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07/05/2004 09:56:40 PM · #1
whats your favorite tunes?
07/05/2004 10:00:08 PM · #2
bob marley & bob dylan! love 'em. I also love rage against the machine, dprez, lots o techno (paul okenfold rawks! & dj tiesto & sasha), love some old rock, LZ. Also Pearl Jam & Nirvana. Just a few.
Spurs, you didnt list any of yours.

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07/05/2004 10:04:12 PM · #3
No i didn't but my favorite of all time is Moody blues...knights in white satin

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07/05/2004 10:04:54 PM · #4
System of a Down, Flogging Molly, Rage, lots of classic rock--Led Zeppelin and I have a few guilty pleasures like Fiona Apple.
07/05/2004 10:08:01 PM · #5
Damn I didn't kill a thread....jumps for joy...lol...or on joy

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07/05/2004 10:42:44 PM · #6
I use to have cam site that the listener guess what song was playing (midi) form. And they picked the next....My job was surf the web and find the midi for the next tune. I can find most about 90%...

would it not cool when your bored...not voting or commenting. To beable have a game to play with photography?

I could help with this....sounds fun

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07/05/2004 10:48:43 PM · #7
This is my thread...no taking to me......and have some song.....called so hard to swallow....nickelback....can't turn the K around
07/05/2004 11:07:24 PM · #8
LtHousLady checks Spur's profile for a location to send help to...but alas, there is none listed

Oh well, I tried! ;)

So now I have "Knights in White Satin" ringing in my head. I actually happen to be in the mood for that kind of music now & I do like older rock & roll.
At other times I like dynamic female vocals (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbara Striesand, Donna Summer etc.), perferable ones with lyrics that induce thoughts of strength or something positive that I can sing along to. (although many drinks are required to do it in public....it has been known to happen...lol)

There are times I like oldies...quartet like harmoies & such.
Billy Joel & Elton John are 2 all around, long time faves. A ritual I do on my way to a lighthouse photo run is to blast Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa" all the way there...well, when I'm traveling alone anyway ;) Puts me in the "the way life was for them" frame of mind to go out & try to convey that in my pics.

Music is a great motivator.

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07/05/2004 11:11:47 PM · #9
The best word you used.....was(((postive))).......I hate negative
07/05/2004 11:29:15 PM · #10
07/06/2004 12:12:44 AM · #11
Anything by Paul Simon but especailly stuff w/o Art.
07/06/2004 12:20:36 AM · #12
There is so much--it is hard to catalog. I have hugely diverse taste. I'll just go with whatever comes to mind----keep in mind, this is in no particular order..

Belle and Sebastian
Rufus Wainwright
David Bowie (my daughter put Ziggy in the car and that is what's been playing a lot)
Caetano Veloso
Scott Walker
Tom Waits
Velvet Underground
The Beatles (of course)
Daniel Johnston
Half Japanese
V.Majestic(hubbies band--they've been on a long hiatus, sadly)
Elvis (just watched Jailhouse Rock and Bubba Hotep in the past two nights)
Billy Holiday
Beat Happening

I could go on and on....

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07/06/2004 12:24:05 AM · #13
The Hollies
Old, old Bette Midler
Judy Garland
Jim O'Rourke
Burt Bacharach
07/06/2004 07:37:20 AM · #14
Originally posted by melismatica:

Belle and Sebastian
David Bowie

nice choices!

i discovered belle and sebastian weekend before last: i saw them briefly on the TV coverage for glastonbury and the song fought in a war just blew me away. we've had two of their cds in the house for ages, but i always thought i never liked them. i do like boy with an arab strap, but i discovered that because it was used as the end-title music to top TV show Teachers (and also in the interactive menus on the DVDs). but now i have three cds of theirs, and they're gorgeous... very wonderful.

david bowie is a god. no question. crooked teeth, mad eyes, old, weird accent, TWO tin machine albums and STILL gets to marry Iman. Hearts Filthy Lesson = one of the greatest tracks ever recorded.

Polly Harvey is lovely, only good thing to come from Yeovil... i'm seeing her live next week in Somerset House - very excited!

currently my favourite musical entities are listed thusly:

radiohead (obviously)
tori amos
keren ann
super furry animals
cooper temple clause
francoiz breut
tricky / portishead / lamb / massive attack et al
sneaker pimps
lee hazlewood
primal scream... could go on, but i won't

07/06/2004 08:33:23 AM · #15
My iPod playlist is chock full of:

Aretha Franklin
Macy Gray
Rufus Wainwright
Alice in Chains
Foo Fighters
Louis Prima
kd lang
Black Eyed Peas
Maroon 5
Lyle Lovett
Morrissey (and the Smiths)
The Streets
Lenny Kravitz
The Sundays
The White Stripes
07/06/2004 08:35:19 AM · #16
I'm a music nut who also writes and records music (//www.hitsession.com/ds)

My favortite artists are:

Modest Mouse
The Clash
The Delgados
The Ramones
The Pixies
The Cure
The Allman Brothers
Bad Religion
Guadalcanal Diary
Ian Hunter
Johnny Cash
New Order
Pedro the Lion
Secret Machines
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath

I could go on and on...
07/06/2004 11:06:03 AM · #17
Almost anything from the 20's on up through today (thanks to my daughters for keeping me up to date on Slipknot and Good Charlotte).

My favorite song since I first heard it (way before Wayne's World):
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Favorite artist, tie between Queen and The Carpenters (like I said, my tastes are varied).

07/06/2004 11:47:04 AM · #18
Disturbed, Trapt, Three Days Grace, Offspring, Creed, Saliva...

When I want to feel old I'll pull out my Metallica, AC/DC, Scorpions, Def Leppard and oh yeah, Iron Maiden.

07/06/2004 11:54:21 AM · #19
I love all 80's Metal. In fact I am going to see Nickelback/3 Doors Down and 3 Days Grace, tomorrow. BACKSTAGE for a meet and Greet. Won them on the radio. I ALWAYS WIN. Just lucky. If interested, check out some of my concert pictures on my webshots, webpage.:


07/06/2004 12:28:52 PM · #20
Originally posted by redmoon:

radiohead (obviously)


I forgot Radiohead and I discovered Broadcast this year.

Some others I didn't mention:

Yo La Tengo
Young Marble Giants
Johnny Cash
Hedwig soundtrack

Belle and Sebastian seems to be one of those bands people love to hate. Now and again, someone who claims to hate will hear something and go, "This is cool, who is this?"

I wish they toured more in the US. They played in Northampton, Massachusettes, about an hour away, but it was in a theater (I don't like rock shows with seating) and it was $25 a ticket. It would have cost me at least $100 bucks with gas to go with my two daughters. My husband was willing to sacrifice going to the show. If it had been at a club I would have laid out the cash. In the end, I had surgery the same week they were playing so I wouldn't have been up to going anyway. I don't know why they've never played Providence. Usually, bands stop off in Providence between New York and Boston. We've certainly gotten much bigger names then B&S here. I usually never have to travel to see a show.

My husband and I are kind of used to getting in shows for free because he has known one of the higher ups at one of the main club venues in Providence for years. It's always weird to actually have to pay to see a show. ;-D
07/06/2004 12:34:52 PM · #21
Originally posted by drgsoell:

Favorite artist, tie between Queen and The Carpenters (like I said, my tastes are varied).


They both rule in my book. One of my favorite Queen songs is, 'Stone Cold Crazy'. I put that on any mix I want to kick-ass with. I'm an aknowledged queen of mix CDs. People love my mixes. I wish there was a way to make a living at it.

If you ever get a chance to see Todd Haynes' Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, don't pass it up. It has been banned and surpressed (by Richard Carpenter). It is a fascinating docu-drama done with Barbie dolls. It sounds goofy (and at first it is) but you get sucked in and temporarily forget you are watching dolls being manipulated by human hands. It is really weird. It's not easy to get a hold of. I have a friend who used to own an underground video rental business and he had all kinds of weird bootleg stuff.
07/06/2004 12:43:24 PM · #22
Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

I'm a music nut who also writes and records music (//www.hitsession.com/ds)

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

Modest Mouse
(love Modest Mouse)
Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

The Clash

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

The Delgados
(love the song, All You Need Is Hate but somehow, the album disappointed)

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

The Pixies
(gotta love the Pixies)

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

Ian Hunter
(got my girls sort of into him by downloading some Mott the Hoople)

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

Johnny Cash
(already mentioned--grew up listening to my dad's JC records--my dad spent his adolescence in Memphis when all the biggies broke out)

Originally posted by dirtkahuna:

I could go on and on...

LOL! Me too!
I forgot about They Might Be Giants
Shudder to Think
Dusty Springfield
Magentic Fields (they have a new album out I haven't heard)
Badly Drawn Boy
Ween (how could I have forgotten Ween?)
Danielson Famile

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07/06/2004 12:56:17 PM · #23
Hey Dirtkahuna, I downloaded some of the music at your site. Pretty cool. I'm not a huge surf music fan but the piece I heard goes a bit beyond surf, I thought. You should try to get some soundtrack work. Try contacting the producers of the cooler NPR shows as they play some pretty good music for their opening intros and closing bits.

I actually contacted a local NPR sponsored show and the band (V.Majestic) got a chance to play live and be interviewed but they never got their thumbs out of their asses long enough to make it happen. They've had a lot of opportunities but they get sidetracked a lot. They've been favorably reviewed in Wire, for instance, along with several other independent music magazines. They once got a mention in Rolling Stone as the dark horse standouts of the first Terrastock festival which was held in here in Providence. One of the organizers was Robert Jazz, the guitarist for V.Majestic. The other was Mark Stone, the bass player for the now defunct Medicine Ball. Anyhoo, I digress. I'm sure you understand the frustrations of trying to be original in music today.

Based on your diverse list of favorites, you might enjoy V.Majestic. They do mostly instrumentals, although there is some frequent caterwauling by the horn player. You can download anything from any of there releases at their website. You can't save the downloads, though.

edited for atrocious typos--you'd think I'd learn to use the preview button by now

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07/06/2004 01:53:25 PM · #24
Mostly Scandinavian melodic metal:
Sentenced (later albums)
Sonata Arctica
These three bands actually happen to be from Finland.
Agalloch, Linkin Park are OK, too.
07/08/2004 09:13:07 AM · #25
Originally posted by melismatica:

Hey Dirtkahuna, I downloaded some of the music at your site. Pretty cool. I'm not a huge surf music fan but the piece I heard goes a bit beyond surf, I thought. You should try to get some soundtrack work. Try contacting the producers of the cooler NPR shows as they play some pretty good music for their opening intros and closing bits.

Thanks a ton for checking out my songs! Since the demise of MP3.com, there hasn't been a good way for me to promote my music without resorting to spamming. I'm using Google AdWords for marketing, but so far the results have been fairly poor.

I never thought of pitching my tunes to NPR. Good idea, I'll look into it. I have had some indie filmmakers ask to use my music, and one of my songs played in a short film that was featured at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. Action/sports productions would be the best placement for my tunes.

FYI, I create short sports videos for my local high school athletic teams, using my photograpy, video, and music skills. The videos are all very well received. So far I've been doing it as a hobby, since my kids are on the athletic teams, but I'm ready to start doing it for pay.

I'll let you know how this turns out.
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