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04/15/2011 02:59:38 PM · #26
Originally posted by Nusbaum:

Originally posted by Neil:

Anyone have organizational tips...

I created my portfolio as a group one layer above "All Photographs" and the links from my home page land at or above this group. This makes it easier to avoid having users encountered groups or galleries they cannot access.

Some good ideas there David. I reorganized last night somewhat based on that. I still struggle though with people landing in my "master photos" photostream, e.g., via a search or the favorites, when they are only supposed to get to a collection. Once they are in master photos, they can go up and see folders they aren't supposed to see. I've gone through in many places and used options to just hide the breadcrumbs.

How did you create anything "above" all photos? That seems to be the area reserved for site stuff...unless you mean "below".

I did quite a bit of reorganization last night though...I still need to add some more photos, but anyone can have a look now and see if you break the mold ;)

I did switch back on favorites...orginally, I duplicated this functionality in a collection. But you can't put a gallery in a collection, and you can put on in the site define favorites. So it's more useful.

You can see my switched themese for three urls:

//nrshapiro.com/theatre (I should create a TLD for this...)

So far I'm really glad I made the switch! There are a few annoyances, but overall, I'm much happier with the interface and management system than Smugmug. I love the control over a named price list, which I can then apply. For example, I created a theatre price list, and I created a fine art price list, and then a general one. Makes it really easy to apply them and manage them (including updating them, and having them automatically update the galleries.

One thing I can't seem to get around...I like the way featured product price lists show up, making it obvious things are for sale, but I would like the option to put the gallery caption ABOVE it. See this example:


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04/15/2011 05:02:12 PM · #27
I like your theatre tab in the top left :- )

And you have some terrific Waterfall shots - love the richness of the colours.

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04/17/2011 01:42:40 PM · #28
Originally posted by Nusbaum:

I'm sorry I missed this thread earlier Neil. I'm a Zenfolio user as well (www.davidnusbaum.com).

Soem nice shots there David - I particularly liked the ones of Ashley.
04/17/2011 01:59:21 PM · #29
I have a zenfolio account/website for a while now. I quite like Zenfolio. It's Ursula's Photos. I went to Zenfolio because I needed some private galleries for a couple projects, where people can see their stuff without it being visible to the whole world. It's worked so far.

I do have a question though ... I am trying to customize the slideshow, and wanted to add a slighly larger grey border to it. It allows for I think it is 16px total of border. Does anyone here know if there is a way to customize the slideshow? I haven't found references to it in the help section.
04/22/2011 12:11:37 PM · #30
Originally posted by Neil:

How did you create anything "above" all photos? That seems to be the area reserved for site stuff...unless you mean "below".

So for being so slow. I'm going to need to research why I'm not getting email notices when the thread is updated.

You are correct, below all photos would have been a more accurate description.

I have a group below All Photos called Clients that I have set to private. I put client galleries into this group and change the privacy on the client gallery to be open. This allows viewers to see the gallery if they are given a link, but they cannot browse to any other galleries in the private group.

My Portfolio works in a similar way. I have a Portfolio group just below All Photographs and all of my portfolio galleries and collections go into that group. All of my browse-able links land in or below that group.

I turned off the All Photographs link in the breadcrumbs in the site configuration, so I don't believe there is a way for people to reach the "All Photographs" level in my account unless they have the unique id for that group. I could make All Photographs private, but haven't felt the need to go that far yet.

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05/06/2011 09:21:57 AM · #31
Zenfolio is down this morning. No word, that I can find, on what's going on and how long it might be down.

I can excuse this for photo sharing sites, but I'm not quite as forgiving when I pay for a 'pro' account.
05/06/2011 09:26:40 AM · #32
Agreed. I have several reports from SiteUptime, which checks it hourly (I use their free service to monitor.)

Down at 6:44, up at 7:44, Down at 8:44

It does seem to be back up now.

Smugmug had outages as well. I haven't been on ZF long enough though to compare which has more downtime.
05/06/2011 09:41:02 AM · #33
Originally posted by Neil:

Smugmug had outages as well. I haven't been on ZF long enough though to compare which has more downtime.

I agree. I believe Zenfolio is the best at this level, say < $250 a year. The next step up in photo hosting is a pretty big leap and I'm sure outages are still a possibility. I guess what I would really like in these situations is some type of status indicator or notification that gives us an understanding of what is going on. If you have a 'pro' level account there is a good chance that you have client looking for images. If an outage is going to be more than an hour, I may want to let specific clients know what has happened.
05/06/2011 10:40:35 AM · #34
Down again. Here's a button which will show total uptime for my ZenFolio site since I joined.


Right now it's 99.7%. I can't figure out how to embed it here so the actual button shows rather than the link. It's link to a page in PHP, so we can't embed here.

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05/06/2011 12:14:24 PM · #35
Originally posted by Neil:

Agreed. I have several reports from SiteUptime, which checks it hourly (I use their free service to monitor.)

Thank you for the pointer to the service!
05/06/2011 01:58:35 PM · #36
Post in Zenfolio forums, from admin. But I don't think it really fully explains it...seems to be up and down. And if they had a simple power outage, plain and simple, why do they need to "assess the situation"? (other than why they are susceptible to short power outages at all!)


We sincerely apologize for the downtime. We had a power outage in one of our data centers, which caused the service interruption for some customers. We are still assessing the situation and we can assure you that the appropriate measures will be taken to reduce the possibility of this happening in the future.
05/23/2011 10:04:13 PM · #37
This thread kind of died down, but in the last few weeks I got motivated to redo my zen site. I ported my domain over to it and attempted to get it to the point where it would take a really astute eye to be able to identify it as a zen site. Everything I did was without any html coding. Comments and suggestions welcome. My site
05/23/2011 11:06:19 PM · #38
Looks good in general...and great pics...but I think you should look at the text-logo again. The blue is really hard to see against the dark gray, and you might be better off with some smoother and bolder fonts. More than just the blue...I'm not sure about using the red and blue colors there. Same for the other banners.

The bio page looks good (except again for the banner).
The "clients" page graphic may be funny, but not very professional looking.
On the links page, that sounds like a very good idea!

08/18/2011 05:59:00 PM · #39
Just ran into something I could not do...but I think I figured it out, so I thought I'd share.

I wanted to provide free downloads for my client in a gallery (public), but allow others to download for a fee.

The way I got it to work (hopefully) is to make him a coupon for 100% off. I also restricted it to the galleries done for him, and to downloads only.

That way, I don't have to worry about him ordering print products, and them billing it for me. I also just tried using his coupon to make sure they weren't going to charge a commission on it (costing me money). Seemed to work--I ordered three of my downloads, net was zero, and there doesn't appear to be any fees charged.

So it works! (Though if you have a better way, let me know!)

08/19/2011 01:57:13 PM · #40
Great idea Neil! I have been wondering how to do that myself and had actually given up on the idea. I think this will work perfectly.
09/27/2011 12:13:56 PM · #41
More tips!

TIP1. Private Working Galleries: One thing I couldn't seem to get right on ZF is private working galleries without a password...yet allowing me to use the URL and post it somewhere, or share for discussion with someone. I've never been able to mark one private and the just use the URL...you always have to use a password.

Also, if you try to create a "faux-private" set of galleries by placing them in a branch of your folder hiearchy which isn't linked by your menus, you run into trouble. If you link to the gallery or any of the photos, and you have breadcrumbs turned on (which is useful), they will be able to navigate up to your other faux-private galleries.

Well here's a solution (maybe obvious to others). Just put all of your "faux-private" galleries under the clients folder and make them public (not searchable though). User's can't browse the client folder and folders underneath don't allow breadcrumbs, even if your site does. So even after they access the photo or gallery, they can't browse up (though they can still use your menu system to get to your regular galleries.

And since when others go to your clients folder, they only get an access code screen...they don't see all the folders you have in there, and can't access any folder unless they know or guess the access code. So they aren't discoverable from "above" either. They are effectively hidden, except when you use the URL.

For example, I have a working folder under clients, then a bunch of different folders below that. Now suppose I have created an ad that I want others to review...or I just want to post it places and use this as the source (but I don't want it in my public galleries). So I have a folder with the ads in it... and now I just make it public, and create an access code for it. Now it's usable...but not discoverable without the URL.


But as you see, while there's other data above it in the hierarchy, you can't see any breadcrumbs. You just have access to that public folder mapped to the URL.

If you try this by putting it anywhere other than under the clients hiearchy, the breadcrumbs will be there, and they could go "up" and discover other photos in your "faux-private" working space (anything marked public and not password protected).

TIP2. Hiding a photo. One thing I've missed from my Smugmug days is the ability to leave a photo up there but hide it. Well yesterday I realized that that's not hard...just make that photo private! Now, even if the gallery is public, the photo is hidden.

Feel free to tell me if there's a better way (or I'm wrong above!), or just share your own tips here. Let's make good use of this user group!

11/14/2011 05:40:25 PM · #42
Earlier in this thread I talked about an approach to my public photos where I decided to keep all of the images in a gallery called Photostream and then I would include the images in collections to make up my public galleries. This avoids having duplicate photos scattered about and it's easy to submit the gallery to google for indexing. Well today I found out a problem with this approach... I missed a click and accidentally deleted my Photostream gallery. As you would expect, this blew away photo used to build up the public part of my site. I think it's going to take awhile to recover from this blunder.
11/27/2011 04:12:02 PM · #43
Do you have the premium or business premium accounts? Which is your preferred choice, and why? I am using a trial version of Smugmug, but am checking out Zenfolio to see if I want this one instead.
11/27/2011 04:22:26 PM · #44
Been using Zenfolio for a few years now, been happy with it but still pretty much a novice.
11/27/2011 05:07:35 PM · #45
Bob, I loved the sunset photos. Hey, in your 'fun shots' gallery, you have an eagle shot titled 'buffalo'

11/27/2011 05:12:33 PM · #46
Originally posted by heatherd:

Bob, I loved the sunset photos. Hey, in your 'fun shots' gallery, you have an eagle shot titled 'buffalo'

It's a flying Buffalo.....? Thanks, I will correct that one
12/14/2011 02:14:35 PM · #47
Well, I'm having a bit of a problem getting things set up. What I want to do now, is to insert a photo on the home page, instead of having a slideshow from a gallery. My eyes are nearly crossed from searching for a solution. Would I need to do a custom page?? I have the premium account.
12/14/2011 03:01:32 PM · #48
12/14/2011 04:47:37 PM · #49
Heather--a look on their help page suggests an easy alternative:

"For the home page Slideshow we recommend creating a special collection or gallery of carefully picked landscape images of the same size for the best presentation. You may want to hide this gallery from public view within a private group. If you would like to feature a single image rather than a slideshow, we suggest you create a gallery that contains only a single image. You may also want to review assigning a Soundtrack to your Home page slideshow."

12/15/2011 01:45:08 PM · #50
I tried this, selecting a single image, set to private but I couldn't add to the home page as it kept saying "not a public photo"

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