<![CDATA[My hour is almost come, when I to sulphurous and tormeting flames must render up myself - Hamlet (1st place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211288 <![CDATA[Moderate lamentation is the right of the dead, excessive grief the enemy to the living (2nd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210581 <![CDATA[When forty winters shall besiege thy brow (3rd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210873 <![CDATA[What light through yonder window breaks? (4th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211077 <![CDATA["In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility" (5th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211293 <![CDATA[I was adored once too (6th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211310 <![CDATA[To be, or not to be: that is the question (7th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211308 <![CDATA[''I like this place and willingly could waste time in it" (8th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210900 <![CDATA[A Midsummer Night's Dream (8th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211072 <![CDATA[wherefore art thou, romeo (10th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211309 <![CDATA["Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness." - The Merry Wives of Windsor: Act 1 (11th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210555 <![CDATA[ "And Tho Away The Very Birds Are Mute" Sonnet XCVIII (12th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211017 <![CDATA[Death is a Fearful Thing (13th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211290 <![CDATA[But flies an eagle flight, bold and forth on, Leaving no tract behind. (14th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210789 <![CDATA[The morning steals upon the night, melting the darkness, (15th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211282 <![CDATA[The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what we want to see. (16th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211263 <![CDATA[What pleasure, sir, find we in life to lock it /From action and adventure? (17th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210933 <![CDATA[But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? (18th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211323 <![CDATA[It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (19th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211279 <![CDATA[DSC00245- A rose by any other Name (20th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210593 <![CDATA[The Winter's Tale (21st place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211138 <![CDATA[",,,Promethean heat that can thy light relume." (22nd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210878 <![CDATA[Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? ... (22nd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211305 <![CDATA[Now is the Winter of Our Discontent (24th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211289 <![CDATA[But wait, what’s that light in the window over there? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun (25th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210768 <![CDATA['for it is said, “God sends a curst cow short horns,” but to a cow too curst, he sends none' (26th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1210913 <![CDATA["Nature teaches beasts to know their friends." (27th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211043 <![CDATA[What's in a Name? A Rose by any other would smell as Sweet. (28th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211324 <![CDATA[The Winter's Tale (29th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211292 <![CDATA[Measure for Measure (30th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211236 <![CDATA[Sonnet 73 (31st place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211118 <![CDATA[That winter should cut off our spring-time so. (32nd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211232 <![CDATA[Lord,-we-know-what-we-are,-but-know-not-what-we-may-be. (33rd place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211299 <![CDATA[Twelfth Night (34th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211281 <![CDATA[Julius _______ (35th place)]]> http://www.dpchallenge.com/image.php?IMAGE_ID=1211287