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03/23/2005 07:41:46 AM · #1
I didn't see one started so I thought I would.

Votes: 38
Views: 51
Avg Vote: 4.2895
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ouch this ones going to hurt.
03/23/2005 07:49:10 AM · #2
I put up a silly one for a giggle, lesson learned, votes are knocking the bottom out of the boat.
03/23/2005 07:51:12 AM · #3
i'm not even voting, they have good photos but i just cant get into boredom
03/23/2005 07:56:36 AM · #4
Dude people are vting so freaking low and considering that most are cliches and i can hardly differ one from the othe i can't believe my eyes.

a 3.9
03/23/2005 08:01:04 AM · #5


Avg Vote:



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03/23/05 07:58 am

I thought the Brown was mine but alas!!.. my GF had her first challenge and she is beating me by over a point.... i think the votes are low but mine sux obviously.. i went for the humourous aproach too... grumble.....
03/23/2005 08:02:06 AM · #6
Votes: 47
Views: 58
Avg Vote: 4.8085
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I was really looking forward to this one, I actually think it is one of my best ever on DPC (which isnt saying a whole lot but...)
03/23/2005 08:02:29 AM · #7
I should have gone with my hunch on this one. I guessed that due to the topic this one would score a little lower than usual. I wish I had been wrong...
03/23/2005 08:03:32 AM · #8
Votes: 50
Views: 61
Avg Vote: 4.3200
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This is my first challenge so I'm just happy to be on the board...
03/23/2005 08:13:47 AM · #9
My first challenge too. I guess I could have cleaned it up some more but I was afraid to touch it too much. Lesson learned the hard way. Atleast I entered I didn't expect much but a little more then this:
Votes: 46
Views: 87
Avg Vote: 4.2391
Comments: 1
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Updated: 03/23/05 08:10 am
03/23/2005 08:14:20 AM · #10
This was a very tough challenge. I didn't enter because I vowed not to push things for the sake of entering alone. I was advised so many times not to put up my best work but it's so hard to resist the temptation of getting seen.

Making bored look "not boring" is a challenge in itself and while some entires look good most do look boring. No offense, I hope. Lotta, hand on cheek, type of stuff as to be expected. And dogs with those expressive eyes.

This was a hold back I took, that didn't make it because I thought it might not be sharp enough for the crowd, for starters. I was out passively looking for street type people who had some character to liven up things a bit and this was the best of the day. Looked all over my neighborhood for this one nut who wears lots of silver, bandanas, beaten leather, Allman Brothers moustache, dark aviator glasses and carries around a cheap guitar with a mini amp. Normally an eyesore but I was dying to see him over these last three days.

I am still curious how you think this photo might have rated had I entered. I don't want to be too trepidatious about what I do or don't enter.

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03/23/2005 08:17:23 AM · #11
Wow, so its not just me feeling abused... I submitted a strong (imho) entry and it is scoring worse that one that had some flaws in the stock photo challenge.

so I take it there is no reson for my delicate self-esteem to take a (big) hit...LOL

03/23/2005 08:30:19 AM · #12
Well, i haven't voted yet, I just looked through them all so if i do vote, I will vote off of reletivity and grade on a curve i guess. I agree that many of the photos seem to be a continuation of the last. very predictable. A few do stand out though.
03/23/2005 08:33:18 AM · #13
I agree pawdrix, and I like the photo. it's more of a real capture of boredom than a "hey put your hand on your cheek and sit there" kind of photo.
I wasn't too big on my idea so i didn't rush and ended up missing the deadline by a few minutes. . almost like I wanted too. . .lol.
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/31917/thumb/159014.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/31917/thumb/159014.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' thoughts?
03/23/2005 08:41:39 AM · #14
I was really disapointed with bored I was looking forward to nice canndids but it seems there is alot of staged shots with boredom as boredom. Just seems like ppl didnt use there imagination...

Message edited by Manic - Reference to challenge entry removed.
03/23/2005 08:43:19 AM · #15
Okiesisi which one is yours
03/23/2005 08:44:43 AM · #16
Drew I like yours alot very original :)
03/23/2005 08:50:28 AM · #17
Just a reminder, PLEASE don't discuss challenge entries while they're still being voted upon!
03/23/2005 08:51:54 AM · #18
oops :)
03/23/2005 09:05:11 AM · #19
Votes: 52
Views: 67
Avg Vote: 4.0000
Comments: 1

This one sucks. Not that it is low, I've had low scores before, but only because this time I don't think I deserve it this low... oh well... I'll complain some more after the voting, when I'll try to get some explanation on why (1 comment does not explain 4.0)
03/23/2005 09:14:50 AM · #20
Clear a hole it coming down fast... Avg Vote: 4.2364

WOW!! This will be some of the toughest competition on record for the brown.. and probably the lowest scoring blue ribbon as well. Whats the high score so far 5.9?

03/23/2005 09:23:44 AM · #21
Originally posted by tristalisk:

Clear a hole it coming down fast... Avg Vote: 4.2364

WOW!! This will be some of the toughest competition on record for the brown.. and probably the lowest scoring blue ribbon as well. Whats the high score so far 5.9?


Overall why so low... some of the images are actually very good
03/23/2005 09:31:43 AM · #22
I got up to see my score today, not expecting much of course, but when you see 4.2 you begin to think "My next challenge I;m going for the brown - perhaps i can acheive that at least" and then i read this thread - I am releived!

I had 2 ideas - watching grass grow or paint dry. On the last day I come up with a third idea..just about as cliche'd, but a tad more humorous ( i think) and I know humor does not usually do well here...

At least we have update buttons, so we won't be bored all week!
03/23/2005 09:35:08 AM · #23
Votes: 52
Views: 65
Avg Vote: 5.0192
Comments: 1

03/23/2005 09:37:12 AM · #24
score 5.9
it's not that good to deserve a ribbon, but i will accept it. :)
I think the high scorers are keeping quiet.
03/23/2005 09:37:54 AM · #25
I did not submit, but I might have submitted this picture I took yesterday at a Spring training baseball game in Tempe, Arizona USA. My little sister is visiting from out of state and treated me to the game. She is a sweetie!

It could have been titled:
"Waiting for Steve Findley!"
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