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04/19/2014 09:52:43 PM · #1
Have you always had a passion for photography or was it brought on by something/someone else?
04/19/2014 10:50:05 PM · #2
I have played with it for years......I really started when I became yearbook photographer in high school with my Canon AE-1. Great camera
04/19/2014 11:51:43 PM · #3
never had a real interest until i got interested digital photography in 1999. In 2003 I met my wife who has been a tremendous help and side kick in my photography. She has a graphics design back ground and is currently an art teacher. She has taught me about composition and junk like that, and gives me her idea how it should look as far as composition light and shadow, but she does not understand cameras, so I work the magic with the camera to capture what she envisions.
I will be forever grateful for her help.

We both love the outdoors so my main focus is nature and wildlife.
04/20/2014 04:31:10 AM · #4
Girls and sexual tension.
04/20/2014 11:37:45 AM · #5
Originally posted by Tiny:

Girls and sexual tension.

With girls and sexual tension, photographer is last creature in my mind. ;-)
04/20/2014 12:42:11 PM · #6
The glossy pages, where one could smell and smudge the ink.... Time/LIFE magazine
took me away to visit other people & places.

Bette Davis
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04/20/2014 01:13:16 PM · #7
don't know. love the Bette Davis.
04/20/2014 04:19:18 PM · #8
I remember as a little girl, standing on top of the Zugspitze (probably totally misspelled) mountain when my dad was stationed in Germany, and even then, I remember being so overwhelmed by the beauty, and wanting a way to hold on to it forever! I think it was the beginning of my soul being stirred by the possibilities with photography. I just didn't recognize it until my hubby and I went hiking up some amazing mountains in Colorado (with my disposable camera)! When I saw the pictures (which promptly got thrown in the trash), I knew I wanted to learn to use my camera to capture what I really saw! It was an instant obsession that Continues to swallow me whole! :)
04/20/2014 05:09:10 PM · #9
I am not totally sure. I was first into it as a teenager in the mid to late 70's, but at that time I think it may have been the technical aspects that interested me. I got back into it again around 2007 when I bought a better P&S camera to photograph my daughter's drill team performances and got bitten by the bug again.

At this point, I've found that I am not big on studio work or crafted photography and lighting. I've successfully merged my photography interest with the other one of cycling. (Of interest, a recent "upgrade" for my gear was backwards from most folks, going from a Canon 50D to a Rebel T2i because it carries on the bicycle more easily) What enthuses me about both interests can be summed up in one word: Exploring. My best days are those spent exploring new places with my bicycle and camera.
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04/20/2014 05:18:30 PM · #10
I learned darkroom work in camp at 12...then got an SLR a few years later--a Pentax Spotmatic. In high school I took photography, and was on yearbook staff. It was fun walking the halls with a Rolieflex and Yashica DLRs taking pics of people!

Did less in college, but I had my own darkroom through graduate school. I used to buy bulk Tri-x film and roll my own. :)

All in all, looking back, I wasn't very good at it back then though. But it was fun! I especially always liked the darkroom work.
04/20/2014 05:33:09 PM · #11
Girls, actually. When I was 14, there was a hot girl at summer camp and I was a nerd. Taking pictures of her was the only way she's spend time with me.

After that I was hooked on photography and girls, too, but I digress.

Instamatic -> Nikon SLR film camera(s) -> P&S digital camera(s) -> Nikon DSLR(s)

BTW - when I'm out and about now, shooting with my Nikon D800 - pretty girls still approach me to talk photography or have me take their picture. Even though I'm old enough to be their (grand)father. Either I've retained a measure of my youthful appearance and boyish good looks, or I seem feeble enough to be harmless. Evidence: I spent 30 minutes with Miss Nevada at an airshow a year or so ago. She'd just bought her first DSLR and wanted to learn. I was ready to teach.
04/20/2014 06:11:35 PM · #12
Back in High School I took T.V. Production and Photography. I fell in love with both venues in that I could capture a mood, capture the scene, capture the action, and/or 'tell' a story. It was/is one way to give 'vision' to what ideas and thoughts swirl inside my head. Being on HS Yearbook staff was fun and gave me the opportunity to do event and candid photography. After I went to college and with my first job I just did not have the time to channel into it. It wasn't until my eldest child was born that again I picked up the camera to take family photos and vacation photos that I rediscovered my creative muse.
04/20/2014 06:16:06 PM · #13
After getting my camera which is a Canon T3i. I first dabbled in astrophotography. Taking pictures of the moon and planets and stars. Then I tried my hand at more basic landscapes. Mountain ranges, off shore pictures and stuff. I am not an expert which is why I do it for the hobby. But what I like most about it, which I learned while going out there and shooting, is the tranquility and peacefulness I get when in an area where hardly to no traffic exists. I love shooting at the various things and also making them my own weird vision through post-processing.

Doing photography challenges on here though has given me a place to show off my work. Though I am light years far from being close to anyone on here in their expertise. I submit my photos and I do what I can. I have gotten some great feedback and a couple of "to the point" smacks in the face feedbacks but nonetheless I continue.

04/20/2014 06:33:29 PM · #14
When I was 11 years old I entered a dog show contest with one of our shelties, the youth group was judged on how well they handled and showed the dog. 1st place was a silver platter, 2nd place was a cheap camera, I was never so happy to come in 2nd and loved taking photos from that point on. I had some experience a SLR film camera and enjoyed that but always wanted to get a darkroom so I could do my own BW processing. Digital has opened up the chance to do the PP and even though I love color images I still really like a good BW Photo.

As a side story when I was 10 I entered a drawing, 1st place was a pony, 2nd place was $50, I was happy I came in 2nd that time also!

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04/20/2014 07:03:33 PM · #15
Originally posted by PapaBob:

As a side story when I was 10 I entered a drawing, 1st place was a pony, 2nd place was $50, I was happy I came in 2nd that time also!

I think I would have been devastated to have 'almost won' the pony.

A big part of my interest in taking photos came from my infatuation with horses. When I was about 13 I had a box brownie and I traipsed around the neighbourhood looking for any horses to shoot. My father was cross with me for 'wasting film'.
Soon after I started working I bought a horse - and an SLR camera.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/95000-99999/97225/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1109846.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/95000-99999/97225/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1109846.jpg', '/') + 1) . ' My horse, Cindy c. 1966/67 shot on slide film with my Fujica camera.

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04/20/2014 08:11:44 PM · #16
I got a brownie box camera for Christmas, I must have been about 8.... Dad was a pretty good photographer, so it probably got passed on! I still have a whole bunch of my 4x6 prints from that camera! humm they weren't 4x6 but they were long n rectangle, Fixed focus camera with f-stop adjustment... If it wasn't nailed down I shot it!!!
04/20/2014 08:27:27 PM · #17
I always loved photography but never had a camera until digital came out..always worked off of a point and shoot just for fun, but just started making it a serious hobby recently. For the first time I have my first DLSR this last Christmas.

I always was fascinated with horses, wildlife and nature..
When I was little 6-7 National Geographic had those hard books about bees, whales, insects and a whole collection about nature and the earth, I was drawn by details of those photos and it was the National Geographic which inspired to make it a hobby to this day.

It is so fun to hear about your stories as well, it brings out a whole new nostalgia to photography and why we love it so much, I am blessed to have found a community to share it.

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04/20/2014 08:47:05 PM · #18
I was a snapshot mom... recording our babies' lives... and then... Hubby said he was going to get me a digital camera.

I balked. In the most verbal way.

"There's no FILM?? No print?? WHY would I want some image on a disk... and no one will see it?"

He gave it to me anyway... for Christmas. I still was skeptical, but tried to be polite and... tried it.

Done deal. :D

04/20/2014 08:51:41 PM · #19
National Geographic. I would spend hours just going through them and reading the captions on the photos, they did and still do a fine job of telling the story.

Also I know for sure that, as my mum took out the camera maybe a dozen times a year, took about 2 frames and called it a day, that I was quite frustrated with seeing the results when they finally appeared a year after being taken. I did have a little Kodak 110, and shot as much as I could with it. Of course back then you had to buy film and pay for processing, so for a kid on a $5 weekly allowance, it was a chunk of change. I did the disposable thing too but knew that eventually I wanted to be able to take a whole whack of pics and know what I was doing, and controlling the camera, rather than being at its mercy.
04/20/2014 09:44:53 PM · #20
7-8 years old. Playing with dad's Pentax SLR. Look through the viewfinder, push the button, satisfying mechanical click sound. Then the zzzt, zzzt, of the winder. And then a week later, pictures! It was magical.
04/20/2014 10:26:04 PM · #21
Originally posted by snaffles:

National Geographic. I would spend hours just going through them and reading the captions on the photos, they did and still do a fine job of telling the story.

As a kid I always said I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer. So same here.
04/21/2014 12:23:33 AM · #22
Originally posted by cynthiann:

Originally posted by snaffles:

National Geographic. I would spend hours just going through them and reading the captions on the photos, they did and still do a fine job of telling the story.

As a kid I always said I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer. So same here.

Yes, this too, although I gave a different reason above.
04/21/2014 11:36:23 AM · #23
When I was a kid, in the '60s, I was struck by the seemingly infinite possibilities in capturing images, from incredible landscapes (loved Nat. Geo.) to macro. Macro in particular lit my kindling, and my Dad stoked the fire. He did a fair amount of macro work, mostly with self-built rigs. I really didn't do more than snapshot photography until, in my teens around 1975, my Dad gave me the 1958-vintage Exakta body that he had used since the early '60's (still have it, still works). I started with a 50mm f/1.8 prime, later had a 35mm prime. I scouted around and picked up a couple macro lenses (Steinheil 35mm and 135mm) and I was hooked for good.
I saw the potential for digital and played with it as early as 1997 using at first a 0.7 Mpx Sony Mavica FD83 (floppy disks!) and later a Nikon 990 that we bought at work for documentation. Looking at the output from those cameras these days is a little painful! Hard to believe that less than a decade later I would be shooting with a Canon 5D, with results significantly exceeding anything I could expect from 35mm film.
Technology is still expanding the envelope of what is possible with photography, and I expect that to continue. It truly is a great time to be a photographer!
04/21/2014 12:50:16 PM · #24
My dad was always in to photography, as were two of my brothers. I took it up in the Photography Club in 7th grade.
04/21/2014 02:59:47 PM · #25
Always had a camera in my hand...yes, from the old Brownie onward. Dad was an enthusiast and I inherited his camera when he died, an old Canon SLR film camera. Learned a little darkroom action (b&w only). So, I guess I could say that I don't remember ever NOT being interested in photography. Never had any formal training...just shoot and learn. It's great capturing a moment in time.
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