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04/25/2005 05:49:33 AM · #26
ok lets stop the voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Votes: 45
Views: 63
Avg Vote: 6.6000
Comments: 8
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05

04/25/2005 05:54:51 AM · #27
Votes: 51
Views: 70
Avg Vote: 6.0784
Comments: 4
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05
04/25/2005 05:55:51 AM · #28
Originally posted by kpriest:

...since this was supposed to be an ad.

Without wishing to get into a pointless debate of the challenge rules (won't affect how people geberally view them, or how they will vote), they were "See how well you can photograph jewelry in such a way as to be suitable for use in a print advertisement". Any text is supposed to augment the pic. The picture is most certainly not supposed to be an advert itself (you have to go to www.digital_copywriter_challenge.com for that!).

Another lesson learned: pay more attention to the challenge title than the description (but don't do anything outside the description either).
04/25/2005 06:00:45 AM · #29
Score's still pretty low, but the 10 comments are nice - cool to see people commenting so much, regardless of the reason. I'm expecting at least another point of droppage, but we shall see.

I haven't looked at the other entries yet, but I personally like blown highlights for jewelry - as long as it's not overdone. You'll see a lot of that in real ads, for the shine factor; if anything, I underexposed my shot, then processed it to have flashy bits in certain spots. I think it's pretty, and that's how I'll be voting - on the prettiness, in general. That's what jewellery is, after all, to me.
04/25/2005 06:19:35 AM · #30
Votes: 46
Views: 64
Avg Vote: 5.8043
Comments: 7
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05 06:18 am

definetly cool to have so many comments...
04/25/2005 06:50:37 AM · #31
Votes: 54
Views: 72
Avg Vote: 5.8148
Comments: 8
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05 06:48 am

Not too bad for me. Hope it stays above 5.

PS. Well done everyone. Some really nice work in this challenge.
04/25/2005 06:50:53 AM · #32
A big WOW on the comments (quantity and quality very high - so is my score) Here's my theory - when I comment I actually study the shot more so I say something that makes sense. Studying the shot can only lead to good things for the photographer.
04/25/2005 06:58:55 AM · #33
Originally posted by admart01:

A big WOW on the comments (quantity and quality very high - so is my score) Here's my theory - when I comment I actually study the shot more so I say something that makes sense. Studying the shot can only lead to good things for the photographer.

I agree. Already I have more comments than I have from the free study, and they are all helpful. I think the member challenges draws out the more experienced photographer.
04/25/2005 07:13:52 AM · #34
Uhoh, looks like the wife's diamond is going to score lower than my daugher's pet rat. Maybe I should have bought the wife a wedding rat.
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Votes: 56
Views: 80
Avg Vote: 5.2857
Comments: 2
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05 07:13 am
04/25/2005 07:22:08 AM · #35

Votes: 54
Views: 99
Avg Vote: 7.4074
Comments: 7
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0
Updated: 04/25/05 07:21 am
04/25/2005 07:26:48 AM · #36
I only have two comments and a score that is dropping - a pic I thought was genuinely quite good (I thought 6+, voters think 4.6-). I want to know what is wrong...!

As for text - I have answered my own question by looking through the challenges. I have concluded that in the most part, photographers cannot do text. The text usually detracts from the photo: fonts, colours, the words themselves etc etc, almost always one or more elements just wrong! I have only not marked a pictures down because of poor choice of text in a couple of cases, where it worked very well and I saw an enhancement to the image.
04/25/2005 07:36:07 AM · #37
oh my....fell asleep next to the puter before turnover...just woke up ....pinch meand tell me its a nightmare....based on the votes so far...my dog could have done a better job....oh well i am happy with it....thats all that matters right....right....

i ll keep repeating that on my way to the shower....
04/25/2005 08:28:04 AM · #38
Originally posted by legalbeagle:

I spent much time on a shot that I was really pleased with, but which is scoring badly (4.7). Any thoughts on whether text or no text makes much difference to the scorers? Mine is absent text, but to which text could be added. I didn't think that adding, say, the name of a jewellery store, would be "augmenting" my photography (though it would have made it more like an advert).

I had to laugh because the bottom line is that trying to guess or second guess what people will be looking for doesn't always work, no matter which way you decide these things. I also left enough space and started without, then went back and added the name of the item.

Case in point
Comment: "this one didn't need the text..."

Votes: 57
Views: 77
Avg Vote: 5.2632

Message edited by author 2005-04-25 08:33:26.
04/25/2005 09:07:42 AM · #39
I did not join this challenge, and after looking at all the shots I see how hard it is to shoot jewlery. There seems to be a lot of over exposure and details are lost. Also like someone else said there is the "Waldo" syndrome. There are a few real gems.. pun intended, but I too will stick with challenges that better suits my abilities.

04/25/2005 09:12:17 AM · #40
I am hovering at a 4.7 and think my image is fine (a little too soft for some) but I didn't add text because it would not have enhanced my image...I have voted WAY down if the text added was not an enhancement and quite a few that have added text, I have found very distracting. A few have done a fine job and I have rated them 10+...I have NOT voted down just because no text was added because that was optional.

Message edited by author 2005-04-25 09:28:41.
04/25/2005 09:13:43 AM · #41
I entered my jewellery photo in the last few seconds of the submission period. I took the photo with only 10 minutes to edit. This photo is doing about the same as my free study photo which took about 4 days to work on!
04/25/2005 09:50:09 AM · #42
my entry isnt showing on the last page?
04/25/2005 09:51:51 AM · #43
is it showing somewhere else?

Originally posted by queanbeez:

my entry isnt showing on the last page?
04/25/2005 09:58:56 AM · #44
Avg Vote: 4.7656

My conclusion...

"You can't win!"

Post an entry and voters won't see how it relates or where you are coming from. And will take points off. Post text and they'll exclaim how it's a great photo but the text detracts.

I'm getting killed...because of the text. And I realized why when I got to work...the text appears much more dark on my work monitor.

It's a pisser...I almost wish they did not give the text option cause I think it's going to kill scores. People who are like "well I don't like that font type...etc."


I should have just posted with no text....but then the voters who can't add 2+2 would say... "I don't see how this could be an advertisment".

So I realize you just can't win....the way to win... "generic"

Post a nice "generic" perfectly photographed picture that fits typically mold that you can see a hundred of in a photo mag and you'll win. Post anything else...and just enjoy it.

So oh well....

I hope people get a kick out of my photo for this entry. Next time I know better...don't add any text. The less someone can nitpick and take a dis-like too the better chance one has. I bet if I had no text it'd rate a 5.5 but with the text I'll probably come near the bottom of the pack.

04/25/2005 10:02:59 AM · #45
its on the front page with my update button
04/25/2005 10:16:01 AM · #46
woohoo i'm someones favorite

Votes: 66
Views: 91
Avg Vote: 6.6212
Comments: 10
Favorites: 1
Wish Lists: 0

04/25/2005 10:32:03 AM · #47
Votes: 70
Views: 82
Avg Vote: 4.4714
Comments: 6
Favorites: 0
Wish Lists: 0

I actually thought I did fairly well but as you can see the toilet bowl is in sight!
04/25/2005 10:46:22 AM · #48
My disapointment with this competition is that on very few pictures you can really see the jewel. Sometimes I am not even sure if it is a bracelet or a ring, earrings or cuff links. Some pictures are destroyed with the text that is either to much or not clear enough.

Although I didn't let it affect my voting it irritates me how it seems to men that women can be tricked with rings and jewels. We aren't that simple you know;-)

Message edited by author 2005-04-25 10:47:09.
04/25/2005 11:01:33 AM · #49
I had a very hard time with this challenge but I wanted to enter anyway. I don't have any lens (other than the one that came with the camera) so I had a very hard time filling the frame with the jewlery. I'm not doing too bad though, people like my concept which for me is a win in my book :)
The rules on the text had me a little confused. At first I made this beautiful scroll text with a drop shadow but then it said no special effects so just to be safe I changed it to boring text. Hopefully people aren't voting on the text though.
04/25/2005 11:21:48 AM · #50
I made a terrible mistake with my entry. On track to be my lowest score ever, right now barely a 4.3. Urgh.
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