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04/11/2007 07:47:17 PM · #1
Does anyone know of any other websites that have
photo theme challenges?
I ask this because the voting here is quite brutal. I entered
a photo in the current Night IV challenge, one that I thought
was going to score in the 4.8 to 5.2 range. Was I ever wrong!

With 76 votes cast, my scoring average is an embarrassing 3.0
I saw every one of the other other 265 entrants in the
Night IV challenge, and objectively speaking I would rank
mine around 180th to 190th. Mediocre, yes, but not awful.

Could there possibly be over 70 entrants
with an average score less than three? I doubt it.
It will most likely finish among the bottom five photos.

How utterly disheartening. Like I said the voting here can
be utterly brutal. This is why I'm looking for
another digital photo contest site.

P.S. One of the comments I received is I shouldn't have
used flash.


If I didn't use flash
I would be submitting a photo of pitch black, as the flash
was the only light source! I'm sure that would really score well!

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04/11/2007 07:51:14 PM · #2
Yet, on your still entry, you got 20th out of 272. You are relatively new to DPC, maybe you are not giving yourself time to find out what the voters are looking for?

04/11/2007 07:58:14 PM · #3
I think you shouldn't focus on the votes that you get and on the comparison with other people... come here just for fun, to stimulate your creativity and to learn from the advice and the example of more experienced/talented photographers!
You might not improve very much posting on a website where everyone says: "wonderful shot! 10!" (if such a website exists... to answer your question: no, sorry, I do not know any other website with photo challenges)
04/11/2007 07:58:18 PM · #4
Stick with it! I still haven't figured out what the DPC voters want. I thought I had it figured out once, and then....they turned! :P

Hone your craft and grow so that you are happy with what you are doing. The voters here....are fickle.

<<runs and hides to avoid incoming arrows>>
04/11/2007 08:01:19 PM · #5
There are lots of them. But all have their own interesting voting patterns/problems.

Don't worry about the scores (I know, easier said than done), shoot for yourself. If you get a 3.0 on this site and a 5 or 6 on another site, does it matter if you like the shot? The scores here may very well be lower than on other sites, but you do get really good feedback.

I hung out on another site for a few weeks and realised very quickly that it lacked the substance and quality of DPC. Both in photographic terms and also in the quality of scores and comments. (Many scores in excess of 8 or 9, that would barely have scraped a 5 here) If you just want a pat on the back for all your pictures regardless of their quality, go for it with one of the other sites. If you want to learn to take better composed shots, hang out here!
04/11/2007 08:09:44 PM · #6
I share your frustration. Though the photo I was referring to in this thread just managed to scrape a 5, it had come first at another site. So yes, the scoring is harsher here, but maybe there is more to be learned. At the same time, many members do enter challenges on more than one site, so there's no harm in trying some others out. If you do a search through old threads here, I'm sure you'll find links to lots of them.
04/11/2007 08:53:34 PM · #7
I guess I am guilty
of having heightened expectations after the Still challenge
got me 20th place and 6.5 score.

Thanks to all for your rational responses. :-)

Easy to be irrational when frustrated. lol

04/11/2007 09:20:40 PM · #8
Share your frustration - BUT ! I have gotten as low as a 7% (yours was 9%) and your highest was 93%. Not bad for 3 entries. Hang in there. Sometimes comments can seem a bit cruel but often can be very helpful. It just makes you think a little more deeply about your entries.
I think we all hope that each new entry is going to score higher than the last - but in reality that doesn't always happen. My last entry was one of my lowest scorers. Disappointing - yes, but if just means I have to look at my shots a little more objectively.
Hang in there. Look at the comments objectively - learn from the helpful ones and disregard the rest.
04/11/2007 09:22:45 PM · #9
There are other sites on the internet? Weird.
04/11/2007 09:25:22 PM · #10
Originally posted by idnic:

There are other sites on the internet? Weird.

What this Inter Net you are describing?
04/11/2007 10:07:53 PM · #11
Originally posted by _eug:

Originally posted by idnic:

There are other sites on the internet? Weird.

What this Inter Net you are describing?

I heard it had something to do with tubes...
04/11/2007 11:02:53 PM · #12
I agree that there are voting problems on this site. I use to almost always add comments to all the photos that I voted on. It seems that the only comments that contestants find helpful are comments that are of those that praise the photo. If any constructive hints are given, the contestants do not take to these very well. Personally I would rather hear how to improve my photo than trite complements. At times it seems that the use of Photoshop is more important that the actual photos. I feel that I understand the whole process of taking and composing photos but I do not fully understand the process of using Photoshop, but I am learning. Thus the lack of entries into DPC by myself. Sometimes after the voting is completed and I see where the photos that I voted on end up in the standings I am simply amazed. Sometimes I think that I must be in the minority and sometimes I am right on the money.
If a photo is out of focus it will not receive anything higher than a 3 or 4 no matter how well it fits that weeks subject. Most of the photos are in the 5 or 6 range. 7 and 8 are usually are good photos. 9 and 10 are outstanding, head and shoulders above the rest. There have been times when I judged a contest and the best picture only warranted a 7 or 8.
This is still a very good site despite the problems. I really enjoy looking at the photos. I learn things from DPC. When I become accomplished at Photoshop then I might enter more contest
04/11/2007 11:59:15 PM · #13
Originally posted by jccminty:

It seems that the only comments that contestants find helpful are comments that are of those that praise the photo. If any constructive hints are given, the contestants do not take to these very well. Personally I would rather hear how to improve my photo than trite complements.

Yup theres been a lot like that lately where the odd person just wants positive comments and gets offensive when either a constructive crit is made or someone just being a smart/jack ass. I personally welcome any and all comments good, bad, or constructive as they have all contributed to my photos improving in one way or another.

Don't shy away from the challenges, I have stepped back from entering quite a few only to see some of the entries and think to my self #(@*% I should have entered a photo I had on hand which may have done quite well, or may not. I don't realy care one way or the other how good or bad a photo does as I know there is no way to please everyone.

I plan on entering as many challenges in the future as my time will allow but my son's health comes before everything so it can be a challenge to get a pic that suits the current challenge. Now Im starting to ramble...

Take a lesson from 31.gif Beautiful-Joe in this recent thread theres some thing that a lot of us can learn from this young man ;)

In a final note there are few bad apples in here but there are a lot more awesome people in here like 31.gif Beautiful-Joe, 21_F.gif judi, 21_F.gif idnic, 21.gif Art Roflmao, 31.gif Silverfox, 21_F.gif ShutterPug, 21_F.gif Sherpet, and on and on and on.........

04/12/2007 01:11:21 AM · #14
Well, there are a few other sites. Better Photo comes to mind. However, that one is very narrow in what gets chosen, and it is done by a panel, not by the people on the site. As to this one, I can attest to the frustration. My scores generally keep me around 40% overall when you add them all together and throw in the cumulative. I have never figured out what works on this site, though I have entered over 100 challenges. But, I do keep coming back. As to learning, I do apply what commenters say, but even using that, as said previously they are fickle. It is really a crap shoot.
So the main thing I have learned is that we have a world market here. There are so many great photo opportunities being taken across the board, and we do lose touch with that.
It has made me see things differently where I live and what I have for subject material.
I can't do landscapes, because they are not stunning around here. So I will avoid those.
I am a much better straight out of the camera photographer, so those challenges I will always enter.
I am not bad at macro, so most likely those will get entered.
I suck wind at night shots and long exposure, however if I really want to learn how to improve I will enter those.
Anyway, SCORES ARE TRULY THE LEAST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THIS SITE. I bet many who just started for fun here are doing more work on the side now. I am too, and developing new routes to follow. I have also gotten a following locally, and have gained a lot of respect for my photos outside of dp. This site is no reflection on your ability. Remember that. What happens here has no bearing on your eye, your artistic appeal, your technical sense, or even your pp skills. PP is one aspect that I am worlds ahead of your general amateur, but compared to here it seems I know very little. This is definitely a select group of photo buffs, and time and time again I have heard others say some of the best photographers on the net frequent this site. We are dealing with a very good group of folks here. They know their stuff. You will most likely not find such a talented group anywhere else, on any site. So when you compete with the best, placing your aspirations against such a quality group, don't be frustrated with your scores. Competing against mediocrity might make you feel better in the short haul, but overall it won't teach you much. Stay with the best, such as dp, and you will finally be able to appreciate the community, the humor, the fun, and the connectivity brought about by this passion we call photography.

If you can read this whole post, thanks for staying. It is a bit long, but it is also 1 in the morning, I can't sleep, and well, I need to do something.

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