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02/09/2006 12:06:54 AM · #1
Anyone have a lightsphere that they are willing to part with? It would need to be the P1 size so it will fit my Nikon SB-600. The Gary Fong web site says they are out of stock on this size. Any ideas on where else to buy them? Anyone have one they don't use? Anyone think they're worth the money?

Thanks for the help.

02/09/2006 12:21:51 AM · #2
yes, they are worth the money.
02/09/2006 12:54:03 AM · #3
Great, now I just have to find one that's for sale. Thanks for the confidence in the purchase.
02/09/2006 12:59:41 AM · #4
They definitely look impressive. I would love to see a comparison between the lightsphere and the omnibounce though.
02/09/2006 01:07:10 AM · #5
I have the lightsphere journalist. It does seem to work very nicely if you have a nice ceiling you can bounce from. If not, then I think it's benefits are more limited. In such cases, the older, covered model might be better. Possibly even the omnibounce is better in that case, since you can also use it as a diffuser and point more directly.

I do think the lightsphere is a pain in the butt though!

02/09/2006 01:10:54 AM · #6
I wanted to buy the older model but it was discontinued and replaced by PJII. You can now get a dome for this, sold separately. I ordered mine with the dome but had it delivered to an address in New York since they don't deliver in Canada.
02/09/2006 01:20:25 AM · #7
I re-upladed my LS2 test shots, since this and other threads are always demanding samples...
Indoor, direct flash vs LS2 - please note, the wall is mere inches behind the subject.
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293244.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293244.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293245.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293245.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

As for the bounceing off the ceiling issue - to put it bluntly, it is bullsh!t, plain and simple.
TO prove it i went outside and took two pics on my deck - one with the LS no dome pointed straight up as the directions say. the second pic is exaclty the same with the LS removed - yes, it's black (you can see the corner of the house in the left of the pic). There is NO ceiling here at all, just the dark night sky high above. The directions say to use the dome in LOW ceilinged rooms.
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293246.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293246.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293247.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293247.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
02/09/2006 01:39:42 AM · #8
Originally posted by Prof_Fate:

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293244.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293244.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293245.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/16648/thumb/293245.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

I think the LS2 creates a much goofier expression on the subject's face. ;-)

I wanted to get one for my 580EX, but they are not in stock either (maybe the same one). The stuff I read here in the forum and on Gary Fong's site was what prompted me to purchase the 580EX and when I got it, I went to buy the LS2 for it and "Out of stock"! I emailed them and got no response. We need to get a bunch of people to email asking if they have the thing in stock yet.
02/09/2006 07:28:15 AM · #9
anyone have more examples or comparisons.

I am awfully curious about this.
02/09/2006 07:31:31 AM · #10
I'll have some examples in the next couple of days...my Lightsphere II is scheduled to arrive today and my new flash and lens tomorrow! :)
02/09/2006 07:54:23 AM · #11
Oh boy :) i look forward to seeing them.
02/09/2006 08:24:15 AM · #12
I've got the lightsphere II. It does a pretty good job. I don't have time this morning to upload examples but I'll post later.
You get some comments when using it. It looks pretty funny. Kind of
like a plastic milk jug or alcohol bottle. You could experiment. :)
02/09/2006 08:24:21 AM · #13
Originally posted by Art Roflmao:

I think the LS2 creates a much goofier expression on the subject's face. ;-)

Yep, it gets attention.
I got mine with my flash, both used, but many people seem to have a hard time getting gary fong to give up the product. It appears he gets them made after enough orders come in or something.
02/09/2006 08:42:35 AM · #14
Yeah that wouldn't be surprising...

I don't thinkg he get 100 (or 1000 if that is the min) plastic things made for every camera he lists as available.
02/09/2006 08:42:52 AM · #15
I used an empty bottle of rubbing alcohol for a wedding I did in the fall, and it worked fantasticly! I did go out and buy the Lightsphere afterwards just because I was having psychological issues with the idea of using a $.79 piece of equipment, though.
02/09/2006 08:45:09 AM · #16
They are in stock at Gary Fong's website right now...
02/09/2006 08:46:04 AM · #17
can't live without it. i am lucky enough to have the ls2 for the 580

neither of these had a reachable ceiling to bounce anything off. and i was at least 15 feet away for both shots.
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/23394/thumb/280639.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/23394/thumb/280639.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

(this is a 25kb file)
' . substr('//www.skippix.biz/erin%2Dewalt/images/erin-ewalt-rmc-0002.jpg', strrpos('//www.skippix.biz/erin%2Dewalt/images/erin-ewalt-rmc-0002.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

Message edited by author 2006-02-09 08:46:49.
02/09/2006 10:50:36 AM · #18
For those of you looking for one for the 580, there are a couple of lightspheres in ebay right now.
02/09/2006 11:21:25 AM · #19
I have a couple of old LSII's & an LSPJ; I do not yet have one of the inverted domes for the PJ style. Don't have much on the computer for comparison as I've archived most of those wedding shots but here is a cute one that I found. The ceilings were 20'+ and the lighting was abyssmal. No windows; the reception was in a banquet room in a local hotel if that tells you anything about the lighting situation.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/9232/thumb/293335.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/9232/thumb/293335.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

02/09/2006 11:24:08 AM · #20
Just check out the Gary Fong site and the shopping cart says the P1 is in stock now. Im thinking about ordering one as well.
02/09/2006 11:38:45 AM · #21
Originally posted by jmsetzler:

I would love to see a comparison between the lightsphere and the omnibounce though.

me too ... the lightsphere seems WAY over priced to me, it's $50 right?
02/09/2006 11:54:15 AM · #22
I love my LS! I have the one for the SB-600 flash, and I think it is awesome!

I added a few shots to my portfolio to show you.

The first one here is without the LS:
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293348.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293348.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

These 2 are using the LS pointed straight up at the ceiling. I did edit them a bit, so the contrast has been bumped up a tiny bit:

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293343.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293343.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293345.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293345.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

And this one, is the same as above....except I didn't really mess with anything, it was like this out of the camera (I just added some softness)

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293347.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14837/thumb/293347.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

I use it for weddings and get great results. There are no harsh lights in peoples faces. It's a bit of pain to lug around, but I think it is well worth it!
02/09/2006 11:55:20 AM · #23
Well, I don't have an Omnibounce so I can't give any comparison shots of that. But here are some I just took with and without the Lightsphere II. Please excuse the unwilling model, not the best examples but you can see the difference it makes. :-)

My only gripe with it is that it's a pain to carry around which is why I don't use it as much as I'd like. The new PJ one is probably better in that respect. I believe it's made of a more flexible plastic/rubber type material.

These are all straight out of the camera, no adjustments at all and all taken in P mode.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293337.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293337.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' No Flash

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293338.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293338.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' Flash pointed at subject

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293339.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293339.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' Flash bounced off a high ceiling

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293340.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/14620/thumb/293340.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' Lightsphere used with dome, pointed at same high ceiling
02/09/2006 12:05:21 PM · #24
I don't mind spending $50 for a product, as long as it is worth it...

Does anyone have any clue how the lightsphere compares to the less expensive Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer or the even less expensive Sto-Fen Omnibounce?
02/09/2006 12:17:59 PM · #25
Originally posted by livitup:

I don't mind spending $50 for a product, as long as it is worth it...

Does anyone have any clue how the lightsphere compares to the less expensive Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer or the even less expensive Sto-Fen Omnibounce?

I have all 3 of those items (4 I guess if you count the LS & LSPJ as different). The Sto-Fen sucks compared to the other items cause I just never produce even lighting--its got sharper angles than the LumiQuest or LS is all I can figure but the quality is so different that I haven't used it in a long time; I love the LumiQuest for outdoor shots 'cause it puts some stronger catchlights in the eyes and "moistens" the lips with flecks of catchlights (I don't use it with the diffuser on it but with the inserts; the LS & LSPJ are by far my favorites. They cast softer light and they disperse it more evenly. The fall off looks gradual and natural.

Sorry but I don't have any comparison shots unless I go get a hard drive from the fire safe and plug it back in.

Heck, try a friend's or just buy one and try it. You can always sell it on e-bay for a minor loss if you didn't like it. I'm not gonna get anything whether you buy one or not but from my experience if you go to the trouble of getting one and putting it on you'll see a noticeable improvement in your flash shots.
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