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06/04/2003 07:15:44 AM · #1
Well... here we go

Im not trying to say that pc or mac is better than each other but I would like to hear from you guys what kind of computer you are using and why you choosed it!

I own pc and i have never bought a mac before. In my work there is a G4 dual 860mhz mac and 2,4 ghz pc also. The mac was bought because they are suposed to be better than pc in graphic design and work. Sorry for my language , but I think that is a total lie. I´ve used the mac serveral times when I had big freehand/photoshop documents, then used the pc also. I've even measured the time i took the mac and the pc to work moving the large objects around and guess what... same result. I like the interface in Mac very much. I think windows could freshen up alittle with some neat stuff from mac and vice versa. When my boss decided to buy a mac for me i was exited because I was told in my school that mac is better in graphic design. Well thats not true. I speak for myself and my experience. Where i work there is very busy day and alot of pressureis on the computers. The mac has not been switched on for month now. In the old days i beleive the mac was much better becuase of the Postscript support that pc was not as much concerned about. In the old days mac was made to work with graphic but pc was not. I think this old days still live in people and the story has now become rumor that is not true. Pc handles graphic and postscript support same as mac. The mac is more expensive and is only made by apple. Pc is made in billions of factorys and countrys so the price is always better. My choice today and i speak as a professional multimedia designer with diplomas and school education not as some geek who hates mac for no reason or pc. This is my experience with the computers and my opnion. Now give me your opnion on this matter.

P.s lets keep this thread simple and polite. Lets not curse each other and argue about the pc or mac being better. Lets just talk about this :)
Maybe someone is mac owner and would like to correct something here and i would like to hear it. Thats why i started this thread. No other reason.

06/04/2003 07:27:12 AM · #2
Man, this is like asking which is better, Nikon or Canon.

They are similar enough in price and capability that it doesn't make much of a difference which you use. The price is slightly lower with PC based products, but Apple's look better.

Oh, and each have their loyal devotees willing to a launch a ji'had on any non-believers.

Technology - it's the religion of the 21st century.

06/04/2003 08:40:55 AM · #3
Simple price was the reason i chose my PC. All the studio based audio people I know, and most of the image-editors, swear by Mac, but I think that's really a little out-dated now. I'll stick with PC because I know my way around it pretty well, and can cope with the less thorough integration of stuff for it - and don't want to drag myself through another OS now.

06/07/2003 10:05:43 AM · #4
Yeah... out-of-dated is the right word i think. Mac is has some very good design for theyr computers, I would like to see more of this design in the pc world.

06/07/2003 10:14:48 AM · #5
LOL this is going to become one of those flame-war threads in Microsoft VS <whoever> forums.
06/07/2003 10:24:18 AM · #6
No... please dont

I hope we can disguss why and why you choose the brand you are working on.
06/07/2003 11:04:24 AM · #7
Originally posted by zeolite:

No... please dont I hope we can disguss why and why you choose the brand you are working on.

I just wanna say that it's very unavoidable since users of one particular platform usually treat their computers like God, and will defend it to death. I'm also a PDA user, and I'm from the "dark side" if u know what I mean. I've seen how those threads will usually lead to! Anyway, cheers everyone, and chill
06/07/2003 01:31:45 PM · #8
For the facts, try these links: <//www.apple.com/switch/whyswitch/> and <//www.apple.com/switch/stories/>
06/07/2003 01:44:40 PM · #9
I use both. When they are working, they are quite equivalent. When there's a problem, Macs (pre-OS X) are far easier to fix.

If you use a few programs and one printer, PCs are fine. If you have to use a lot of different programs, several printers, and a network, Macs are easier.

If you work with type, be aware that Windows will "reflow" your text based on the printer you have (and some other things too, I'm sure), which is one reason Macs remain popular in the design industry; it's a pain when you open up a document and the first message you get is that Windows is going to reflow all the type that some designer spent hours getting just so.

Microsoft is also requiring that their software be "registered" -- which will attach the serial number to the ID number of the CPU. This is an anti-piracy move which will require you to get special permission from Microsoft if your computer crashes and you want to install the program on your new one ... I can only imagine what kind of spyware they will be using to enforce this ....
06/07/2003 01:54:37 PM · #10
Well... Im mainly talking about the computers and abilitys. Not the OS. I know Microsoft does this and that, but thats not my point when i started this thread. Zeuszen: you mac user :=)
06/07/2003 02:04:13 PM · #11
My main preference for the Mac relies on it's amazing stability (Mac OS X v. 10.2.6). I simply cannot afford the long downtimes and endless expenses to get something to work perfectly, and, if at all possible, invisibly. I prefer to buy a computer once, at one price, rather than having to spend additional moneys on missing soft- and hardware. I have always found that, in the long term, Macs are the better buy.

As far as work processes are concerned, obviously I prefer a minimum of steps to accomplish something, and I'd rather to it with elegance than without it. After all, the more I enjoy my computer time, the better I'm likely to do my work.

Apple builds both hardware and software. The result is a very integrated, stable workflow. This, I feel, is not at all given with PCs. They feel, to me, like awquard, unimaginative boxes with all manner of soft- and hardware thrown together.

Mind you, the G4 you quote, zeo, has come of age a little by now, hasn't it?
06/07/2003 02:41:27 PM · #12
Exelent :) This is what i was searching for.. a straight forward answer.
It's good that you like youre mac and you should when you buy one. Great for you!

06/07/2003 03:33:30 PM · #13
The old argument of stability has pretty much gone out the window for me since upgrading to WinXP Pro. I've been using it for about 2 years now and just had my first major blue-screen the other day. A simple reboot and 3 minutes later I was back at it again. My computer is on 24 hours a day when I'm not away on business and never causes my any heartache. Although I will admit, when I was on Me it came close to becoming airborn on almost a daily basis.

Macs used to have a distinct advantage in the graphics department but I think that what used to be a canyon seperating PC and Mac has become more of a tiny crack. The higher end PCs can do everything you'd expect from a Mac and at less price.

Sure, maybe PC's are still in the "ugly box" stage but take a look at an Alien Ware system if you want a purty package. I'm just not will to pay extra for the same capabilities in a prettier package.

My main reason for being a PC user is diversity. There are simply more choices in software/hardware/peripherals out there for the PC platform.

I really believe that no matter what you buy anymore, if you have a goal in mind and shop carefully, you'll choose a computer that will make you happy. Regardless of what name is stamped on the front.

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06/07/2003 08:22:18 PM · #14
OS X, as apposed to XP, does not require a reboot. Should an app quit, you simply relaunch it, not the whole system. 2 1/2 mins. saved.

Yes, there is more software available for the PC. The Mac draws from around 12.000 to 18.000 available titles, and, statistically, a high percentage of that is actually used. I use about 50 of them, which is probably more than your average user, business, graphics or media. The availability of more software is a fallacy, which did hold water the months it took to implement OS X. This time is gone.

06/07/2003 08:59:19 PM · #15
Originally posted by zeolite:

I own pc and i have never bought a mac before. In my work there is a G4 dual 860mhz mac and 2,4 ghz pc also.]

Very distinct difference here. That G4 is an OLD one (faster than my ibook by just a bit), but still has a dual processor. But if you are comparing (that you have used) a 4ghz(?) to a 860mhz, that is quite a difference in processor speed. of course the PC is faster (5 times?) compare 2 that are closer in processor speed and (IMO) the Mac will cream the PC when it comes to comparable speed, OS reliability, and ease of use.

Myself, I have used Apple since 1982, with the Apple IIE. I have never liked the PC interface (even now, that it looks a lot like Mac). To me the ease of navigation, use, and the intuitiveness (able to figure out what is where and why) is not as mind numbing as a PC. Since I have been running OS X, NO CRASHES or FREEZES for over 3 years (I did get to beta it near the end).
As for programs, may not be as many (yet...it is changing with OS X), but I find the quality of the programs much better when compared to something similar. It seems that the Mac programmers put a little extra effort into the product (but that is only an opinion).

Besides, I run Virtual PC sometimes on my computer (now that I am beta'ing TOPO! for OS X, really no need for it anymore), so that is 2 puters in one.

Usually it comes down to what you "grew up with." and are comfortable with. Besides, there aren't as many hackers, viruses, etc, that like to go after Macs. (C:


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06/07/2003 10:01:20 PM · #16
arrgghh why can't we just have an intel based OSX oh wait that would mean every virus , trojan, etc made for pc's would then be able to run on mac's also it's the os that crashes pc's not the hardware.. (the error rate in hardware are practically the same on both if you don't mess with it too much.)
06/07/2003 10:08:54 PM · #17
My vote is for the PC. Thought it has been around 10 years since i used any macs for grpahics and they were pretty good, then, because as was stated they pc's wern't set to work well with graphics.

How ever my pc is now at a very good place in it's power and ability and though macs can do som amazing things still the price tag for a mac to do what my pc can now would be somewhere around double or tripple the price

in any case it is PC for ME!

06/07/2003 10:42:02 PM · #18
Well I have a pc and have had 4 macs. Currently one of each. I pick the mac each time because my first mac was a gift and i got 5 minutes of instructions and really with little other help I have done a masters degree work and created movies, work with images, created a web site ect ect. The mac is EASY. I am not a computer geek, the mac works the way i think-- non-geek terms. ( No offense to any of you who understand the rest). I also appreciate that most of what has become easy about pcs is due to a mac influence. If I am going to buy something I prefer the real thing to the remake of the real thing. I think price wise when you throw in the software that is standard on macs, they are not really that much more expensive. I have given away all previous macs after much use and abuse in good working order. None of the 4 machines EVER needed a repair, had a crash, or a virus or a worm, not so with the poor pc. I choose macs because they are simple, elegant, dependable and create finished products that make me look like I am a computer genius despite in reality I hardly know a modem from a mother board.
06/08/2003 12:59:19 AM · #19
I have a G3 and also a few IBM-PC systems, and I prefer the Windows OS due to one main reason - gaming. I also use Solaris and UNIX but again these two are no game.
06/08/2003 02:08:42 AM · #20
Originally posted by dacrazyrn:

As for programs, may not be as many (yet...it is changing with OS X), but I find the quality of the programs much better when compared to something similar...tracy

How many contact managers do you need to run at once, anyway.

That there are 90 times as many Windows programs available doesn't mean you need any of them.

For virtually every Windows program out there, there is either the same or an equivalent (working) title out there for Mac.

Whichever platform you've used most, go to a store and spend 20 minutes trying out the other platform. If they won't let you do that, you don't want their machine.

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06/08/2003 05:59:01 AM · #21
If you have a beard and wear sandals you will lean towards Mac, otherwise use a PC
06/08/2003 06:03:09 AM · #22
Originally posted by Roseytone:

If you have a beard and wear sandals you will lean towards Mac, otherwise use a PC

After all these years, someone has figured it out ....
06/08/2003 06:22:18 AM · #23
Originally posted by Roseytone:

If you have a beard and wear sandals you will lean towards Mac, otherwise use a PC

Har??? I dont get this at all.
06/08/2003 01:51:49 PM · #24
I just thought I'd drop in something I just ran across. Note, I do not endorse anything he says or does not say. I'm simply giving a reference to his review of his new Mac... *covers butt*

Text on Left side. //www.megatokyo.com/index.php?strip_id=419

06/08/2003 02:54:23 PM · #25
Thanks for the link. Very usefull
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