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03/21/2006 06:46:42 PM · #1
The dentists's been telling me I have go get mine out for a few years now, and I hear the longer you wait, the more painful this is, so I'm doing it this summer.

Has anyone else has theirs out? How much does it cost, how many days did you lose, etc.
03/21/2006 06:51:44 PM · #2
I had "easy teeth" all four out completely whole in 30 minutes, only lost the day that I had surgery, 'bout 700 bucks, went back 4 days later for final check up & nurse asked if I was ready for my surgery!! Secret: spent the entire day after the surgery with ice on both cheeks! No swelling.
03/21/2006 06:54:31 PM · #3
I'm one of those lucky guys and didn't have to get mine removed. But I've had friends that went through it, and it kept them off their feet for a couple of days. I heard once that while you're healing from it, DON'T drink through a straw - supposedly it can pull the stitches and make them bleed or something. At least, that's what a math teacher once told the class I was in.
03/21/2006 07:04:15 PM · #4
Just had mine out in January, waited until I was 29! Just get them done while your young. Doc said I was a quick healer for my age...sheesh not even 30 and already over the hill.

I had it done Friday afternoon (general anestesia so I was out) and I was pretty good until Monday. Then I was a pretty achy and tired, (not able to eat much but pudding and soup). By Wednesday I was feeling better, and 95% by the Friday follow up.

Anyway cost me $400, but would of been $2k w/out insurance.

All in all it wasn't that bad, and mine were pretty difficult.
03/21/2006 07:05:15 PM · #5
I had mine out a while ago, and it took a pretty good while for them to heal, I was still taking ibuprofen a month after, but my friend got his out a little while after I did and he was fine within three days. I think it just depends but definatly don't drink through a straw and don't eat really solid foods I think for the first day or two? The doctor will probably tell you all that anyways. Just make sure when you're done they give you lots of vicodin, because besides helping with the pain its just plain fun ;)
03/21/2006 07:10:37 PM · #6
I must have been lucky! I had 2 out last year, during a checkup she just said these have to come out and after a quick injection she removed them in less than a minute, no stiches and I just wandered back to work.

I was however in shock, she used 2 pairs of pliers, one to crush the tooth and the other to extract. Was sore for about 2 days afterwards. The extractions, fillings, 1 gold crown and 2 route canal fillings cost me £400.
03/21/2006 07:14:21 PM · #7
The recovery of wisdom teeth sucks! I only had 3 (Don't know if that is normal or not) Had one of them taken out through my neck. Good luck with that!
03/21/2006 07:16:07 PM · #8
i have five wisdom teeth...very painful sometimes, but i dont have dental insurance currently so i have to wait till fall. its complicated...
03/21/2006 07:16:07 PM · #9
Everytime a dentist looks into my mouth and sees my two lower wisdom teeth they go "Oh oh". They've been doing this since my late teens.
I'm 43 now and my two lower wisdom teeth have barely surfaced. X rays show that they have tilted and have grown at an angle.
So I figure that I'm not going to have them out...they aren't causing me any problems and God willing they wont!
I've had some terrible experiences with butchers (so called dentists) and I avoid them like the plague. (Apologises to my current dentist who is a gentle sweetie.)

03/21/2006 07:20:29 PM · #10
It depends on whether they are impacted (still in your jaw bone) or not. Of course all are in the bone partially but wisdom teeth sometimes never come out properly and this is why they have to be removed. Mine were problems until I got them out, my wife's never even came in. We had a girl in our dental office overseas that not only had her wisdom teeth but 8 EXTRA teeth (thats 8 more than the normal person) up in her jaw. She was back about every month getting a few at a time removed. Some come out with a little pulling and some take the drill (handpiece). Can't say enough to follow the dr's instructions...no carbonated drinks, no straws, no smoking. Most have some sort of a problem afterwards when the lowers are removed but no problems with the tops. And contratory to popular belief you will not necessarily gain wisdom when they come out. lol
03/21/2006 07:21:32 PM · #11
I had all 4 out. I think a couple were partially impacted. No problems/pain at all though, I was eating solid food the same day as the surgery = P
My sister didn't have a great experience - I remember her feeling sick for a few days. I guess it depends on how you react to anesthetics and your tolerance for pain.

Not sure how much it cost as I had it done while covered under my parents' insurance.
Good luck with it, it is nice to have them out and done with.
03/21/2006 07:26:50 PM · #12
I had the top two taken out separately a long time ago. I remember how comforting it was for the nurse to hold my head. ;-)
I've only got one on the bottom row - the other one never appeared.
03/21/2006 07:55:38 PM · #13
Both my twins recently had all 4 of their wisdom teeth removed (one of them 2 weeks ago). Had them out on Friday (cut them out I should say) and both were out on the town on Sunday and back to work on Monday. Soft food, rinse alot with warm salt water, NO straws (causes dry socket which is very painful) and ice pack on the face as soon as you get home. After insurance they paid around $300 out of pocket. Good luck with yours!!
03/21/2006 08:03:38 PM · #14
Mine was free. I had all four removed when I was in the Army, two on one side, then two on the other a few weeks later. They used no gas, only novacaine, several shots worth. The bottom teeth were tenacious, I distinctly remember the dentist putting his foot on the arm of the chair at one point to get some leverage.

Be glad you are not getting your wisdom teeth pulled in the US Army during the eighties. It was medieval. I hope like hell they do it differently now.
03/21/2006 08:22:23 PM · #15
I had mine out when I was 18. I told the dentist that the only way I was going to do it is if I was unconcious. He said that was no problem.

I went to the oral surgeon, they put in an IV, gave me some good drugs, the ceiling melted and I woke up with my mouth full of gauze. The anesthesia didn't wear off for several more hours, at which point I started my Tylenol w Codeine.

Overall, if you get the right meds, it's not bad at all. As long as you don't mind looking like a chipmunk for a few days and eating nothing but ice cream.

I asked the guy to save my wisdom teeth, but he said that he had to break them up in my jaw and pick out the pieces. That made me extra glad I was unconcious for the whole thing.
03/21/2006 08:27:21 PM · #16
As a poor university student, these prices are frightening me a lot. How much is the procedue usually for one without insurance?
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