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01/19/2003 06:26:57 PM · #1
My heart is heavy. I have been a DQ'd for my border on my
picture. I used only a border tool in the Paint Shop Pro. I used only two borders a white and a black. It was not a cheat. It was
to be my best picture ever here on the DPC. and the tool I use was a
legal tool. If the rule say not to use a Paint Shop border tool then I
would undarstand this DQ. I wish there is a way to make a others know of this problems. It is not my wish to see a nother members as sad as I am today. - Mieka
01/19/2003 06:36:48 PM · #2
Mieka that's sad .. but I think that .. you should not use any border "tool", nobody should regardless of the application. Create the border ourself is less risky.

I do not know why you are DQed .. but to create a border, we should only enlarge the canvas and fill with a color, not use any automatic tool because in that case, you do not know what the tool does.

Does paint shop pro follow the rule : " .... but this border must consist of, at most, two concentric, nested, single-colored, rectangular borders"

But I understand you might be pretty upset with that.

In doubt .. I would advice everybody to avoid borders.


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01/19/2003 07:40:39 PM · #3
Mieka, I am sorry this has happened to you. The site Counsel has been discussing this issue. We understand that many people are not trying do anything illegal with their use of borders yet we are trying to enforce the current rules. I'm not sure what conclusions will be reached and I believe that the decision to DQ your photo will probably not be reversed. Please try to keep your chin up and to come back next week with a photo that's even better. I personally don't care that much for borders but It's ok to allow them. I just hope that the rules are relaxed to avoid honest mistakes such as yours.


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01/19/2003 07:55:59 PM · #4
Thank you Mr Lionelm and Mr Timj351. I have try to make a border as you have said in the paint shop pro mr Lionelm. If I use a crop tool I get a change on the sides just as I have got a DQ for. It is not easy to see unless you zoom it in all the way. but it is the same problem as I have on my border. So to use a border tool is a DQ and to use a crop is a DQ. I guess I can no longer use the Paint Shop Pro to work on my picture. This is correct, yes?
01/19/2003 08:04:43 PM · #5
01/19/2003 08:08:25 PM · #6
Hi Missy Mieka friend.

:( Your note made me want to cry. Whaaaaa! sorry for your problem.
It is good to know they know there is a problem and are working to correct it.
Keep your spirits up. xoxo Justine.

01/19/2003 08:11:49 PM · #7
I have gone back to look at all my pictures. They all have the same problems from the crop tool. :( and they did not ever have a borders.

Thank you for the hug Ms Annida. I only need a million more today.

I wish everyone well tonight in the challenge.
01/19/2003 08:19:16 PM · #8
is that mark around the edges what got you disqualified? it's in all your photos that never got disqualified...and it's in the am i nuts picture that recently won the challenge...what the heck, hopefully i'm wrong because it seems like a pretty common issue
01/19/2003 08:20:08 PM · #9
So it is not at all a bad border I have, it is a bad crop, yes?
Is the crop a legal crop? or did it break a rule?
01/19/2003 08:22:07 PM · #10
mieka do you have a link to the pic like on pbase or something so we can see what has happened?
01/19/2003 08:26:06 PM · #11
I do not want to give it away yet for hope they might allow it in the challenge.
01/19/2003 08:34:03 PM · #12

My picture "All In A Same Boat" has this problem with a crop. so you can see what has happened.
01/19/2003 08:38:08 PM · #13
I do not know paint shop pro eought to give an answer to tell you if it can crop in a pure way without doing anything else.
I had give your 'castle and shells' a 10 at that time that was my prefered that week.
I am not in a position to tell you anything more, I like your work .. I hope you will not be too hurt by this.
01/19/2003 08:44:05 PM · #14
I only wish to make the rules more clear so others do not have this problem. I still do not see a problem with my borders. It is not breaking a rule. If they wish to DQ my picture for a bad crop, then I will understand what I have done wrong.
01/19/2003 08:49:03 PM · #15
The very slight beveling on a lot of photos you see here is probably due to 'antialiasing', which is a process of blurring sharp edges to create a smooth appearance on-screen. The boundary between a black and white 2-tone border will become very, very slightly greyed if you choose to do an antialias pass when exporting an image. I use CorelDraw/PhotoPaint and there's a checkbox for it on the export screen. CorelDraw also antialiases the edge of the exported object with the page background colour, so if you have a black border it'll make a grey border around that to blend with the white. I always make sure to match the background to the border colour.

Perhaps try resampling the image to the size you want to export at, and then adding the border afterwards. Export the combined image and border without further antialiasing to create a crisp edge.

Update: Though the bad crop problem clearly isn't due to this...

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01/19/2003 08:52:30 PM · #16
:0( so sorry meeks. Like Tim said...we are discussing it. :(

01/19/2003 09:45:28 PM · #17
Meika, It appears many of your previous entries have the same "problem" and no one ever mentioned it to you, not even critique club members.

I hope they reinstate your photo.
01/19/2003 09:50:04 PM · #18
Thank you Mr EY. But this is my first picture with a border. So I think the others even with 1 border that I did not try to have was not a break of the rule "no more than two borders". But it is still not a border that cause my problem, it is a crop, the same as you see in my other photos.
01/19/2003 09:56:18 PM · #19
mieka you rule, keep taking good photos, this will all get sorted out
01/19/2003 09:59:58 PM · #20

I hope this will help. I believe you are using the selection tool and then using the crop to selection command. This is what, for some reason, causes this strange effect. If you use the actual "crop" tool, you should not get that strange effect. Try it and post a reply to let me know if it worked. Either way, obviously it's a honest mistake.

Bill Miller (wackybill)
01/19/2003 10:08:57 PM · #21
Originally posted by Mieka:

Thank you Mr EY. But this is my first picture with a border. So I think the others even with 1 border that I did not try to have was not a break of the rule "no more than two borders". But it is still not a border that cause my problem, it is a crop, the same as you see in my other photos.

Yes, I realize that. Some of your others appear to have a border when I believe borders were not allowed. Maybe not though, I can't remember when borders were first allowed. Best Wishes

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01/19/2003 10:17:00 PM · #22
Borders were allowed when switch to DPC2, wmaybe it was not a so good idea because it causes DQs on people who did not meant to 'edit their pictures'.

However .. it's going to be hard to rule between those ...When the challenge is done Mieka you could post your picture and we could do a voting in a thread for you if you want to.
not the same I know ...

And even if your picture is DQd , I know it's a bad consolation ... I know it might not help that much .. but .. you still took it and still proud with it. For got milk I hesitated a lot between 2 pictures and Finally decided to post the one I liked the most even if the challenge was less obvious in it.
For my landscape picture on 22 comments , 16 says it does not fit the challenge, but one person commented that the pictures looked like 'out of a dream' and this comment save the picture for me (even if I would haveliked to scode better).

So even if you do not go into the challenge because of the strict application of the rules (which I would understand) ... then I hope that you will post your photo somewhere and that you would get a comment like that.

Maybe my post does not help that much Mieka .. but it's sincere

Big hug to you as well if you allow me to join Annida in that.

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01/19/2003 10:29:10 PM · #23
wacky bill, my pictures have that same issue when i use the regular crop tool, and i can't figure out why.
01/19/2003 10:30:33 PM · #24
Mr wackybill, Thank you for your help. I did try it as you say and it did work to fix the problem. I did not even know what the other crop tool is for until you help me. It is why I am here is to learn to be better. and today I have learn. (but it was still not a border problem it was a crop). I love you all for helping me and I will do better next week. But I am sad that others will still have this trouble.

Mr Lionelm, thank you for your idea to post my picture and vote, but I know how it was doing, and I had many very nice comments from everyone. I thank you all for your help.
01/19/2003 10:31:56 PM · #25
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