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09/07/2005 10:36:38 PM · #26
Canon zoom browser

Its what I started using once I got tired of using the software that came with my Casio Camera, and I used that for a long time

09/07/2005 10:48:41 PM · #27
I use my card reader to dump it into a specified folder. I don't use any transferring software at all!

09/07/2005 11:34:04 PM · #28
Probly half the photos downloaded using the programs in here don't have valid exif. lol
09/07/2005 11:38:12 PM · #29
no... I don't see a reason to. Making a single folder and dragging the pictures into it is simple enough to do. Renaming the files is pointless and actually undesireable imo.
09/08/2005 12:02:42 AM · #30
Originally posted by kyebosh:

no... I don't see a reason to. Making a single folder and dragging the pictures into it is simple enough to do. Renaming the files is pointless and actually undesireable imo.

Same here. Mine come straight from the camera through Canon EOS Viewer Utility and on to the hard drive. Nothing simpler. Same proccess on my Mac and my PC.
09/08/2005 10:12:19 AM · #31
hehe. I'll post my original question somewhere else. Just realized it could make this thread go way off topic . . .

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09/08/2005 10:27:38 AM · #32
ZoomBrowser... just plug in the camera and walk away. I like that it organizes by date since I take a lot of pictures of my newborn son and it's nice to have a chronological series. I used to click and drag, but I found that creating the folders and file structure was beginning to confuse me because I did it differently every time. With ZoomBrowser, all my pics go into one location that remains untouched. From there I confuse myself by creating new directories, multiple edits, extra copies, etc etc etc. Element of confusion is still there, but when in doubt, I can go to one location and unconfuse myself when necessary. Hope this isn't too confusing.
09/08/2005 10:39:36 AM · #33
I like to be sure what exactly is happening to my pictures.

1)Create folder named yymmdd (year month date)
2)CTRL + X and CTRL + V
09/08/2005 10:45:52 AM · #34
Depends which PC I am using.

At work I will generally use File Viewer Utility as provided by Canon with the 300D. - This can be slow if you have loads of files.

At home I will take the CF card out of the camera and use a card reader and copy the files over to the destination disk, then any portrait shots I will manually rotate.

The second option is a lot quicker as, for every 100 images taken they are in a new file and in File Viewer Utility I can only down load one file at a time and it takes it time.

All images are stored on an external hard drive so I can take them between work and home.
09/08/2005 11:03:03 AM · #35
Originally posted by Makka:

I use my card reader to dump it into a specified folder. I don't use any transferring software at all!

Same here! All go onto an ext HD, sorted by month and then day.

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09/08/2005 11:08:09 AM · #36
I used to use the Canon software that came with the Rebel to transfer images but that took too long and Manic introduced me to the wonders of Windows :P Now I just go to My Computer, open the memory card drive, selct all and move the images to the folder of my choosing. It's easier and much faster.

09/08/2005 12:17:28 PM · #37
I make a folder for each month, and with that a folder for each day. I use a card reader, and just drag the files from the card to the HD. After I burn the files to CD-R, I trash them from the card (I try and always have two copies of the file).

With an external FireWire HD and a USB card reader, I use exactly the same equipment and procedures with a Windows desktop at home and a Mac laptop on the road.

I use IrfanView if I want to quickly browse through a folder of images, and Olympus Camedia software combined with Acrobat to "print" proof sheets to PDF documents.
09/08/2005 12:48:26 PM · #38
Another Downloader Pro user. It is fast, flexible and doesn't mess witht the data, dumps it straight to wherever you want it, with whatever title style you like. I use Date, camera type, file number from camera, shot series title. Slot the card, hit the copy button and walk away. Mine pops open breeze browser automatically, so I can rotaote , cull, select and copy the editable shots, then move to PS. Biggest advantage I have seen over other browsers I have used is it's ability to deal seamlessly with RAW or any other file type. I understant that the CS2 has improved it's browser over CS, but it has to go along way from CS to touch the Breeze products.

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09/08/2005 01:35:08 PM · #39
Whilst I'm not a massive Microsoft fan (oh for a mac) I have a card reader in my laptop pcmcia slot, and just copy off the files from there to the folders i want them in. I always keep the original file as named by the camera, and then copy and rename any files I want to work with.

In terms of organising the pictures, it's mostly a folder for location, then split further down from that.

I do sometimes use Adobe bridge to rename files if I have the time, or if I'm burning to a CDR for someone else.

Addendum: ALWAYS (imo) copy the files and then delete from the card: I have lost some images this way when my OS went off with the fairies whilst cutting and pasting. That way you are sure you have all the images before you delete.


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09/08/2005 01:44:59 PM · #40
Photomechanic is what I use, plug in my camera's card can it starts and its imports the images where I want them, This software is awesome, really fast to look thorugh the images. I used to use Iphoto but its sucks cause when you have over 1000 images it get really slow and crashes all time with a ton if images in the program. So Photomechanic is the way to go.
09/08/2005 01:57:46 PM · #41
I stick the card in the 'cf/microdrive' slot on the front of my computer and poof! they're on the computer. No transfer software. Oh, you want to know why? Cause I don't have a transfer software. lol

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09/08/2005 02:03:04 PM · #42
I plug my camera into my laptop, then use the onscreen display on my camera to "Transfer All". That automagically puts my photos into a folder named by date inside my "My Pictures" folder. Then I clear the photos off my camera using the camera's onscreen menu.

Clear as mud?
09/08/2005 03:23:11 PM · #43
I do not use transfer software... I use the windows explorer. I have a folder called "Photos" and sub-folders by month, and other sub folders by week. Much simpler than using and taming another program.
09/08/2005 04:02:15 PM · #44
Originally posted by aguapreta:

Much simpler than using and taming another program.

You obviously haven't used Downloader Pro, which takes care of creating all those folders and sub-folders automatically for you. With no chance for human erroring while trying to "copy things manually"...
09/09/2005 09:03:17 AM · #45
everyone -- thanks SO much for this feedback. it's really very helpful to me. it's great to have access to so many varied workflows and is really going to make my life easier.

a couple of more questions:

what software came with your camera when you bought it (if any)?

if you are not using the software provided with your camera, why did you choose not to? did you try the camera software out and hate it? did you have another utility that you were already familiar with?

i'm going to keep injecting new related questions like this into the thread every now and then as i refine my ideas. i may contact some of you privately to gauge your interest in helping me with my project as well. participation is totally voluntary, but if you can please provide feedback in this forum whenever possible it would be extremely helpful.

09/09/2005 10:37:20 AM · #46
Well to actually do the job of getting the files off the camera, I use gphoto2. All gphoto2 really does is just pull pictures off the camera, but it works with a large number of cameras. Layered above that I use some custom software I wrote that uses the datetime in the exif data to move and rename the photos.

I have never used the software that came with the camera, as it won't run on my computer
09/09/2005 11:18:40 AM · #47
Software with Camera - Pentax image browser. Bag of sh*te. No really. I'd much rather cut my arm off.
Seriously, I find it slow and it does a whole load of stuff I don't need it to do. I use windows and either view as thumbnails or filmstrip depending wich machine i use (one has xp, the other 2000).

Other software was a raw editor. I _have_ to use this at the moment as there is no support for the *.PEF files my camera creates in either Adobe CS2 or Rawshooter, either of which I would prefer over the Pentax branded Raw editor. It is ok, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Hope this all makes sense.


Edit: another damn typo

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09/09/2005 11:52:28 AM · #48
Card reader--Windows Explore--drag and drop to new folder.
Sometimes I use Zoombrowser (I think) but never any of the special features.
Transfer from my X-drive is always drag and drop.

Edit: Forgot to say why I don't usually use software...
It takes more time to wait for a proxy to open and then walk through all the little screens--they're just files, if I can see them in Explore I can make them go where I want--and I don't have to worry about modified EXIF data.

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09/09/2005 12:55:57 PM · #49
First of all in response to the original question: No I do not use transfer software. Why? Why should I, most of them suck anyway.
Ctrl-A, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V in a folder with a specific name or date. Easy & fast. I connect the camera to the pc. Works fine, why buy a card reader. I've got enough batteries.

Originally posted by muckpond:

what software came with your camera when you bought it (if any)?

Nikon dontknow, Nikon Capture 4 trial version.

Originally posted by muckpond:

if you are not using the software provided with your camera, why did you choose not to? did you try the camera software out and hate it? did you have another utility that you were already familiar with?

The transfer software is slow, unecessary and often tries to do things that I don't want it to do. Especially Windows 98 (on someone else's pc) and a Canon A60 with that stupid zoombrowser is awful. Besides that, I have always cut and pasted files, I do not need any system slowing software to something that is so easy.
The other non-transfer related software: Didn't even try that out, the stuff for the old Sony, the Fuji and the Canon sucked anyway so I passed the free Nikon software.

I use Nikon Capture for Raw conversion, but I had decided to do that even before I got the camera and the trial version. It was part of my budget. Final fiddling with Photoshop 6. In combination with Nikon Capture I do not need a newer Photoshop version.

I also have three copies of Photoshop Elements, it came with one camera, a scanner and a printer. What a waste, unless you give them away to friends. But they usually already have one that came with their hardware.

For quick browsing I use the small, free, fast and good quality Irfanview.

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09/09/2005 01:26:46 PM · #50
I use Nikon View to transfer my files and keep them organized. I use it to rename the files to date-event-original in similar named folders. Then I use Nikon Capture for RAW conversion.
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