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03/09/2005 05:28:15 PM · #1
I was looking through highest rated and most viewed pictures and the Highest rated photo only got 8.6, the most viewed (nude, what else ;) ) got 7.79 with over 25.000 views.

what would be considered an exceptable score for a newcomer that isn´t a professional ?

at the moment I only got 4.4 in the ansel adams competition wich I think is way to low.. maby the picture deserves that low, but I think that 5.0 should be the minimum grade if the picture isn´t just awful.

but since I am a newcomer I am not going to make the rules here so I just want to know what to expect and what I should look at as a sufficient grade for a photo.

is 3.5-5.0 a usual score in a competition or are my pictures just so bad ? since 8.6 is the highest score and 0 must be the lowest then 4.3 and above should be acceptable ??

please give me some hint that I´m not the only one that got so low scores..
03/09/2005 05:35:37 PM · #2
I don’t think there is such a thing as an acceptable score, or I should say there's no such thing as an unacceptable score. The main thing to look for is can you get your score to improve over time? For myself I like to try and beat my average, if I do I am happy.
03/09/2005 05:39:13 PM · #3
8+ is very rare now. That score was in the very first challenge with only a handful of entrants and a world away from what the site and challenges and standards are now (no offence, Drew:-).
03/09/2005 05:40:01 PM · #4
Every challenge is different, but the winner is often just above 7 and last place is in the low 3 range. That puts the average somewhere around 5.1. Experienced or not, it usually takes a few challenges before you get an idea of what scores well here.
03/09/2005 05:40:15 PM · #5
That's a pretty common score range for someone who hasn't scoped out the voting preferences of the voters here ... remember too that many people only vote for what they like. Don't get discouraged, but think about whether your goal is to get a high score/ribbon -- in which case you may have to modify your usual style -- or feedback on your shot.
03/09/2005 05:46:28 PM · #6
Scoring is something that is a personal thing.

I never cease to marvel at the talent in DPC and for that reason, if I manage to obtain a score that is 65%/70% of the top score, I feel really good.

My prime reason for being here is to learn how to improve... and while my scores may not reflect that, I can assure you that I am indeed improving in every aspect.

While scoring is indeed an ego booster, it is at this juncture very much a secondary issue for me.


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03/10/2005 04:35:25 AM · #7
Originally posted by DanSig:

... what would be considered an exceptable score for a newcomer that isn´t a professional ? ...

A little bit better than you have done previously. :D

03/10/2005 04:56:44 AM · #8

My personal goal is to see my avg score move up over the course of a month. Now, that means I may not score every challenge higher, but overall, my trend is to improve.

There is two trains of thought....

One, I shot photos to please my self and it doesn't matter what other think. Therefore, my score doesn't matter or the 300 +/- people viewing my image do not understand greatness.

Two, I shot photos that will be considered "good" and what others think does matter. This is especially true if you are thinking of selling photos one day.

I have yet to score a ribbon and my highest rated photo was 32 challenges ago (my 8 day old daughter:).
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/259/thumb/106502.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/259/thumb/106502.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

BUT, I have seen that over the last few months I have become a much better photographer with a much better sense of what to look for through the view finder, and THAT has made me much more consistent.

And I attribute it to my participation here:)

So, hang in there, consider the comments well, and if you have questions, post your photo in the discussion forum and ask for imput. I am sure you will do well here.

Sorry for being long winded....
03/10/2005 05:29:29 AM · #9
Originally posted by Britannica:

Originally posted by DanSig:

... what would be considered an exceptable score for a newcomer that isn´t a professional ? ...

A little bit better than you have done previously. :D


I'm happy when I score above my current average, because I take that as a sign that I must be getting better. Right now I'm very happy to see a score break 5.5

Of course, scores shift from challenge to challenge so the percentile feels a more useful measure (hmm... wouldn't it be neat to have an average percentile on the profile, too?) - a quick look seems to suggest that being in the top 50% is (for me) the mark of a 'success'; the top 25% seems to be an achievable 'peak' for me.

Of course, all that 'improving' theory is spoiled by the fact that my highest ever score (6.25) was achieved on my third entry way back in 2002!
03/10/2005 06:08:37 AM · #10
jjbeguin won the self portrait challenge with ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/308/thumb/146420.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/308/thumb/146420.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' and scored a whopping 8.145

Librodo won Defining Feature with ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/265/thumb/111547.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/265/thumb/111547.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' with a whopping 8.25

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03/10/2005 06:13:50 AM · #11
Originally posted by ganders:

I'm happy when I score above my current average, because I take that as a sign that I must be getting better.

Not forced to be true, it means you are producing work that is more appealing to the voters here ! that doesn't mean your photography isn't improving.
There are people here that just produce images to do well in the challenges, great pictures, but not neccessarily better photographically than your own.
Just my way of thinking anyway,

03/10/2005 06:26:35 AM · #12
I like to "grade on a curve" to see how good I did. Take the top place score, divide it by 10; then divide your score by that number. That is how good you did if the first place had received a perfect 10. Gives you a slightly larger number that seems to make it easier to deal with.

Now that I think about it, this isn't much different than your 8.6/2 method.
03/10/2005 08:01:30 AM · #13
I never look at the score.
What I like more is the Percentile % that Í've scored.
I devide the percentile by 10 and that's the score I like.
Was 4th one time, scored 99% so that's a 9.9 for me.
03/10/2005 08:04:17 AM · #14
I think score and percentile are important, but IMHO the most important is to do something that you´ll be glad on it. I prefer to send a picture that I really like it and get 5,50 (for example), than send another pic that gets a 7 (for example) that I don´t like it.
03/10/2005 08:14:15 AM · #15
1 is the lowest score a picture can get.
10 is the highest.

5.5 is as far from 10 as it is from 1, therefore the most average photo should get 5.5.

However, with 5.5 you will rank yourself quite high up in the challenge.
03/10/2005 10:03:09 AM · #16
Originally posted by mitähä:

1 is the lowest score a picture can get.
10 is the highest.

5.5 is as far from 10 as it is from 1, therefore the most average photo should get 5.5.

However, with 5.5 you will rank yourself quite high up in the challenge.

Often that's true. Keep in mind that although 5.5 is the mathematical center point of the voting scale, it is an integer scale, so many folks seem to (subconsciously?) equate 5=average. My own voting record (average = 5.25) seems to indicate that I "split the difference" between the integer and "true" average values. Overall, the average score for all challenges is about 5.35 or so, again close to a center point between five and five point five.
I believe that the standard of what is an "average" photo on the site has gotten higher over the years as more really good photogs join, and those already here improve. The average challenge score has risen somewhat, but the standard has risen more, IMO.
03/10/2005 10:04:16 AM · #17
What's more important than scores for someone starting out is to try to soak up knowledge about composition, lighting, camera handling technique, etc.; and then to incorporate what you are learning into your images. Some people have a knack for capturing the hearts of voters that others can never master. But most everyone agrees that great photography and ribbon winning entries are not the same thing. Think of it like music. Pop music sells millions of copies, classic music endures and is admired after novelty has worn off and the spotlight has moved on to the next big thing.
03/10/2005 10:16:01 AM · #18
My percentile figures have been all over the place but I know I'm improving. And where it shows is in the pictures that I *don't* submit here.

I tend to treat challenges here as an opportunity to try new things. For example my self portrait was in a style I'd never tried before.

As for score, I wouldn't fret about it. If you score above 5 then you're doing well. I've always thought that the voters here are a little unkind with their scores and my own average vote cast (6.7) is considerably above the site average. I've just had to learn not to judge the scores I get by the same yardstick as the scores I give.

03/10/2005 10:24:44 AM · #19
I have only been a member for a few months, but I have found that you have to get past the disappointment of low scores..because it's not important in the whole scheme of things.. in my opinion of my shots, I thought they would average 5.0 but obviously others did not..I had a couple that I thought were good, but I guess I was the only one who did! But the learning experience is what is important to me..it puts pressure on you when you are a member to produce a certain subject matter for a contest. It is fun to get those creative juices flowing, no matter what the score, I figure it will stave off Alzheimer's and senility at the very least to use our brains..also, I have found that in the three months I have been a member, that I've gone totally nuts and bought another camera, an SLR which I can't do a decent shot with yet, I keep shaking the damn thing..but through the tutorials and observation and general advice in the forum, I have learned to use Photoshop more effectively and improve my photography...seeing the best pictures gives me inspiration.
03/10/2005 10:41:53 AM · #20
You should be trying to improve yourself and use the challenges to try new things. I am a photojournalist and most of the challenges here are things I never get to shoot in the course of my work. I have only entered 3 challenges but the work people submit here is really incredible. But I have noticed people don't score on technical use, composition and lighting. They tend to score on a more emotional level and give higher scores to pictures that hit them on gut level. Once you are used to that, you shoot for that. Don't let low scores bother you, in my line of work you get more negative feedback than positive, use it, learn from it and be happy with what you are doing. You have to enjoy and be happy with what you are producing or there is no point doing it in the first place.:)
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