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09/15/2013 06:41:11 AM · #1
My membership renewal notice is up again. It is my TENTH anniversary on DPC.
Never before have I hesitated to present my dollars..... they are reasonable enough.... but this time, I am not as sure.

I know that USD 25.00 isn't massive, but I still can't afford to simply throw them away.

Is it still worth it? Will I get another 12 months out of this?

Langdon has shown about as much interest in DPC as any other random person on this planet would - how much longer before he pulls the plug on DPC's existence and walks away, barely remembering the bewildered group of people that is out there grieving for what they have lost.

Please note that I have never really complained about this before, and don't mean to complain now. I just know I will be very, VERY sad when it all ends.

Do we have another year?
09/15/2013 07:10:13 AM · #2
$25 says yes

I've been wrong before and I've lost larger sums of money ...
09/15/2013 07:57:32 AM · #3
My renewal date now is Sep. 22nd, 2014.
These $25 are one of the few I spend without any hesitation.
I have confidence it DPC and Langdon, even if he's not so involved any more as he might have been before.
But he needs those $25 to keep the plug in. Without them, we shouldn't even be asking the question if we will have another year.
+ There are the advantages for us: extra space, extra challenges,...

09/15/2013 08:16:31 AM · #4
I renewed last month but had asked the same question. Number of participants both in challenges and in voting are declining, that's for sure. But walking away doesn't help, only makes thing worse. Therefore I renewed, I still like to participate in challenges, get out of my comfort zone now and then, and hope enjoying the coming TPL. And that for a very reasonable price. As long as you have fun in shooting, voting, commenting or any other activity on DPC, renew and make DPC a nice place for others to join.
09/15/2013 08:16:47 AM · #5
If ' . substr('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', strrpos('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Nadine_Vb is in, then I am too!
09/15/2013 08:36:45 AM · #6
i like the people here. And i like to think when things settle down i ll participate in more - but i thought that last year. If i find a better site, i might still come back for the people.. but i haven't defined for myself what a better site would have. Do you get enough out of it?

I don't have any great hopes for revival or updates, but I think langdons going to do just enough to keep things going at least. I m fine with that for now.

ps: I think as far as cost justifications go, I've learned quite a bit in terms of variety here (certainly more content than the average 25$ text. I've also made some good acquaintances - priceless. I've also saved a penny or two on equipment (though i suppose that i've sold with a similar consideration). Will it be worth 25$ again next year to keep the extra features? dunno.

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09/15/2013 09:15:49 AM · #7
Well, Beetle, I also have been around for about 10 years.
My 10th comes up in November.
As long as DPC is around and as long as I'm around,
I shall support DPC.

The knowledge I have gained, the friends I have made, and
the fun I've had searching out responses to the Challenges
has been worth far more than the paltry $25 membership charge.

And tell me, how many things can you still buy for the same
purchase price as you paid ten years ago?
09/15/2013 09:23:59 AM · #8
When DPC goes Public?
09/15/2013 10:49:56 AM · #9
Pay up ,it's a pittance for goodness sake.
09/15/2013 11:38:26 AM · #10
I am always mystified when someone asks this question. It's $25 for goodness sake! Less than a movie for two. Less than a tank of gas. Less than a week of frapuccinos. Less than, well, almost ANY other form of entertainment, all of which last a fraction of the year that same amount gets you on DPC. Assuming you're still interested in photography, the question is not whether you should renew, but rather why the heck wouldn't you??

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09/15/2013 11:42:38 AM · #11
Yes, $25 is just a pittance and probably pocket change for a lot of people but I considered the principle of it several years ago when I let my membership lapse... add all of those $25 up and a lot of people are rewarding Landon for not caring or not having the time to care about the site. If more people decided not to pay the $25, would it make a difference? I don't know, but I bet it would make a bigger difference than if more people paid the $25. Yes, it would be too bad if DPC closed down (or was sold to someone that wanted to turn it into another infomercial site), just like it's been too bad that so many other sites I've really enjoyed over the years have folded or died to the point that it's not worth going to any more... but I survived and found other things to do to occupy my time.

09/15/2013 11:46:18 AM · #12
I tried the registered user thing, didn't work. The challenges I wanted to enter were always member only..
09/15/2013 11:53:06 AM · #13
As long as we keep equating the survival of DPC with "Lining Langdon's" pockets, we will continue to see these posts. I'm far more selfish than that. I really couldn't care less (sorry Langdon) if his pockets are getting lined or not. I want this little archaic corner of the Internet where I can hang out with friends, continue to learn the tips and tricks of photography, get encouragement, give encouragement, etc. Langdon may have created DPC, but it is US who who are DPC.
09/15/2013 12:16:48 PM · #14
I'm paying at an exchange rate of 10ZAR for 1US$. Still the easiest money I pay all year round.

I also compare the money against my experience, not somebody's purse linings. I cannot imagine anybody getting rich on the current membership numbers but that is beside the point. The question for me is: Can I get the same clean web experience, involving the same caliber photographers somewhere else? If yes, goodbye DPC. If no, here's the pittance, and let's get on with taking some images and commenting.

09/15/2013 12:21:19 PM · #15
09/15/2013 12:55:10 PM · #16
We are left to our own devices, here, this place is what we make of it. I think DPC is increasingly controlled by traditional, fundamentalist photography values. I remember reading in discussion threads the remark that if artistic expression is what you're interested in, then you should leave DPC & go somewhere else like DeviantArt. I went there, for a looksee, & realized I wouldn't fit in there, either. I'm too much an artist for DPC, not enough of an artist for DeviantArt. I started putting those threads on Ignore. Then, I lost interest in discussion threads.

In the past I could get by with side challenges where more creative, less traditional, PP techniques were explored. But the latest side challenge for Topaz ReStyle is two weeks old, it's only on page 3, & there haven't been any new posts in days. It used to be that I could find a way to post whatever I was doing & get some feedback, & I used my portfolio as a kind of timeline blog because I posted here more often than anywhere else. The portfolio here is very easy to manage, & also easy to change--it's a lot like a file manager. This year I paid my membership fee mostly out of habit & because it makes me sad to go in my portfolio & start deleting. I'm still enjoying photography, still experimenting, just not doing much posting here anymore.

I'm paid up for another year, but if this site continues to exclude more adventuresome photographers, I'm just adventuresome enough to fall by the wayside.
09/15/2013 01:22:40 PM · #17
My dues are due soon too.
Not a song, but true.
A reason not to pay them:
lessen my participation.

Alas she is a siren, dpc,
she calls, she beckons;
she even threatens

Oh stay, ye funny valentines...

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09/15/2013 01:26:21 PM · #18
My 10th Anniversary is Sept 26th. I am already paid for another year. As long as DPC needs also-rans, I'll be available.
09/15/2013 02:12:04 PM · #19
Joined march 25 2002
Paid up until August 14 2014
09/15/2013 02:22:10 PM · #20
Originally posted by sulamk:

Joined march 25 2002
Paid up until August 14 2014

A Pioneer! I'm a newbie, December 2004...
09/15/2013 02:27:53 PM · #21
I am only here because of a Court order, mandating that I focus on less destructive activities.

If DPC goes away, I go back to blowing stuff up. ;-)
09/15/2013 02:46:20 PM · #22
Jumping in... this is my first day on the site since my membership expired in May I believe...

I've taken barely any photographs since I left the site. I did a shoot for an event and have another in November, but for the most part I've been too busy in real life to shoot. But I think that's BECAUSE I left DPC. With DPC I usually managed to get a shot in for most challenges... because it kept me thinking during the week, at least on the back burner what I wanted to shoot. Now, without any pressure to shoot, other things creep in to take their place.

Those of use who don't do this as a living, if I may venture to suggest, benefit from DPC in that it gives us an assignment AND a real deadline... even if the only reward is a bunch of 5 votes from the peanut gallery.

Probably going to renew in the next few weeks myself...
09/15/2013 02:47:23 PM · #23
Originally posted by Art Roflmao:

I am only here because of a Court order, mandating that I focus on less destructive activities.

If DPC goes away, I go back to blowing stuff up. ;-)

DPC really needs a Like button!
09/15/2013 03:04:41 PM · #24
Originally posted by Simms:

lets face it, hosting and data costs have dropped massively over the years...

Well, for the record inflation since 2003 has been 27%, so just to keep up with inflation we'd have to pop $31.74 for a membership... Just sayin'...
09/15/2013 03:40:28 PM · #25
Originally posted by Simms:

Saying that - hope you are all well.

Gee, you must have forgotton to add the <sarcasm> tags ...
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