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03/03/2007 08:46:27 PM · #1
Here is mine:

Went to bed 11:30 last night. 12:15 the phone woke me up. By the time I was awake enough to realize the phone was ringing, the answering machine picked up. I got up to listen to the message (out in the living room) and there were 2 messages, one from 12:00 and one from 12:15 (I didn't hear the phone ring the first time). The first message was a woman saying "Karen can you call Dean and tell him to go on, I'm going to be about 5 minutes late". The 2nd message was the same woman saying "Karen I'm here at the gate did you leave it unlocked or put the key somewhere? Call me back, you have my number on the phone there". She was sort of yelling. I went to go back to bed and just as I turned off the light the phone rang again. I answered it and the same woman said "Karen,Karen,Karen,Karen,Karen,Karen,Karen,Karen!". I said who is this and she said "Karen this is Linda". I said I don't know who you are and she said "Oh god I've got the wrong number" and hung up. She sounded panicked (or drunk). Weird!!!!
03/03/2007 08:48:29 PM · #2
LOL... I had someone call my cell phone two days inna row and it went to voice mail... First time to arrange a ride to work (didn't happen). Second time to call in late... Wonder if they still work there...
03/03/2007 08:48:44 PM · #3
What are you wearing?
03/03/2007 08:48:46 PM · #4
We always get people speaking in foreign languages. Probably would be more interesting if we spoke any of the languages.
03/03/2007 09:12:19 PM · #5
I had one message from a funeral home about my "husbands" funeral arrangements being messed up..But my husbands very much alive.
then one day got a few from people thinking my number was the Georgia power company.
I also had a call from a woman in the hospital begging her daughter to call and talk to her, saying she had called a year ago and left a new address and wanted a response to even know that whomever she was calling was still alive.
and last but not least we get an automated message at least ten times a day saying"this is not a sales call, please call us back at..blah,blah,blah....". I havent called back. it sounds like a sales call. lol
03/03/2007 11:29:40 PM · #6
My wifes mobile kept ringing lare number at night & no one would say anything. It was odd because it was always different numbers. After a few weeks of ignoring late night calls, and after a work mate joked about it being a sex line thing, I looked in the paper and found out that my wifes phone number was just one digit off a sex chat line. The horny bugers just couldn't dial straight :)
03/03/2007 11:37:01 PM · #7
My number is 800-xxxx. What I get is everyone in my area code who forgets to dial the '1' before dialing an 800 number, which does tend to be quite a few calls. I get anything from people calling to make various reservations (hotels, seminars, etc.) to a guy who called and wanted to know why the woman he requested earlier had not arrived yet (I sooo wanted to have fun with that one).
03/03/2007 11:46:47 PM · #8
I'm pretty sure my cell phone number used to belong to a small time drug dealer... probably meth. After 4 years the calls have slowed down to about 1 every other month. Used to be 8-12 a month. The callers always ask for one of 3 people, all men, all spanish names. I also know whomever it was is also in trouble with about 3 local small loan places. They finally quit calling after I called them each back about 3 times and told them to quit calling me. I'll keep the number, I like the prefix and it's hard to get, not to mention there are so many small time meth dealers around here if I got a new number I'd just have to start again in letting all their former clients know I'm not who they are looking for!
03/04/2007 01:29:08 AM · #9
I usually love the wrong numbers, I often say that XXX has run out or in the shower and Ill take a message if they like...

03/04/2007 01:39:47 AM · #10
I had a lady call me and ask for someone who of course didn't own my phone.

I told her she had the wrong number, to which she replied "No I don't."

I hung up. I got a few text messages from her a week later and it took a while to convince her that I was not the person she was looking for.
03/04/2007 02:26:58 AM · #11
hehe My number used to be one off from Pizza Hut :) That was fun! Double fun because I used to work at a Pizza Hut and knew how to take an "order" ROFL

Wonder if those folks ever figured it out?
03/04/2007 02:31:36 AM · #12
For several years, I would get calls and messages for someone named Penny, from different people. My family jokingly accused me of leading a secret double life.
03/04/2007 02:59:03 AM · #13
I got a phone call once from a lady who wanted to speak to "Alan"
Me: this is Alan.
Her: "Alan Gleghorn?"...
Me: no, Alan Mathis
Her: My nephew Alan???
Me: Yes...

turns out that this was an aunt i hadnt seen in years.She DID NOT know my phone number. The number she was trying to call was different from mine by one digit....
03/04/2007 03:59:15 AM · #14
We bought this house 5 years ago and was given our current phone number from the telephone company. What we didn't know was the number belonged to someone else before who was on call....24 hours a day. I had a very sick baby at the time, that was in and out of hospital from the day he was born. So sleep in our house was precious.

Anyway, we would get phone calls night and day at any hour looking for the previous owner of the telephone number. After many months we finally tracked down the owner, who no longer did shift work but did work three jobs. We tracked down lots of information about him, right down to the detail that he had just walked out of his family, leaving behind a grown up family and a wife and walked into a new family of 6 young children, all belonging to different men, most of them still in jail. (Nice woman). And he continued to work 3 jobs. So I rang him one day at his work. I told him to get my number off his contact cards, telephone books, clients etc. I said to him I was very angry with all the constant phone calls in the middle of the night, looking for him to come out to the job sites. His reply was "Well, now you know how I feel getting phone calls during the night!!!!!!!" I stood there stunned!!

But the story doesn't end there. Three months later he moved into the house behind me and when I confronted him and he realised who I was...well...the look on his face was priceless.

To this day we still get phone calls for him. Hmmmmm!
03/04/2007 04:34:55 AM · #15
When I lived in California and first started dating my wife, Theresa, I got a call from a woman I did not know. She first said "Hi Ken" and since that is my name, I said hi and listened to her going on about somthing and I finally said "Do I know you??" She said "is this Ken?" "Yes..." "Ken Priest, right?" "uh......yes. Who is this?" She said her name and it did not sound familiar at all, but she knew my full name. She then said "You're going out with Theresa, right?" Now I am having a twilight zone moment trying to figure out how she knows me. I asked how she got my number and she said the phone book. It turns out, there was one other Kenneth B. Priest in the area and he happened to be dating a woman with the same name as the woman I was dating. What made matters worse for me is that I was pretty high when she called and the whole thing freaked me out. I would have thought I imagined the whole thing, but Theresa was right there while I was on the phone, so I have determined it was just a cross-connection to a parallel universe. I thought about calling her back and asking her to have the other Ken call me, but then I thought there might be catastrophic consequences to the space-time continuum.

03/04/2007 05:02:54 AM · #16
Someone called me, with a VERY deep voice:
Him/Her: "Who is this?"
Me: "My name is Oscar"
Him/Her: "How old are you?"
Me: "14"
Him/Her: "Perfeeeeect!"
03/04/2007 05:09:06 AM · #17
me caling number: Hi there, you had a microwave for sale?
them: no, what do you mean?
me: on the trading post (local radio call in sell and buy show)
them: oh, sorry, you must have the wrong number, but actually we do have a microwave for sale
me: how much, and what is it like?
them: (they give the details which i forget)
me: sounds good.

-end up buying the microwave and using it for many a year :)
03/04/2007 05:52:49 AM · #18
mine's not very interesting, but I kept getting messages from an Indian woman working at a doctors office who kept calling for Mr. Balitactac...whom I assume to be an indian man. She left me messages fairly often for a month calling Mr. Balitactac about prescription refills, appointments, and billing. I would always miss the calls, so I just had a bunch of messages for some strange indian man.

Now, I'm not making judgments or anything(ok, i am)...BUT you think she would've got a clue by about the 5th time calling me since my message machine sounded like a high-pitched english school girl saying, "Hi, you've reached Leah's cell phone, please leave a message after the beep!"

One day I say the doctors number calling picked up and of course it's the woman asking for Mr. Balitactac. Well, I must have been having a bad day because I totally yelled at the poor confused lady, "Do I sound like Mr. FREAKEN BALI-TOC-TOC?!? stop calling me!!!" click.
...yeah, i'm pretty sure I'm goin' to hell :-P
03/04/2007 09:00:27 AM · #19
I haven't GOTTEN any good ones but I sure made one one day...totally on accident.

Someone in my family called and said my brother (James) was trying to get ahold of me but for some reason my phone wasn't connecting his calls. I went into my address book and called the number I had for him. Well a woman answered and it sounded like his wife, so I did my normal thing and joked with her for a bit.

I said "hey, how's it goin?" She said fine. I said "you sound out of breath, what you doing trying to keep him from getting some or chasing him for some?" She just laughted and said getting away. I noticed at that point that something didn't sound right in her voice but wasn't sure so I just asked for my James. She said "who"? I said "wait a minute is this Marilyn"? She laughed and said no. Then her voice REALLY sounded different. I said "oh my, I am so sorry I have the wrong number". She laughed really hard and said "it was ok, she actually thought it was her brother-in-law cause he always did stuff like that". Somehow I had saved his number with the last 2 numbers switched around.

He laughed his butt off when I got a hold of him and told him what happened.
03/04/2007 10:49:00 AM · #20
Originally posted by TCGuru:

hehe My number used to be one off from Pizza Hut :) That was fun! Double fun because I used to work at a Pizza Hut and knew how to take an "order" ROFL

Wonder if those folks ever figured it out?

When I was in school, my phone number was one digit away from the local Shakey's Pizza. We got so many calls that we started answering the phone with, "Shakey's Pizza, how can I help you?" If the person was calling in a pizza order, we'd just take it, telling them to expect delivery in 30 minutes. Naturally, the pizza would never arrive and they'd call back wondering where their pizza was. This was great entertainment on a slow night.
03/04/2007 05:53:26 PM · #21
i have some guy named ralph who every year calls my cell and leaves a message that wishes some guy named bob a happy birthday. So im guessing him and bob arn't on good terms as he never got the happy birthday messgae lol.
03/04/2007 06:24:07 PM · #22
Originally posted by kawana:

i have some guy named ralph who every year calls my cell and leaves a message that wishes some guy named bob a happy birthday. So im guessing him and bob arn't on good terms as he never got the happy birthday messgae lol.

Similar thing... I've had the same cell number for about 10 years, but for the last 5, this one guy keeps sending txts to his best buddy at Christmas and New Years. Looooong txts not just a few short words. About what time it is in LA, how his uncle owes him some beers now and occasionally, sports results. His messages always sound so exciting, don't have the heart to txt him back with the bad news...

08/19/2008 11:15:40 PM · #23
totally freaked out...

so my ex girlfriend sent me a text today saying, "idk what to think of your msg. u cant just leave a msg like that... call me."

its been about 8 months since we broke up and i did talk to her about a week ago but on good terms. i called her as soon as i got the text message and she sounded very upset. when i asked why, she told me that i called her last night and said i confessed to sleeping with a co-worker and that i thought about her every time we slept together. then i made a reference to my job, which was detailed enough to have to either be me or someone close to me to know exactly what accounts i work on. then apparently i said, "everything is fine but i just wanted to get that off my chest."

ironically i was away with family on a 4 day camping trip where phones hardly get reception and mine had been dead for the last two days.

there is no placed call to her in my phone however she has the incoming # in her phone... is this even possible? as for the message it was erased by accident but she swears it sounded like me.

not too sure what to make of this one...
08/19/2008 11:28:00 PM · #24
Ryeguy, sounds like spill-over from Art's alternate universe....
08/19/2008 11:30:10 PM · #25
Apparently my number is very similar to a "Boomer's Tax Service". Around April the calls can get a bit funny.

But.. My exact number used to belong to JAMES & MARY MOORE. James & Mary, if you're out there... you apparently NEVER paid your bills. Four years now I have been telling people that this is my number now and no, I don't know James and Mary...the calls keep coming. Please, call your creditors and update your info, or just pay your bills.

Thank you!

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