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06/16/2015 01:21:17 PM · #1
What does your screen name mean?

I'll go first!

My name come from online gaming when one of my friends spelled my name wrong from Frankster to Frakster. Just kinda rolled with it since. They also liked to use this one because I go by Les, not Frank, so it's against the norm.

How about yours?
06/16/2015 01:31:35 PM · #2
Kroburg is a combination of Kees (= first name) Rodenburg (= last name) and it dates from the time that your email name should be 8 characters or less.
06/16/2015 01:35:11 PM · #3
Mine is because my first name is...well, you get the idea.
06/16/2015 01:40:53 PM · #4
Everyone thinks I'm a woman because my name is Ashley, putting the Sir in front of it solves that problem... Most of the time...
06/16/2015 01:43:22 PM · #5
Estimated Prophet > Eyes of the World
06/16/2015 01:45:20 PM · #6
M arac A ndrzej K olodzinski
06/16/2015 01:45:58 PM · #7
yakatme came from a combination of my fondness for kayaking (before I started stand up paddleboarding) and the need for a unique and interesting email address. yakatme was sort of the instructions part of my email address to "yak" at me @(whatever).com

I used yakatme@bellsouth.net and yakatme@comcast.net before moving on from those ISP's. Now I rely on gmail, but somehow, yakatme@gmail.com was either taken by somebody else or I registered it at some point and forgot my login credentials.
06/16/2015 01:47:34 PM · #8
kirbic is a permutation of "kirby" which I earned due to my eating habits resembling a vacuum cleaner in (much) younger days. By my convention, it is never capitalized.
06/16/2015 01:50:58 PM · #9
my intials

Gregorian isambard lewis ebanezeer smithe

not really haha my first name
06/16/2015 01:52:02 PM · #10
jgirl I have had ever since the internet was born.. I was not very creative.. J = Julie- Girl- because that was what I was am LOL

The 57 came from my 2 favorite numbers put together and No its not how old I am .. this is fun to see LOL

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06/16/2015 01:52:15 PM · #11
See it, in proof; Behold the proof!

“I’am eight times thrust through the doublet, four through the hose; my buckler cut through and through; my sword backed like a handsaw—ecce signum!”—Shakespeare: 1 Henry IV., ii. 4.

Had this username in my 419 scam baiting days and it seemed to fit well with my feelings when I hit the update button.
06/16/2015 01:52:43 PM · #12
FocusPoint: Eyes... it means "Eyes"
06/16/2015 01:53:30 PM · #13
Originally posted by Sirashley:

Everyone thinks I'm a woman because my name is Ashley, putting the Sir in front of it solves that problem... Most of the time...

I always thought you were a hot chick with "man-hands"

Smardaz goes back to my days on the Commodore 64 BBS's (the golden years). In those days, system operators were very sensitive about keeping things family friendly and wouldn't let me have the screen name "SmartAss" so that was my way around that. Actually, back then we still called them "handles" not "screen name".
06/16/2015 01:55:41 PM · #14
I think that mine might be obvious. Not that I can back it up. I've barely used my K3
06/16/2015 01:57:44 PM · #15
Salmiakki - salty licorice candies that are rather popular in the Nordic region. I dislike them intensely, but have had this as a user name (started as a joke) for many years now.
06/16/2015 01:59:59 PM · #16
Mine is from a masterpiece of a movie called Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell. "You know when things are so crazy, you get your thoughts trapped, like in a bottle."
06/16/2015 02:01:16 PM · #17
Another not very imaginative - initials.
Nikolyn (Nikki) Ann McDonald
Used to be nab long ago and way before there was any such thing as screen names or such and, of course, before I got married and exchanged Brown for McDonald
06/16/2015 02:08:59 PM · #18
Awesome Thread! Why hasn't this been done before now???

Originally posted by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

El Roi is one of the names of God in the Hebrew Bible.

The translation of El Roi is commonly "The God Who Sees". El Roi is a descriptive epithet for God using the word "El" (God) and a modifier indicating a quality of God. It was first mentioned in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 16:13), by Hagar, mother of Abraham's eldest son, Ishmael.

This does not reflect my photographic ability nor have I been imbued with god-like photographic powers since choosing this name... much to my chagrin.

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06/16/2015 02:11:10 PM · #19
Originally posted by EL-ROI:

Awesome Thread! Why hasn't this been done before now???

It has, many times :) I first responded to one of these in 2006!
06/16/2015 02:12:31 PM · #20
Mine's totally unimaginative.... "flaher" first 6 letters of last name and "ma" first 2 letters of first name. I've thought about changing it but I am totally unimaginative. Oh, I already said that. I'm also forgetful.
06/16/2015 02:12:45 PM · #21
Now it's just my full name
before I was MaxiGHB
Maxi because I was the Max. and GHB from my initials Georges-Henri Bogaert
I used that one when I registered in 2003

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06/16/2015 02:15:44 PM · #22
My username, is my kids initials combined. njs = Nicole Justine Short. and then, abs = Alexandra Bliss Short = njsabs

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06/16/2015 02:15:50 PM · #23
Mine is because of this awesome guy I know. His name's Ryan. He's easily the most handsome, reliable, ruggedly manly, inspirational photographer I can think of.
Also, he's President of the Universe; but a famous shrink has been quoted as saying "Ee's jus zis guy, ya know?"

He's awesome. ;p

Actually, the name Ryan means "little king", so y'all best bow down. :)

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06/16/2015 02:18:30 PM · #24
M is for marko and then my last name. As for the 2009... it was the year I graduated from high school... I know I know... I'm a baby... lol.
06/16/2015 02:20:46 PM · #25
Mine is a combination of the names of my two kids Charlie (Chaz) and Zoe.
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