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01/23/2006 06:07:41 PM · #1
I am in the process of buying a new laptop, and I was wondering what is better computer for an aspiring photographer. I am making a career out of photography, I am already studying it in college, and I am the assitant photo editor of my newspaper. So what would you guys recomend..MAC or IBM?
01/23/2006 06:14:00 PM · #2
01/23/2006 06:14:47 PM · #3
Mac. But if you go for one of those new Intel MacBooks, make sure to try out Photoshop on it (at an Apple store for example). Until Adobe recompiles for Intel, there's no telling how fast or slow Photoshop willl be. Or just wait until Adobe releases the recompiled Photoshop, that should be blazing on the Intel Core Duo.
01/23/2006 06:18:01 PM · #4
MAC!!!! lol sorry I just luv them, macs are great more expensive then pc's laptop but, much better cause no problems or virus'es/spyware to worry about. Also since the new lauch on the macs with the intel chips you can probably get a good deal on a powerbook now. The newer model of macs are called macbooks with a new intel chip and much faster than the powerbooks. BUt the powerbooks are still very good I have a 12' powerbook and love it.
01/23/2006 06:19:00 PM · #5
01/23/2006 06:24:52 PM · #6
Big Mac.
01/23/2006 06:25:18 PM · #7
Dude, Get a Dell :-)
01/23/2006 06:27:48 PM · #8
01/23/2006 06:27:52 PM · #9
What do you usually use? I've used Windows all my life but bought a Mac because of its reputation. While it runs nice and all that, I've gotten frustrated that I can't use the little tricks and short-cuts that I've been using all my life (or so it seems) on the Mac and I don't use it enough to really have gotten into figuring out the equivalents. So, I'd stick with what you know unless you are making a permanent switch.

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01/23/2006 06:51:41 PM · #10
Mac. my very early g4 desktop went 7.5 years before I needed to replace it...well worth the $$ I spent. I love love love the new Mac I bought last summer!! sooo effecient for photo editing!
01/23/2006 07:01:52 PM · #11
Macs are over rated. I have to use one everyday at work and I really don't see that much of a difference besides the interface looking better than windows. Also they are good for people that do very basic things like simple photo manipulation, basic video editing, etc since OS X comes packaged with some basic software for all that. Really though you will get a much faster machine for much less cash going PC.
01/23/2006 07:17:26 PM · #12
Originally posted by fadedbeauty:

Macs are over rated.

That all depends on how highly you rate virus infections, spyware and a whole host of security flaws...?

I just bought an ibook a few months back to ease myself away from PC. I found that I lost some features that I truly prefer with Windows but probably gained a much smarter system overall with the Mac.

Generally things are better with the Mac but what I appreciate most of all is the fact that it hasn't been riddled with virus's like my PC is suffering from as we speak. I'm in a world of PC Shizzle and my computer is going down...sound familiar? As you already know Windows is totally inconsistant and quirky whereas the mac seems more stable.

I can't edit on my ibook (low rez)and I can never tell whether the brightness is accurate no matter how I tilt the screen but that would be the same for any laptop. Powerbooks are the way to go for laptop image editing, I'd say.

I might switch to Mac all around myself if these PC problems persist for the security alone. The crap never seems to end with Windows and I'm tired of it

It's 2006 and there some develish people out there that MS can't seem to own up to...my $ .02.

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01/23/2006 07:29:46 PM · #13
Adobe is slated to release a new photo editor on Macs to compete with Apple's Aperature.


..its in beta, but free to try-out
01/23/2006 07:32:40 PM · #14
With a doubt, go with a Mac. You'll never ever second guess your decision.
01/23/2006 07:34:46 PM · #15
get a Mac, no question.
01/23/2006 07:42:06 PM · #16
I bought an iBook last summer for photo handling while traveling. I find that it is the first notebook computer I've ever used that I've actually enjoyed. However its display is worthless for editing and it doesn't have enough power (the new Intel based notebooks will solve that problem once all the software gets ported). Even so, I've basically retired my four year old Dell Inspiron because the iBook is such a pleasure to use.

A G4 Powerbook might be fine, but I'd sure fell sorry a year from now when Photoshop and other high performance apps are ported.

I could wax poetic about the great design and thoughtful feature of the Mac. But you probably already know that. The Macs also have the best repair record and highest customer satisfaction. Yes you pay more, but only you can decide if it is worth the added cost.

Best I can suggest is to try them all out in the store.
01/23/2006 07:52:15 PM · #17
Either one will work. I have some of each and I love them all in their own special way.

If you are a long-time windows user and getting bored with XP, why not give a Mac a try - you will enjoy it. On the other hand, if you are a long-time Max user, you are really not missing much with XP.

If I were to buy today, I would wait a few months and then see what the scuttle-but is on the MacBooks. Right now they don't appear to be living up to Jobs' 4x hype, but I suspect as apps are compiled for Intel we will start to get closer to that.

Either system, the most valuable thing you can do is max out the RAM immediately.
01/23/2006 08:06:49 PM · #18
If your already a MAC person then by all means go there.

If you are a PC user then a Dell is the answer. Which model depends on your needs on the road. I just bought a new Dell 700m fully loaded. It is small, light and powerful. Screen is beautiful but small, 12.1". But I bought it for that reason as I wanted it as portable as possible for travel. The 14, 15 and 17" versions give you a wide range to choose from depending on your needs. And all for much less than a MAC.

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01/23/2006 08:32:18 PM · #19
Another vote for a Mac here both my fiance and I have the G4 iBook, I have the 14" 1.3 version and she has the G4 12" 1.2 version, both need a bit more RAM @512MB they run a tad slow, next thing to buy for them is a 1GB strip but even as they are they run fine and keep up with my, now unused, PC notebook.

The virus free enviorment is great too. I think for me, Windows just ended up getting on my nerves with its activation XP and the virus thing, freezing etc.
01/23/2006 08:39:30 PM · #20
im in the same boat as you. I'm in college, gonna make a career out of photography, Im the photo editor of my schools paper. I use a mac. the whole newspaper runs on macs. Most professional environments with photos involved run on macs. Get a mac...not only cuz their better (in my opinion, i own a pc too which i have come to hardly touch) but because you want to learn the platform with which you'll most likely be working with as a person in the photo industry.
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