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05/01/2006 02:17:27 PM · #1
Does it annoy the crap out of people, or is it a nice feature???

I have my website set so that when people enter it loads a browser without favorites, and menu's and the like. I like that it makes the screen clean and simple. However perhaps it is annoying my potential customers.

what is your opinion.

here is my site as an example.
Tyler Olson Photography
05/01/2006 02:20:26 PM · #2
FWIW - I don't like "take over your whole screen" web sites, I x out of them asap.

Other than that - looks a-ok to me.

Edit: agree with pidge, I didn't even notice that it was a whole new window.

pidge = smart

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05/01/2006 02:20:33 PM · #3
Personally, I don't like it. If I'm browsing and using tabs or whatever, I don't like new windows. What I have around is not going to affect my viewing of your pictures.

While you may like the clean and simple look, not everyone will agree...

My 2 cents

05/01/2006 02:23:07 PM · #4
Yep, that would annoy me. As annoying as messing with the browser configuration, IMO, is the huge window size you're forcing. you need to either let the user's default window size prevail, or set one intelligently based on the viewer's screen resolution.
FWIW, don't just force it to full-screen; that's pretty annoying as well.
05/01/2006 02:23:10 PM · #5
Another web-site on my never to return list - Sorry but playing around with my viewport is not justifiable IMO and I avoid them like the plague.
05/01/2006 02:27:22 PM · #6
I have to agree I dont like the layout and the take over idea of my browser. I wouldnt visit it.

05/01/2006 02:40:38 PM · #7
That's a big no no. Very annoying and usually used by sites which spam your screen with lots of full size windows, so you've even got bad connotations there.
05/01/2006 02:44:58 PM · #8

On the plus side it's slightly less annoying than getting a flat tire when you're late for an important meeting. Just slightly.
05/01/2006 03:03:08 PM · #9
BAD idea!! It is MY computer and MY browser. You have no business messing with MY stuff.
I would close it and never return.

Edit to add: While I'm at it, let me point out that I don't like being forced into ANYTHING that I didn't ask for like MUSIC, popups etc.

The more it just quietly does its job, and/or the more I can customize it to MY liking, the better a website's chances are.

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05/01/2006 03:10:36 PM · #10
hmm I dont like the pop up window right away I think its spam, plus that window being huge. Also my eyes tend to go right up to the top and look for menus or buttons not sure about the words/buttons/links placed at the bottom right.

I lookeds at your pictures really nice.
05/01/2006 03:12:18 PM · #11
You have an english version of the site with a price sheet which is clearly not english.
05/01/2006 03:17:15 PM · #12
I hate it. I hate that you are taking away my familiar environment and controls. I would not stay at this site for that reason, and i would not return. I'm stubborn that way.

05/01/2006 03:48:51 PM · #13
I don't like it.

My opinion on this is if pages belong to the same website they should not open in a new window, including pdfs. If a user wants to view the link/pdf in a different window then they can right click the link and choose from a menu. I don't know what the standard rule of thumb is.
05/01/2006 03:52:17 PM · #14
Agreed, too much like a spam/pop-up window.. Lots of users would avoid...

I think there is a common thread running here :-) Hope it answers your question!
05/01/2006 04:54:43 PM · #15
My question is why bother with a second window unless there's something on the first that people have to refer back to? If you want your homepage uncluttered, by all means have it as it is, but when we click, the next page should open in the same window. If I want it in a new one, *I* will cause it to happen.
05/01/2006 05:02:54 PM · #16
I'll jump on the bandwagon and add my $0.02 - annoying in at least 3 ways: the pop-up, taking up all my screen space, and lack of the menus/toolbars/etc. that I have specifically customized.

Otherwise it seems to be a nice site - no reason it can't play nice.
05/01/2006 05:16:14 PM · #17
I'm going to have to agree with the general opinion. I don't like web pages that "force" anything. I x out immediately. I did take the time to look at yours simply because I felt like I could trust it. I'm not a huge fan of the buttons on the bottom, but overall the site has a nice clean feel. I'm also starting to get turned off by simpleviewer for the simple fact that SO many people use it. I prefer a portfolio viewer that differentiates itself from the mainstream. That's just my humble opinion, take it for what it's worth.
05/02/2006 02:56:48 AM · #18
well i wrote this late last night, so i haven't been on here since I wrote the first message.

ok ok ok... i get the message.

Due to overwhelming opinion.. Changes are in store.

and as a side note,
The site isn't in all caps YES THAT ANNOYS ME TOO :), it is a font (copperplate gothic) that is has very little difference between lower and upper case.

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05/02/2006 03:22:31 AM · #19
and thanks for all your comments, I appreciate it. I have made the changes now and will consider other changes when I give the site a little face lift. i.e. if i want the menu on the top, and possibly re-evaluate the font.
05/02/2006 03:53:04 AM · #20
Originally posted by leaf:

and as a side note,
The site isn't in all caps YES THAT ANNOYS ME TOO :), it is a font (copperplate gothic) that is has very little difference between lower and upper case.

I have a lot of experience with Copperplate Gothic, and while it's a lovely, formal font for certain print useage, it suz as a small-scale font on the web. The serifs on Copperplate are very subtle, and they just don't register well exacept in headlines, on the web. Also, as you've noticed, it's a "small caps" font, and the difference in x-height between the caps and the small caps is so slight that it doesn't register well until you're running the font much bigger; so it tends to look "accidental" when used as you have, here.

When I used Copperplate in print, I'd typically run the caps at, say, 18 points and the snall caps at 16, all on the same leading, so there's be a more noticeable difference in the x-heights. When I got it up to, say, 24-36 points or bigger, this stopped being a problem.

05/02/2006 07:28:32 AM · #21
hmm well perhaps i should do that, changed the size of smaller caps, or use a totally different font.
05/02/2006 07:43:25 AM · #22
Just to give a different slant on this argument, I'm using Firefox and so have set it that you can't resize my window or remove items. Hence it looks fine to me, making your forcing of settings on some people both potentially annoying and futile.

Nice pics tho!

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