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01/24/2003 08:50:24 PM · #1
I've never done it before. I want a simple 1 or 2 color border that is allowable in the challenges.

Thanks in advance!
01/24/2003 09:08:34 PM · #2
OK Chris. First of all what image editing software do you have?

01/24/2003 09:23:00 PM · #3
I have PS Elements 2.0.
01/24/2003 09:45:37 PM · #4
Here's what I do.
"Select" menu-click all
"Select" menu-modify-border
then select border pixel size
"Layer" menu--New Fill layer--solid color--OK- select color- OK
"Enhance" menu--Adjust brightness/contrast--increase contrast all the way
Bingo its done, Anyway thats how I do it in PS Elements 2.0

For a 2 color border I select the border pixel size half the original and follow the same procedure

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01/24/2003 09:47:03 PM · #5
OK. Take your picture. Once you have a picture adjust it as you like, then resize it to about 620 pixels on the longest side and sharpen it to taste.

THEN-- for a 2 color border:

1) select as backround color the color you'd like to be first or inner color in the border. then Image/Canvas Size. Check the box that says 'Relative' and type 4 into height and width. This will increase the canvas by 4 pix on either side with the color you selected.

2) select as bg color the next or outer color of your border. Same menu item. This time 16 on either side. This will bring your longest side up to the max (640 pixels).

FOR a one color border, just do step 2, but with 20 instead of 16.

Let me know how it goes :)
01/24/2003 09:53:24 PM · #6
magnetic, your way is much simpler than mine plus my way decreases the actual image size. Guess I'll use your method too.
01/24/2003 10:05:09 PM · #7
This is about the 4th thread this week (second started today) which covers this. We need the "Search Forums" feature BAD -- and to teach folks to use it!!
01/24/2003 10:05:18 PM · #8
Thanks guys, it works great! So that's what "Canvas Size" is for. ;) I didn't think of using that and then increasing the size! I'm going to play around with this some more. Good point also to first resize to less then the 640 pixel challenge max before adding the border.

Thanks again!
01/24/2003 10:07:00 PM · #9
General, I usually do Search first but couldn't find it here for some reason. I'm probably just blind. :)
01/24/2003 10:09:15 PM · #10
Originally posted by ChrisW123:

General, I usually do Search first but couldn't find it here for some reason. I'm probably just blind. :)

No you're not -- the search function hasn't been re-coded since the site upgrade a few weeks ago...I'm just hoping it's near the top of the To-Do (actually of the Almost-Done) list.

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01/24/2003 10:42:46 PM · #11
Good to know I'm not as blind as I thought I was... I looked over and over for it and thought I can't find it anywhere but there's gotta be one somewhere. :)

Another feature I'd like to see is an option to email you when a reply to your post is made. I love this feature in forums although I don't know how easy it would be to add.

01/26/2003 09:19:24 AM · #12
HOw can i make frame using photoshop? Or do i need other software to make it?
01/26/2003 10:25:33 AM · #13
Originally posted by skitz2000:

HOw can i make frame using photoshop? Or do i need other software to make it?

Do you mean a bevelled sort of wooden frame? Or just a single coloured border type affair?

To make a border (actually almost identical to Elements) in Photoshop 6:

1. Select your border colour as the background colour in the colour toolbar (the bottom-right colour of the two).

2. From the menu select Image-Canvas Size.

3. Make sure both Width and Height are in pixels, and add on maybe 20 pixels (10 for each edge) to both width and height.

You can do 2 and 3 again to add a second/third border.

Note. In Photoshop 7 just tick 'relative' and then set the width/height to the border size (20), NOT the extended image size.

Hope that helps a little, without repeating what magnetic said.. :-)

01/26/2003 03:35:20 PM · #14
I always heard that you should sharpen last. So does that mean you would do it after adding the frame? Does it make a difference?
01/26/2003 03:39:22 PM · #15
Sharpen before you add the frame, otherwise you sharpen the frame as well, causing a 3 coloured border (although these are legal now).
01/26/2003 07:25:34 PM · #16
Thank you Chris for asking the question about how to make borders in PS element 2. And thank you Thiek and Magnetic 9999 for teaching me how. I learned something new today. Diana
04/01/2003 07:23:08 PM · #17
I was just fooing around with Photoshop 7 and noticed something interesting. This is building on PaulMdx's instructions.

With Photoshop 7:

1. Resize the canvas to -20 x -20 pixes (Relitive)
(a message will come up about croping your image)
2. Resize the Canvas again to 20 x 20 pixes (or half that for two colors)

This will restore you image to the original size but with the boarder. A similar technique probably works in PS6. Although you loose the edge, as apposed to the previouse method, it is more staightforward.
04/03/2003 07:05:32 AM · #18
Is less than 100% opacity borders legal???
04/03/2003 10:39:06 AM · #19
Originally posted by zerocusa:

Is less than 100% opacity borders legal???

I THINK so, so long as you don't use layers or place any additional artwork. To do that (a simpler method than Fiver's listed below) just "Select All" and apply a stroke the width of your desired border. If the stroke opacity is set to 100% you will create a solid border and crop (cover) part of the image, if set to less-than 100% the photo will show through.

Be careful, as this is probably DPC-legal, but may not be popular with the voters...
04/30/2003 11:20:06 AM · #20
Is there anyone out there who can tell you me how to do it in PSP7
04/30/2003 12:02:31 PM · #21
Mag did, above.

1. Size the picture to 620, do all of your final touches (sharpening, text, etc).

2. Change background color on the palette to the color you want (say black).

3. Click image, canvas size. Set 9 pixels, 9 pixels, click ok.

4. Change your background color to something that matches your picture.

5. Click image, canvas size. Set 2 pixels, 2 pixels, click ok.

6. Change background back to the original color.

7. Click image, canvas size. Set 9 pixels, 9 pixels, click ok.

05/13/2003 03:56:09 PM · #22
Hi everyone,

I am using Photoshop LE and I am finding that when I create a border it feathers from the border color into the photo giving a gradual fade from border color into the picture.

How can I get a sharp edge on the border by using the SELECT..MODIFY..BORDER menu??

05/13/2003 05:13:03 PM · #23
Do not use the Border command -- it does something else.

If your image is smaller than the final size, just enlarge the canvas, and the background color will form the border. If already at full size, use SelectAll and apply a stroke in the border color at 100% opacity.
05/13/2003 08:17:48 PM · #24
Thanks Paul...

So easy.. When you know how!

06/11/2003 11:04:51 AM · #25
Edit > Stroke
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