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07/30/2007 03:44:04 PM · #1

im gonna by a notebook whit windows vista. my q is :
is the vista giving me any problems? i mean i want to connect the laptop whit the camara via canon software. to see the shots directly on the bigscreen


thanks in advance

and sorry my poor lame english...
07/30/2007 03:55:39 PM · #2
DONT DO IT!!! vista is the work of the devil... run XP if you must purchace a PC, if you have no preference, get a macbook, almost same price, much more compatable
07/30/2007 03:57:37 PM · #3
Originally posted by Jib:

DONT DO IT!!! vista is the work of the devil...

I agree :(
07/30/2007 03:57:46 PM · #4
Originally posted by Jib:

DONT DO IT!!! vista is the work of the devil... run XP if you must purchace a PC, if you have no preference, get a macbook, almost same price, much more compatable

uuuufff thank you dude.
wich problems di you have?
07/30/2007 04:25:20 PM · #5
It's a evil spirit that will kill you (and your programs)!

My new laptop is a joy to useand I really like the look of vista, but it's a pain to use. Things doesen't look the way they use to, and everything is upside down.

I have my laptop for one month and I couldn't connect it to the internet yet!
07/30/2007 04:35:27 PM · #6
I LOVE VISTA. Forget XP, move forward.

Do check software compatibility.

07/30/2007 04:42:52 PM · #7
Before this degrades into a love/hate Vista thread, why don't we at least try to answer the question: Does the Canon software work on Vista? Anybody have experience with this?

Rene, I haven't used the Canon software. I use a generic cardreader, windows explorer to copy over files, Picasa to organize and view my shots, and Photoshop CS3. All with no problems on Vista.


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07/31/2007 02:49:55 AM · #8
So far as I know, everything works fine. I haven't run into any problems with compatability---though I don't really use the Canon software on Vista that much.

As far as my distaste for Vista itself: I can't stand it. It has several nifty features, but the bad far outweighs the good....
07/31/2007 03:19:05 AM · #9
You should definitely get Vista. Microsoft always needs more beta testers. :D

07/31/2007 03:25:45 AM · #10
07/31/2007 03:28:20 AM · #11
First off, I have Vista, and love it. XP was no where near as good as Vista. There are some things you will want to do. First turn off the damn User Access Control. That drove me nutts. With that off, everythign is sweet.

For photography I can't see why you would want to keep XP. Vista allows me to see my RAW files (Canon) in all browser windows. I donwloaded the ability off of the Canon webpage and it works flawlessly.

I have not had a single program complain about compatibility.

All of the Canon software works good on Vista, I have not had a single error. The Gadget sidebar is sweet, I have one that shows my photos on it, one that converts currency so I know how much rent will be, one that shows the phases of the moon so I can determine when is a good time to photograph it, and one for eBay that allows me to watch items right on my desktop. Sweet!

With the Windows Picture Gallery I can view files like you did with XP, but now I can click a button to open them up in whatever photo editing application I chose. Sure some of these features may be available in XP, but they are smoothe in Vista. An d it all looks so much better!

Does it eat memory? Yes. but so does CS3! And for that matter so did XP! Make sure you have at least 2g's with 4 being even better. I have 2 and run good, my wife has 1g and is slow. Her memory is constantly being pegged in the 90% used range. Mine only pegs when we are watching TV shows (We download them since we are in Korea and don't get to watch everything you guys in the states do) and I have Photomatix, CS3, Bridge, and uTorrent running.

I have no thad a single problem connecting either of our Vista based machines to the net. I used a Lynksis router with Vonage and have no problems. We share a printer that is connected to my computer with no problems.

Bottom line is I am much happier with my Vista machine than I ever was with XP. There will always be those that want a carbuerated car so they don't have problems with their Fuel Injectors, but in the end it doesn't make the carb better than the FI!

07/31/2007 03:28:56 AM · #12
I'm a Mac user - so first of, I recomend a Mac. That said, I've been told that Vista 'Destroys' RAW files. I'm not sure if this is true, but this is what I was told.....

.... IF: Vista is 'aware' of your RAW file type - so a RAW file from an older (12months) camera - it strips the EXIF data and make it unusable.

IF: Vista is 'unaware' of your RAW file type, it won't open it nativley and won't touch the EXIF - but that does mean PS3 and LR1 will read them and let you use them.

Like I said, I have NO Vista experience, this is what I was told.

By the Way, you should buy a Mac ;-)

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07/31/2007 03:35:19 AM · #13
As I see it, Vista is running off a core graphics framework (WPF) that is 1.0 software at best. Once they get the kinks out of the engine and us developers really start taking advantage of XAML and Silverlight, Vista is going to be just fine.
07/31/2007 03:43:48 AM · #14
Originally posted by PurpleFire:

By the Way, you should buy a Mac ;-)

Yeah, if you need a boat anchor.

Sorry. I'm just kidding... they're not much good for that either. :)

Seriously, they're fine machines. I had to buy one a few years ago because I had a contract to port a Windows application to the Mac. I paid something like $2,500 for the machine, but I made well over $200,000 off the project. It was a good deal. :)

I ended up donating the Mac to the Goodwill, which got me a tax write off too.

07/31/2007 04:15:38 AM · #15
I could not get the Canon software to download the images from the camera to the PC to work through VISTA. I can however, plug the camera into the PC via USB and download the images using Drag and Drop. Other than that I have not had any adverse experiences with VISTA.

As previously stated, turn the damn User Access Control off as soon as you start the thing up. A real pain if left on.

07/31/2007 04:37:54 AM · #16
I ran it on my laptop during the final RCs and shortly after release, but my machine was just a bit too slow, and the video card didn't support Glass.

I liked what it had, though. My new work machine shows up on Friday with Vista Ultimate installed, so I'm sure I'll have opinions by the weekend.
07/31/2007 09:38:13 AM · #17
What Bhuseman said...

If have all the Canon Software Loaded on at least two of my Vista pewters. Come to think of it the only part I haven't tried is xfering from camera via USB (you should be using a reader anyways). EOS Capture works fine via USB. Will try the xfer tonight just for grins.

I like Vista for the enhanced productivity features...I don't even like sitting at an XP machine anymore.

Another Nifty Feature you will want to turn off is:

Start > Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features Off
uncheck Remote Differential Compression

File Xfers will be a lot shorter when turned off...

07/31/2007 09:40:40 AM · #18
I like some of the power fucntions on Vista, that would require extra software in 2000/XP. Like in 2000/XP to resize a partition youd use partition magic. Thats built into the disk management now. AND it alows you to resize the boot partition while the machine is running.
07/31/2007 10:24:43 AM · #19
I haven't had any major issues with vista yet. It's easy to learn and all the software I use work on it. My computer was built for vista so memory wise it's fine.

One minor issue, when on battery power it would not stay connected to a wireless connection. A quick search on microsoft.com and it was fixed though (apparently vista's default power savings mode disables some network thingy, but check a box in your power settings and it works fine on battery power).
07/31/2007 11:01:47 AM · #20
Originally posted by awpollard:

What Bhuseman said...

Come to think of it the only part I haven't tried is xfering from camera via USB (you should be using a reader anyways).

One of my wonderful children decided that the Card Reader slot looked like a nice place to jam a toy or something into. Card reader pins do not hold up to well against something hard being forced into them. :)

So I have had to resort to USB for now. I still browse the camera and drag and drop the images across to windows.

For some reason, and this was also reported on the AU canon site, the EOS Utility was reported as not compatible with VISTA but they had acknowledged it and were working on a fix. Does anyone have any news on this issue.

07/31/2007 11:13:49 AM · #21
Didn't a new EOS utility just come out this month?
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