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09/14/2002 04:11:40 PM · #1
I wish the deadline for voting and starting a new challenge would be on Fridays. I'm new to this site and I'm already addicted. I must check this site a million times during the day. Anyway, during the weekdays, there is work to keep my mind off this place and if the deadline were on Friday, I would be able to use the weekend for voting and working on the next challenge. I'm doing absolutely awful on my first submission, which I knew I probably would, but the suspence is killing me as to whether the photos I voted as my favorites won or not. ARRG!! I think I would be better off getting a life!! LOL
09/14/2002 04:17:14 PM · #2
I could work but what if you got a good idea late in the week? With this setup you have the weekwnd to shoot all the ideas from the week gone by, however if the weekend was at the start of the chellenge you might not have a good idea untill say, tuesday, and then where would you get the time to shoot it?

I know the suspence is horrible, but it's all part of the fun really :)
09/14/2002 05:02:11 PM · #3
I like the idea of a saturday midnight deadline/start for challenges. This is primarily because I like to watch the rollover and look at the results and new photos each week. Since this happens on a sunday night, i am always up late and dragginass at work the next day :)

If it was on saturday, you would still have weekend time to work at the beginning and end of the challenge rather than just at the end. I would be more likely to get challenge shots done early if I could start them on sunday, but if I didn't, I would still have the following saturday to do it :)
09/14/2002 05:29:18 PM · #4
That leaves only one day for alot of people to actually shoot their pics, as they start out the week looking for ideas, and then shoot over the weekend. As it is some people are barely making the deadline on Sun. night.

09/14/2002 05:33:17 PM · #5
I do not see why we could not have a day or two between challenges. Start Sunday night, end Friday or Saturday.
This would give us time to go over the winners, and maybe comment on the results a little more.
09/14/2002 05:41:19 PM · #6
I will probably dissagree with all of you and you will most likely disagree wih me. If the site was to change the start and stopping time of the challenges, I think it should stop for a 24 hour period in the middle of the week. I mean nothing going on just talk about the last challenges pictures. That way every one would have all weekend to both complete voting and working on their new challenge and have couple of days to finish if they were late, or procrastinated. Ho,Ho,Ho!
Keep Shoot'n


* This message has been edited by the author on 9/14/2002 5:41:50 PM.
09/14/2002 06:05:10 PM · #7
Actually Richard, that fits with my thoughts, it just changes the days. Not a bad idea really. I second it.
09/14/2002 06:07:39 PM · #8
I third it Richard.
09/14/2002 06:22:17 PM · #9
Actually, I agree with Jim. Saturday night WOULD be a better day for the start/stop time. The 24hr layover is not a bad idea, but with nothing going on, I think it would be a long day waiting for stuff to happen. The start/stop time, I find is a very exciting time, even though I'm very inexperienced with the event. Just think, finding out who wins and learning what the new challenge is...ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It just can't get better than that. Therefore, I change my initial thought from Friday to Saturday. What couldn't be better on a Saturday night!

Oh Boy! Send me to the nut house
09/14/2002 07:11:04 PM · #10
I'm with John. Monday is my busiest workday and a lot of Sunday nights I find it hard to forget the challenges and miss a lot of needed sleep. When a person has to get up at 5:00 in the morning and didn't get to bed until after midnight, it's rough.

However, we really need to remember that our admins, Drew and Langdon, may need to keep the schedule on Sunday nights to fit their own agenda. So even though another night might be convenient for many of us, I don't think it should be changed if it puts the admins in a bind.
09/14/2002 07:47:16 PM · #11
I'm with John too...I usually stay up late on Saturday nights but Sunday nights are rough. Sleep or look at the scores....I usually opt for the looking at scores bit.
09/14/2002 08:04:16 PM · #12
One of the many advantages of a west coast address is that the contest ends/starts at 9pm!
09/14/2002 08:20:52 PM · #13
You all just took the words right out of my head. I was just sitting around tonight, thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if the challenge ended tonight? I'm up anyway on Saturdays, but it is a real challenge on Sundays." Then, Boom! Here is this thread about that! I don't mind keeping it the way it is (especially if it benefits our lovely administrators) but if it were moved to Saturday nights, I would probably be a better kindergarten teacher on Mondays. :)
09/14/2002 08:24:21 PM · #14
It's rather ironic that this thread started today -- I was JUST thinking about this earlier in the day! My thoughts coincide with John's to a tee. I was so happy on Labor Day Weekend that I could stay up until midnight to see the results without having to worry about getting up in the morning. During a regular week, though, it's a little rough to get up after being up that late.

And it's impossible to just check out my standings at midnight and head to bed... I know I'd have to be up at least another hour or two checking out the new submissions, reviewing the results and formulating ideas about the new contest.

Saturday night would be a WONDERFUL time to do the switch! I could start working on an idea on Sunday, but still have another Saturday to monkey with it if it didn't come together during the week.
09/14/2002 08:34:23 PM · #15
Everyone wants to make a commitment to sit in front of their computers for four hours every Saturday night...I mean, I myself hardly ever "go out" but that seems pretty funny.
09/14/2002 10:22:25 PM · #16
I'm for Saturday too!
Monday mornings are hard enough...but with little sleep- even harder!
09/14/2002 10:43:53 PM · #17
That is what I was thinking, doesn't anyone date?

Sorry babe, I can't go out tonight, I have to see how I placed in this online challenge...no, no prizes, it is just... hello, hello.

But anyway, I like the idea too, and I still thinking have one day off to just shoot, or look at the results, or have barbeque would be nice. I like the Sunday dead line.

And no matter what, this site is great.

Originally posted by GeneralE:
Everyone wants to make a commitment to sit in front of their computers for four hours every Saturday night...I mean, I myself hardly ever "go out" but that seems pretty funny.

09/14/2002 10:51:50 PM · #18
Well, if it changed to Saturday midnight, it would be noon on Sunday for me. Lovely :).
09/14/2002 11:03:11 PM · #19
I don't care for the Sunday midnight either. How about Sunday 6:00 PM Eastern.
09/14/2002 11:25:21 PM · #20
Begin or end on any day of the week.....mox nix....I'll still need a couple days to get my mind wrapped around the new challenge. :)
09/14/2002 11:32:23 PM · #21
Originally posted by jakking:
One of the many advantages of a west coast address is that the contest ends/starts at 9pm!


Livin on the West Coast...if they want us to stay up till midnight they'll have to change the start time to 3am. It's just perfect for us as it is...aren't we fortunate to live on the West Coast!!

If I were any further West my feet would get wet. I sleep to the sound of the waves on the shore every night.

09/14/2002 11:37:21 PM · #22
Originally posted by David Ey:
I don't care for the Sunday midnight either. How about Sunday 6:00 PM Eastern.

That sounds ok too :)
09/15/2002 12:41:43 AM · #23
I think it'd be cool if they'd give 2 weeks of time to shoot the pictures. Its darn near impossible for me to figure out what the hell I'm going to do, or try to schedule something to be able to make it somewhere where we can get the shots we need. It's hard to force things to work out for you sometimes. Maybe there'd be a few more entries and higher quality work. I was thinking along the lines of announcing 2 challenges sunday at midnight. One for this week and one for 2 weeks down the road. Then after the first one is over, get another topic to shoot for 2 weeks down the road, with one week still left on the current. It wouldn't throw things too out of balance. We'd still have one full week to vote, just an additional week to get the right shot submitted. That would help me out. Right now, I'm not good enough to MAKE it happen. I just have to get lucky.

09/15/2002 12:53:15 AM · #24
Originally posted by jmsetzler:
Originally posted by David Ey:
[i]I don't care for the Sunday midnight either. How about Sunday 6:00 PM Eastern.

That sounds ok too :)

I like either 6PM or midnight Saturday! I do get 1 hour advantage, being in Central zone. But 5:00 PM would be nice.
09/15/2002 06:53:02 AM · #25
I think Saturday Midnite would be lovely. I still go to church on Sunday but it's not as early as work and most sleep through the sermon anyway. I sit here late on Sunday now and wait for the new challenge and peruse the new entries and vote on most. It really does wear you out for the new work week.
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