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06/23/2004 03:41:55 PM · #1
I see a lot of interesting usernames around here....how did you come up with yours? Has it been with you since your first internet account?
06/23/2004 03:43:37 PM · #2
06/23/2004 03:44:00 PM · #3
it was my second internet account, nyhc = new york hardcore
06/23/2004 03:44:20 PM · #4
shame on me :(
06/23/2004 04:17:10 PM · #5
Mine is totally made up - a non word.

Watch me do a search and find out it's really something I'd rather not be associated with. hah!
06/23/2004 04:32:25 PM · #6
Originally posted by airatic:

Mine is from a book I read in 6th grade, there was an inscription: "All I Refuse and Thee I Choose"= a-i-r-a-t-i-c. I have used it since I first got on the internet.

Just reposted for those who don't rant.
06/23/2004 04:52:26 PM · #7
had the name since, oooh, 1993-1994 (ish, might have been 1995). it all started when my dad was entrusted with setting up an internet account with brit ISP demon. the lady on the phone enquired, what nodename would you like, and it can be anything as long as it has at least 4-characters. he came up with "Bumb" which is short for "Bumble". it's a long story, but needless to say i wasn't best pleased that i had to tell my school chums about my email address. so (and being charged 12 quid for the privilige) i had to change it. went through loads of names (already taken, mostly Terry Pratchett created Discworld character names) and eventually thought of one of current favourite songs by Belly "Low Red Moon". Gorgeous - every soul must hear it. and there you have it - kept the redmoon bit ever since!
06/23/2004 04:56:32 PM · #8
My initials..as they sound.
06/23/2004 04:58:16 PM · #9
Well usually I use PTKitty but here I decided to use the name of a new business I plan to start. PTKitty came from my handle in the PT Cruiser club. That came from my love of cruisers and cats. Ann
06/23/2004 04:59:08 PM · #10
Short for an old childhood nick name "Frankacabachillibeanie-o"
06/23/2004 05:10:50 PM · #11
Hmmmm ... hard to say ... I know this person, her first name is "Ursula", and I kinda like her, so I decided to use her name because it reminded me of the Little Mermaid. It reminded my husband of Ursula Andress :)

06/23/2004 05:20:34 PM · #12
I just use my email prefix. I came up with that after looking up words containing the Greek root that my name (Melissa) is derived from. I found this term:

Melisma (meh-LIZ-mah) [Greek, song] A group of many notes (usually
at least five or six) sung melodically to a single syllable. ...

which led to this:

Melismatic (meh-liz-MA-tik) [Greek] A passage that contains a melisma is
said to be melismatic.

Melismatic was already taken so I added the 'a'. This name has relevence to me because of my name, as a musician, a singer, and as someone who attended High Mass for many years at one of the few Anglo-Catholic churches surviving in the states. The choir at St.Stephen's is wonderful. I've lapsed quite a bit in the past year, sadly.

Melissa means 'honeybee'. It's also an herb.

06/23/2004 05:26:08 PM · #13
Originally posted by Lafaminit:

shame on me :(

I wouldn't concern yourself with feeling embarrassed. What's the big deal? The thread was new to some people obviously, since you got a few replies. If someone doesn't want to read a repetitive posting they can just ignore it. I thought it was an interesting question and I didn't mind answering it.

06/23/2004 05:50:29 PM · #14
Nitrox is a gas used for diving that is higher in oxygen content than the normal nitrogen/oxygen content that we breathe in our daily lives. I could go into much more detail about it, but you would just get bored :)

So that is where my username came from. I have used it for quite some time now.
06/23/2004 05:59:03 PM · #15
My favorite anime/manga characters names combined, but also a character I created for a fan fiction I was going to write, but never did. The charcters: Mizuno Ami (Sailor Mercury) from Sailor Moon and Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing.

Edit: I've used variations of "Ami" since I started online (4 years ago) and Ami Yuy for about 3 or more.

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06/23/2004 06:04:57 PM · #16
I've also used mine since I've been on the 'net, first as an email address in the early '90's, later as a user name.
It began life in the mid-eighties as a nickname, a permutation of "kirby", which referred to my eating habits; I'd suck up anything edible in sight, LOL.
I'll actually respond to "kirbic" or "kirby" automatically if someone calls it out in a crowd. It's as much "me" as my given name.
06/23/2004 06:13:11 PM · #17
My username comes as a nickname so to say for my book The Tales of Tranquility...as seen in my signature below :)

06/23/2004 06:42:31 PM · #18
My last name is Tatroe, been called "Tater" since like in highschool. While in the Navy in the 80's, we had a young girl in our shop, she started calling me "Taterbug", the guys thought that was HI-Larious, and has stuck with me ever since.
06/23/2004 07:15:59 PM · #19
Some colleagues insist on using the title "Doctor" since I have a Ph.D., but since I balk at "Dr. Sidwell" (that's my dad!), and ask them to call me "Rick", they use Dr. Rick. Since someone else had chosen rick as a DPC username, I chose "dr rick".
06/23/2004 07:51:26 PM · #20
i was reading The Hobbit at the time, and my imagination got away from me....

I think it was when I first signed up with yahoo... (now i'm gonna get spam.)
06/23/2004 07:52:53 PM · #21
Mine is my name...how thrilling is that?!

Any thoughts on how to come up with an exciting and dynamic user name? Or should I just leave well-enough alone? :o)
06/23/2004 08:15:18 PM · #22
Mine is obviusly from LOTR.
I always seem to fall for the bad guys ....

Maybe thats why I havent got a ribbon!
the Bad guys always loose dont they?

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06/23/2004 08:36:47 PM · #23
mine is an evolved name
when I started playing counter strike on the net I needed a handle and was alway the first to die... "1st-2-die"
then I joined a motorbike racing forum and as I used to race and crash a lot I use "1st-2-crash" there
so it came to pass that here I'm "1st-2-click"
maybe I would do better if it was
06/23/2004 08:41:57 PM · #24
Mine of course is my first name and the town where I live. I use it for everything. Hint: The town is not Santa Fe.
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06/23/2004 09:22:10 PM · #25
Mine is the first part of an e-mail address my husband and I created by a blend of our last names with a 01 tossed in just because.

I use my admart01 email account for all the sites that make me leave an e-mail address that I don't want to be bothered with. Since I didn't know how great this place was when I signed up, I used Admart (for Adams/Martinez)
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