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09/06/2007 01:06:35 PM · #1
Not a big fan of the font type as it appears "chippy" if that makes any sense (what about VERDANA?). The use of CSS code directly in to the html-code might seem a little weird and messy? The arrows are a little small. The picture on CABABILITIES are not resized so details are not good.
otherwise it looks good on this monitor (1280x1024.) i like the simple approach.
09/06/2007 12:48:46 PM · #2
I was going to mention that, too. The reason is that you used HTML to reduce the size of those images, rather than resizing them ahead of time. Size them to the appropriate dimensions before incorporating them, and viola, they'll look fine :)

Originally posted by latentflip:

Originally posted by Sheryll:

1. On the contact page the photo of the kid is a little pixelized on the toy phone and that side of his face.

Ditto with the kid on the capabilities page for me. The rest look good but those two are rather pixely. (1280x800 TFT)
09/06/2007 12:13:18 PM · #3
Originally posted by Sheryll:

1. On the contact page the photo of the kid is a little pixelized on the toy phone and that side of his face.

Ditto with the kid on the capabilities page for me. The rest look good but those two are rather pixely. (1280x800 TFT)
09/06/2007 11:53:11 AM · #4
I like the sites simplicity. Some observations and nitpicks...

1. On the contact page the photo of the kid is a little pixelized on the toy phone and that side of his face.

2. It seems there's a little extra space on the page so that I have to scroll down. It's just a little and I only have to roll the mouse wheel once or twice but it looks like there's enough room in the white space to reduce the vertical size a little.

3. I might switch the links you have on the top left to have the portfolio under the capabilities. I went in order and would've like to see the informative pages all first before looking at the portfolio because they're short and simple but informative. I would still keep it above the contact us page though.

4. In the portfolio I clicked on the portfolio first and when I was finished I looked for a link to get me to the photography but had to go back to get to it by clicking the portfolio again at the top left. It would have been nice to have the photography link still there as I'm scrolling through. And vice versa. If I chose to look at the photography first then I'd want to be able to switch to portfolio without having to go back to the top left.

All very nitpicky stuff. Overall I think its a great business and looks very professional, simple and well done. Some great work in there too.
09/06/2007 10:35:27 AM · #5
WE followed some of the suggestions. The splash page is the same (no animation) - you only see it once - and it's just meant to associate with the business card to say "you're here!"

Take a look at the revised site and let me know what you think.
Thanks everybody.


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08/22/2007 09:21:33 PM · #6
Looks good. A couple of suggestions if I may.

Front page photo:

Add a subtle animation to it. For example, make a small crease on the bottom right corner so it look slike it's slightly bent and then have it move a little as if it's catching a breeze. You could minimize the file size if you sliced the photo into two and just animate the bottom part.

Top bar:

I'm on a 1600x1200 display and I notice a horizontal scroll when I resize the browser. Not a big deal but it makes it look less professional. An easy fix would be to simply make that bar completely solid and set with a width=100% that way it resizes on the fly. Another option would be to chop it up into three pieces if you wanted to maintain the fade on the right side of it. Just set the middle piece to width=100% so it handles the resizing.

Anyway, just a couple of suggestions from someone who continues to procrastinate about finishing his own site. :P

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08/22/2007 09:15:05 PM · #7
Originally posted by metatate:

Originally posted by TechnoShroom:

Looks identical in IE7, Fx, and Opera here.

is that a good thing ?

Yes when the concern is text size variation across different browsers.
08/22/2007 09:11:35 PM · #8
Go to the site and, in this case there is a boring screen, where you have to mouse around somewhere and click something just to get to a menu. Why is that? Is this not a waste of time? Ya trying to po your visitors?

You see this quite often....and I personally don't like it.

Hope this is the input you are looking for.
08/22/2007 08:39:30 PM · #9
is that a good thing ?

Originally posted by TechnoShroom:

Looks identical in IE7, Fx, and Opera here.
08/22/2007 07:09:55 PM · #10
Looks identical in IE7, Fx, and Opera here.
08/22/2007 06:36:04 PM · #11
Tate, back for a few more observations.

On the AOL and IE6 browsers, the type sizes are just fine. Big enough to read without being overpoweringly big, including your address stuff. However, on both browsers, the CONTACT page has a problem with the leading. Squished together, it is.

The version of Firefox I use (Version 1-something), has the very small text.

Still, it's looking good.
08/22/2007 04:37:58 PM · #12
Works A-OK for me at 1280x1024. White for a background is kinda blah for me... but that's the only nit I'll pick. Nice. Could be that you set it to use whatever backgound the browser selected. I'm not a html nut so I wouldn't know. ;)
08/22/2007 04:28:47 PM · #13
Tate! Nice work, good looking website. I wandered through it quickly and will go back for a closer look.

First impressions: I'm with Ursula with the critique on the masking tape. A Graphics Design team would/should design a cool sticky for posting of notes.

Also, unless your clients all have young eyes, you might consider making the point sizes just a tad larger, well, especially your name and address in the lower r/h corner. (Oh, yes, I'm viewing on a 19" flat screen, 1280 x 1024)

Glad to see you're using some of your prize-winners on DPC in your new business. And congratulations and best wishes in that venture, BTW.


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08/22/2007 04:28:30 PM · #14
He, he, I like the bar at top much better this way.
08/22/2007 04:25:15 PM · #15
Try to slide the whole "LOADED" portfolio images up a bit, so you dont have to scroll down to see them. Also, find something nicer then ENTER for
08/22/2007 04:24:45 PM · #16
Originally posted by mk:

I like the simplicity. A few picks, though...

Like aj mentioned, the arrow button on your portfolio appears below the main viewing screen and there's so much white space in between that at first, I figured you didn't have your portfolio up. People are going to miss that. I realize that 1024x768 is heading towards out but you're still going to miss a good portion of viewers if you don't design with them in mind.

In that same vein, I'd probably make your header bar part of the background and then make it non-scrolling. Otherwise, you can scroll about half again as far and there's not actually any content over there.

Here's a screenshot for you in case that helps.

I agree with MK. Both horizontal and vertical scrollbars are active even though there no content to see on the bottom and the right. I am not sure what is the resolution that you used when you build your page but there are existing javascripts available to actually read the resolution size(s) of your viewers and then you can code around that...
08/22/2007 03:48:49 PM · #17
Some changes have been implemented - I linked my parter / web designer to this thread and he implemented some changes.

Feel free to let me know if we're closer to Nirvana.

We're not web designers (yet) so some changes will be done at a later time (the banner width).

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08/22/2007 12:24:50 PM · #18
I knew I would have to brace myself when dealing with this crowd ;) - keep 'em coming! this is very good feedback. Thanks.
08/22/2007 12:19:23 PM · #19
I just looked at your front page (that's where you make your first impression, right?). I like the simplicity, and the colour scheme, but two things sort of jumped out:

(1) the tape, looks like a piece of a bandaid, looks sort of "cheap" to me :( [Hey, I'm not a designer or anything, just my opinion, ok]

(2) the line at top with the name - the letters but up to the bottom of the line and merge with the white of the background, and to me that looks weird. I wonder if a slightly, every so slightly wider band of blue to keep the letters in the band without merging to the white background might be worth trying.
08/22/2007 12:14:35 PM · #20
ARE yah!? ;P

Originally posted by justamistere:

I'm a Software Designer/Programmer/Analyst, etc.
08/22/2007 11:47:34 AM · #21
Originally posted by Chinabun:

Yeh I agree it is simple. I meant plain by no color. I like what he offers, but honestly I wouldn't even make it to the portfolio if I had found this site on the net. I'm a GD major and this site just doesn't pull me in. I like the name on the side though. I guess I would add color to the home page or even some examples on the home page. I also don't like how when I get to the portfolio, it says look at some examples, and then I have to scroll down to find nothing but an arrow wanting me to go to another page where the samples are overlapping each other. I dont know. I'm one of those people who likes convenience and I lose interest fast. The res looks good on my laptop though.

Originally posted by Marigold:

Looks great:P I wouldn't call it plain and informal - it's simple which fits in perfectly with your tag 'Simply creating reactions'

I'd consider comissioning work with you, based on what I've seen so far.:)
Took me a bit of time to find the wee orange arrow ;)

I'm a Software Designer/Programmer/Analyst, etc. I agree Simple is good, but so is "Easy", as in Simple and Easy to use. With a little graphic appeal, too.

1) Each time I clicked on the Left-Margin menu the choices all disappeared and reappeared. Pre-download some sharp, size-optimized graphics (as in pictures), and you'll never worry about how it looks on any browser. Those were worries of the past.

2) I never got to see any portfolio samples only a "tiny" arrow, with not even mouse-over, instructions.

3) The first page graphic was good.

How is this look on your monitor?
08/22/2007 11:29:29 AM · #22
There's the rub ... it seems like everyone is different - there are ways to create growing/shrinking web-pages where the contents fit to the page / screen and even scale is windows are enlarged or reduced - but that's not necessarilly the the most user-friendly either.

Originally posted by ajdelaware:

Just so I know for my own site, what is the average screen resolution that the AVERAGE person is using now a days?
08/22/2007 11:22:02 AM · #23
Also, overall I would try to have everything fit on "one" screen, especially your entrance page.

Just so I know for my own site, what is the average screen resolution that the AVERAGE person is using now a days?
08/22/2007 11:19:40 AM · #24
In a similar fashion, one of the titles in the portfolio is off centered, while the rest of them are centered.
08/22/2007 10:54:51 AM · #25
Title Error - Well at least I think it is.

In your portfolio you have the Financial Health & Wealth logo. When next arrow clicked the image changes but the title remains the same.

You asked for close scrutiny, you got it.

I like the plain simplistic look of the site. The visitor is not overwhelmed with images, sales pitches and the like. There is nothing worse than visiting a site looking for a product of service and having to sift through pages of ads/sales pitches to find what you are looking for.

Great work, hope it pays off.

I agree with the pixelation comment on the Menu text. The O looks a bit strange to me too.

Viewed on LCD at 1280 x 768.

ETA: I think that perhaps some more information on your contact page. email address is good, but the phone number (if that is what it is) means nothing to me. It does not hint at your location, and being that your domain is a .com it could be from anywhere. Just MHO of course.

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