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Images in 'Portfolio'

Deep in Their Roots Flowers Keep the Light

Small Town Saturday

Past Travels Remembered

Shades of Blue

Anchored for the Storm

Jealousy Wall

Wrapped Up

Fuzzy Wuzzies

Let Us Dream Beyond Infinity

Water Balance

Beach Day = Happy

The Lifeguard

Looking in Two Directions

To Attract Good Fortune Spend a New Coin on an Old Friend

Helping Out

Hidden in Plain View

Family is Everything


Teddy and Friend

Scene of the Crime



Kylemore Abbey

The End is Near

Ready to Write

Dock Reflections


Going His Own Way

Suburban Christmas

Anything is Possible

Even Flowers Get Sad

Gotta Love Books


Aren't I Pretty?


Primary Lights

Feeding Time

Keep Calm and Try to Focus

Coffee Ying and Yang

Well Used


Swoops and Swirls

Main Street

One Way to Stop the Leak

Porcher House 1916

Beginning of the Day

Fear the Unknown



Twisted Lines

Take a Walk in the Forest

Bird Bites

Here Comes the Sun

Flipped Reflections

Peaceful Dawn

Old Fashioned Bake

Silence Creates Its Own Violence

Fall Reflections

Time = Life

Twisted Branches

The Wrath of Irma

Bottle Montage

Where Words Fail Music Speaks

Country Red

Silent Repose

Nature's Bounty

Blurred Moments

Life is Better With a Boat

Dawns Early Light

Time Emperor

"Mother,Mother Ocean, I Have Heard Your Call

Beach Walk

Purple is the New Green

Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky

Mark Power

Galway Man

Well Worn

Morning Ablutions

Rectangles and Squares

Baking Day

Find Beauty in the Small Things

Waiting for the Weekend

Left Behind

The Ultimate Library

Earth Laughs in Flowers--Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Kitchen Sink

Approaching Storm

Sunshine and Clouds

Summer Days



Splashes of Color

Looking Out


Recycled Jellyfish

The Search for Light

Writer's Block

Hodge Podge

Looking Good

The Fireball

Follow the Arrow

Color Outside the Lines

"Like Emptiness in Harmony I Need Someone to Comfort Me" --Art Garfunkel

A Good Book, A Cup of Tea, and Nature


Sunny Day

Look Through the Window

If a Tree Falls in the Forest??

Tuning Up

Street Art

The Beauty of a Rose

Ready for Morning

Last Dance

Nature's Heart

Circles and Lines

"The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep"

Flower Petals

Beginning of a Beautiful Day

Farm Fresh

Each Day Begins A New Chapter

Preparation for New Life

Voices From the Past

Nature's Abstract

Good Morning!

New Day, New Year, New Hope

Blue Dreams

Steely Eyed

Practice More with Lighting

Mechanical Rust

Weights and Measures

Sunrise At the Dockhouse

Save Our Planet


Standing Tall

We Are Watching You

Grunge Type

Hiding Out


It's Hard Being Left Behind

Sleep Patterns

Watch Your Step

True Beauty

Boathouse View

Gears of Time

Morning Fog Rolls In

Getting Ready to Eat

Family Connections

"It's The Economy Stupid"

Locked and Forgotten

Farewell Summer

Sunday Afternoon in the Past

Life is a Kaleidoscope of Colors

Purple is Awesome

The Winner


Time is an Ocean, But it Ends at the Shore

Mini Umbrellas

Triangle Collage

Lifeguard on Duty

Vintage Medications

Gentle Flow

Educational Commitment

Flying Ponytail

Sand Prints

A Day at the Beach Restores the Soul

End of the Day

Soaring High

Andersonville Civil War Prison Camp Graves

Loading Dock

Family Heirlooms

Not Your Ordinary Wall

Crossing Lines

Looking Down in the Alley

A Bit of a Victorian Lady

Goopy Mess

Let's Find A Beautiful Place to Get Lost

Never Hide Your Wings

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still"--Dorothea Lange

Tilted Walk

Dated Treasures

The Dark Before Dawn

Morning Muffins

St. Luke's Country Church

Gargling with Gusto

Never Fear Shadows There's Always a Light Nearby

Time Flies Over Us but Leaves Its Shadow Behind


The Never Ending Road Construction Project

Rusty Vintage

Live Life with a Little Spice

Light Circles

Cupcakes and More

All the Flowers of Tomorrow are in the Seeds of Today

City Grunge

New Beginnings

Keep Calm and Always Wear Boots


Sheltering from the Rain

Getting By with a Little Help From My Friends

Listen to the Stories Your Children Tell and They Will Remember

Lifeguard Haze

Before and After

Purple Always Makes Me Smile

A Different Kind of Tea Pot

Wavy Pier

Study in Blue

Bracing for the Wave


Twisted Glass


Can't Catch Me

At Work

Not a Floral

Converging Lines and Circles

Remember When

Bringing You Get Well Wishes

This Won't Hurt a Bit

Only a Rhino Needs a Rhino Horn

First We Eat

Every Sunrise Brings Hope

Prince 1958 - 2016 RIP

The Worlds Mine Oyster Which I With Sword Will Open

Life Begins in a Garden

In wilderness is the preservation of the world. Happy Earth Day

Cameras and Books Records of the Past

Dawn on the River

Hello Summer


Grandpa's Weird Dreams

Early Morning Life

Morning Has Broken

Blurred Seascape

Sand and Sea

Beginning a Day of Promise

Happiness is a Day at the Beach

Communication Changes

Lifting the Load

Flowers Bring Color to Our Lives

Psychedelic PI


S Swoop

Books Fire the Imagination

Color Mesh

Boathouse at Dawn

Take a Leap of Faith and Follow Your Dreams

Door Knob

Run Until You Fly

Ladies Vanity

Flowers are the Music of the Ground


Inner Workings

Beach Horizon

Wishing You Happiness and Health: Gong Xi Fa Cai

No water No Life No Blue No Green

A Mother's Touch

This Way

Morning Fog

Vintage Gas


Time Past

Storm Clouds

Beach Storm Coming

Tied Down

Nature's Brushes

The Call of the Forest

The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead

Dream Beyond Infinity

There is Beauty in Simplicity

Day is Done

A Flower's Beauty is its Uniqueness

Antique View

Take Me to the Clouds Above

Let Calm Be a Part of You

Be Unafraid to Try New Paths

5753 and 5755

A Flower Blossoms for Its Own Joy




Have a Wonderful Christmas

Frame Collage

In the Clouds

A Tip of the Hat

Crossing Lines

PE-nnsylvania 65000


Where Am I?

Standing Guard

So Many Books So Little Time

Cafe Au Lait

Walk Out to Meet the Day

A Sunrise Equals Hope

1950s Power

Good Times

Floating Skull

Deep in Their Roots All Flowers Keep the Light

Gliding Gracefully

Green Gables in Riverview Village

Patiently Waiting

Soaring High

Old vs New

Spray Artist

A Taste of Honey

Going Up

Autumn Brightness

For Jan

Pen Leak Disaster

Volt Power

Moving Along

Just Keep Running


Soft Glow

Unreal Surreal

Beach Path

Light and Dark

Autumn Colors

Pioneer Wheels

A Walk With Grandma

The Soul of the Rhino

Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Obscured By Time

Ironing Day


Baking Beautiful Bread

The End of Breakfast

Still Life

Grunge Patterns

The Start of a Great Day

Framed by Nature

The Curiosity of a Child

A Day at the Zoo

Through the Roof


Touched by the Light


Simple Still Life

Fly Free

Fruitful Dessert

The Penobscot

Splash in the Hole

Many Directions

Bird of Paradise

Banana Paint


Bottle Blend

The True North Strong and Free

Pi? I Thought You Said Pie

Harmonica Blues

Masked Mystery


Kaleidoscope Squares

Illini 75

Dancing Shoes

Peacock Design

Blueberry Rain

The Trees Also Mourn

The Real Location of Area 51

Different But Always Together

Time to Wake Up

Leaf Trio

Bolshoi Murders

The Pier

Soaring High

Wetlands Bridge

Nature is the Cure for Humanity

A Child's Joy

Think Green

"We all have a face that we hide away forever" from the Stranger


Aging Gracefully

The Luck of the Procrastinator

View From Three Windows

Assault and Battery



Local Vet Honors The Fallen at Traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial

Mighty Casey

Gliding Ray

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Career Change

Waiting for Summer

Moving Air

Waiting for Sunday


Papa Joe


Good Morning!

Shadows and Lines


Ready for a Wish

Water, Water, Everywhere

Smoke Break

You Name It

Always be Yourself Unless You Can be a Mermaid

A Conversation is So Much More Than Words

Kodachrome Days

Rustic Beauty

Flying Free

Follow the Path

Childhood Classic

Going Nowhere

Orange is the Happiest Color

A Family's Grief

Just Classic

A Day at the Beach is Good for the Soul

Memory Whispers Someplace in that Jumbled Machinery

Pressure Point

Child of Mine by Carole King

"It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times"


Morning Sunrise on the River


Oil and Ink

Look to the Lilies How They Grow

Hot Soup and Warm Bread on a Cold Day

Ready For a Shine

Take a Bow

Can't Forget Teddy

Big Sister, Little Sister

Solve the Puzzle of Photoshop

Forbidden Sunset

Christmas Glow

Each Morning We Are Born Again

Play, Laugh, Grow

Just Strumming


Morning Calm

Through the Woods

Shining Forth

Dendranthema Grandiflorum

Peace For All

Dripping Brushes

Have A Merry Christmas

Before the Feast

View From Above

Summer Days Past

Boat Garages

Concrete Continuum

Rainbow Glass

Seizing the Light

He Loves Me!!

We Told You Not to Smile

God Calling

Bowing Down

Bottoms Up

Sunset Meal

Rest Time

Classic Pearls

There's Always Next Year

Come Sit Under My Umbrella

Washing Away in the Aftermath


Red Head

Opaque Bouquet

Sunday Afternoon

Waiting for Miss Saigon

Beach Glide

River Sunrise

1950's Cutting Edge

Butterfly Geometry


Upside Down Cakes

The Piano Lesson

Looking from a New Angle

Majestic Sky

Save Water Save Lives

Light and Shadows


Tattered Cloth

All Is Blue

Vintage School Days

Cowboy Boots and Hat

Stoplight Balloons

View of a Boathouse

Floating Time

Purple Majesty

Keep Calm and Love Cows

Pioneer Bedroom

Down the Tracks

Bubbling Toothpick

Spiral Pattern

"Second Star I See Tonight"

Looking Through

Stare Down

Good for the Heart and the Soul

Downy Cygnets

Wardrobe Fails

San Remo Coffee

Bath Time


Contemporary Ruins

1950's Road Trip

Hazard Flag

Let the Spinning Wheel Turn

Splashes of Blue

Whispers in the Dark


Waiting for Flowers

St. Luke's Episcopal Church Built in 1888

Silent Rest

Red Sky at Night

Sweet Tea, the Fine Wine of the South

Sea Grass

Calmness is Power

Serenity of Nature

Mondrian Montage

Beach Sunrise

Two Windows

Meerkat Wishes

RiverWalk Park

Rushing Waves

Puff Ball

Inverted V

A Flower Equals Happiness

The Amen of Nature is Always a Flower

Scratch Art

Balance is Everything

Friday Night Workshop

Matching Pair

Beauty and Symmetry

Summer Fun

White Beauty

Wading Through Grass

Brevard Ave.

Flying Free


Fan Window

Beautiful Ugly Ducklings

Belonging to Dad


Hey Mom, Look at Me!

Shimmering Reflection

Red Striped Trio

Feminine Ritual

Fenced In

Waving Grass

Feeling Pretty

Rising Clouds



Ready to Roll

Grooming Time

Rule of Thirds, Low Key, Soft Focus

Sunshine on a Stem

Woodland Blur

Tanker Line

Peeking Through


Political Lifetime


There's Nothing for Free


Drawing on the Sidewalk

Color Rhythms

Bird Watching

Ibis Blur

Bird Watchers

Cupcake Lady

Lost in the Moment

Long Ago

Frozen Beauty

Soon To Be Vintage

Bicycle Painting

Time for a Nap

Mike the Handyman

Bottle Shapes

Budding Beauty

Transitions in Lighting

Ever Widening Circles

Animal Farm

In the Arms of Death

Star Baking

Burnt Sunset

Beach Portrait

Spiraling Flower

From Our House to Yours

Matchbook Tower

Two Bridges Converge

Boats at Rest

Candlelight Feast

Under the Pier

Rock Jetty

Florida Scrub Landscape


11 Old Keys

Through the Keyhole

Stormy Day

Small Wave Surfer

Candy Bar

S Straws

"Heroin, Be the Death of Me"

Pediophobia-Fear of Mannequins


Three x Three

A Bee's Life

Three's A Crowd

Greek Pavilion

Sunflower Sunshine

Lacey Frame

Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Colors and Textures

"Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop"

Rustic Pink

"Grow Old With Me"

Animals in Their Natural Environment


Panthera Onca

Kaleidoscope (DQed in Imagination Challenge)

Harmony Farms

Victory Groves Packing House

Still Waters Run Deep

Daisy Stars

Twirl of Colors

Old Fashioned School Days


“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.”

"It is Almost Impossible to Watch a Sunset and Not Dream"

"Goodbyes are one of the hardest things about life"

In the Style of IreneM

Beach View

Warm Orange

Boarded Up

If Nothing Ever Changed There Would Be No Butterflies

Quiet Reflection

Spending Time with Those Who Love You

Elephant Leaf Green

Enter the Forest Primeval

19th Century Travel Time

Container Row

Invitation Only

Down at the docks--when the morning's new


Past Fun

Macro View

Looking Back

Kitchen Shadows

Happiness is a Green Brick Wall

Seeing Spots

Summertime and Corn on the Cob

Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies

Childhood Past

Baking Day

Sunrise Serenity

Elegant Floral Grandeur

To A Point

Shadow Posts

In Flight

Coming Home

I can Fly I Just Choose Not To

Take Off

All Alone


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Even a Paranoid Can Have Enemies

Green All Over

May Showers

Abstract Lady

Fragile Planet

Going Nowhere

Along the Rail

The Pier

Glory Days Past

Hey Mom, Where's Dinner?

Brewing Storm

Arches and Curves

Dripping Heron

Stripes and Curves

Beach Bikes

Through the Pier

Waiting for Spring

The Way Out

Chocolate IS Brown Sugar

Still Remembered

Ready to Roll

Just Wheels and Gears

Falling Apart

Leaf Veins

Afternoon Tea

B is for Barbed Wire

In Joy or Sadness Flowers are our Constant Friend

Aren't I Handsome?

X Marks the Spot

Sugar Rush

Tree Monster

Fan Letter

Valentine's Treat

Lost in Song

Berries and Cream Reflections

Wind Sailing

Looking for Shells

Wave Concentration

Searching for Food

Fly Over

Hibiscus Beauty

Come Sail Away

1940s Bride

Storm Crossing

Bank Columns

The Office

Mardi Gras is Coming!!

Flower Tentacles

Night Skeleton

Red Rivers

Blue Suede Shoes

Twelve Drummers Missing

Iron + Oxygen = Rust

Big Wrench, Little Wrench

Fate of the Bottom Dweller

End of a Dial

Tail Wind

Party Parasols

Silent Neglect

Purple Haze

Triangles Within Triangles

Bread Happens

Wedding Bells Past

The Birds

Banana Bread Heaven

Mirror Eating

Shadow Colors

Silent Prayer

Double Glide

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife!

"Big Brother is Watching You"

Straight Up

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Here Comes the Sun

Tired Mom

Shell View


Study Time



Butterfly Garden

End of the Line

Waiting for the Weekend

Branch Silhouettes

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

Keyhole Doors

Vintage Pasttime

Zebra Glasses




Ridges and Lines

Searching for Prey

Peeking Through

Archie Smith Fish House

R is for Rocket

Eye of the Needle

Wet Sand

Railroad Bridge

Grid Iron


Florida Scrubland

Bend But Don't Break

Storm Clouds

Purple Partners


Radial Symmetry


Surf's Up

Shadows on the Beach

Duck Diving

Royal Flush X 2

Patriotic Ride

Shadow Play

Looking to the Past

Mechanical Grunge

The Future Up the Road for Gas, Either We Won't Be Able to Afford It or We Go Electric

Lemon Drops


Double Daisies

Complementary Colors

The Pinks

Hanging Out

Pool Time

Morning has Broken

View from an Alley

Lonely Sunflower

Rainbow Abstract

Number Palindrome

Cupcake Couple

Ready for Summer



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