron Man

5/10 Downey +, Story -
05/11/2008 11:31:29 PM · #204
Paris, je t'aime 7/10 The movie is made up of twenty something individual stories about love. It is a bit quirky in spots but some of the stories are very moving and there are some funny moments. It's has quite the cast as well.
05/11/2008 11:35:33 PM · #205
Speed Racer - 7/10 , the MOST COLORFUL movie I have seen & I love it.
05/12/2008 02:26:34 AM · #206
Band of Brothers

It is a DVD set.

I give it 10/10, especially if you have read the book or are familiar with the story.

"R" for blood and gore.
05/12/2008 06:51:35 AM · #207
Mr. Woodcock (rented DVD) 0/10 - don't waste your time. What was I thinking?! :/
05/12/2008 07:44:01 AM · #208
What Happens In Vegas- 8/10
Had some really funny parts. Kept me laughing.
05/12/2008 08:01:09 AM · #209
The Whale Rider: 8/10

Not my usual thing... it's a New Zealand movie explaining a lot of the Maori history and belief system, but the overall plot is to do with a family and it's actually damned good!

Superb acting from a largely unknown cast. The leading girl is simply brilliant and puts all the Dakota Fannings in the world to shame. Acting at its finest.
05/12/2008 08:06:14 AM · #210
Iron Man - 9/10 - Excellent movie, right combination of action, humor, and drama. Very good.

Baby Mama - 6/10 - Not bad, while most of the really funny bits were in trailers, there were a few other good segments. But still felt like a loosely connected series of gags and vignettes. The trailer scenes were also funny seeing them again. Charming and a good date movie.
05/12/2008 08:49:02 AM · #211
Iron Man - 9/10

Awesome movie, less predictable than expected, great mixture of humor and action
05/12/2008 11:57:25 AM · #212
I am Legend - 7.5

Good visuals and acting, but it just lacked something.
05/15/2008 03:53:33 PM · #213
Persepolis (2007) Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi ... didn't noticed it was an animation before going to the cinema ... pleasantly surprised though :) gets 9/10
05/18/2008 12:02:25 AM · #214
Prince Caspian 8.5

Lots of incredible effects, beautiful cinematography, great performances by newbie actor Ben Barnes (Caspian) and Peter Dinklage (Trumpkin). I still liked The L,W, and Wardrobe better though. This was 2 1/2 hours, a bit long and also a bit too violent for a kid movie imho.
05/18/2008 12:05:01 AM · #215
Iron Man

Great movie, they added humor in just the right spots too :)
05/18/2008 01:19:16 AM · #216
IRON MAN.... 10/10

I grew up with Marvel comics. I started collecting them in 1961 with the very first Fantastic Four novel. Iron Man was one of my favorite characters.

I was afraid of what they might have done to the storyline and miscasting like so much that has been done to the Marvel Hero movies so far. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

I knew that they had to update the movie. In the original comics, Tony Stark was captured by Viet Cong. If they were to have stuck to that storyline, Stark would be my age... and I can barely walk let alone fly! :) So the updating to today was A-OK in my book.

But everything else was great! The casting was right on. Humor was well placed... as Marvel would have done it in the comicbook. Just a great flick al-over!!

And...if anyone is planning on going to see it.... stay for ALL of the credits at the end. For many people, the little bit of film at the end might mean nothing. But to those of us in the "know" it was grand! All ten of us who stayed around after the movie was over ended up hooting and whistling with childish glee. Well...I guess you kinda had ta been there!!

Go see it!!!
05/23/2008 09:32:40 AM · #217
Indiana Jones / Crystal Skull 7/10

Started off GREAT! True Indy fashion with a very interesting storyline potential. That's all I'll say, I'll let others form their own opinions. Still, a definite must-see for Indiana Jones fans.
05/23/2008 09:44:53 AM · #218
Originally posted by Dantzr:

And...if anyone is planning on going to see it.... stay for ALL of the credits at the end. For many people, the little bit of film at the end might mean nothing. But to those of us in the "know" it was grand! All ten of us who stayed around after the movie was over ended up hooting and whistling with childish glee. Well...I guess you kinda had ta been there!!

I stayed, but other than being an obvious setup for Iron Man 2, I didn't get it.
05/23/2008 09:47:46 AM · #219
Indiana Jones: the new one


Meh, it's ok. Totally ridiculous. The physics in this movie make absolutely no sense and the directing team to make very very selective judgements on the physical properties of certain materials to fit the plot. IE: this bit of gold is magnetic, but this bit is not etc.

The script for the most part sucks. It doesn't really flow. The acting suffers from some parts where you can tell the actors know its a bad script, but do what they can with it and sometimes it isn't convinving. Shia le Bouef is speilberg's go-to guy at the moment and he did good after he dropped the tough guy act because he can't pull it off. He's too small, too nice looking and carries too much puppy fat for me to take him as a credible hard man. Harrison Ford did good for the most part. He had a bad script and a terrible plot to work with but his acting was generally ok, a few blips here and there, but with a script like this it went alright. Also, his age shows on a few scenes and he looks a bit tired and slow at some points.

The plot sucks. I thought it would be nazis, turned out it was The Russians- in Movieland, these are the same thing so i was half right. The rest of the plot is such a load of arse that it seemed like the production team knew it was farcical from the very start but since they have Speilberg and Ford at the helm, it glosses over what would otherwise be an absolute flop with pretty cinematography and well shot scenes.

The sheer amount of BS in this movie is what killed it for me: I acept a certain amount of creative licence (BS) when making a movie, where things explode for no reason, bullets miss for no reason and that kinda thing. But this movie took it too far and made me want to punch steven spielberg for expecting so little of his audience. These two scenes are:

1) refrigerator... that's all im going to say

2) Shia being Tarzan... what the hell were they thinking?

And another thing that got me, since when the hell did Indy walk around his house in a cardigan and drinking a glass of red wine?! I'll tell you: Never. Never in a million years.

This movie could have been so much more than what it was but they cobbled it together due to fan pressure, got a 3/10 script, a 4/10 plot and just threw special effects and directing skill at it until it almost resembled a movie.

Having said that, it's good fun. It's loud, noisy with a lot of fistfights. Not enough whip cracking for me though, but the action scenes are well-paced, well shot and nicely done and they're generally not too predictable. The sets and scenery are stunning and the lighting and camerawork is typical Speilberg in the way that you've seen it all a million times before, but not quite as good.

So if you can get over the amount of crap this movie asks you to deal with and suspend your knowledge of the real world and its physics and just focus on the noise and the whizz-bang parts of this movie and don't consider the fact that almost none of the storyline is any good, it's actually entertaining.

Ridiculous in the extreme, but entertaining nevertheless.
05/23/2008 10:01:46 AM · #220
Lions for Lambs
5/10 Lots of talk, I mean lots
05/23/2008 10:02:31 AM · #221
HOly smoley Tez, after that comment, you need to find yourself to some of my photos and criteque them LOL

Good review, thanks!!!
05/23/2008 10:52:36 AM · #222
hey :) Thanks for the praise.
05/23/2008 10:54:08 AM · #223
Tez, yup, those are many of my exact thoughts! OMG, THE FRIDGE! That set the cheeseball factor for the rest of the movie. Your Tarzan analogy is spot on as well. And what about the waterfalls? Ya, you can go over 2 100 foot waterfalls (and a 300 foot cliff) in an amphibious vehicle and ride it out before jumping out on a 3rd larger waterfall and walk away. And what's up with the wadded-up saran wrap inside the "crystal" skulls?
05/23/2008 11:08:38 AM · #224
Ironman 8/10 - had a lot of fun watching it. Robert Downey Jr. is perfect in the role. Not much else to say - comic book hero movie at its best.

Things We Lost in The Fire
- 9/10 - very good movie. Benicio del Toro (yum) was SO good. Halle Berry was ok. In my opinion, she's not a strong leading lady, but her acting also didn't distract in this movie. It's pretty intense, but definitely worth watching. I was riveted. It was not very obvious which way the plot would twist, which I can always appreciate.

Made of Honor - Meh 4/10 - very lame, super-shallow. There are two hours I'll never get back.

Baby Momma - 6/10 - Funny/Poignant - they tried a bit too hard, I thought. Tina Fey was really good. Amy Poeler was not so believable. I didn't think she sustained her character very well. The plot was fairly predictable - in fact it was completely predictable. However, I was entertained, thus the decent score.
05/23/2008 11:19:10 AM · #225
Originally posted by Tez:

Indiana Jones: the new one...

Hum.. But it's 79% fresh! Should we bother?
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