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09/05/2006 01:41:44 AM · #1
On average, how many pics do you take every day? What is your purpose for taking them... work? fun? both?
09/05/2006 01:44:20 AM · #2
Average about 50 I do about 120 for challenges >.< lol
09/05/2006 01:46:41 AM · #3
I shoot several hundred a couple of times each week on average - some for work (clients, stock...), some for play (DPC, trying new things....). Averaged out it would be somewhere around 50ish a day.

The cool thing is - when I started out, I would take 200 shots, come home and find one or two gems in the heap. Now I shoot 200 and I throw out maybe 25%, the rest are keepers. See what a few years will do? :)
09/05/2006 01:47:42 AM · #4
well in the past year I've taken about 7,000...so that's an average of 20 pics a day.

Although I go weeks sometimes without taking a picture.
09/05/2006 01:56:28 AM · #5
Lessee...got my 30D early april and it's at 9500+ and the 20D i got is up 2000 or so pics, and i started the year with a 300D and it looks like i shot about 3000 with it.

14,500..8 months...1812 a month, 30 days...about 60 a day on average. however, 5500 or so of those were shot over 6 weddings this year, so it kind of skews the average i'd say.
09/05/2006 01:58:59 AM · #6
how do u check how many pictures your camera has taken????
09/05/2006 01:59:49 AM · #7
I just never reset my counter since day one...so every picture goes up by one. I'm currently on DSC_6800'ish
09/05/2006 02:00:00 AM · #8
Originally posted by Prof_Fate:

...weddings this year...

Oh yeah, I didn't count weddings cause they're crazy numbers (for me atleast).
09/05/2006 02:01:38 AM · #9
My 350D is at a little over 12,200, and I've had it for 10 months, so that's about 40 per day average. Some days I'll shoot like 400+ (and delete like half after chimping most of the time), some weeks I won't shoot any.

Night shoots I'll usually come back with less than 10, of which only one or maybe 2 if I'm lucky are usable, since I try to work out all the flaws I can and the last shot should be the best (not always true though, heh)
Self timed riding shots, I'll shoot maybe 80 or more (my poor flash batteries). Events, etc, maybe 30 per hour or so.
Never done a professional shoot, but I would shoot as many as it took to get someting I was happy with, within reason :p
09/05/2006 02:05:25 AM · #10
i shoot just about every day, usually 50 or more.
if i'm taking for a challenge i usually fill up a 2gb card in no time ;)
09/05/2006 02:06:22 AM · #11
My average at the moment per day would be about 10.

And the average distance from home that these photos are taken is about 10 meters.

My car broke down 3 weeks ago 200km up the road and I'm stranded in town at the moment and I'm getting a bit depressed about it. My last 3 challenge entries were all taken within 1 meter of my back door.

And the really depressing thing about the whole car break down business is that it's going to cost $2200 to fix - just about the price of a D200
09/05/2006 02:09:14 AM · #12
Sometimes none, sometimes a lot. I believe the most I have taken is 3,000+ in one day (Zoo). My panasonic would snap until you ran out of space on the memory card.

My recent trip to Japan I took about 6,000+ shots in 10 days. Funny as most of the shots of me that my friend took was of me changing memory cards. All shot in RAW so I'm still working on the pictures :(

Went to the Renaissance faire last weekend and took about 700+ shots. Backed up so no time to submit for comments.

Free study challenges are tough because I take so many RAW images a month. I usually take pictures before, after, and during my breaks at work.

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09/05/2006 02:09:48 AM · #13
I shoot 2.4 photos per day.
09/05/2006 02:10:06 AM · #14
Originally posted by dr_timbo:

... My last 3 challenge entries were all taken within 1 meter of my back door ...

I just went to your profile page to see what pictures those might be and saw your highest scoring image thinking that was the last one you submitted.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/510/thumb/348047.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/510/thumb/348047.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

Now that would be a cool thing to see when you open your door.

PS - Sorry to hear about the car problems.
09/05/2006 02:21:01 AM · #15
im thinkin' i take an average of 70-80 everyday
09/05/2006 02:22:00 AM · #16
I've had my current hardware for one year now and have shot 8,152 images. So do the math:

8,152 / 365 = 22.33 shots per day over the past 12 months.

Wow! I need to get a life. :-(

Granted, I'll take 150 per soccer (futbol) match for many, many weekends in a row when my daughter's team is on the pitch. She is in a year-round club program.
09/05/2006 02:27:39 AM · #17
Realistically, I will take about 300-500 on a "full out, inspirational photo taking day". This is usually during travel, such as to Thailand or an abandoned power plant (see portfolio). I also go days without any shots at all. So lets calculate:

D200 owned: 5 months (30x5=150 days)
D200 Actuation Count as of tonight: 9,200 +/- 50 shots
9,200 / 150 = 61 and 1/3 per day.

Not bad. I should, at a rate of 1,840(9200/5) actuations per month, hit the 100,000 (what my camera is rated to) actuation mark in about 49 months, or 54 total. Thats around 4.5-5 years. I plan on taking pictures at a faster rate in the future though, so that may change.

Regardless, to reach 100,000 actuations in two years, I would need to take 163 photos every single day of both years. Even more extreme, you would have to take 273.9 photos per day, 365 days in a year in order to hit 100,000 in a year.

And even then my shutter would probably still last. Don't be askeered by all them numbers and ratings on your camera into thinking you can't walk around holding continuous all day. ;-)

**Edited to Add:** Pshaw to Lesgainous! You think you need a life?!?

Message edited by author 2006-09-05 02:30:42.
09/05/2006 02:32:04 AM · #18
Originally posted by faidoi:

My recent trip to Japan I took about 6,000+ shots in 10 days.

So, why didn't you look me up? I had the whole month of August off...
09/05/2006 02:32:44 AM · #19
Originally posted by Vapor63:

Don't be askeered by all them numbers and ratings on your camera into thinking you can't walk around holding continuous all day. ;-)

At 3fps, it would take a little over 9 hours to hit the 100k mark. :p
09/05/2006 02:38:37 AM · #20
Originally posted by MadMan2k:

Originally posted by Vapor63:

Don't be askeered by all them numbers and ratings on your camera into thinking you can't walk around holding continuous all day. ;-)

At 3fps, it would take a little over 9 hours to hit the 100k mark. :p

The D200 would finish 100,000 actuatings in only 5 and a half hours. Ha ha!

Neener neener nah nah!
09/05/2006 04:16:29 AM · #21
Have taken about 52.000 shots on the 5D since I got it around the turn of the month, beginning of november 2005 so that makes it about 170 pr day on average but I only take photos about 4-5 days a week. I usually take from 300-500 those days I am shooting but that number has on a couple of occasions been over a 1000.
09/05/2006 04:04:29 PM · #22
Well, apparently I know now what my problem is. I am lucky if I shoot 50 shots per challenge, though sometimes it could be about 100, but rarely. I can go out one day a week, maybe two, and that is all I have available to me. The rest of the time I am working. Of course, I haven't got much around here to shoot, though last night I got up around 11:30 to have a pb sandwich, and the moon was just so lovely that I got my camera and shot a series of about 20 photos. Unfortuneately, only one came out decent, and I am still working on it before posting.
As to why I take them, mostly for challenges and also for my current work I am making about natural diversity in Connecticut. Other reasons, family, vacations, some portrait work, my home based gallery, and of course just for fun.

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09/05/2006 08:08:36 PM · #23
4 months 8000ish images (still have 400ish in camera right now) = roughly 67 shots per day.
09/05/2006 08:24:20 PM · #24
sometimes 0, sometimes 1500. rarely a few, most often 100 or so.
09/05/2006 08:34:43 PM · #25
most days 0, it might be 1000 or more some days. I haven't been inspired lately and I hope that one of these challenges clicks something on soon. I do have a for fun photoshoot with a friend coming up this week though, so it might be fun.
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