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03/23/2007 10:38:47 PM · #1
nothing to see here

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03/23/2007 10:43:06 PM · #2
friggin' emos.
03/23/2007 10:44:45 PM · #3

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03/23/2007 10:49:18 PM · #4
I just posted a private message to you.
03/23/2007 11:15:03 PM · #5
I can't believe more people aren't taking this seriously. Is there anyone on from Iceland who knows Krisby? She really needs the help now.
03/23/2007 11:18:07 PM · #6
You change your lifestyle'
You go out and do something thats crazy fun,
You start to laugh at all of the silly things,
You stop taking life so damn serious!

go out and have some fun, don't let the small stuff get to you. Your too young to be that damn old...

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03/23/2007 11:21:51 PM · #7
Try going to this site to start looking for help. Are you in iceland right now? //www.befrienders.org/
03/23/2007 11:23:15 PM · #8
Feel free to email me, just be glad you did it wrong, assumign it was you. The title of the photo makes me believe it could have been someone else.
03/23/2007 11:28:06 PM · #9
First don't take life so serious, yeah it sucks sometimes but give it time it WILL get better, and you are the person to make it better, tell the world to piss off and do your own thing!! Don't worry about the consequences, in a hundred years who's gonna care anyway....have fun with life, be yourself and screw the critics!!
03/23/2007 11:30:34 PM · #10
Since Writeheart may be right I PM'd you too.

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03/23/2007 11:31:02 PM · #11
Originally posted by RainMotorsports:

Feel free to email me, just be glad you did it wrong, assumign it was you. The title of the photo makes me believe it could have been someone else.

Yeah, me too, if you need someone to talk to give me shout...
03/23/2007 11:42:01 PM · #12
Has anyone heard from her? She answered me once, but not the other emails I sent. I just want to know if anyone else has made a connect with her.
03/23/2007 11:45:44 PM · #13
I think it's just photographic art...I don't think she was really hurting herself...you all took this the wrong way I believe.
03/23/2007 11:47:20 PM · #14
i hope you're right, however if writeheart has had a reply she probably knows best.
03/23/2007 11:49:02 PM · #15
Originally posted by deapee:

I think it's just photographic art...I don't think she was really hurting herself...you all took this the wrong way I believe.

Hope your right...
No, no contact...
03/23/2007 11:52:27 PM · #16
deapee, I hope you are right, but her e-mail to me did not hint that in the least. I even asked her outright if it was just a photo or if she needed help. Her reply really did suggest she is pretty serious.

Unfortunately, I have seen this way too many times to take this lightly. I do pray that it is as you say, but to not act and have it be a real cry for help would be awful. I think it needs to be treated as real until proven otherwise.
03/24/2007 12:20:38 AM · #17
Originally posted by deapee:

I think it's just photographic art...I don't think she was really hurting herself...you all took this the wrong way I believe.

I think he's right. I think she was just trying to be artistic with her poem.

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03/24/2007 12:22:00 AM · #18
I've had people very close to me in the past pull this kind of thing in a not-serious, attention-grab kind of way, and its something I don't have alot of respect for. What happens when your "I'll jump off this roof!" or "I'll jump out of this car!" goes wrong, and you actually fall and die? Attention isn't much good if you're dead, is it?

Please don't joke around with things like this. What would happen if you cut yourself a little worse than you meant to? If you play with fire, odds are you'll get burned. Perhaps fatally.

If you really are having a tough time with things, I'd be more than willing to do what I can to help you out, as would most people here. Like I said, I've dealt with this before, and I'd be happy to offer some assistance now.

03/24/2007 12:37:08 AM · #19
Kristbjörg, there's a lot of people here who would be glad to help you. But I think you should speak with a counselor or call a crisis line as soon as possible.

03/24/2007 08:38:10 AM · #20
Just so you all can stop wondering this is not a joke of any kind.. just turns out 10 antidepressants and a fairly unsharp knife don't do the trick. I allso rememberd that my arteriole isn't even under there but more on the side so i woulden't even had died if i had a sharper knife. I thanke you all for your responses, im feeling just a litle bit better.
03/24/2007 08:44:15 AM · #21
I've just had a look at your work and you have so much to offer the world. Hope you get yourself sorted.
03/24/2007 08:44:17 AM · #22
Please try to talk to someone. This is very serious.
03/24/2007 08:45:29 AM · #23
Well it's good to see you've kept just a little bit of your sense of humour or sense of irony at least. We were worried about you. And to cap it all a big picture of you jumped out of the portrait challenge at me which was really quite spooky.

Please don't let yourself get like that again. Keep well.

03/24/2007 08:45:35 AM · #24
I'm praying for you. I don't know if that's what you want, but we do care about you and I really hope you find the help you need.
03/24/2007 09:50:31 AM · #25
* What to do when your all alone

Take advantage of it while you can, be selfish and do what you want for yourself. Go to a coffee shop in the morning for your coffee and read the newspaper there instead of staying home. Immerse yourself in something that you enjoy, like photography, and go all out on it in ways that you can't when you have someone else to consider. Make it an important part of your life to take care of the only body that you'll ever have and EXERCISE! This is very important for you right now and you'll be amazed how being a little obsessive with getting in physical shape will do for your mind. Treat yourself something that you might not normally do or buy, not necessarily something expensive, just something for yourself since you can focus on yourself and no one else. Take care of yourself and your appearance so that you feel better about yourself, get out of the house and you won't be alone long.

* What to do when you can't see a future no more

Make one. You have an empty palette to work with and you can make your future what you want to easier than if you had limited direction already established. I started my life over again in 1999-2000'ish and made decisions then that make one hell of a difference in my life today. I didn't see a future either and so I literally created one. In a composition book, write down what you would like in life, no matter how unattainable your wants and goals might seem at first. Evaluate them and then decide how to achieve them. Then, in everyday life, when faced with a choice, ask yourself if the choice that you make serves you and your goals. In this composition book, write your life as you would like to see it, what steps it takes to attain it, and refer back to it often. Remember, not seeing a future is actually good in that you don't have existing direction in your life that would limit you in choosing your future. Make the best of it and do it right from this point forward.

* What to do when you don't have a sharp enough knife

This is an absurd question that barely warrants a response and the one that makes people doubt your sincerity, but I'll answer it...Get a sharp lens. Forget about the knife and anything else that doesn't serve you and your goals. Immerse yourself into you and photography, be around people and you won't be alone long. Just for the fun of it, try going to crowded public places and ask people if you can take their picture. Tell them that you are practicing for a contest website and tell them to pose anyway they want to. This could be a lot of fun and may very well attract the attention of other potential "models". Who knows who you will meet, new friends, interested photographers....

* What to do when even your skin is stronger then your will

Another absurd reference to a suicide attempt? I wish I knew exactly what your woes in life are. I wonder if they could be any worse than what I went through in the lowest point in my life and then I could say "Hey, if I got through it so can you." But not getting into my personal history, I will say that I doubt that what you are experiencing or have experienced is worse than what I went through and I did get through it. After some time of wallowing in my own pity I chose to take control of the direction of my life, and you can too! You don't want to end your life, otherwise you would have done so. Since you want to live then you might as well do it right starting with right now.

Right now.... decide that you are going to be miserable and contemplate all that is going wrong for you. Decide how long you are going to do this for, do it, and get it the hell out of your system. I suggest no more than one day. It's approaching evening in Iceland right now, so decide that tomorrow morning is the start of your future, the one that you decide to create for yourself.

I just noticed that I have been using the word "decide" a lot in the last paragraph. That is exactly what you need to do because, ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to be happy or miserable and how your are going to do it.

Tomorrow morning, go to Starbucks or your local equivalent, get some coffee and read the newspaper there. Relax, take it slow and enjoy the fact that you are focusing on yourself and about to start a new life. Go get a composition book and title it something like "My New Life From This Point Forward" and get started. Maybe go out to someplace quiet, serene, and peaceful and get started. If you are a spiritual person then a place like I described may help you contemplate your spirituality and it's role in helping you take control of your future. Start thinking about what you want in life, what it will take to get there, and write it down. Once it is on paper then you can refer back to this "road map" and have directions for, and in your life that you can follow when you feel like you are getting off track.

An analogy to the composition book...One of the biggest mistakes that people make in landscaping their own yard, is that they go to the local garden center without much direction in what they are going to do. They buy plants and trees that are inappropriate for their yard (wrong sunlight, watering conditions, wrong scale/proportion for their home, etc.) and then feel compelled to plant what they bought because they spent time and money on this material. The best way to go about landscaping your home is to put on paper (in your case a composition book) exactly what they want the final result to be, after considering all factors. When you know what you want the final result to be, then you purchase ONLY the materials/plants/trees that serve the final result and landscaping plan. You don't act on impulse or emotion, or waste time and money on those things that don't fit the plan that you strategically developed.

You can do the same thing in your life. DECIDE what you want and do only that which serves you and your strategy for the future that you plan for yourself.

I hope that this helps. Whether it does or not, please feel free to PM me if you would like to.
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