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11/29/2005 10:03:06 PM · #1
I need some input from some users if you would be so kind...

My 14yr old daughter wants an iPod nano for Christmas or her birthday. she is a music fanatic and loves most everything so she is constantly changing CD's so I think something like this would be a good idea for her.

BUT...I have read a couple reviews that say things like the nano isn't as sturdy as it's older siblings (one even said the display broke on the very first drop on the kitchen floor), or that they expected Apple to have new technology by now and the price could be better considering the flash drive size...really feel I would simply be buying the name (and the hype that comes with it) and have never been one for doing that.

So I went looking at other items and found the iAudio. I really liked one of the reviewers since he compared a variety of items on a lot of the popular players and I liked what I saw about the iAudio (cowon) products especially the X5. I have talked to her about why she wanted the iPod and she said it was just because it held so many songs and didn't know htere was anything else out there so she is ok with something different too.

So can I get any reviews from others that maybe have used any of them? The specifics I really look at is hard drive/flash drive size, variety of file type (really like the image display since she has my old digicam) chance it wil still be around and useful in a couple years and of course price.

Thanks in advance

iAudio reviews
nano's reviews

11/29/2005 10:09:52 PM · #2
I'm 16, so I can relate.

Anything small (4 GB and under) probably won't be enough to hold all the songs she would want.

From my experience, iPods are the best, but I'd suggest looking on epinions.com.
11/29/2005 10:11:01 PM · #3
Rumors that another new Ipod between the Shuffle and the Nano or was it the Nano and the regular Ipod Video. Who knows.

I record Prison Break the night before and watch it at work with my Archos 420. Listen to MP3's and upload my photo files to it when my cards get filled.

Of course it's not an Ipod. All about marketing.
11/29/2005 10:12:24 PM · #4
everyone wants an iPod.
good quality.
good value.
i love mine. has worked fine for over a year now.

..and they have video now too.

iPod nano's ARE too small, especially if she plans on holding all her CDs.
11/29/2005 10:16:07 PM · #5
Anyone else see the SNL Skit :P
11/29/2005 10:17:31 PM · #6
Also, the Nano scratches A LOT. Even by keeping it in your pocket, the thing will scratch a lot. The new Video iPod's are amazing, I'd check those out. I need to upgrade my iPod soon, and I'm looking at the video.
11/29/2005 10:18:32 PM · #7
Check this site out! There is a lot more out there than most people know about.

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11/29/2005 10:18:36 PM · #8
Well, I'm 15, and I wanted an iPod for the longest time. :B I personally thought that getting a mini would have been a waste of money (this was before Nano came out), because I already had (meaning iTunes) that exceeded the 6GB limit, so I opted for the iPod Photo, but lo and behold, they come out with a regular iPod with the color screen and 30GB. D:

But anyway, even if I were your daughter, I would have asked for the iPod Video instead. Especially if you think over time where you gain more and more music. Unless you plan on getting her multiple Nanos, or something. Some girls at my school (I go to an all girls school) have Nano's. I just think they're too small for my tastes, but this is your daughter, so if she wants a Nano, I say get her that one. I love my own iPod to bits. I've had mines for awhile, and I think they're pretty good quality.

Before hand, I had never really looked at other MP3 players, like the iAudio, probably because I never saw many. I personally like the iPod's design better than the iAudio, however. :B

(note: ANY iPod would scratch a lot. You just need a case for it.)

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11/29/2005 10:19:04 PM · #9
Ipodlounge.com has some good reviews as well, for, of course, Ipod products. Nano review. Perhaps look at the Ipod mini as well?
11/29/2005 10:21:11 PM · #10
Originally posted by mk:

Ipodlounge.com has some good reviews as well, for, of course, Ipod products. Nano review. Perhaps look at the Ipod mini as well?

I thought they were discontinuing the Mini's because of the Nano?
11/29/2005 10:25:19 PM · #11
Oh, are they? Just kidding then! Although, if they're still selling and plan to discontinue soon, that's a good time to buy. I get my 40gb at an excellent price with they replaced it with the 30gb and 60gb.
11/29/2005 10:25:29 PM · #12
I have an iRiver and just love it. I chose the iRiver over other products in it's class because they came with Sennheiser headphones; the sound in those is incredible! I've dropped it 17 million times with no ill effects, can plug it in to my car stereo (with a Belkin FM tuner), my 790 came with a cool armband, and the battery life is the best! It also can play multiple file types (wma, ogg, mp3, etc.) I also have a Creative Muvo that I like very much as well.

Things to consider for your personal use:

1. Where you usually buy music. Each music store has players that they support, and you'll want one that will work with the most music stores. You can generally work around it by downloading/ripping but sometimes it's more work than it's worth.

2. Battery life. I'm not sure about the Nano, but in general the iPod batteries are not exchangable -- once the battery fails from charge/recharging too much you wind up buying a new unit.

3. Hard drive/flash drive. Hard drives suck up more battery power; flash drives last 2 or 3 times longer than hard drive based players. Players with moving parts are more susceptible to damage from dropping.

Etc. Display features, mb size, computer operating system compatibility, available firmware upgrades, and general cool factor.

Good luck! I'm sure she'll enjoy whatever you decide to get.
11/29/2005 10:28:36 PM · #13
Originally posted by chet:

(note: ANY iPod would scratch a lot. You just need a case for it.)

I understand. However, I've had an iPod for about 3 years now, the same one, and never used a case. My friend bought a Nano about 2 weeks after it was released. After 1 week that he owned it, his screen was more scratched than mine. Also, there has been a lot of controversy on this topic as well. Just one of the many articles published on this issue:

iPod Nano Scratching
11/29/2005 10:30:51 PM · #14
This is my pic for an mp3 player.
I have had mine for 4 months. Muvo2 FM

I got mine for a lot less than listed there. About half that. I decided not to go with the Ipod because the price vs value and that you have to convert all your files to whatever Apple is using. It has an FM receiver and can record FM while you are listening to it. It also does not suffer from the biggest flaw in Ipods. It has a user replacable battery. Ipods are known to have battery failure after about a year to 18 months. You can not replace this battery. You have to send them back to be replaced. A coworker had to replace his and I believe he said it cost 80.00 USD.
11/29/2005 10:34:41 PM · #15
Apple is about to release a new I-Pod, the smallest yet.
Check it out here: null
11/29/2005 10:36:44 PM · #16
Originally posted by SCI 009:

Originally posted by chet:

(note: ANY iPod would scratch a lot. You just need a case for it.)

I understand. However, I've had an iPod for about 3 years now, the same one, and never used a case. My friend bought a Nano about 2 weeks after it was released. After 1 week that he owned it, his screen was more scratched than mine. Also, there has been a lot of controversy on this topic as well. Just one of the many articles published on this issue:

iPod Nano Scratching

I see, but I think it depends on how you treat it? I didn't have a case for about a week and I didn't have a scratch, but a day after my friend got one it got scratched. But more the backside than the screen.

Read the article, and I understand the situation. Though, one of my friends who has one actually puts hers into a handkerchief(sp), and it looks fine.
11/29/2005 10:43:33 PM · #17
I have an iRiver. As well as its plastic protective case, I keep it in an zipped sunglasses case. It's great for the train journey when I go into Tokyo, and I also listen to it in the car with the appropriate doodacky that fits in the cassette player. Still lots of space left on it ... must get around to putting more songs on it.
11/29/2005 10:58:54 PM · #18
I have an old Creative Zen, a 20 gigabyte bohemeth about the size of a tape player, and I love it. I think creative has made smaller, better, and significantly cheaper versions that hold about 60 gigabytes for about the same price as the 30 gig iPods. And really, who watches videos on ipods?
11/29/2005 11:08:57 PM · #19
I have the Creative Zen MP3 player. 30 gigs and I have about 3000 songs on there. Works great. Create playlists, or play by artist. It's perfect. But alas, it does not have the ipod name, so it might not go over if someone wants, an IPOD.
11/29/2005 11:09:21 PM · #20
I have the Ipod color 20gig which I just love looking to upgrade to the black video Ipod though my friend has one and its amazing. But my Ipod photo is great no complaints at all I just wanna upgrade to the new video one. I keep my pod in a case all the time never take it out. I have little swirls on the back but on any ipod that almost impossible to keep perfect. But in the case never no scatches. If you do get a Ipod which ever one or used or whatever check out this case called iSnug I got mine from j and r music world for 20 bucks, but this case is cool cause I usually open and stand it up on my desk with out it falling out. I use my ipod for another backup option for my photos and of course music just in case.

But like I said before I love my iPhoto but I'm looking to upgrade.
11/29/2005 11:10:20 PM · #21
Be advised of memory type and individual use. My 16 y/o son has a 30 gb ipod, a hard drive with ear buds. He loves it and treats it well(and spent $300 of his own "Subway's" money to get it). My 13 y/o skateboarder son bought a 1 gb flash memory zen, with fm and voice recorder (not available on ipod)for a $100.00 from his lawn mowing money. The zen is much smaller, radio friendly, simple to use, and if lost, stolen, destroyed, is much cheaper. The complaint of smaller storage may be an issue but file transfer is a breeze with a zen. At this age the zen was a more practical choice. Besides, it's easier for me to "borrow" the zen then the ipod. Thankfully my 13 y/o's twin brother is a jock and my 10 year old son still likes his cd player.
Good luck, I here teenage girls' are a nightmare :-)
11/29/2005 11:17:56 PM · #22
i have a creative zen touch. 20 gig. love it. 24 hour battery life, and it was like 60 dollars cheaper than the 20 gig ipod at the time that had a 12 hour battery.
11/29/2005 11:41:49 PM · #23
I have had a Creative MuVo 4 gig for about two years. I originaly bought the thing for the microdrive and used it in my camera with a smaller flashcard in the MuVo. Once the CF cards got better, I stuck the mircodrive back in the MuVo. It has been a strudy little unit, but I didn't much care for the interface, and the 40 gig Ipod looked like a good buy.
I bought it and returned it within a week. I found the Apple interface a pain to deal with on a non apple OS, and it would not support the books on tape format used by local libraries. Plus the Muvo is smaller and has three times the batterey life, I use it in the car and it interfaces with my laptop seamlessly. The Ipod line looks prettier and is much easier to search, but it is much less flexible than the Creative interface, and the battery life is pathetic..
11/29/2005 11:52:00 PM · #24
I work at Best Buy and we sell more ipods than almost anything in the store. I also have to deal with 3 or 4 ipod problems every day. Most of the time it is a hardware problem that cannot be fixed with a simple reset. There is also a lot of problems with the batteries. I for one like the ipods, but for my money I think I will stick with the more reliable iriver or creative.
11/30/2005 01:09:03 AM · #25
I went looking a few months back. I am 43 and of the cassette tape walkman generation. But my wife wanted something whe could use in teh gym and while out walking, and i could borrow it for bicycling...

I am a computer guy and dislike restrictions and extra software, etc. A friend has an iPod and a Rio.

Between teh iPod, iTunes and Quicktime, i have grown to loath apple. The shuffle only holds iTunes music...too restrictive for me. The iPod software wants to sync every song on the computer with that in the iPod. No thanks.

I went with a Sandisk unit. Hooks up via USB and appears to windows like a hard drive, just like a card reader does. drag and drop mp3, wma and other formats. does playlists, even has a mic for recording (like a school class lecture). I chose simple. simple works.
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