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07/03/2022 10:22:13 AM · #1
I'm curious what's being used for post work on images here; laptop or PC?

I do edit many of my challenge entries on a laptop because it's convenient to do while multi-tasking (watching TV with family). Often, however, I question the output because 1) the laptop monitor isn't calibrated and 2) the viewing angle isn't always consistent and can alter the contrast, etc. if tilted a bit off.

On photos I want a more confident output on, I'll edit on my newer PC with calibrated monitors. It's faster and can run newer versions of my photo processing apps (i.e. AI enhanced) than what I can do on my laptop. Downside is that it's somewhat isolated in my "office" location.

I think I'm going to take my laptop to my office area (with controlled lighting) and calibrate this laptop now that I'm thinking about it. :-)

In the meantime ... what's everybody else using here? Laptop or PC, or a combination?
07/03/2022 11:28:39 AM · #2
PC, curious what programs you use to colour calibrate, I think my reds and green are way off
07/03/2022 11:34:39 AM · #3
Originally posted by JulietNN:

PC, curious what programs you use to colour calibrate, I think my reds and green are way off

Spyder Pro
07/03/2022 11:41:04 AM · #4
Mainly a laptop, though often with an external monitor. Full disclosure, this is a newer laptop (2 yrs old) with a 6-core 10th-gen processor and 32GB of RAM.
07/03/2022 11:55:03 AM · #5
Originally posted by glad2badad:

I'm curious what's being used for post work on images here; laptop or PC?

I have a Ben-Q 32" monitor, a current PC with lots of RAM and space, PS, and years of experience.

My output is only as good as what whomever is viewing it has.

I can do a painstaking, perfect edit with my main PC.

I have four other monitor/PC and laptop combinations of varying size and ages.

On each one the fookin' thing looks different.
07/03/2022 11:58:46 AM · #6
My PC died early in the pandemic and I've never bothered to repair or replace it, so I've been using a laptop for nearly two years now. However it's really time I did something about it. I'll need a new monitor too because when I tried using my ancient monitor as a second screen I realised just how bad the resolution is. I still use it for browsing the web when I need the extra space, but for anything where picture quality matters, it's useless.
07/03/2022 06:32:49 PM · #7
when we had the crazy bushfires back in 2019 i packed up my windows 7 pc in case we had to evacuate .. came close a couple of times ..

i had a macbook pro laptop which had become a bit obsolete as i couldnt use a lot of my applications on it ..
i bought the newer mapbook pro 16" laptop .. got it going with everything i needed on it ... and connected my benQ 24" monitor to it so i could see finer details .. (i had had the benQ monitor connected to the windows 7 pc .. the monitor is really old now)

after the bushfires windows7 became unsupported so i continue to use my macbook pro for everything ..

what i find difficult is the colours and even the exposure on the benQ monitor are quite different to what i see on the macbook pro .. i've calibrated the benQ monitor but it doesnt seem to make any difference ..
the colour red is the worst .. as it can be very different between the screens .. other colours not so much ..

so when i edit i look at whats on the benQ monitor, the macbook pro laptop and my phone ... they are all different .. its a real pain in the you know what ..
be very grateful for any tips .. :)

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07/04/2022 12:26:52 AM · #8
PC at home, Dell laptop (7 years old, Windows 10) when away. I am used to working with two monitors, my current ones are both Benq. They had perfect matching colors when they were new but after few months one developed more saturated colors and the other less saturated. I got calibrator iDisplay Studio and for a few days I had again perfect matching colors and then they started to drift apart. I gave up and now I am using Iphone to check the colors when I finish editing. For some reason Iphone colors seam to be stable and look correct but I suspect that the colors on the voters' monitors vary wildly so trying to have perfect monitors is a lost cause for me.
07/04/2022 01:27:19 AM · #9
PC only. I don't have (never had) a laptop.
07/04/2022 01:44:30 AM · #10
I use both:

Mostly my iMac Retina 5K 2017 with an i5 3.4 GHz with 24Gb RAM.
I also sometimes use my work MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with 16gb RAM. This is way more powerful than the iMac but the iMac screen is a wonder.
07/04/2022 03:57:08 PM · #11
I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inch, Late 2015) and a Dell U3219Q secondary display. I run Lightroom Classic or Photoshop on the iMac screen and use the Dell display for full-screen display of the full image. I have calibrated the monitors with a ColorMunki so there is only a very slight difference between the two displays. I like working this way.

I also have a MacBook Air which I use with Lightroom Classic for teathered shooting.

07/05/2022 08:37:02 PM · #12
I usually edit on my home PC, but will do entries on the laptop while traveling for work. I don't push the processing as far with the laptop, as subtleties don't show up as well on that screen.
07/05/2022 09:09:25 PM · #13
Follow-up question ... a range of PC's vs Laptop, some with both ... do you have a dedicated area for working on your photos? If you do, how do you allocate time to spend in that space? I have a hard time (I feel guilty) working in my prefered office space vs just using the laptop in the same room as family.
07/05/2022 09:42:13 PM · #14
I do have a dedicated area... normally I use that area at off times, late evenings or early mornings, outside of family time.
07/05/2022 10:18:51 PM · #15
Originally posted by glad2badad:

Follow-up question ... a range of PC's vs Laptop, some with both ... do you have a dedicated area for working on your photos? If you do, how do you allocate time to spend in that space? I have a hard time (I feel guilty) working in my prefered office space vs just using the laptop in the same room as family.

Definitely a dedicated area. I have two monitors, but my BenQ 32" is my main monitor. The 25" HP backlit LCD next to it is for other stuff, but I will also look at images on it after editing just for a second view.

I have a pair of Dells at work on that box.....I have done entries there before, and I have a computer still running Win 7 in the gallery. Oddly enough, Win 7 runs Elements 2020, so I can edit NEF files from my D810/850s.

Elements 2020 is in all three boxes as it's my preferred editing program. Cheap & easy.

I have the occasional laptop floating around, but I only ever edit on a laptop with an external monitor and/or on vacation. I'm laptop-less at the moment.

But when I go big, need it perfect, or edit one for printing for the gallery, the one in my room is the one.

07/05/2022 11:26:02 PM · #16
I do all my editing on an HP Spectre laptop with a 15", 3480px screen. It's working fine for me. I have an older desktop upstairs with a 27" monitor but I haven't used it in over a year, since we moved, and rarely in the year before that. Everything on the laptop is current, nothing on the Desktop currently is :-(

It works OK for me, it's convenient and fast, but I'm painfully aware that my quality control isn't what it could be. If I were actually making prints to hang I'd have to rethink all this, but I'm not so I don't :-)
07/06/2022 12:12:20 AM · #17
Just to add that I also not rarely process my photos on my phone and submit them directly. I started doing it on my Samsung 8, then on the Note 9 and now on my S22 Ultra

I use LR for mobile and Snapseed. When I use LR I do sometimes check the file on computer as it automatically sync-ed.

Note: for my computer editing I use LRC (classic)
07/06/2022 03:37:29 PM · #18
Depends on the need. Today I used my iPhone to snap a picture of a hedge that needs work, then sent to a landscape company without any editing at all as part of a request for a bid. For some images, no laptop or desktop involved at all.

I use LR Classic for my image database and for quick edits (crop straighten, maybe color adjust) for basic vacation/family sharing or for items documented for inventory or insurance purposes, and for batch corrections before focus stacking.

When traveling, I use LR Classic on a laptop but I limit what I do to triage removing obvious rejects, prioritizing for subsequent processing, and backing up to an external drive) while adding location data and maybe a few keywords if not already done during ingestion.

When not traveling, all image processing happens on my desktop (actually a tower under the desk) with dual calibrated monitors 128 GB ram, 8GB video RAM. The extra horsepower makes proceeding much faster than on my laptop (even though it is a pretty good laptop), and the color management is tighter than on the laptop.

I use Photo Mechanic for ingesting images (traveling or at home), LR Classic to catalog the images and do basic edits for selected situations, but Photoshop for full edits, especially if cloning, using luminosity masks, compositing, or dealing with animation. Main monitor is for critical image examination, secondary monitor allows all sorts of toolbars/menus/etc. to be reachable without digging. Really feels luxurious. I suppose some laptops can support two monitors, but mine does not. Eventually I will add a pressure-sensitive tablet to the desktop setup for more editing finesse.

It is possible to buy laptops with lots of RAM, fast processors, and powerful video cards, so many people find such units just fine for their needs. Pretty much up to individual choice, but most of use also factor in budget constraints along with decisions about what else the computer(s) need to do (3-D projects?, music?, video editing?, other?), and how often we want to/can afford to upgrade to newer systems.
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