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07/29/2007 05:55:43 AM · #26
He can't come to Oz without visiting the Harbour City
07/30/2007 12:43:41 PM · #27
I'd like to participate, so count me in... North-western Quebec, Canada
07/30/2007 12:49:51 PM · #28
I'll take him on a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains. :)
08/04/2007 04:17:14 AM · #29
Peregrine has just returned from a trip to our nation's capital (I'm talking about Canberra). I'll post some more photos before I send him on to Judi on Monday.
08/04/2007 07:35:40 AM · #30
One from Wednesday. I could've taken a shot with him and Henry the Koala on Thursday, but he was hiding from the animal park's attendants in case they captured him.
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08/04/2007 09:26:42 AM · #31
If Tiger hurries up and gets here, then he can join the female rugby team on Saturday!!!
08/04/2007 07:43:19 PM · #32
Travels to Canberra.

the occasional Lake George
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A view of Canberra
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Down by Lake Burley Griffin
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Peregrine is almost ready to move on to meet his new host. He is looking forward to some female company... but a rugby team? He's not sure he wants to get roped in to being a mascot... ;-)
08/05/2007 02:38:49 AM · #33
These people have expressed an interest in hosting Peregrine (so far). It would be kind of fun to have him travelling internationally every time, but if you don’t think you could afford the postage (and good packaging) to the next country, a local shunt is OK.

Judi –Queensland, Australia
SaraR – York, England
xianart – Novia Scotia, Canada
macleodn – P.E.I. Canada
yakatme – Miami, Florida, USA
idnic – Florida, USA
jonfrommk – Milton Keynes, England
timfythetoo – Columbus, Ohio, USA
levyj413 – Washington DC, USA
Shalrath – South Korea
BAMartin – Grand Canyon, USA
Sunniee – Redding, California, USA
alfresco – Baraga, Illinois, USA
Elvis_L – southern USA
salmiakki – Finland
monique – Australia (possibly from Judi)
MichaelC – Sydney, Australia
Alain – NW Quebec, Canada
Karmat – Canton, North Carolina, USA

(This list is also edited in to the original post.)
08/05/2007 02:41:05 AM · #34
Originally posted by Pug-H:

Peregrine is almost ready to move on to meet his new host. He is looking forward to some female company... but a rugby team? He's not sure he wants to get roped in to being a mascot... ;-)

He will love it. There are actually quite a few teams coming from around the Central Highlands...and they are all chicks...and they all like to play rough...hehehehe!! So look out Tiger....we will see how much of a pussycat you really are!!
08/09/2007 01:43:10 AM · #35
Peregrine has arrived.

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08/09/2007 07:14:23 AM · #36
Peregrine experienced his first Emerald sunset! He was very brave on the edge of the cliff.

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08/09/2007 08:10:11 AM · #37
Peregrine sure looks like he's having fun. I look forward to showing him around Finland!
08/09/2007 10:10:51 AM · #38
count me in, should be fun showing him some western hospitality :D

08/10/2007 07:29:44 AM · #39
I have just got back from an evening of lots of new experiences for Peregrine. Involving Police holding onto him real tight...bon fires and two Fire Engines with lots of lights and sirens.

Peregrine is okay...he is snuggled up and sleeping right now. But I will post the photos tomorrow of Peregrine with the police!!

I am off to bed shortly...just wanted to fill you in on his adventures.
08/10/2007 07:15:52 PM · #40
Okay...here is the story.

Ricco (my work partner) is building a two story studio on his one acre block. We have had bonfires and hungiis/campfires in the past...no biggie! Well they (Ricco and Damion) decided we would have a bon fire to burn off all the timber lying around. It is winter so this would be a safer option then risking a fire during the summer months. Clean up the area. Also help clear the area of snakes....yeah!!

Anyways...boys being boys, they decided to build one fire instead of 3. Well you can imagine what happened. One of the neighbours got nervous....very nervous.

So here I am, driving out to the block and I have to pull over for the fire engine. Uh Oh....not a good feeling. Especially as we drive down the highway and I can see the flames in the sky in the distance coming from the block. Uh Oh!!

Suddenly I start to worry as my son is there with them. But I know the men too well...they are just dufus'. Everything will be fine. So then I start thinking.....I have the camera on board...and Peregrine. So, I continue driving...hot on the heals of the Fire Engine...but the Firies are not to sure of the way there...so I beat them to the block. I get out of the car laughing my head off as the Fire Engine and all its Firies show up with sirens and lights ablazing. And there is this huge fire....but under control...lmao!!

But hang on...here comes another Fire Engine and its firies...and then the stream of traffic of onlookers turning up in cars to sticky beak. (This is normally a very quiet neighbourhood!!)

As Ricco tries explaining to the Firies (which also includes his boss from work...Uh Oh!!) I turn around and there is a police car...yep...sirens and lights going.

What is a girl to do....? So I grab my camera and Peregrine and start shooting. The police were reluctant to pose with Peregrine...they said they would upstage him...but I didn't take NO for an answer...and they posed in front of the dying fire with Ricco.

BTW...they didn't do anything with the fire except tell the men to stay with for the night. I invited them to join us for dinner (Roast Pork, chicken, veges and good ole Australian Damper)...and some beers. They were tempted but they had a good laugh with us before leaving.

So that is Peregrine's great Australian venture.

I told you he would have fun with me!! Now do you believe me?

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08/10/2007 08:28:12 PM · #41
I don't know if I could top Judi's story, but I'm game. I'll host the little bugger here in Lancaster, New Hampshire, USA.
08/10/2007 08:31:20 PM · #42
lol I forgot to add to my post above if its not known already Im in Calgary, Alberta, Canada :)

08/11/2007 06:49:41 AM · #43
Okay....well I have decided to follow the instructions within Peregrines diary and send him overseas....so who wants him next?
08/11/2007 08:36:43 AM · #44
Originally posted by Judi:

Okay....well I have decided to follow the instructions within Peregrines diary and send him overseas....so who wants him next?

I guess follow the list as well as you can, so for Judi it would Sara next.
08/11/2007 09:06:07 AM · #45
Could you add me to the list too, please?

08/11/2007 03:33:12 PM · #46
I'd be happy to host Peregrine in New York City, but not until after Labor Day (Sept. 3).

08/11/2007 10:55:53 PM · #47
Originally posted by citymars:

I'd be happy to host Peregrine in New York City, but not until after Labor Day (Sept. 3).

Is that Labor Day 2008 or 2009?
08/14/2007 03:43:21 AM · #48
Awwwwww... loved Judi's story!

I want to host Peregrine too!
08/16/2007 02:40:55 AM · #49
Today is Peregrine's last day with me. So he came travelling with myself and 3 other women.

We stopped at the 25 meter Van Gogh painting here in Emerald.

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I then took him to visit some of his family members (kinda!!!!). First a female who was quite fascinated with him...she couldn't take her eyes off him.

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Then the lioness' mate came trotting out and stood guard over his girl.

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But one of the circus performers took a shine to Peregrine and announced to the circus owner that Peregrine is his new tiger!!!

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After a bit of a chat Peregrine decided to come with me and had a ride on my steering wheel.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572438.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572438.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

We drove about 60kms to one of the roads to one of the mines and stopped to see the beautiful yellow fields.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572439.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572439.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

He posed with me for a photo.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572440.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572440.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

And then was very brave when he visited a deserted township. The cattle in the background started to become interested in him also.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572441.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/27133/thumb/572441.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

All in all Peregrine met many people including the Tourism Manager for the area. He collected a couple of gifts for his next visit. He brought smiles to so many people here in Emerald and he will definitely be missed.

08/16/2007 02:55:14 AM · #50
I'mma disguise myself as Peregrine and go down under for a red carpet treatment.
Well and a good bonfire too - THAT was a funny story!
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